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Jesus Sananda, Lord Michael, St. Germain

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Also  called  “The  Laws  of  Balance”


LAWS  # 9-11





This law does mean literally that you must not steal, defined as: “1. to take (another’s property, etc.) dishonestly, especially in a secret man­ner.  2. to take slyly, as a look.  3. to gain insidiously or artfully: as he stole her heart.”  And this law also means, you must not steal the trust and good faith of another by lying to them about your true motives and intent.  You see, malicious LYING and STEALING are opposite sides of the same coin.

Here are some examples of various forms of lying and stealing: If a man falsely tells a woman who is a virgin that he LOVES her and wants to marry her, but all he really wants from her is a sexual encounter, he is misleading her.  If she in good faith falls “in love” with him and also falls for the trap of his “false” promise to her and succumbs to his pressure to express “their love” physically before the marriage vow is made, and then he abandons her, he has essentially “stolen” her heart, her inno­cence and her chastity for his own lustful, selfish intent.

Even if the woman wisely refuses his sexual advances, and finds herself re­jected by him, he is still guilty of lying to her WHICH IS STEAL­ING FROM HER EMOTIONALLY.  The big difference in these two scenarios is that, al­though she has been robbed emotionally, at least she doesn’t have the “guilt” of dishonoring herself by breaking the laws of God and giving away her chastity to an unworthy man.


Here is another example of STEALING the innocence of an­other.  Inno­cence defined as, “1. Free from sin, evil; not guilty of a specific crime.  2. harmless 3. knowing no evil 4. with­out guile or cunning 5. an inno­cent per­son, as a child”.  Now steal­ing in itself is a “sin” against God’s laws upon only the one who steals, BUT when one succeeds in stealing the inno­cence of another, what he has essentially done is WILLFULLY AND BLATANTLY lied to them, so thus he has enticed and manipu­lated the other to also BREAK THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION!  So in order for innocence to be “stolen” from another, the person “stealing” must be doing so know­ingly and blatantly with the IN­TENT of manipulating another to fulfill his own selfish means and the victim has to guilelessly trust the person.

For example: The Leader of a country sends the young men off to a WAR (which also in­volves MURDER) in a far-away place, and tells them, “You are fighting for freedom and de­fending your country,” and they be­lieve this lie.  So they go to the war and realize in horror that they are slaughtering inno­cent peo­ple and protecting and defending wealthy Sheiks and their oil fields and money, NOT defending their country’s freedom.  That is when THEIR INNO­CENCE has been stolen from them, when they realize that they have been LIED to and USED by one/ones they trusted—to perpetrate EVIL.

Another example: Say you are a child and you discover that your Father has a girlfriend “on the side”.  (That is adultery, friends.)  When you face him with this, he TELLS you that you must “promise” him you will not tell your Mother.  He still loves her and doesn’t want to hurt her and the family etc.  If YOU tell her, she will divorce him and...and...and.  Well, as a child, you are devastated in your heart because YOUR FA­THER has asked you to LIE, but you “promised” him and so, somehow, it would be YOUR fault if you told your Mother and you certainly don’t want to cause your parents to divorce! This is emotional blackmail and the Father has stolen the innocence of his own child by making her promise to LIE and making her feel responsible (for HIS irresponsi­ble behavior) for what “could” happen if she told her Mother the truth.

Another perhaps more repugnant example: Any adult man or woman who willfully in­dulges in the lustful coercion and manip­ulation of a child who trusts him/her to perform ANY form of sexual activities has most defi­nitely stolen the innocence of that poor child.

Here is another example close to the hearts of AMERICANS: Your Forefa­thers of the wondrous United States of America were inspired by GOD in the development of a most sa­cred CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS in or­der to maintain PEACE and BALANCE and allow you FREEDOM and the pur­suit of happiness.  Although not perfect, with the addi­tion of certain amendments abolishing Slavery, for example, it be­came the most important and protective set of standards for HUMAN rights, decency, and freedom in your current History on Earth.  Now ev­ery person you elect into the offices of leadership such as the Presidency, Vice-Presidency, Congress, and Senate, has taken an “oath” to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  You, the people have elected these “leaders” on the trust and good faith that they will HONOR your Constitution and Bill of Rights.  You now have a President, and a Congress who mostly support him, who has essen­tially nullified this U.S. Con­stitution by HIS Executive Orders in order to pur­sue “THE ONE WORLD OR­DER” which has a new “so-called” Constitu­tion for ONE WORLD DOMINA­TION! THIS IS CALLED STEALING YOUR FREE­DOM, AMERICA, AND MAKING YOU SLAVES.  Are those so-called “elected” leaders who sup­port this infringement on YOUR U.S.  Constitution HONOR­ING the OATH they gave to you and TO GOD?  They are stealing your free­dom and worse than that, they are taking an oath that they KNOW THEY WON’T HONOR! THAT IS CALLED LY­ING TO YOU THE PEOPLE FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH MEANS.

Please do not confuse the ones who act by willful guile and de­ceit in “stealing” the inno­cence or possessions of others with the ones who truly be­lieve a lie to be the truth and then pass on their false belief to an­other/others (for ex­ample their children or stu­dents).  This is simple igno­rance of truth and, al­though it may or may not be acceptable (to God), ig­norance is not a willful act of stealing the innocence of another.

Here is something else that is very important to remember and understand clearly.  If one tells what he knows to be a “lie” in true self-defense, pri­vacy or for the defense, privacy and pro­tection of another, this is not against God’s laws.  (THIS does not mean lying to maliciously deceive about EVIL SECRET oaths or activities such as in the evil cult of FREEMASONRY).  THIS IS ONE WAY THE ANTI-CHRIST TWISTS GOD’S LAWS TO CONDEMN OTH­ERS by ones telling you you MUST NEVER “lie”, which means: “1. To make a state­ment which one knows to be false.  2. That which is intended to pro­duce a false impression.”  YOU can literally be made the tool for the harm or destruction of yourself or another!

Let us give you some examples to think about: Let’s say it is World War II, and in com­passion you are hiding a Japanese/American family in your basement to protect them from being put in the “camps”, so the police come to your door and ask you if you have seen or know any Japanese peo­ple.  Are you going to tell them the truth knowing it will endanger YOUR fam­ily as well as the ones you are protecting?

Next example: Let’s say you go to war and are captured by the “enemy”.  They require you to appear on the television and make a statement to your lead­ers which you know is false, but if you do not they will kill you.  Are you going to do what they ask?

Here is an example given several times by Hatonn: Let’s say our beloved Je­sus Christ, Sananda comes to your home and the “authorities” come looking for him and you know it is because his persecutors do not want him free and alive.  Are you going to tell them where he is?

We will give one more example which may become reality for many.  Let’s say your gov­ernment institutes a “draft” require­ment.  Well your son, father, or friend refuses to sign up for the draft and decides to be­come a “conscientious objector”.  Now if the “authorities” call you and ask you where this person is, will you tell them?

Now when it gets a little sticky with God is when, for example, you wit­ness a murder, you know the murderer and because of your fear of being a witness and perhaps threatened your­self, you lie to the police and tell them you saw nothing.  Think care­fully about this because there are crimes committed daily against GOD’s LAWS of Balance of which there are witnesses who are “too afraid” to tell the police.  The criminal re­mains free to continue his crimes against GOD.  Remember you must un­derstand the difference, we are NOT talking about witnessing the break­ing of MAN-MADE laws, which may or may not be just and change con­tinually with the times.  We are talk­ing about the breaking of GOD’s LAWS which do not change and are eter­nally The Laws of Balance within THE CREATION.

You ones also have something called “little white lie”, defined as: “A false statement made with the intent of being polite or kind.”  This is also called the “social” lie.  Now most of you ones do choose to politely lie to retain your pri­vacy.  This is one way, but there are ways to not lie and retain your privacy as well, for example, If someone asks you how much money you make or what you do with your time, you have several ways to respond.  You can lie, or the considered direct but harsh re­sponse is, “That is none of your business.”  But for those of you who wish to honor yourself and be po­lite to the other, you can say simply, “Please do not be offended, but I prefer not to an­swer that question as it does not concern you.” There are situa­tions which do fit the criterion of the white or polite lie, al­though many of you ones do try to stretch the limits of those crite­rion.  The key here is INTENT.

Oftentimes, rather than honoring your true feelings, you will hide behind the “white lie” in order to keep your job, for in­stance if you perceive your em­ployer to be narrow-minded and tyrannical and YOU are afraid that by being honest and direct with your ideas and feelings, you will be fired.  You see, you perpetuate the perceived tyranny against yourself by being “polite” and allowing it to continue.

An example of a truly polite lie is this: When you know your Mother spent hours preparing a meal for you, and you do not like ham and she asks you how you like her meal and you say, “It is excellent.”  Although it is not ex­actly a true statement, your true intent, in kindness and appre­ciation, is to HONOR what you know to be her feelings of love for you.

So, if you lie and your intent is to manipulate someone in order to self­ishly achieve or re­ceive something from them you desire, rather than act­ing with in­tegrity and being direct, this is not a “white lie”.  Remember this, you can lie to yourself or to an­other but you CANNOT ever lie to God.  You see, God always monitors and records your TRUE intent in all situations he pre­sents to you.