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Nov. 28, 2018




MON., OCTOBER 26, 1992   8:07 A.M.   YEAR 6, DAY 71 

MONDAY,  OCTOBER 26,  1992

Hatonn in presence in the Light of the Radiant One.  There is great pain in the hearts and “souls” of my people this day—I cannot change, for you, the burden of your own load—how­ever, I can offer strength, support, assistance and clarity of thought in the security of GOD, Creator, through which you can see your way.  Hold my hand and I’ll take you there, the journey needs a brother and a friend for no man is an island unto self.  Ye have no need to “do it alone”.  Be at peace.

I honor my brother, Michael Silverhawk for a brief explanation and statement in clarity re­garding “SOUL” which might give peace and balance to your seekers and students efforting to un­derstand “life” and “experience”.


The soul is your akashic.  It contains the sum total of all your experiences through time and eternity, ALL your lives, your loves and losses; your victories and defeats, your trials and ac­complishments and on and on.  In meditation you will begin to “see” all of this come up.  You will have flashes of your history and who and what you have been.  Things you are particularly struggling with now, have most likely followed you through time.  As you invite light and di­vine assistance and understanding and guidance into your crown and anchor it in meditation and com­munion, you will begin to experience bursting revelations and comprehensions unfold.  You will “see” through the veil and gaze into perfection.  You can then begin to replace dis­cord with this perfection of feeling.  This is grace.  This power heals and completes your karma, so to speak.  It is simply resolved and lifted off, freeing you and your karma [H: I do not like the definition now applied to the word “karma”, so let us release the burden of assumed penalties and paybacks and other un­seemly definitions and simply state that you free yourselves from restriction so that you can, as a student, SEE and UN­DERSTAND the LESSON at hand.  In the power you hold as creation of GOD in perfection of reflec­tion it means you also have the power to cast aside the “karma” and simply do not accept it.], so to speak.  It is simply resolved and lifted off, freeing you and your mind and emotions and allows the true passion of love and life to come forth.  This will happen more and more as you go.

All this progress is painfully slow at first.  It is the same for everyone that way but the fur­ther you go the faster you go and you can fly free for very long periods.  Then it is but a mat­ter of fine tuning and flight time experience.  You will find that your soul is clean and new and that you suddenly have a great deal of “space” for wonderful things, space that was formerly taken up by conflicts.  You have forgiven all and self for all trespass.  This is freedom.  This is true freedom and you will find yourself having tea with God every day.  It is simple.  Not easy—simple.

* * *

I thank Silverhawk for sharing with me as the brothers we are.  He has done a beautiful trea­tise called THE WINDS OF GOD, “THE RESURRECTION”.  He refers to it as the Alpha Omega Medicine for the Genesis of the Fifth World.

He offers me this work in brotherhood and friendship with the following letter:

Dear Dharma & Friends,        (10/11/92)

Greeting in the Light of God that never fails.  I am a true follower of your great works with the Great Spirit.  I am also prompted most relentlessly in my own life, so that is why I have sent this treatise.  Nine lodges have received it around the west.  I am soon to return out there also as my work here draws to closing.  If you find value in my work, then that would be great joy for me.  Germain has grabbed my collar to come forth now, as it is apparently the ap­pointed time.  Well, here I am then.

I stand with you in intent and purpose and give all I have to it.  Let us all stand together unto victory as one.  God bless you all.  I hope to meet you one day soon and pow wow to­gether.  In love with Light, Michael Silverhawk.

* * *

In the brotherhood of Creation we cannot be separate for we are but one thought of God in ex­perience as God brings us into manifestation.  We must ever fly free and joyously beyond all limitations within our soul and across forever, and we will cross paths and meet now and then in consciousness as we wish, but always in unity in spirit in the ALLNESS of that for which we strive—and the intimate expression of celebration that can never end.  A meeting again, af­ter moments or through lifetimes, is certain for those who are brothers and friends.  AHO


I am petitioned over and over again as to why “other” patriot JOURNALS have really pushed Gritz on the front page and we have not lately.  Number one, we are NOT a “patriot” jour­nal.  I am a Host of God—NOT a politician and, furthermore, I want YOU to see the whole of the picture and make your decisions on REASON and not because of sheepleness.  So, let us consider this election come upon you—AGAIN!

I told you the original plan of the Republicans to bring Perot aboard as VP, then allow him to fall into the Presidency—then on health (probably) deterioration Perot would become Presi­dent, pardon Bush and thus and so.  This was first planned to happen with Baker but it didn’t get done at the convention so didn’t work out.  I also told you that Perot was a “very good” man, and you cannot program out goodness when it is predomi­nant in the soul being—so when ap­proached with the overall plan he declined—and I told you as much.  Further, the plans he of­fers are la-la land fantasies built on the assumption that there is integrity in Congress.  There is NOT.  So, he petitions you-the-people do the work.  Are you willing to do so?  It has NOT PROVEN THAT WAY IN THE PAST—PAST ELECTION DAY!   So, what do you have?  As I also told you, Mr. Perot was “pushed too far”—THE RE­PUBLICANS SET HIM UP WITH THEIR DIRTY TRICKS AND HE RESPONDED INTELLIGENTLY AND EM­PHATICALLY.  What will he do here on in?  I can’t be sure for in the ending he will do that which serves the nation and his perception of you-the-people in the long-run.  He does not un­derstand nor have access to the things Gritz offers and would do through Constitutional chan­nels.  THAT CAN BE CHANGED.

Next, then, what would Hatonn suggest?  OK—here is what I suggest but YOU are going to make your own decisions—I re­peat, politics stink as rotted death and I am not a politician and the governments today ARE MY ENEMIES!

What I urge ones to do IF YOU REALLY WANT TO CHANGE YOUR NATION—IS TO AT LEAST GO WITH CHANGE!   You know you get slop and poison from the two parties in point.  Can a change be worse?  Yes and no.  If you push for big change, they will pull the government down.  If, however, you do not make the change, you are in the full path of TO­TAL destruction of your fundamental national sovereignty.  What I do see is possibility in great measure to the point of a cup filled to the overflow in TWO possibilities: one, ELECT PEROT on Tuesday and DEMAND HE WORK WITH GRITZ AS TOP ADVISOR ON THE BASIS OF CONSTITU­TION, DEBT PAYMENT, ETC.  Perot has PROMISED TO “BE ALL EARS” TO YOUR VOICES—SO VOICE THIS DE­MAND!  If Perot does not win—YOU START ON THE 1996 GRITZ CAMPAIGN ON WEDNESDAY!

I suggested this very team in the very beginning and I have not changed opinion.  Perot has the notability and financial ability to win—Gritz is buried by media blackout and cannot win under any remote circumstances.  Perot has had reason to realize that those he honored as having in­tegrity DO NOT.  As he experi­ences he will see more and more and more of the truths and WILL LISTEN AND CHANGE when given reasons to do so—not politically but for you-the-people WITH you-the-people.  Do not underestimate that which God provides in His way to achieving His miracles for which you CLAIM to petition.  YOU will do it or it will not be done, for no one man can do a thing FOR YOU.

You cannot succumb to the “what if’s”, as in “what if we vote for him and we have earth­quakes, etc.?”  So?  You will have those ANYWAY—AND no jobs, no industry—just a one world ultimate world order.  Can you not help this man in service, at least as far as he is will­ing to go with HIS money?  Stop the quibbling and get on with getting him elected and Gritz into that administration.  You will already notice Dolepilling the beans about original plans for Perot as he made a nationally televised petition yesterday to elect Bush and “...put Perot in a high ad­ministrative position.”  The facts are dirty and coming out like fireworks; the other two candidates have damaged one another through their lies and subterfuge (both of them) and more will pour forth from the filth of the mongrel’s games as this week passes and as other things come down.  It is in your hands—a way is shown unto you—it is now up to you!  YOU MUST TAKE THE LEMON, NO MATTER HOW BITTER, AND MAKE YOUR LEMON­ADE—YOU HAVE ALL YOU NEED WITH WHICH TO DO IT—SO PLEASE, QUIT YOUR DRAGGLING AND GET ON WITH IT!  I salute you and will walk with you but THIS TIME I cannot CARRY you!