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MAY 23, 1991




Greetings, my brethren.  I AM Sananda. I come in the service of God/Aton of Light Greetings, precious Druthea. Let us be­gin, please.

This day I will discuss the meaning of INTEGRITY and how it relates to and is integrated with responsibility. Let us first de­fine, integrity:  “1. Uprightness of character; honesty.  2. The condition or quality of being unimpaired or sound. 3. The state of being complete or undivided.”

Now we will define, responsible:  “1. Answerable legally or morally for the discharge of a duty, trust, or debt.  2. Having cacity to distinguish between right and wrong. 3. Involving accountability or obligation.”      Responsibility: 1. State of being responsible or accountable: also responsible ness. 2. That for which one is answerable; a duty or trust.”

Integrity and responsibility are most delicately intertwined. To achieve utmost spiritual integrity, one must fully recognize and understand his responsibilities; first to God/Aton/Creator Within and also to the rest of the life-force expression within The Cre­ation. In order to become a spiritually conscious' co-creator with God/Aton, one must become ONE with living the Cosmic Laws of God/Creation. One must realize his accountability to the Great Spirit within him. He must become impeccable (free from error, fault, or flaw) regarding adherence to Cosmic Law. And to gain cosmic power, he must become spiritually complete, unimpaired and sound of character, which is the state of being called integrity.        .

Now in order to become impeccable in your integrity, one must BE responsible by listening to Spirit within about "right" and "wrong”-–or as I prefer to call it balanced or unbalanced-- ­thinking and behavior. Each of you have the KNOWLEDGE within with which to be responsible in every thought, word and deed. You need only LISTEN carefully and ask God/Aton within to help you recognize your error, instantly when you make one. It may not always be pleasant to become instantly accountable for your misdeed or misthought, but if you pay careful attention, you will find that you will seldom if ever re­peat the same error. You will find that the careful attention to and recognition of your inner guidance, instantly, is well worth the temporary inconvenience or discomfort to your "altered" ego.

So by requesting God/Aton within to show you the error, imme­diately, He will also show you the balanced thought action or deed with which to reclaim your impeccability of spirit. Why can it be seemingly so easy to recognize errors? Because, chelas, you ones have made essentially THE SAME errors over and over again. Lifetime after lifetime now you have chosen to be irresponsible and remain spiritually ignorant.  You already KNOW and can distinguish between that which is balanced and unbalanced thought and behavior; you simply have forgotten you KNOW.

When you separated yourself from the Great Spirit within you, which fully contained your being as far as perfect guidance and knowledge, you became spiritually powerless. When you wor­shipped in separateness from THE ONE and therefore sought OUTSIDE your being for guidance, you DENIED the Spirit within YOU its full creative potential.  And because you felt no longer responsible for that which you manifested, you became your own slaves to the physical illusion. By your self-denial you created leaders over you who would support your "belief” in separation from Creator, and thus you developed tremendous attachment to physical matter. This accounts for the same de­veloped attachment to EGO separate illusion.

To achieve Spiritual integrity you are required to BE responsible and accountable for the effects of your thoughts, words and deeds.  In order to be responsible, you must UNDERSTAND and adhere to The Cosmic Laws of Balance.  You must seek ONENESS and see UNITY with all. NOT separation, inferiority or superiority to anyone or anything. You must become impeccable in your intent to serve God and The Creation. You must recognize only ONE WILL, the will of THE ONE, Cre­ator/Creation. Then you will gain the Spiritual Integrity of CHRIST perfection and with that your Power within will be­come Magnificent.

Remember when I Sananda, walked as man upon your place I told you, "These things I do, YOU will do GREATER”.  So be and it is coming to pass, chelas.

I would like to requite something for you to ponder from our beloved St. Germain: "Your personal power is in direct pro­portion to the integrity of your soul".  This one sentence says it all, chelas. Ponder these things most carefully 'that you hear Spirit to Spirit and not Spirit to ego illusion. This “time", my brethren, is the "hour" of the dawning of YOUR spiritual awakening. How the Angels of Glory in Heaven REJOICE; for earth human is preparing for the celebration of ONENESS and BROTHERHOOD within GOD’S HOLY Kingdom of LIGHT!

I love you greatly, my precious chelas! I am most honored to serve My Father and therefore you, my brethren. I AM Sananda, One with God. Thank you my precious sister, Druthea. You are most blessed in Our Father's Kingdom. Be at Peace as is the spring time flowering of this time. Enjoy the radiance of Our Father's Creation before you.    Salu.