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SUN., JULY 12, 1992   9:40 A.M.     YEAR 5, DAY331

JULY 12, 1992



Watch for the "hay to be made" during this Democratic Con­vention--by the Republicans. Bush will be in California and some very good things can come from those travels--which will actually help our own programs. BUT, watch out--some of the things he will be doing will be as "King" through Executive Or­der. Interestingly enough, Mr. Kemp will be traveling along, also.

We are asked if we "would meet" (my people) with these "leaders"? Why not? We simply bring truth, we have no bones to pick with "personalities" and much good could come though "understanding" of stance. A Godly person has nothing to fear from one with predominantly evil intent for if it be ONLY evil vs. Godly--guess who prevails!



For you who continue to ask me about Perot--why? Can you not see what has happened? He just badly shot himself in the foot yesterday for who among the "minority" groups of, say, Hispanics and Blacks would feel "equal" after his speech within the meeting hall of the NAACP? Did Perot realize what he was saying--NO and perhaps that is even worse for the "condescension" was totally "natural". The poor man was sim­ply talking to his audience but enemies are afoot everywhere to never allow a slip of the lip to pass without making a chasm of it. Facts are, the fact that Perot is a billionaire speaks more loudly than any words can express. He made those billions by doing business and utilizing the system of government. "It is harder for a rich man to enter into through the gates of heaven than for a camel to pass through the needle's eye!" It does not HAVE to be thus--but it most often IS.

Moreover Me. Perot has been spouting off about the " Hitlerian " tactics of Bush-Quayle for employing "dirty tricks" and "Hitlerian propaganda". Dan Quayle made a statement that Perot would abuse the CIA, FBI and IRS if he were to become, President. Mr. Perot says: "The Republicans have had a non-stop saturation bombing to recast my personality." "It is a care­fully orchestrated plan to try to damage me at a time when peo­ple thought I would announce." So, the White House spokesman comes back with "Mr. Perot's paranoia knows no bounds". Who can WIN in such games and countermoves? I Most certainly NOT YOU-THE-PEOPLE. It would appear the most propitious thing anyone could do in behalf of freedom would be to "abuse" unto "dissolution" all three entities named above and include the PAC organizations-starting with total shut-down of the British Intelligence creations such as the Anti-­Defamation League (erroneously thought to be Jewish).



This may hold more believability if you take note that "Steinberg" is NOT a South African, Asian or Irish sir-name of typical nature. It certainly points out to me that Khazarians who have stolen the "Jewish" heritage are REAL and not appreciated by those they impoverished in such manner. But this is not the focus--this focus must be on the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and other such organizations.

QUOTE: article by Jeffrey Steinberg, July 6, 1992.

Time to Shut Down the Anti-Defamation League:

The longstanding illicit relationship between the gangsters of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith and the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation has gone on long enough.


For years now, using the guise of "hunting Nazi war crimi­nals" and fighting "hate crimes", the ADL--also known as the "American Dope Lobby", for its role as a front for the interna­tional narcotics cartel--has been running federal law enforce­ment and prosecutorial agencies as its private political police, framing up and in some cases executing "enemies" of the Zion­ists. The fact that the gangsters of the ADL should claim to be the leading representatives of the decent people--Jews and oth­ers--who suffered and died in the Nazi Holocaust--is itself one of the worst instances of anti-Semitism imaginable.

Now, however, as the result of two dramatic recent devel­opments, the ADL's days of riding roughshod over the nation's police and prosecutors may fast be coming to an end. Unfor­tunately, because of the ADL's decades-long manipulation of the judicial system, a number of innocent people have already been sent to their deaths.

On June 5, the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio gave the Justice Department a deadline of July 15 to turn over all the evidence in its possession demonstrating that an innocent American citizen had been sent to Death Row in Israel by Justice Department officials who withheld hard evi­dence proving he was innocent.

The court ordered the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), the DOJ's purported "Nazi-hunting" unit and a hotbed of ADL subversion, to turn over the documents in the case of John Demjanjuk, the retired Cleveland auto worker who was extra­dited to Israel in 1986 on charges he was "Ivan the Terrible", a Nazi mass murderer at the Treblinka concentration camp in Poland.

Demjanjuk was convicted in a show trial in Israel in 1988 and sentenced to death. He has been sitting on Death Row in an Is­raeli prison for four years, fighting to obtain the documents that would prove his innocence--and had been hidden by the ADL and the OSI. Hundreds of pages of eyewitness statements proving that another man (who was killed in 1943) was "Ivan" had been hidden in OSI files since the 1970' s. [H: Indeed, this is the case we speak of in relationship to the Constitutional Law Center. I believe you will note that things are a bit dif­ferent in that case now as "they" effort to find a way to re­lease this innocent man and save face. Basically they have changed "rulers" in order to cover tactics in Israel. If you cannot see your support in action--try this very case within your heart and place yourself in Demjanjuk's shoes. Con­gressman Traficant exhausted his ability to be heard as the Israelis would not even accept his calls. This was all orches­trated by the British Intelligence through the ADL. When ones like Marchetti and the Law Center started stirring around in the soup pot--things began to change right fast. THIS is the way you shall have to "change the world"--for you cannot win by a battle of weapons (guns). THE PEN WILL TRULY BECOME AGAIN NOTED AS THE GREATEST OF ALL WEAPONS. THIS IS WHY THE PENS OF PATRIOTS AND GOD ARE EFFORTED TO BE SILENCED.]

Demjanjuk may survive an ADL-orchestrated ordeal which others did not. Karl Linnas stripped of his American citizenship in 1987 and deported to the Soviet Union to stand trial as a war criminal, died in a Soviet prison. Similarly, Ante Artukovich, also charged with war crimes, died in a Yugoslav prison. Ar­tukovich's family has now produced documents showing that he, too, was sent to his death by a Justice Department (USA) and ADL apparatus that had in its possession archival documents proving his innocence of the crimes charged.

Tzerchim Soobzokov, a Circassian-American, was actually able to prove that the ADL and OSI "war crime" charges against him were false. As the result, he won a multimillion-dollar libel suit against the New York Times for pushing the ADL- and KGB-manufactured slanders against him--only to be murdered in a bomb attack in 1985 in which ADL agent provocateur Mordechai Levy was implicated.

Had the U.S. government listened to Lyndon LaRouche's re­peated warnings that the OSI and ADL were acting as fronts for the Soviet KGB and Israeli Mossad, pouring counterfeit evi­dence into the U.S. courts to murder innocent American citi­zens, all this could have been prevented. [H: Yes, it DID SAY LYNDON LA ROUCHE. Why do you think the Justice De­partment has Lyndon La Rouche in prison--probably for the rest of his life if you do nothing to set it RIGHT? La Rouche crossed these criminal organizations and they "got him". You must understand it is a very dangerous thing to cross these evil elements of terror. YOU ALL SHOULD HAVE LISTENED AND HARKENED TO WHAT THIS MAN TOLD YOU!]



In addition to the recent Demjanjuk ruling, on June 22, the ADL suffered a second major setback when the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously struck down an ADL-written St. Paul, Minn. ordinance banning certain free speech acts as "hate crimes". Even this Supreme Court, which has the worst record of any high court in decades for trampling on individual constitutional rights, had to draw the line at the kinds of schemes the ADL was peddling to outlaw "thought crimes". [H: Our people are continuing targets of this group and speakers regarding JOURNALS which have nothing to do with Khazarians, Jews or Government are "BANNED" from making "speeches" or "presentations" throughout Canada. More­over, the one, SATAN'S DRUMMERS, is confiscated at the border along with most all other JOURNALS IN OPEN SHIPMENTS--BECAUSE IT IS CLAIMED TO BE "CHILD PORNOGRAPHY". This one JOURNAL is about the most anti-child abuse document ever written, so do you see how evil works by claiming the opposite of Truth in EVERY IN­STANCE AND THEN, WHAT THE PUBLIC IS TOLD IS WHAT THE PUBLIC BELIEVES? My people receive reg­ular death threats, attempt at same, lawsuits and formal Sa­tanic cult curses. But then, chelas, Satan claims the label of "Morning Star" and "Prince of Light"--can you not see HOW IT WORKS? You must always discern by the "energy now" and insight measured against the laws of God and Creation if you will be knowing enough to "know thine en­emy"!]

According to its own literature, the ADL has rammed "hate crime" bills through the legislatures in all but four states in the U.S., and has been paid undisclosed amounts of money by the FBI and hundreds of state and local police agencies to "teach" them how to detect hate crimes. Through this latter process the American Dope Lobby has subverted American law enforce­ment to the core.

The ADL has flaunted its use of gangster money to run its penetration and subversion of the American judicial system. Jailed insider traders Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky were big-­time backers of the ADL "hate crime" hoax, as was accused narco-dollar launderer Edmond Safra of the Republic National Bank of New York. [H: Also, for what it may be worth--Ross Perot was a large contributor.] Bootlegger's son Edgar Bronfman, a pivotal figure worldwide in the "Nazi-hunting" drive, for years ran the ADL's fundraising effort in New York. In the mid-1980's, Murder, Inc. mobster Morris Dalitz was honored by the ADL' s Torch of Liberty awarded for his gener­ous funding of the League through his racketeering empire.



In fact, the key to ADL power inside and outside the gov­ernment is the clout of narco-dollars in the American banking system and economy. Former ADL national chairman Kenneth Bialkin, a bigshot Wall Street lawyer, was the architect of Robert Vesco's Caribbean drug-smuggling and money-launder­ing empire. [B: Which, of course, with the information out­laid for you, you can trace right to the inside of the White House. No, I am not going to repeat it all herein--get the TANGLED WEB series and the original. JOURNALS and you will have it ALL via authentic and confirmed sources. We cannot longer do regular "catch-ups" for we are so very short of time and space in which to accomplish the amount of work yet waiting. I am PLEASED INDEED that some of the past urgent and important "early" writings of the EX­PRESS and LIBERATOR will be republished for, if you are a recent reader, YOU ARE FAR, FAR BEHIND!]

The ADL's links to federal, state, and local police and prose­cutors must be severed. Given the League's close ties to inter­national drug traffickers, this is an urgent matter of national se­curity. The scandals of the Demjanjuk case and the "hate crime" bill offer the best opportunity to sever those ties and put the gangsters of the ADL behind bars, where they belong.




Is it not interesting that RIGHT NOW the Pope set up by the adversary for the current position is now going to be hospital­ized for "repairs" of some sort of "thing" relative to his "assassination attempt" many years past???? Chelas, if you miss "this one" you are blind as salamanders!



Indeed this yesterday earthquake in Mojave, California was IM­PORTANT. Recall I warned you about any quakes on or near that Garlock Fault must be watched most carefully! Note fur­ther that it was, as were the prior two major quakes, over strategic areas of underground facilities and the side quakes were NOT DISTRACTORS but very, very "on target" such as the massive underground facility at 29 Palms (Marine base), Ridgecrest (China Lake Naval Weapons Center and largest of all the California underground secret facilities) and now, Cali­fornia City (right at Edwards dooryard!). This indicates many things but not the least of which is terminal" backfeed amplifier contact--well planned and well tested--NOW.

Note other "news" bears a big show and tell of Photon energy and even demonstrates the need for special extra-darkened gog­gles and intense enhancement of recent photon laser beams--­"which are intended for use as aircraft thrust systems." Pay attention and between the lines you will find all the confirmation of truth which you will need. Watch various players and you will even find the culprits by what they are doing and WHERE.



There is one assault against my scribe which I intend to put to rest right now. We are again bombarded by ones "accusing" us of "stealing" Zecharia Sitchin material. What mean ye, readers and discounters? I have not even gotten into the erroneous con­clusions of this author and, typical of the adversary, already the arrows fly? You are showing your own ignorance and readers will not long be intimidated nor impressed by your rantings and ravings.

Thank you M.M.O'L for the following which I shall simply copy for this person went and did some "homework" for YOU:



About thirty years ago archaeologists unearthed the civiliza­tion of the Sumarians. Sumaria was located just north of what "was" part of the Palestine bordering countryside. This region then became known as Mesopotamia. Much data more than 6000 years old has been recovered and interpreted as the result of brilliant work by the authors of several books on Sumarians. They were able to decipher and spell out their language. The location of this "find" was at the place of "Sumar" in modern Iraq.

Among the many branches of knowledge that have been en­riched by the Sumarian texts was that of astronomy. Answers to questions that astronomers and scientists have been unable to fathom in the course of our civilization were brought to light.

From the Sumarian texts the history, customs, culture and religion have become a known. It has been learned that Sumaria was overcome in battle by the Hebrew tribe from south of their border, they being completely decimated and overrun by the Hebrews. A study of the Hebrew culture and religion and a comparison with that of the Sumarians as revealed in their texts dating back thousands of years before any known history of the Hebrew tribe discloses the unmistakable truth that the Hebrew culture and religion had been taken over from the Sumarians and made the Hebrew culture and religion. In other words, the He­brews had appropriated the culture and religion of the Sumarians and proclaimed these newly-found Sumarian accomplishments as their own, especially the religion from that time forward. In his book, CHRIST WAS NOT A JEW, the author states that the Galileans were descended from the Sumarians and were differ­ent from the Judeans to the south. The people of Galilee were not Hebrew but in the course of time had adapted the Hebrew religion. We might even speculate that they had retained some remnants of the long-forgotten religion of Sumaria, the real ori­gin of the Hebrew religion. The Hebrew religion became known as Judaism, and later, actually only in the early 18th century were the Judeans called "Jews". However, since that time translators of the Bible have used the word "Jew" back to the beginning of the Bible using it in place of Judean.

The early leaders of the Hebrew tribe close to the time of their embracing the Sumarian religion knew what they were about. They wrote their history and Biblical stories to conform to their new-found religion, effectively blotting out the history of Sumaria to whom had been given the knowledge of the true God thousands of years before, that Sumaria had ever existed was wholly forgotten.

It can be concluded that the "Jews" knew in Christ's own time that he was not a "Jew" and have known since then, but it has been a great advantage to the Jewish cause for them to fur­ther this belief since it implies a prominent superiority of the Jew over the Christian subconsciously in the minds of Chris­tians, while the Jew himself has continued as a group to despise Christianity.

The Hebrew people were a tribe whose history is known only back a few centuries BC.  They were not capable of the high civilization attained by the Sumarians.  The religion of Sumaria was akin to Christianity in many aspects.


This above writing was written and sent to me on June 24, 1992, and I thank you greatly for Dharma is totally baffled by the in­formation I give her and after a few arrow piercings she can get pretty upset with the world as it is AND HATONN.

The next is equally informative and eye-opening and you don't have to believe a bodiless voice or writing fingers. However, not to be lessened is the" ... moving finger writes and having writ moves on ... " and the " .. handwriting on the wall by a bodi­less, armless hand!" Ponder it, chelas, where there is smoke-­there was actually some kind of fire.




From official documents of Historical Records made in the Days of Jesus Christ (the Arckko Volume in the Congressional Li­brary in Washington, D.C.) This eye witness, Pontius Pilote, testified "Jesus" did not LOOK, THINK OR ACT like a Jew. You also have to know if you go and get hands on this document that you will find the label "Jesus" to be "explained" as trans­lated "later". Also were errors made in reference to the "Jews" as translated from "Judeans". I simply want you to note this material IS IN THE CONGRESSIONAL LIBRARY IN WASHINGTON, D.C.! WHAT ELSE HAS BEEN KEPT FROM YOUR EYES AND EARS???

To Tiberius Caesar, Emperor of Rome Noble Sovereign, Greeting:

" ..... Among the various rumors that came to my ears there was one in particular that attracted my attention. A young man It was said had appeared in Galilee preaching with a noble unction a new law in the name of the God that had sent him. At first I was apprehensive that his design was to stir up the people against the Romans, but my fears were soon dispelled. Esu (translated ‘Jesus’) of Nazareth spoke rather as friend of the Romans than of the Judeans (erroneously translated ‘Jews’).

One day in passing by the place I observed in the midst of the group a young man who was leaning against a tree calmly ad­dressing the multitude. I was told it was "Esu Immanuel". This I could easily have suspected so great was the difference be­tween him and those listening to him. His golden-colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about thirty years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast be­tween him and his hearers with their black beards and tawny complexions.

" ..... Never have I read in the works of the philosophers any­thing that can compare to the maxims of Esu. One of the rebel­lious Judeans so numerous in Jerusalem, having asked Esu if it was lawful to give tribute to Caesar, he replied, 'Render unto Caesar the things that belong to Caesar and unto God the things that are God's.'

"I wrote to Esu requesting an interview with him at the Praeto­rium. He came. You know that in my veins flows the Spanish mixed with Roman blood as incapable of fear as it is of weak emotion. When the Nazarene made his appearance I was walk­ing in my basilica and my feet seemed fastened with an iron hand to the marble pavement and I trembled in every limb as does a guilty culprit, though the Nazarene was as calm as inno­cence itself. When he came up to me he stopped and by a signal sign he seemed to say to me, ‘I am here,’ though he spoke NOT a word. For some time I contemplated with admiration and awe this extraordinary type of man--a type of man unknown to our numerous painters who have given form and figure to all the Gods and heroes. There was nothing about him that was re­pelling in its character yet I felt too awed and tremulous to ap­proach him.

“’Esu’, said I unto him at last and my tongue faltered, 'Esu of Nazareth, for the last three years I have granted you ample free­dom of speech nor do I regret it. Your words are those of a sage. I know not whether you have read Socrates or Plato, but this I know, there is in your discourses a majestic simplicity that elevates you far above these philosophers.

“ ..... ‘Your blood shall not be spilt,’ said I with deep emotion. ‘You are now precious in my estimation on account of your wisdom, that all the turbulent and proud Pharisees who abuse the freedom' granted them by the Romans. They conspire against Caesar and convert his bounty into fear, impressing the unlearned that Caesar is a tyrant and seeks their ruin. Insolent wretches.  They are not aware that the wolf of the Tiber some­times clothes himself with the skin of the sheep to accomplish his wicked designs. I will protect you against them. My praeto­rium shall be an asylum sacred both day and night! Esu carelessly shook his head "

"I am your most obedient servant," Pontius Pilote"

Thank you M., for perhaps others will now go seek further in­formation and confirmation that we are not here to feed you more lies upon those already bringing you to the point of destruction.

You will note that as the history of "this" time in passage is written, our work will be despoiled and mistranslated--but re­maining will be the TRUTH as set to print for later finding. We, too, will cease to bear the mark of "Caesar's enemy" for we are not about "Caesar" and "enemies"--we are "about our Father's work".

I think it appropriate to interrupt the writing at this point to al­low you to ponder on the points. We have a meeting this after­noon and I must release Dharma to her tasks.

As we sit to write again, we will probably move back to the clandestine for I have now gained personal permission to publish other material of urgent importance. Then as we continue we need to cover more on this "Divine Plan" and evolvement of Man as you know him and God as you Don't know Him.

Blessings rest upon ye ones of Truth. Salu, Hatonn to clear.