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CHAPTER 11  - pp.. 156-160




To truly know love as the sole motivating force of the universe is man's primary purpose on Earth. This is WHY the Elite adversaries of LIFE have distorted the meaning of love--to spoil and misrepresent the entire concept into the physical lustfulness of the flesh desires and senses. If every institution of man's civilization were built upon loving service given in all interchanging’s with others, your world would be a wonderfully happy one, for only GOOD would then be  given, for true "love" is only GIVING--misuse of "making love" is only TAKING.


That is what is meant by the spirituality of love, for God is LOVE and God is GOOD. God gives only GOOD to his divided Father-Mother universe and this GOOD is manifested by giving and re-giving. Nature, which is a manifestation of GOOD, always gives; it never takes.


GOOD, therefore, is not divided into its opposite expression which is evil. It is forever unchanging.


Deep within man's Consciousness is the knowledge that LOVE is all there is, for LOVE is God--and God is all there is.


To "discover" God is man's eternal quest. All of man's earthly experiences have but one purpose--to break the shell of his awareness to himself. His experiences take him down diverse paths, and he knows great joy and sorrow as he walks down these self-made paths of life.


When he walks the path of love, he is happy and balanced. The sun shines brightly within his heart even on a cloudy day.


When he walks the path of hate, he is lonely and apart from all that would give him warmth

within his heart.


When he walks the path of fear, he dies a thousand deaths in self-doubts and diverse ills.


When he walks the path of greed, he is sick with self-deceit and imprisoned from the light of

love which alone can set him free.


Whatever man experiences down his pathway of life, he has an insatiable desire to know the "wholeness" of love. This desire is only faintly known by some Souls who live a sensed-existence, but for the Soul that has unfolded farther along the path of Consciousness there is

an everlasting search and longing for that completed circle of love.


Man may experience every kind of success in the material world: money, position and power with the attendant adulation which he believes will completely satisfy his desires. With each accomplishment, there is a faint sense of "something" missing. That elusive "something" is what man is eternally searching for.


Within the lessons is the CAUSE and ANSWER to man's eternal quest, for in the understanding of the science of the universe and man, himself, lies the explanation of Life's Cosmic drama.


To understand the WHY of all things, however, one must truly know LOVE. In this knowledge and realization lies the answer to your eternal quest.


Those who know LOVE know GOD and, knowing God, know the ecstasy of eternal ONENESS. The man and woman who are true mates experience moments of oneness with all eternity when they reach that moment of complete unawareness of body-sensing. They are then one in the God-Light. This is the spirituality of love.


If men and women would search for their spiritual and mental mates rather than allow their physical senses to govern them, divorce would be impossible. There is nothing in this universe that could separate a man and woman who know and share true love, for such a union is truly a marriage of God (Love). True love is eternal love and two souls who have "found" it will find each other again and again in life after life.