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Jesus Sananda, Lord Michael, St. Germain

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The literal definition of adultery” in your dictionary is: “The voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person with someone not the spouse.”  Now, the reason for this law, which still ap­plies now, was that well be­fore and at the time that the Commandments were presented by Moses to the people, they were mostly simple-minded, ignorant, illiterate and God-FEAR­ING be­cause of their previous false teachings given by the reli­gious/empire leaders of their “time”.

The problem was that (throughout your “past” history) many young men and soldiers would lustfully spread their fertile seed in the sexual act to MANY various young, willing women whom they met within their daily lives and in their travels from village to village.  (Times have not changed much, have they?) The ob­vious result was that many women became pregnant, and usually by that time the man was long gone, to war or to the next vil­lage.  So she would be left alone with the responsibility of birthing and raising her child.  Many women could not “handle” this un­expected responsibility AND the desertion of who they usually thought to be THEIR man.  Many women, overcome by the horror, shame and guilt of the cir­cumstance, killed them­selves and their unborn by try­ing to abort the child.  Many women were left on the streets, unless they had friends or fam­ily who would take care of them.  And many women abandoned their birthed child, sometimes at the doorstep of a church or or­phanage, but also some would leave the child to die in some dark and desolate place.  So thus the necessity of this law, “You must NOT commit adul­tery.”  (See law #15, “You must obey the wisdom of God for the respon­sibility you have of BAL­ANCED Pro-Creation of your species”.)

So in his loving mercy and infinite wisdom, God created the commitment of Marriage or Wedlock defined in your dictio­nary as: “A legal contract by a man and woman to live together as husband and wife.”  (In the higher realms it is a very serious and joyful commitment and is called DIVINE UNION.)  In this way HE planted the seed of JOINT responsi­bility of this hus­band and wife to each other AND to any offspring they pro­duced.  This is why Mar­riage is to be considered one of the MOST se­rious and SACRED commit­ments TO GOD!

Now we will quote some of the actual teachings given on this subject of THE FATHER’S WORD given by The Master Teacher Jesus, Esu, Im­manuel from the book (now in print, as part of The Phoenix Journal Se­ries) entitled AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL; I AM SANANDA.  Nearly 2000 years ago when the Master Jesus, Esu, Im­manuel was asked about the commit­ment of marriage and the rights of men and women.  This is what he said:

“All good things were given unto you and you received the Laws ac­cording to which you are to live.  You should adhere to these and ad­ditional laws, so that you shall prosper on Earth and have peace in your families; remove the power of the old law that women shall be subject to man, since she is a per­son equal to man in spirit respect, and has equal rights and obligations.  There are many distortions in the laws since they were given forth by God and the Celestial Sons, for men have built them to be suitable unto them­selves.

“When a man marries a woman, he shall pay to the most trusted steward the handling of her possessions, as a price of security, lest she suffer from lack of her ne­cessities.  The price should be calculated in such a way that for each year of her life one hundred pieces of silver should be the basis, mea­sured according to her knowledge, her ability, and her strength, pro­vided her health is not lacking.  The price is not to be con­sidered as that of a “purchase”, for no person may be sold or bought, but as se­curity for the woman lest she suffer lack.  (Amount and type of finan­cial security for “modern” times will be adjusted accordingly.  For further clari­fication of Im­manuel’s statements read PHOENIXJOURNAL EXPRESS VOLUME 1 & 2 pages 34-40.)

“The bond of matrimony between man and woman should be permit­ted only if both are of mental competence and ca­pable of leading a marriage in accor­dance with the law.  (Note: that is GOD’S LAW).

If, according to predetermined agreement, no price is paid, the law ap­plies: the man must supply the needs of the wife regarding all of her necessi­ties.

“The inability of a wife to bear children, or a man’s inability to sire chil­dren is no reason for divorce, nor does she or he deserve other opinions or actions.

“The only reason for divorce is that of adultery, that is the destruction or endangering of spirit, the body, or the life of the members of one’s own family unit.  If a person is di­vorced by his own actions of adul­tery, he should be steril­ized, for he is unworthy of life and its laws for he has re­sponded to the selfish lustful drives of pleasure-seeking and has cast aside all re­sponsible behavior.”  (End of quoting.)

Now, in the literal translation in order for ADULTERY to oc­cur, then one or the other or both of the two adulterers would have to have made the vow of marriage.  In God’s Kingdom of Truth, this vow of DIVINE UNION made be­tween two, a man and a woman to live together as ONE, is taken most seriously indeed because it is a commitment made to THE FATHER WITHIN, EACH TO THE OTHER for that entire life-stream.  It is a contract with GOD rather than a legal contract of the hu­man experience.  This means that a man and woman who co­habit together as “lovers” without a “so-called” legal contract must make THE SAME COMMIT­MENT to God as those who have the “so-called” legal contract, whether THEY realize it or not.  It is NOT necessarily always a contract made to God to PRO-CREATE the species be­cause many who choose DIVINE UNION may not choose, be able, or be qualified to fulfill that (pro-creation) service to THE ONE FATHER.  (RE-READ Command­ment number6 where we discussed the responsibility of PRO-CRE­ATION).  But both “lovers” STILL HAVE THE SAME RESPONSIBIL­ITY (as a “legally” married couple) for the offspring they may produce.  If they only choose cohabitation be­cause of sexual lust or other selfish reasons, they have, thus, denied THEIR re­sponsibility to GOD, and they will suffer the consequences of their actions at the hands of evil.  (See law #13, “As you sow, so shall you reap” also known as, “The Law of Cause and Effect”.)

Does this mean that DIVORCE, defined as: “1. Dissolution of a marriage bond by legal process OR accepted custom. 2. Any radical or complete sepa­ration”, goes against the laws of God and The Creation?  YES AND NO! You see it depends on the TRUE circumstances expe­rienced by the divorcing couple.  For example: Since your commitment in life is always FIRST IN SER­VICE TO GOD, then ideally, your chosen partner in mar­riage must support YOUR com­mitment as well as his/her com­mitment to THE HOLY FATHER.

If, for example, your partner batters you and/or your children physically or emotionally and thus does not support or honor either his or YOUR com­mitment in service to GOD, then you are no longer bound by your con­tract/bond of marriage.  Why would GOD bind you and your children to a commitment of SUFFERING and PUNISHMENT?  It is not logical.  But, if your partner decides that he/she wants to divorce you because you are just no longer attractive to him/her physically and sexu­ally, THIS IS NOT AN AC­CEPTABLE REASON FOR DI­VORCE.  Let’s take that ex­ample further.  Say your partner is no longer attracted to you and decides to find sexual satisfac­tion elsewhere; he/she has committed ADULTERY, (re-read above quote by Jesus Immanuel) and if you choose to do so, it IS an acceptable reason for di­vorce.  The reason is that not only has your partner broken his/her com­mitment with YOU and HIM­SELF, BUT in the act of Adultery he has broken his commit­ment TO SERVE GOD...because by the act of fulfilling his lust he has invited the Anti-Christ within his temple.  Of course, the choice you make about whether or not to divorce an adulterous mate will ulti­mately be made BY THE FATHER WITHIN YOU.