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The technique for destroying such etheric entities is to command them, in the name of Jesus Christ, to disappear and to cease to exist. In the name of Immanuel Christ, or Sananda, or Creator, or, or, or is quite as sufficient. It is that for so long now, the term Jesus has been accepted that the name is most distasteful to the DBBs. It is, further, not sufficient to order them simply to depart as that does not entail disintegration of the entity, only departure.

This is where you get the saying, "There are gremlins in the ma­chinery," if a machine keeps breaking down. There are also good little fairies so I do not wish to be lopsided. However, gremlins serve a very definite purpose and, brothers, those particular entities are originated on the dark side.

The DBBs can also manipulate many of the currents and elementary forces which are most attuned to them in vibration. For example, although the element n fire" is a great purifying power on the Earth plane, it is also attuned to the notion of karma, the trial by fire, and the destruction of that which is con­sumed. Especially when the fire is burning coal (coming from the darkness beneath the surface of the Earth) the DBBs are en­abled to manipulate it to their own ends. We should emphasize that such use of fire cannot be allowed to be kept outside of that called for in a karmic aspect, but the karmic burden of the race as a whole is still so great that the DB has great latitude in terms of how they may wish to use this elemental force.

Another process at work in relation to fire is the manner in which human beings provide the energies which manifest in many of the fires which destroy property. Fire is the phe­nomenon which most closely corresponds to rage and anger.

These connections of fire with anger are no accident. When any two persons indulge in a fierce argument, with much shouting and anger, but without giving full vent to the anger in a physical way, there is created at the etheric level a seething cloud of fire­-like energy which seeks expression on the Earth plane. If it cannot find expression in violence between the two persons who created it, then it will, given the right circumstances, release it­self in a destructive fire. Of course, some spark must be present to allow the fire to begin, but once it is initiated its full fury will manifest. If that type of energy is stored within, make sure you cleanse it with spiritual water, brothers.