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REC  #1    HATONN 

SAT., JUNE 20, 1992   9:49 A.M.   YEAR 5, DAY 309 

SATURDAY,  JUNE 20,  1992 


Hatonn present today for some “hard introspection suggestions”.  I am literally “buried” in in­flux of inquirers—ALMOST ALL of personal nature and “What to do”?  “Should I cancel trips during the period of July 25th to 30th?”, “Should I stay home?”, “Now that the scientists are saying it will happen on the 15th, what do I do?” and most abundant in the complaint depart­ments is: “HATONN IS SO CONFUSING AS TO NOT ALLOW ME TO MAKE ANY REASONABLE CHOICES!!!”  Oh?  Hatonn is confusing?  Hatonn is sent to attend each one’s desires and per­sonal indecisions for some 6-1/2 billion persons?  Confusing?  I am giving you what YOUR PEOPLE (SCIENTISTS) ARE “LEAKING” TO YOU.  I AM ALSO GIVING YOU WHAT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED ABOUT YOUR ENEMY’S PLANS AND CAPA­BILITIES FOR DECADES!  DOES THIS MAKE “GHATONN” CONFUSING?  Further, how do you expect to get answers to the overall if you require ALL OF OUR TIME in responding to your individual travel dates?  I GIVE YOU WHAT INFORMATION I CAN AND MAY—YOU WILL DECIDE THAT WHICH YOU WILL DO WITH IT.



If I tell you NOT to go somewhere and nothing happens—who gets blamed for spoiling your fun?  If you are traveling and end up with terrible inconvenience, who gets blamed?  You see, chelas—you want to set it up so you can have it BOTH WAYS—without responsibility for own actions!!


I observe that which you ones plan, including my own “crew”, and am appalled.  I have also told you that from every direction reports are flooding me from “insiders”—that a major “happening” set up by your own world governments is planned and rehearsed for your Inde­pendence Day(s) of celebration.  And yet, our own Motion Picture producer and the one whom all else revolves around at this time—intends to fly from Canada ON THE FOURTH OF JULY.

Well, do you STOP LIVING?  I can’t answer that for you—but if you do not take heed of nudges and inner warnings—you very well may do so!  Would I stop a “happening” to save one of my own workers?—No!  I will however, if need be, save the worker but the “condition” (physical) may be subject to alteration and not considered to be comfortable.  Most often I WILL NOT EVEN DO THAT, FOR IT IS NOT MY BUSINESS WHAT YOU DO!  I am a Commander of a fleet of ships—not your guardian angle—you have your own guardian angels.  To some of you I serve a major part in that system but with very few in­deed for YOU HAVE YOUR OWN APPOINTED GUARDIANS.  THE POINT IS TO LEARN RIGHT NOW—LISTEN TO THEM AND HEED THEIR INPUT.

There is no point in quarreling with me about it—those things are between God and you and are none of my business.  To deliber­ately defy the warnings as if some little birdie will snatch you from never, never land is indeed being unwise.  You can argue your points regarding “Mary Ann can’t get off work except at that time” to “’s my only vacation time”—if you can’t control THOSE things then why should I do it for you?  The ad­versarial troops are indeed clever, chelas, the very King-led troops of surprise and deceit—you are in charge of your choices.  Therefore, if I am confusing to your senses—I cannot change it for—while you individually chatter and whim—a world goes far­ther into the darkness.  Darkness is defined in many ways, chelas—you had best check up on all the definitions.

You do not need to ask me about children in stuffy rooms and/or “Will it be cold or will it be hot?”  Look at that which is and prepare accordingly.  If I take time to respond to Masheewa, South Africa and Henson, Alaska on particular cases—we won’t even get to the “next catastro­phe which is already taking shape and is far more impacting on your beings than any null-time, dark or light.”  I simply am not going to do this FOR YOU.

I also have youngsters planning a long trip North during the holidays—with one of my chil­dren.  Well, they must take into consideration the possibilities and act accordingly.  If the worst thing possible is to be stalled out in a distant place, so be it.  But it seems to me that you are nearing a time, if nothing more than politically caused, to stay very close to security and HOME.  I am not going to make it convenient for you so that you can post­pone actions of properness until the last confounded minute for ability to act.  Do whatever makes you happy is the only answer I can possibly give you—or succumb to “unhappiness”, whichever you choose.


Those bits of military equipment and placement of troops all over the place—especially foreign ones (for “exercises”) ARE FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAINTAINING ORDER AT ALL COSTS WITH SHOOT TO KILL ORDERS no matter what takes place for MUCH WILL BE TAKING PLACE, BE IT MILITARY, POLITICAL OR PRONOUNCED “NATURAL”.  NO, NONE OF IT HAS TO BE, even in the “natural order”, for the “natural order” would not happen as it is unfolding and you take so much time on the little tree that you give us NO TIME to point out the trees in the forest!



I cannot deal with your “hurt feelings” which are nothing but EGO manifestations.  If you are offended by my writings, then you are not mature in your “judgments”.  The remainder of the population and species will NOT be pleased to await while you make up your individual vaca­tion and holiday plans.


Dharma, herein is a good place to re-publish a writing by Dr. Peter David Beter on November 30, 1980.  It is picked at ran­dom and not nearly the better of the choices available—simply the one handy at the moment of this presentation.  The “stealth” submarines with missile launchers and “placement” of missiles is “interesting” but we will look at what was then labeled as “The New Age of Warfare by Stealth”.

Dharma, this is not going to be on any of the subjects given prior to now so: To the Editors, please just publish it as is in the LIBERATOR and the TANGLED WEBS series and let it go out of placement by “index”.  We are writing ongoing JOURNALS which means “regular en­tries of information and/or data” and I choose the subjects according to need and not according to your computer indexes.  Mine is not to cause you convenience—it is to get you information in the best and fastest way possible with that which we have with which to work and make presentation.  Our people are totally overworked and weary of complaints from readers who object to the WAY we structure “literature”.  Forget “literature” and think “save your assets!”.

The following is from the Dr. Peter David Beter presentation #60, recorded November 30, 1980.  It is an interruption of se­quence—taken completely out of sequence of presentation—but you ones must understand that information has been available to you in hard copy regarding the subject about which we write—for decades.  This information in point was made public to all who would hear on Nov. 30, 1980 and wasn’t new information on THAT date.  This is for example and, I hope, to shake you up a bit.

In dealing with the term “Stealth” let us utilize it as a good word to apply to the century of Planning for a one-world Federation and a one-world church as presented in definition at the Colom­bian Expo. (1893).


Topic #3—Several months ago there were big headlines about a supposed new American secret weapon.  It’s called the “Stealthplane”.  The weapon which is actually involved is a spe­cialized hybrid machine called a “Subcraft”.  It’s the same weapon that I [remember: Beter, not Hatonn] described two years earlier in Audio Letter No. 37.  And early this year, Jan­uary 1980, the Bolsheviks here tried to use it against Russia.  The result was a disaster, as I re­ported in Audio Letters No’s. 53 and 54.  So now the spectacular sounding Stealthplane has become just a publicity tool to make nuclear war sound less sui­cidal.


To judge by all the recent publicity, one would think that stealth is a radical new concept in warfare; but stealth, trickery, deception, and surprise have been the prime ingredients in mili­tary strategy since ancient times.  And today, my friends, we live in an age of stealth—stealth in politics, stealth in economics, and above all stealth in weaponry in warfare.  During the past six years or so I have made public many secret developments in weapons and warfare.  I re­vealed the secrets of both Russia and the United States because I believe you need to know, and knowledge is power

A secret war is raging right now, and already you and I are suffering the consequences; and if it is not stopped, it will soon explode into all-out thermonuclear war.  There is only one way to stop the deadly cycle of war now under way.  That way is to put an end to stealth and trickery, and replace it with the TRUTH—the truth about America’s gold scandal, the truth about stealing of elections and unregulated voting machines, and the truth about a whole new age of secret weapons which are un­known to the public.  The new age of stealth in warfare is ev­erywhere today.  It makes up a complete spectrum from deep beneath the sea to outer space.

To begin with, consider Submarines.  From the very begin­ning submarines have always been weapons of stealth.  Their outstanding advantage has always been their ability to escape detection.  The modern age of nuclear submarines was inaugu­rated by the United States in 1954 and it was America that con­ceived a ballistic missile submarine, first launched in 1959.  To­day our leaders still reassure us that American submarines re­main second to none.  They have to admit that Russia has sev­eral times more “subs” than we do, but they gloss over that with stories that Russian subs are noisy, or leaky, or their crews are not very smart.  So, in ef­fect, they tell us, “Don’t worry.  We can handle a submarine war with Russia.”  There was a time when quality was in our favor but that time is long gone.  Today the United States is los­ing badly in the secret war to control the world’s oceans.

New generations of Russian submarines are entering a new era of their own.  For example, there are the new Oscar Class Cruise Missile Submarines.  These can launch Cruise Missiles to attack our Aircraft Carriers and other surface ships.  They can do this while still submerged, far beyond the horizon.  And there are the new Alpha Class Attack Submarines which are without parallel in the world.  Submariners always say that a submarine’s worst enemy is an­other submarine, and Russia’s new Alpha Subs are the worst enemy yet to our subs.  Unlike the United States, Russia has mastered the use of titanium for submarine construction.  And unlike America, Russia has big supplies of titanium for use in all kinds of new technologies—and Russia no longer sells titanium to the United States.  So the new Alpha Subs have double hulls of titanium, and they are now the deepest diving, fastest operational submarines on earth.  Its speed has been estimated in the West at 45 knots but, my friends, it is actually well over 60 knots!  In most situations it can actually outrun America’s best torpedo, the Mark 48; and it can dive almost a mile deep to escape attack and slip away under complex ocean currents.

But the biggest shock so far in Russia’s submarine program took place earlier this fall of 1980.  It’s a submarine launched from a shipyard near Arkangel on the White Sea.  When West­ern Intelligence officials got their first look at it they could hardly believe their eyes.  Traditionally submarines have been known as boats rather than ships because of their relative small­ness, but not this submarine.  It’s a giant, a ballistic missile submarine about the size of an American World War II Aircraft Carrier.  Western Intelligence officials are mystified as to why it is so large, but I can reveal the reason to you right now.  The giant new Russian sub­marine, code named “Typhoon”, is an­other “first”.  It’s the world’s first ballistic missile sub­marine with a reload capability.  It can empty all 20 of its ballistic mis­sile tubes at a target in war, then it can re-load the tubes with 20 more missiles carried aboard.  So, if need be, Rus­sia’s Typhoon Sub can mount two nuclear attacks.  Like the Alpha Subs, Rus­sia’s awesome new Typhoon has a titanium hull.  It’s not as fast as the sleek Alpha Sub but very fast even so, and it can dive ex­tremely deep. 

Meanwhile, what does the United States have to answer all that?  The answer is America’s new Trident Missile Sub.  It car­ries 24 missiles, compared to the Typhoon’s 40.  It’s slower and cannot dive nearly as deep with its non-titanium hull, and it’s also three years behind schedule and still slipping—and there are several reasons for that, some of which have been mentioned in the news lately.  But one major reason for our crumbling Tri­dent Submarine program is not in the news—it’s the widespread use of narcotics among Trident shipyard work­ers!  Many work­ers are not involved, but many are and, as a result, there is a tremendous turnover in personnel.  Another result is defective welds and mistakes in critical piping.  When the mistakes are found they have to be done over, sometimes more than once.  And, my friends, absolutely nothing is being done about it.


The other side of the coin in undersea warfare is Antisubma­rine Warfare, or ASW.  Lately we have heard brave stories that there have recently been ASW breakthroughs by the United States.  These are based on extremely complex computerized sonar-listening networks; but as I first revealed some time ago, all new Russian submarines produce artificial noises in normal operation.  That’s why the new Alpha Subs are thought to be so noisy—the noise is deliberate.  When war comes, the noise-mak­ers called “Cavitators”, will be retracted.  The American sonar nets will listen in vain for the familiar noises.  Instead, Alpha Subs and others will swim at high speed toward America whis­per quiet and, as they do so, the Russian subs will strike as submarines always strike—by stealth.  [H: Something not men­tioned herein are the devices which are attached to the subs which can be released and computerized to give off the “same” signals and totally mislead trackers indefinitely!]

The true condition of America’s Antisubmarine Warfare was summed up in the New York Times last month on October 5.  A senior American naval officer was quoted as saying: “To find a submarine you need to know where to look.  Otherwise you’ll have to use a large share of your antisubmarine resources just to find and kill one submarine and in wartime that is not practical.  You’re better off waiting for him to attack.”  He explained that then we could more easily detect the sub—but he added that a ballistic missile sub could fire its missiles before be­ing caught, quote: “ it probably doesn’t matter.”

My friends, it would still be a standoff in submarines if Rus­sia had the same problem we do in finding subs, but they don’t.  Five years ago, in 1975, the head of the Russian Navy an­nounced a breakthrough in ASW, and it was not a bluff.  He was talking about Psychoener­getic Range Finding, or PRF.  I first reported on Russia’s PRF in Audio Letter No. 42.  It was the key to Russia’s destruction of American Subcraft early this year and Russian manned space satellites used PRF to keep track continuously on all United States submarines.  When war comes, the positions of our own submarines will be relayed to Russian Attack Submarines.  This will be done by means of the world-wide Submarine Communication System, which I re­vealed in Audio Letter No. 16.  Russian Attack Submarines in­cluding the new Alphas will be vectored in toward our own Bal­listic Missile Subs.  Our own subs, older and slower, will be caught by surprise and unable to escape.  And without warning, Russian nuclear torpedoes will destroy ourBallistic Missile Submarines.


When I mentioned Russia’s worldwide Submarine Communi­cation System in Audio Letter No. 16, a crisis was under way.  It was the Underwater Missile Crisis of 1976.  At that time the Russian Navy was planting underwater missiles within our own territorial waters and they were using submarines to do it.  The missiles involved were small short-range missiles with nuclear warheads.  Once planted, these missiles can be launched from their own underwater resting places by satellite command and they were planted very close to their coastal targets.  The result would be zero warning time for an underwater missile attack.  The missiles were planted in bays and coves along America’s shoreline by a special type of submarine.  This was the Missile-planting Mini-Sub which I described in Audio Letter No. 16.  I mentioned in that tape that, quote: “These special submarines are very difficult for our undersea sonar detection nets to pick up because the hull is created in such a way that it absorbs sonar signals instead of reflecting them.” 

Four years later we hear an echo of this concept in the so-called Stealth-plane.  For air­craft, the treatment is to absorb radar instead of sonar, but otherwise it’s the same idea.  Rus­sia was planting underwater missiles along our shores by stealth, and our own leaders were re­sponding with equal secrecy [H: Didn’t you see Red October, with Sean Connery?  Where do you think these “outlandish” stories come from?] instead of warning you!  When I made these things public over four years ago, certain newsletter writers and others went into a frenzy.  For whatever reason they did their best to tell their readers not to listen about the mis­siles.  They tried to say that waterproof missiles lurking under water are impossible.  Likewise they pooh-poohed the very idea of sonar-absorbing submarines.

But today we are four years closer to NUCLEAR WAR ONE and the closer catastrophe looms over us, the more it casts its shadow.  The New York Times article of last month, which I mentioned earlier, is a good example.  It mentioned, quote: “Soviet subs are usually coated with a material that absorbs sonar impulses.”  And as for the underwater missiles, listen to some words from a recent letter “To the Editor”.  It was pub­lished on September 25, 1980, in the Washington Star.  The writer is Captain John E. Draim, formerly program manager of the Navy’s project “Hydra”.  He says, quote: “We can easily waterproof missiles such as the MX, and launch them from a vertical floating position.  The United States Navy’s project Hy­dra demonstrated this launch technique with test missiles of ICBM size in the early 1960’s.”  And a further quote: “A Hy­dra-type missile can also be floated up from a submerged sub­marine to the surface and launched from there, the technique used for Soviet SLBM’s.”

In light of these words recently published, what I first re­ported in the summer of 1976 be­comes almost routine.  The things I reported then were well known to be feasible in Intelli­gence circles.  But out of the sheer ignorance, if nothing else, certain Newsletters and organi­zations wanted people to ig­nore my warnings.  Fortunately large numbers of my listeners did not ignore those warnings.  They applied heavy pressure to the Joint Chiefs of Staff as I sug­gested, and action was taken for a while to defuse the crisis.

In the letter “To the Editor” I just quoted by Captain Draim, the reference to ICBM-size missiles is interesting because a few months after I reported on Russia’s underwater missiles, I learned about our own.


When it comes to stealth in space, the Russians are old hands.  About three months ago, on Sept. 1, 1980, a fascinating letter was printed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  It was written by A. L. Jones, the director of the Sohio Radio Satellite Track­ing Station from 1958 to 1964.  He said, quote: “The technology for making aircraft invisible to radar detection is neither new nor is it proprietary with the United States Military.  In mid summer of 1962, the Soviet Union made a public announcement that it was launching a Cosmos Earth-orbiting Satellite which would be invisible to radar detection.   The satellite was suc­cessfully launched and it carried on board a radio transmitter which could be used to confirm that it was in orbit.”  He men­tions that NORAD requested radio-tracking data from the Sohio Station and continues, quote: “Normally radio tracking data is not needed by NORAD unless radar and optical methods prove ineffective.  Apparently this was the case.  After approximately two months, the radio transmitter in the satellite ceased to oper­ate, and the space vehicle became invisible to all methods of tracking.” 

My friends, for more than three years now, Russia has con­trolled the military use of space.  Russia now has many satel­lites, including manned satellites, which are not even being tracked in the West.  For this and other reasons, America’s mil­itary plight has become untenable, and yet the Bolsheviks here are still bent on nuclear war against Russia!  They believe they will survive, as I explained prior to this, but they don’t care how many of the rest of us suffer and die.  One way or another they are determined to set off an American nuclear first strike against Russia. 

In a prior writing last June I revealed one of the keystones of Bolshevik nuclear war plan­ning.  It is America’s secret mobile missile, the Minuteman TX, the traveling Minuteman.  TX Mis­siles are already deployed along existing railroad tracks in our northern states.  Meanwhile the elaborate publicity cover-up for the Minuteman TX program is continuing.  This includes con­troversy over the alleged MX Missile.  And now it also includes stories about a possible speed-up of the mobile missile program.  On Nov. 18 the New York Times reported that this could in­clude, and I quote: “...making some Minuteman Missiles mo­bile.”  As usual, the news is far behind the facts. 

I can report that the initial deployment of Minuteman TX Missiles is now virtually com­pleted.  Now a second phase is un­der way.  [H: You had best get nervous, readers—what do you think they have DONE SINCE 1980!?!]  I have described previously a special mobile-launch car that carries each Min­uteman TX.  Now, one by one, each TX car is being joined by a second car.  On the outside it looks just like the TX car, but the missile inside is totally dif­ferent.  The missile in the second car is an Anti-Cosmosphere Missile, or ACM, and it is armed with a cobalt ionization bomb, which I have also described.

I have described the launch sequence that is being planned for the TX Missiles, but now something extra will also be taking place.  When the order comes to launch the TX Missiles, the ACM will go into action first.  Without waiting to slow down, the cover will be blasted off the ACM railroad car.  That will expose the ACM Missile itself resting on its launcher.  The ACM is far smaller than the Minuteman, and its launcher is an­gled upward slightly, so the moment the cover flies off, the ACM will be launched.  [H: My scribe is now in attention for I only write recently of things which are very apt to be hap­pening in your own mo­ment of experience so when Dharma gets insight and nervous, perhaps all of you had best heed the twitching!]

When the ACM takes off, it will accelerate with 100 times the force of gravity—mini­mum.  Less than one (1) second after launch, the ACM will be traveling more than 1000 miles per hour and, because it takes off almost horizontally, it will be an impossible target for the Cosmosphere overhead to aim at.  Less than 10 seconds after launch, the COBALT IONIZA­TION BOMB will explode in the upper atmosphere.  That is supposed to disable the Cosmospheres briefly and, with the Cosmospheres even temporarily neutralized, the Min­uteman TX Missiles themselves will be launched at Russia—at least that is the plan of the Bolsheviks HERE.   [H: BUT—today (1992) the Cosmosphere crews can totally disable the tracking de­vices and nullify the plan.  As far back as 1980—you can see what was already underway.] 

But Cosmosphere crews have already been given orders in­tended to nullify the plan.  WHEN THE ACM IS LAUNCHED, THEY WILL NOT EVEN TRY TO SHOOT AT IT.  INSTEAD, THEY WILL START FIRING THEIR CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM WEAPONS AT THE MIN­UTEMAN TX RAILROAD CAR.  [H: REMEMBER?  I al­ready told you all about this plan.]  They will have about 10 seconds to destroy it before the Cobalt Ionization Bombs ex­plode, and that should be more than enough time to vaporize ev­ery TX and its locomotive.  [H: Not to mention everything within MILES around the area involved.]  But by that time the kamikaze nuclear first strike against Russia may be impossi­ble to stop and, if it is, the consequences for America will be TOTAL DESTRUCTIONStealth and secrecy will end in complete disaster.  END. 


By the way: Dr. Beter was murdered (taken out) following many, many warnings and threats—on March 14, 1987.  And—what do YOU do in your spare time??* * *

Another complaint that one or two have bothered to pay a rather high phone fee for is to effort to “stop Hatonn from using God’s name in vain and swearing.”  When asked what Hatonn says, the response is “B.S.” and “damn”.  All I can respond to this is with the observation that: “This kind of BS is going to get your world damn well blown to dust particles.”  Swear­ing and curs­ing would be represented by my asking God to damn you for your irrational and incredible behavior—I have not yet done this although it HAS crossed my mind!  By the way, were I do such a thing—it would not be accidentally “taking the Lord’s name in vain”—IT WOULD BE QUITE INTENTIONAL AND WOULD VERY WELL BE HONORED!  SO BE IT!  And how is YOUR day?  Salu.