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NOVEMBER 25, 1991


Greetings precious little sister Druthea. I AM SANANDA. The term simply means "One With God" in earned awareness. You may know me as Jesus Christ, Immanuel, Esu, Pale Prophet, and etc.

I AM the one who walked your place some 2000 years past in your counting. I am not returned in the physical at this time. I promised to go and prepare a place for you, each of you of God's children. This I have done with the assistance of His Hosts. The time is coming for my return upon your place to bring you ones of God's home to His places in the higher dimen­sions than this one you journey upon. This final return will also mark the time My Father sends me for the FINAL confrontation upon this place with the Evil Ones that we may reclaim His Kingdom now possessed by and run by evil.

You ones have lost your way and we of God's Hosts are come to show you the way home. It works not by grace or belief or faith alone. You earn your way into "graduation" through knowledge, awareness and adherence to Cosmic Law, put sim­ply: BALANCE in all transactions and interactions with life.

You as spiritually primitive developing humans are now being tested greatly as to your commitment TO KNOW TRUTH and KNOWINGLY balance within God's Laws. This is called serving THE ONE CREATOR as His Co-creator within Cre­ation. You earn your ability to Co-create, and many of you ones are learning now very quickly how to discern that which is of GOD and that which is the lie of His Adversary.

This is what we bring forth: TRUTH which can be verified. We offer an open door to Spiritual TRUTH which YOU each are unfolding in this time of awakening, this time of seeking and now finding GOD, who has always been WITHIN you. You need walk through the door we open unto you ones so that you may find your verification through your DESIRE TO KNOW and then TAKING THE NECESSARY ACTION TO KNOW, AND THUS CREATE WITH GOD HIS VISION OF PEACE. This is what we mean when we say, "God works WITH you, not FOR you ", and "God has already done His part, YOU must now do YOURS."

In order to DO God's will you must KNOW GOD within you and be like unto Him. God only gives and regives love. All of His Creation has been created through this fundamental principle of love giving and regiving. You must give to God so that He can regive to you. The imbalance you exist within at this time has occurred simply because you have forgotten or ignored this basic fundamental principle of God's Nature and the nature of Creation. This law of life in motion is absolute. Do you see, precious ones, you suffer the consequences of defiance of the Laws whether or not you KNOW or you don't KNOW WHY.



Many of you parents will notice many "Why" questions coming from your children. A child, unless discouraged, will naturally seek to know CAUSE. And every adult who finds any measure of happiness, harmony and success in his/her life has found the Cause of creating harmony (if it truly be so) through giving love, whether or not it was done knowingly or unknowingly.

Many ones petition God and say, "Please give me more money", "Please give me happiness". When in actuality if these "wishes" delude them, it is simply because the one petitioning God to do His part (which He already has done) has NOT done his part in the creation of that which he says he desires.

These ones might better ask God, "Please show me what I MUST KNOW and DO in order to create happiness and abun­dance in my life".

And even better than that, why not simply say: "Father please show me that which I NEED to know and DO in order to sustain in YOUR service, that I may BE an honorable reflection of YOU in my every thought, word and deed. Not my will, Father, only let THINE will BE DONE." In this particular decree, you are setting aside YOUR altered-ego perception of what YOU "think" you need and are, instead, allowing your Creator within you to show you what you actually do need to know and do to remain in HIS service and BE like unto Him, giving and regiv­ing love.

Then, of course, you must be willing to listen for your answers and direction and then ACT upon what you are given to act upon.

Since I have named this document "Fear, Fear, Fear", I will now explain WHY.

Nearly all humans who exist upon earth Shan at this time have experienced FEAR in some way or another. You ones are FEAR motivated and programmed. FEAR is a product of your physical plane and of the appearance of separation from God. Promoting and inducing Fear is a favored method of control used by the evil adversary. You see no one can MAKE you afraid. YOU CHOOSE TO BE AFRAID AS A RESPONSE.  Just as you choose to be pleased as a response. Many religions have produced and developed a god of fear and wrath and pun­ishment.  I will tell you that Father/Mother Creator is NONE of these emotions. These belong to His Adversary and are acted out upon the physical dimensions. Those who are very attached to the physical body and places and things are often easy to frighten.

You ones will flounder helplessly, dangling by your emotions until, of course, you find GOD of Light and Love within you and have thus committed to His Will in service. Then and only then will your doubts and fears become obscure memories in the motion picture called "you".

I am speaking of an inner peace which mine scribe has tried to describe as "sitting in the hand of God, secure and more than secure, the fear is gone". And yet she knows that even these words do not completely describe her feeling. She is describing detachment from earth physical emotions. Does that mean she is now totally unemotional and NEVER afraid? NO. It simply means she now knows the difference and knows it is HER choice as to how she will respond in all circumstances. She has become acutely aware of her responsibility of creating her life, And in her decision to serve GOD OF LIGHT AND LOVE, He has helped her recognize her folly of blame, helplessness and separation from God. In other words, her lifeline (God) is se­cure, strong and solid as SHE has done her part to make it so.

What I have described above is a part of the process of attaining God-Awareness and growing into God-Knowingness. Detach­ment, both emotional and physical, is a large stepping-stone across the raging river of life in the physical which takes your soul-mind consciousness into the higher light dimensions. Each of you who so choose to "graduate" will in the days ahead (if not already achieved) be tested until you do step upon that stone of detachment and release this illusionary world of duality and limitation and move into the Kingdom of Heaven which is LOVE.

Does this mean you float away into the clouds? Hardly, my precious ones. It simply means you are given MORE responsi­bility in the reclamation process. You either are or will assist God's Hosts and Me, Sananda, in confronting the evil adversary and reclaiming God's Kingdom here. There is MUCH awak­ening of the little sleepy lambs to be done. Each of you will be moved, I trust passionately moved, to awaken your brethren and expose the lies of the adversary. You will KNOWINGLY wear the armor of God in His service and you will abide KNOW­INGLY within His basic laws of balance. It is really very sim­ple.

We have given you all the tools within THE PHOENIX JOURNALS to DO just that. If you are unsure about the laws and the nature and structure of God and His Universe and need some clear and concise reminders, please read “The Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual” as well as the EIGHT books in "The Pleiades Connection" series. Do your part and read His re­minders and, I assure you, God will make sure you get what YOU need to give back love unto Him so that He may regive it to you. So be it.

Thank you, precious Druthea, for your service. Do not concern over your lack of "time" to write for when I need your hands, I will make sure you know it, chela. You do attend me most of the time, in spite of the distractions. I don't need you to write daily at this time for as long as you hear what God tells you, you are fine.  Although I do desire that you remain in good practice of receiving. Please listen for my call and all will remain in balance with you.

It is simply this you must consider, little sister; your lessons are the lessons of many and the sharing of same through this method is more valuable than you know. This is not about competition, precious; this is about the salvation of the very souls of God's children and of this beauteous planet. You offer a precious and wondrous example, even though YOU think it not be a worth­while example. You occasionally simply indulge yourself in self-depreciation, for you KNOW better, my little dove! Even self-depreciation simply reminds you of the human imperfection of this plane. ALL experience this unworthiness, chela. Re­member and recognize that YOU choose the feeling!

This time has been very precious. Thank you, my brethren, for hearing the call. Please be gentle with yourselves and one an­other, and walk in the Peace of which only Our Father can un­fold within you

. I AM Sananda, Esu, Jesus, Immanuel. Salu. Salu. Salu.