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MAY 6, 1991






Greetings, Precious Druthea. I AM Sananda, One With God.  I come in the service to Holy God/Aton of Light and to YOU, my brethren.

This "day we have a petition of which we are honored to respond. This one petitions in behalf of ALL and ALL of you have lived within what is termed a state of DENIAL of truth at various times in your lives ... and MOST still exist within this bubble of separation from responsibility.

Let us define denial, “1. A contradiction, as of a statement. 2. A disowning or disavowal. 3. Refusal to grant, give, or allow.”     To deny, “1. To declare to be untrue; contradict. 2. To refuse to believe, as a doctrine. 3. To refuse to give or grant; with­hold. 4. To refuse to acknowledge; disown.”

Now to fully understand and thus recognize denial WITHIN yourself or another, you must understand the "negative" emotion which stands guard over denial of truth … and that most often is FEAR.  You ones have become ever fearful of making change because it means looking within the mirror of self and tatting responsibility for those feelings, behaviors and actions which deny the power of GOD within YOU.

One of the most common" feelings" which must be faced ill one who denies responsibility is his feeling of unworthiness, because along with unworthiness is fear of rejection of self IF, for ex­ample, ones KNEW how you REALLY feel inside. It feels quite UGLY to feel unworthy and to carry emotionally depleting "parasites" within. Remember, chelas, YOU choose to feel unworthy.  It matters NOT what “judgement” any order being wishes to attach to you.  You choose to allow or “perceive” another’s derogatory opinions as detrimental to you because YOU wish to continue to feed your own unworthiness. Self-Denial allows you to remain in self-centered separation in which all which occurs within your space of experience is responded to PERSONALLY as to HOW you allow it to affect YOU, without consideration of others who share your space and/or experience.

So one way to recognize DENIAL in self and in another is when self-centered behavior, meaning, "Concerned chiefly with one's own affairs and interests, often with a lack of consideration for others," is exhibited in ways such as, BLAME, HURT and VICTIMHOOD. Also, look for passive resistant thoughts and actions in self, which means the desire to "get even" for the per­ceived wrong against you. Only it is done in very indirect, se­cret or subtle ways, such as through sabotage (Any act per­formed to hamper or obstruct). In many ones, passive resistant behavior may exhibit itself by these ones denying to give assis­tance when asked, deliberate procrastination of an agreed upon task, "reporting" the grievance to an "authority" without first speaking to the perceived "perpetrator", or even refusing to speak honestly to the ones who their anger is directed at, espe­cially when specifically ASKED to do so.

Another reason ones deny sharing honest feelings with another is that the one who is afraid to "tell his opinion of the truth" is afraid of what he perceives may be a "negative" painful or an­gry response by the other. Often ones will not confront another and the reason they tell themselves is, THEY don't wish to cause pain or rejection to the other. For example, in the case of when a "relationship" is kindled between two and then one de­cides that he is not compatible with the other and wishes to break it off". When what he is really afraid of is COMMIT­MENT of responsibility lo the other or LOVING the other fully that he may somehow be compromised of freedom. Ones can­not be honest with another if they DENY their true feelings within of SELF. Therefore, the confusion becomes manifested FOR BOTH in that neither understands the behavior or "true feelings of the other and both wonder what went wrong. The one rejected becomes resentful and angry.  The one rejecting simply ignores the other because he does not know “what to say”.  This then becomes an "unresolved" conflict of which the "effects" of the "cause" of denial and irresponsible behavior will continue to "challenge" both of these ones in "future" circum­stances ... that is until the lesson is recognized, UNDERSTOOD, released and responsible behavior is truly taken.

Here is an example which has and docs occur in many so-called love relationships between couples, married or otherwise. The "wife" is angry at her husband because he didn't even notice the new furniture and her new hairstyle and he seldom wants to "talk about and share" his feelings about work or other "things", so she begins to feel neglected and unappreciated, but rather than discussing her feelings with him, she looks for ways to deny HIM that which he "needs", expects or wants. So often she finds herself with a "headache" when he displays "lustful" intent. When he asks her what is wrong, she says, "Nothing", but continues to sabotage their relationship in other ways, such as getting drunk and disorderly at the office party and "forgetting" to pick him up at the airport. Well, the husband does not understand and is confused by her behavior, and he definitely feels the “sting" of her anger which she refuses to ac­knowledge when he confronts her. He can do nothing to assist solving the problem if his wife denies there is one. So what is SHE really looking for? Perhaps to be rejected "once again" to "prove" HER irrational opinion that "all men are worthless" (and so, she feels, is she). This way she need not face HER re­sponsibility for creating the sabotage of the relationship because of her own crippled self-worth and inability to communicate honestly her feelings and fears. In this instance, you have TWO "poor" communicators, and alas, because of this denial of true feelings within both parties, the crippled behaviors continue for both until each faces truth within self that THEY each are re­sponsible for creating the circumstance through lack of trust, feeling fear und unworthiness, and DENIAL of all true feelings. This is why COMMUNICATION barriers MUST be acknowl­edged and confronted within each that the barriers be allowed to open for true understanding to be allowed to blossom.

Some one are so very frightened to acknowledge perceived "negative" feelings to another, even when confronted directly, because they fear rejection and even punishment. So they may feel “negative” feelings such as resentment, anger or envy and DENY the feelings, often even to themselves. This is why you ones must become MASTERS at identifying "negative" (adversarial) emotions and feelings within SELVES that you can recognize them in others and CONFRONT the behavior that the light of truth be allowed into the space of the denying one even if the denying one be SELF. (See "Recognizing the Anti-Christ Within” printed in "The Phoenix Operator/Owner Manual”).

It is a very delicate balance to achieve because even when you earn to accomplish confrontation of the adversary within self and others, often the denial of truth remains, especially in one who is unwilling to confront self and BE responsible for ac­knowledging truth and thus communicating and acting with in­tegrity. You cannot FORCE another to confront truth even when it is presented to them in balanced integrity intent. You trust though, in a responsible manner, bring your observations up honestly to the one who displays adversarial behavior, most especially if you feel the behavior is detrimental to you and oth­ers, for example, within a "work" or "home" circumstance.  It is one thing to punish self BY choice, it is quite another to allow one to also PUNISH you and others because they refuse to take responsibility themselves.

You see, precious, chelas, you indirectly SUPPORT unreason­able and adversarial behavior IF YOU ignore it and, therefore, DO nothing to change it. Which brings us to our next point which is "common" denial of responsibility, most commonly exhibited within belief structures encouraged within your so­ called "New Age" community.  We of God's Hosts have often heard ones speak and ponder about the terms "negative" and "positive". Often ones believe that they must learn to concen­trate their energy ONLY on what they perceive is labeled "positive" thinking behavior and actions.  For example. Com­mander Hatonn and his spokespersons are often called "gloom and doom" bringers who concentrate upon perceived "negative" information and circumstances. Therefore, BECAUSE ONES REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE TRUTH ABOUT THE "NEGATIVE" (MEANING ADVERSARIAL) CREATED CIRCUMSTANCES WHICH THEY HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE CREATION OF, EITHER DIRECTLY OR INDI­RECTLY, THROUGH IGNORANCE AND APATHY, THEY THEN DENY THEIR OWN PERSONAL RESONSIBILITY BY CONDEMNING OR EVEN "KILLING" THE “TRUTH-BRINGER”.  

Here is another example to add further clarification. If you go to the doctor and he discovers you have cancer within your body, do you demand that he NOT tell you the truth so that you can then deny responsibility for: 1. The manifestation of the dis-ease and 2. Making the necessary changes of thinking, of behavior, and of actions to facilitate YOUR CURE from this se­rious dis-ease within you?

Don't you see? The manifestation of cancer is a gift of warning that there exists unbalance within you? Do you wish to HEAL or continue to deny responsibility? Well the choice is yours to make. Commander Hatonn and the rest of God's Hosts are here specifically to show you the ANTI-CHRIST CANCER YOU have manifested as a species within yourselves and upon your planet, which has been "hidden" within your government, busi­ness and cultural institutions and organizations. Do you say to yourself, “Oh my!  That is “negative” information and therefore I am not responsible for it.  That is someone else’s problem; I will practice Ascension or be raptured so I can escape the ugliness of which I do not want to be responsible.”

I have news for you, ones who feel NOT responsible for that WHICH you as a species have contributed to the creation of.  YOU will either take responsibility, NOW, for assisting the rest of your committed brothers and sisters to do that which GOD within gives you to do to change and heal the "negative" circum­stances and manifestations ALREADY created around you and within you, or you will not be ready for HIGHER responsibility of Conscious Immortality within God's Holy Realms of experi­ence. There is not much "time" left for you to be in the decid­ing. And NONE can take your portion of personal responsibility in your place.  (Although your given task(s) in service to God CAN be filled by another, if you find yourself unwilling to perform them in balanced integrity.)  You are accountable to self and GOD for that which you DO or NOT DO, if that be the case.

So what can you do if you find yourself wanting to "hide" from and not face responsibility of finding truth and taking necessary action? Recognize first that your denial of facing "negative" created circumstances of which your world is full is because of FEAR. You are afraid of that which you may have to do in or­der to BE responsible and change the circumstance. You are afraid you have NOT the power to change it. You are afraid of what "others" will think of you if you face them honestly. You are afraid you will fail to make a difference should you begin changes. And you are afraid of the perceived "unknown" risk to yourself when you begin to "rock the boat" of adversarial control. You are afraid because you have, in your “past”, lived in ignorance of Truth and have successfully run from "uncomfortable" feelings and responsibility, thinking that per­haps you have or can remain innocent of the effects of the evil about your plane, which through your ignorance you have ALLOWED and SUPPORTED, I believe you ones have a cliche' which is succinctly apropos, “What I don't know won’t hurt me." That statement of false belief says it all, chelas. WHAT YOU HAVEN'T KNOWN AND REFUSED TO SEE HAS HURT YOU AND YOUR BELOVED PLANET. IONO­RANCE OF TRUTH HAS UNDERMINED GOD WITHIN YOU, BY CONDONING THE REPEATED BREAKING OF HIS COSMIC LAWS OF BALANCE SO THAT HIS SPIRIT OF LIGHT, OF LOVE, AND OF HARMONY HAS NO PLACE TO GROW ... THE DARKNESS AND SUFFERING CANCEROUS DIS-EASE HAS BEEN AND CONTINUES TO BE SO VERY DEVASTATING TO YOUR SPECIES. THE ADVERSARY HAS COUNTED ON CONTROLLING THAT WHICH YOU "KNOW" AND "BELIEVE" SO THAT HE CAN BIND YOU INTO PERCEIVED HELPLESSNESS AND SLAVERY TO ITS "ILLUSION" OF PHYSICAL MANI­FESTED FLESHLY ATTACHMENT, THE ADVERSARY "NEEDS" SLAVES TO CONTROL AND MANIPULATE TO HAVE AND ENFORCE THE "POWER" OF DESTRUCTION WHICH IT DESIRES TO WIELD IN ITS HATRED OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS OF GOODNESS AND GODLY INTENT.

You must ask yourselves, precious chelas, “How do YOU feed the ANTI-CHRIST to give IT power over God WITHIN you?”  “What is it you truly FEAR which paralyzes you and makes you wish to HIDE and NOT BE responsible?”   I, hopefully, have given you some ideas where you may begin to unfold the source of your FEAR that you may then release it through TRUSTING GOD OF LIGHT WITHIN TO SHOW YOU THAT WHICH YOU NEED TO KNOW IN ORDER TO SUSTAIN ONLY IN HIS SERVICE. You will be guided and shown that which will bring you knowledge and understanding of truth and through empowerment of gaining WISDOM of Truth you will receive GOD'S blessings of INNER PEACE and Balanced Creative Unfoldment. You must first desire to serve GOD and your intent creates THE WAY for you to go and remain in GOD’S WINGS OF LOVE AND PROTECTION.

You must see, precious chelas, that you ones who even deny the existence of the Anti-Christ, Adversary to God, do so so that YOU need not face responsibility WHEN the Anti-Christ is AL­LOWED by YOU to control your very being. The destructive results of the Anti-Christ exist all about you; do you deny this truth as well, that your "rosy” view not be disturbed and make you uncomfortable? WELL, HAVE YOU EVER CONSID­ERED THE COMFORT OF THIS BELOVED PLANET AS YOU POLLUTE HER WATERS AND SOILS AND ATMO­SPHERE WITII IRRESPONSIBLE THOUGHTS AND TECHNOLOGIES OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION? HOW CAN YOU LIVE IN AN OBVIOUS FACADE OF "SPLENDOR" WHEN MOTHER EARTH SCREAMS IN AGONY OF DESPAIR AT THE EVIL CAUSED HER BY YOUR UNBALANCED, UNGODLY BEHAVIOR TOWARD HER, YOURSELF AND EACH OTHER?

It is time for you each to find the balance of God which exists within you. Those who resist this change to balance, who choose to swim "upstream" against GOD'S WILL will remain in 3rd dimensional experience as a puppet for the adversary ... and so, too, remain in self-imposed ignorance for the "time" neces­sary to recognize the errors of thought and behavior and correct the imbalances caused to self because of them (the errors). God and we of His Hosts offer you THE WAY HOME through giv­ing you the opportunity TO SEE AND KNOW TRUTH ABOUT THE CANCER YOU'VE CREATED AND WHICH YOU CAN HEAL THROUGH RESPONSIBLE THINKING AND BEHAVIOR AND ALIGNING YOURSELVES WITHIN THE LAWS OF BALANCE OF GOD AND THE CREATION as given forth.

There is naught to fear WHEN you attune your will with that of GOD’S WILL for HE is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE KNOWLEDGE and THE POWER, and HE EXISTS WITHIN YOU!  HE NEVER TURNS FROM THEE, NEVER!  WILL YOU TURN FROM HIM?  HE ALLOWS YOU TO MAKE THAT CHOICE, PRECIOUS ONES.  WHAT WILL YOU DO?  The adversary, on the other hand, IF he is allowed and welcomed entrance into YOUR TEMPLE OF GOD, is and insatiable parasite of destruction upon ALL that is OF GOD and GOODNESS.  YOU HAVE THE POWER WITHIN YOU OF GOD TO CAST THE ADVERSARY OUT…FOREVER!  SO BE IT AND SELAH!

Thank you for this opportunity to bring further clarity and understanding to our brethren, precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  I come in service to HOLY DIVINE GOD/ATON OF LIGHT AND THE CREATION.  May you find inner peace which wisdom brings.  I love you dearly, my brothers and sisters!  Ponder your lessons carefully.  Walk in peace.  Salu.