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SATAN The ANTI-CHRIST           The following material is NOT from the author of the

Clint D. Jedidiah Shalom Knix     

P.O.Box 520 * 2396 Highway 93          CRUCIFIXION OF THE PHOENIX.

Victor, MT, USA, 59875                     10 Shevat, 42 Satan [2-5-90]copyright


United Mongrels against TORAH

UN Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar

United Nations Plaza

New York, NY, USA 10017


Shalom Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar;


SATAN is my name because my father is Seth. ANTI-CHRIST is my title because I oppose Jesus the Cursed. I promote the blood sacrifice of clean animals for the atonement of sin i.e. transgression of TORAH. I am totally opposed to Jesus the cursed, not only is he not anointed, he, Jesus, is the 6*6*6 Beast. 6*6*6 in TORAH is _???????_ pronounced Jesus in Spanish. Jesus was the King of Beasts, the head Jew. Jew worship known as Christianity, Islam and Judaism. This double speak that uses the name of Satan in the place of Judah. Judah is the wild beast and a curse is upon all those who take my .father's name, Seth, or my name, Satan, in vain.  Judah worshipers are the false prophets and the wicked beast, Jesus the Cursed of Judah, are the dark skinned red eyed beasts.  No one from Judah can ever be anointed. From this day forth anyone cursing me, Satan or Seth, my father or family will have that curse applied to their own family and person. If you mean Judah, then say Judah when talking about the Beast.


The Bible is used to perpetrate Jewish myth. The word Bible in TORAH means "in total darkness" or you might say to obscure the truth. The Bible starts out as though man had just been created and that first man's name was Adam and that his wife's name was Evil. And that this man, Adam, was thrown out of a luscious garden for eating the wrong type of apple.  After awhile, God caused a flood to come and deluge the Earth with actual water and man named Noah built a boat for himself and a zoo and they floated around for nearly a year. After some time, The God came down, crawled inside a woman named Mary and popped out like a Holy Jack in the Box. Now God was a man and killed on a cross for merely being God. This is Jewish mythology.


The truth of the matter is the Creator made the Universe and He also made a group of spiritual beings in His own likeness.  He made these beings as companions and friends. Since they were the first he called their name Adam, which translated from TORAH would mean "first and greatest" and it would the used to describe the genetic make-up of these beings. These beings did not occupy time and space as we know it but yet they were physical. They were allowed the complete Universe as their house, not restricted to crawl on the ground like the other beasts. The head of the Adamites who became very greedy and wanted to be like the Creator was influenced by the dragon, translated from TORAH Nachsha, to mingle the divine gift of the likeness of the Creator with that of the baboon. By doing this create a race of super slaves and then Adam, the man, would be a god as powerful as the Creator whom he despised. That is, in fact, what Eve means in TORAH, "beast".  Now this man Adam had wives which were particularly suited to him and he was able to take wives from any other family except the Kof, sometimes translated monkey, which in TORAH means "from the center of the Earth", literally covered with darkness like dirt. He already had an inheritor by the name of Able. Able in TORAH meaning, "he was next in line to represent man before the Creator". But old Adam couldn't stay away from that dark stuff and he had sex with the beast, Eve and created Cain. Cain in TORAH means "likeness of the Creator given". This results in the spiritual death of Adam. He took the Creator's name in vain. Cain, like all jungle bunnies, was very jealous of those in the Creator's own image who had been given blue eyes and white skin and they were referred to as Semites because they resembled the blue of Heaven and the brightness of day, while the baboon resembled darkness of night. Well, Cain killed Able and then he mongrelized Able's wife by having sex


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with her. This results in the people we call Japeth. Japeth today is known as the Japanese, at least one part of than.  Able's wife cried out to the Creator to have mercy and the Creator made a promise to Able's widow that her son would become ruler over all the beasts. He would never ever be again allowed to rule over white skinned blue eyed people who are called Semites. So it is today, Japan is being put in the position as ruler over all beasts and having the title of Nachsha or dragon, as this was the desire of Able's father, Adam. That is where Japan is today.


Now when the man Adam of the tribe of the same name, the Adamites disobeyed the Creator, he was effectively taken out of position and the High Priest, next person in line will be given his crown. And when he had a son, they called his name Seth meaning "justice will come in the end". This is where the term Satan comes from. The Beast, just like Cain, wants to kill all those who are in the Creator's own image. I'm talking about the Semites, those with blue eyes and white skin. Now the Creator has a law known as the TORAH. The basic premise of this law is whatever you do to others, will be done to you except in cases of divine intervention which only come about through blood sacrifice of clean animals. When the Creator saw Adam, the one with the baboons, he was doing what all mongrelizers do. He was hiding under leaves. Adam was a doper. These weren't fig leaves, they were marijuana leaves and cocoa leaves. The Creator passed judgment there would be seven days and seven nights and there would be no rest until the seventh day. Translated into English this means that there would be seven Semites and seven Cainanites but always for six of these periods of these ruling men there would be no rest for the white skinned blue eyed Semites as they would be under the rule of the Beast during these seven periods of purification. During this time those who are of good seed would be separated from all those who hated the Creator and wanted to be like the Beast. Now the law also calls for cleansing after the third period. It was at the time of the first period when all the Adamites were made to go on the ground like the Beast. In other words gravity overcame us and we were prisoners on the ground. Now this planet became totally overrun with the Beast until there was no one left with the exception of Noah and his three sons which represented all the life on the planet. Noah constructed an ark like the Creator told him to. It was round like a ball and resembled a gopher hole. Today we would call it a terrarium as it was self-contained even up to the point where it had two of all the unclean animals and seven of all the clean animals. It only had one entrance. When the Creator called for Noah and all the life to go into the sphere, actually the word in TORAH is called Kashet, Noah and his family and all the animals and beasts entered and the Creator shut the door and he floated it up out of the atmosphere by installing inside it a power source that created gravity and at this same time the Creator extinguished the power source inside of the planet and the planet's gravity began to disappear and some of the dirt from the planet attached itself to the ark which Noah had made. And the ark which Noah had made collected all the water from the dead planet on to it's surface until there was no water left on the old planet. The water was completely encompassing the ark which Noah had made.  The Creator brought it on a journey across the Universe until it came to the planet, Earth. When the ark came into the atmosphere of the planet Earth, the Creator turned off the power supply in the ark and allowed all the water surrounding the ark to flood the surface of Earth and cleanse it. Many ancient civilizations were covered up as the result of the deluge created when the water was released from the surface of Noah's ark as life mainly exists close to water's edge. One example might be Atlantis.


Noah and his family departed the ark along with all the other beasts and animals. Noah was given complete control over the Earth with no interference from sorcerers. Sorcerers had to have Noah's permission. It wasn't long Noah planted a vineyard and harvested the wine and Noah's offspring, Ham, who was the father of all the Hamites, you may be more familiar with the term humans, but Ham simply means "animal" with no soul. Now Ham just like all animals used the opportunity to take wine to the wife of Noah and seduce her. That's right. The animal had sex with Noah's wife. How's that for gratitude? Noah was not impressed. He cursed Cain,


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as that's what the son of Ham is called. Cain means "the likeness of the Creator given to the Beast". Noah's curse on Cain, the heir of Ham, states "Cain will be the slave of the pure people indefinetly and that he will not live among the pure people. He will be segregated".  Cainanites which we know today as Jews, using alcohol to seduce the wives and daughters of the pure people. That's why they're called the wild Beasts. Also today they have changed the law of TORAH and the law that Noah made and made themselves equal and in many cases superior to the pure people, those with blue eyes and white skin that we call Semites.


Now, what I didn't mention was that these evil Cainites had discovered all the secret technologies and they wanted to became like the Creator so they had built saucers to transverse the Universe. Even today they are referred to as sorcerers because they are their own gods. They obscure the Creator through their magic known as medicine and technology and sciences, etc. Anyway these sorcerers run up and down the Universe as the nephilim that they are and they want company in their hatred of the Creator so they invent creatures like Rosh, and Jesus. These so-called aliens who are sorcerers and haters of the TORAH created Jesus through their genetic engineering and manipulation through the Jews by use of the Bible that these sorcerers designed and wrote to deceive all those who secretly hate the Creator. They use these mythical characters mingled with truth to deceive those who are weak and secretly hate the Creator and His laws of purity. Enough about these saucers so called flying discs, UFOs, aliens beings from other worlds. This is the mythology that has built up around these haters of TORAH.


Anyway, when they got to planet Earth, they were here as well and the Creator had to run them away leaving only their baboons and other jungle bunnies but they were not allowed to return without permission from each individual or individuals family head. The Creator told Noah that he would put the ark in sky for all to see and make it an intricate part of the covenant and all their days they would see it and it would be a reminder that the Creator would rescue those who fear His law. We all know; the ark of Noah as the Moon. But it is really a man made object and the man's name who made it is Noah.  Now the time has come when the Beast totally rules the world. Everywhere you look there are dark faces and dead eyes while white skinned blue eyed people are running amuck. They despise the Creator and they are attracted to the Beast we again have come to the time of the end.


I am the son of Seth that makes me Satan and the enemy of the destroyer. However, I have come to the end of my struggle. We're in the year of release and on Passover this  year will be the begining of peace and justice. At that time I will be ruler of the Universe and the Beast will be thrown down to the ground. That's why we worship the seventh day, Shabbat, meaning that in the seventh ruler would come a white skinned blue eyed person, a Semite, who would again rule the Universe and would not be under the great dragon, Nachsha. As of right now my being the head of Seth making me Satan, I ask that all who want to be part of a new covenant which I will make with you to do the following. You must take for yourself a lamb without blemish and on the fourteenth day of the first month in the forty third year of Satan, you must slay the lamb at dusk, taking some of the blood with clean straw mark the entrance to your houses and your yards. Then roast the lamb in one piece over a fire with all of it's entrails only the skin may be removed. Be careful not to break any of it's bones. Eat as much as you like making sure all the participants are circumcised. Do not leave any of the roast lamb until morning. If there is any left, burn it as a burnt offering. I realize that the Babylonians you live around will find this practice hideous and they may even try to burn you, but the Creator when I serve will protect you from all those who live in baboon land [Babylon].  For the next week following the Passover you must only eat pure foods. This means foods not containing yeast and clean, not containing blood or other genetic material. This means you will not be able to eat any fermented or leavened products and many other products use yeast or fungus as perservatives. The yeasts or fungus represent the baboons and how they creep into the pure white skinned blue eyed people and destroy them. All those who remain pure by eating only pure foods at the end of the seventh day will live while those who hate the Creator and eat products containing yeasts of all varieties will be put to death as they are worthless like the baboons they have become.


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After this there is a matter of ten articles of the contract that you will be required to agree to. After this, you will be required to learn TORAH and to teach it to your children without fail. Failure to do any of these things will mean expulsion from the pure people and you will again be under the domination of the Beast, Nachsha who at this time is Japan as the Creator has kept His promise that He made to the wife of Able and now Japeth known as Japan will have total control over all the Beast, according to TORAH. Japan will however riot be able to own Land nor will they be able to take wives from the pure people for themselves as they have become judge over the wild beast and separate. The beast also will not be able to own land or to mongrelize the wives of the pure people. Failure to keep this law will result in the death of the beast physically. They'll only be subservient to the pure people. Now here is the covenant that I offer. It is the covenant of purity. The same Contract my father offered to me.


Covenant, i.e. Ten Commandments


I    Worship only the Creator and do not worship Rosh or Jesus, Ham [humans], Jews, Cainan or any other beast as the creator.


II   Do not make museums or shrines for gods elected in democracies, republics or Communism, ideologies and to only accept those whom the Creator has chosen to represent Him.


III   The Creator will love all those who respect His TORAH and the Creator will destroy all those who violate His TORAH along with their families.


IV   The Creator will kill all those who take His name in vain. Anyone mixing with niggers, Jews, or other dark skinned red eyed beasts will be dead. This is the Creator's name and nature YHVH meaning "separating the blue eyed pure people from the Kof, those from the center of the Earth".


V   There are five times each year you must observe seven different holy days set aside in reverence of the Creator.


VI   The sixth article is to do all your work in six days.


VII  To observe total rest on the seventh day, Shabbat. Do not work for any Earthly needs nor allow anyone in your control to work on the seventh day.


VIII  Eight is to honor your parents. To procreate after your own kind, therefore keeping your parents alive as you're only an extension of your parents.


IX   Protect your women. Your women are your property and if you have no control over your women, you have no control over your own life and you're fit only to be a beast.


X   You must not allow a false prophet to exist in your borders. If any dark skinned people come, you must stone them and burn than as they come only to mongrelize, like all Cainanites or Humanites.


I, Satan, am Yom Shabbat, the seventh day. And with me I bring true justice. What this means is for the last six days and nights, justice has been carried out in a vacuum by allowing those who violate the Creator's TORAH to be mongrelized by the Cainanites and the wild beasts therefore giving us no rest wondering whether our wives and daughters would be mongrelized by the Jews and niggers. I am Clint D. Jedidiah Shalom Nisek of Seth. Translated into English "Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace and of my rule there will be no end. This means that peace has come. Peace in TORAH is shalom. It does not mean conqueror rather it means adherence to the Creator's TORAH. And without doubt there will be peace.


We will accomplish this first by making sure that everyone who is not already spiritually dead is taught TORAH. To know TORAH is to know life. Spiritual life that I speak of is not that of blood and guts that animals possess. Many of the people are caught in the middle between Heaven and animals. They haven't completely lost their desire or likeness of the Creator but they do not possess it at this time. We would say their light has been put out as their eyes have been turned to red while their skin still remains white and in Esau's case red. It is my task to separate those who are already dead spiritually from those who are alive. After this process is complete, judgment that is, all of those who contain spiritual life will be resurrected to being Shemites. They will have blue eyes and white skin as their ancestors did. None will be lost. By following the laws of the TORAH


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the tzadaka i.e. righteous people, will be purified by the resurrection process called for in TORAH.


Resurrection will take place of all who are found to be written in the Lambs Book of Life. The following will be required. A pure diet containing no genetic material or dung. An environment that contains no wild beasts, i.e. niggers, Jews, etc. All educational and entertainment material must conform to the purity of TORAH. TORAH simply means seperating the beast from the pure people at the end, i.e. the beginning from the end. There is a gap in the middle between those who have retained Heaven and those who are covered with dung. It is my job to eliminate everything in the middle. If you want to be a wild beast, then that's what you will be. If you want to be a Shemite and you still are alive, that's what you will be. But we do not need niggers and Jews and other mongrelizers to judge us by default any longer. That judging will be done by me and I will be assisted by Japeth whose job it is to make sure that all wild beasts conform to laws of TORAH.


I wish to make it quite clear that there will be no prisons. There will however, be slavery and corpral punishment and restitution. If a person has committed a crime that calls for the death penalty, then he will be killed.  Stoned and burned.  And the sun will not set on a condemned man unless it happens on Shabbat. There will be no judgment on the Sabbath day. Whatever happens will be put off until Yom Roshi, Sunday. If a person steal, he will be made to pay restitution plus. Most of these laws are easily recognizable in the Five Books that Moses wrote that are contained in a Bible. Of course, Bible meaning in total darkness, really means that about 90% of it's and the rest is the exact opposite. It's not exactly totally wrong, it’s just written in half truths. Which in TORAH the word for truth is AMX. This means the beginning, the middle and the end. It takes all three to be true. I have no idea what less than that is except a lie.


The court system will be open to all.  There is no difference between criminal and civil. And lawyers will not be allowed. The reason that this system will work so completely is that all judges must pass before the Creator each year.  If they are found to be liars and false judges, the Creator Will kill them. This is divine justice. No one will be put to death except on the testimony of two pure people. They too will be required to parade in front of the Creator each and every year.  If they are found to be liars, they will be put to death. Wild beasts, Jews, niggers etc. have no rights and cannot, bring charges against the pure people. They are slaves or less. To the Creator these wild beasts represent the killers of those in the Creator's own likeness.  They are nothing but dung.


The medical community including all sorcerers must be put to death. This is a curse! This modern day medicine is the religion of the Beast. They allow mongrelizers whom the Creator has condemned to death, to live. They do not live spiritually. They only possess animal life.  There will be no peace until these sorcerers are eliminated. They are the gods of the Jews and niggers, etc. A curse in TORAH is the word Kul or Paul is the English translation, and the word means that the Creator will inspect that person by bringing them up close to the Creator. If that person has nothing to hide, they will be justified. If that person is found to be a liar, a deceiver or in any violation of TORAH, that person will be put to death. So when you speak of a curse in TORAH, it is merely an indictment. The Creator does the destroying through His destroying angels or other beasts. For me to be a judge does not make me executioner. My belief in divine justice enables me to rule the Universe with no army.


Health and the physical body are the representation of the spiritual status. In other words, the physical body represents or is an extension of your spirit. Whatever you do as a spirit, is written on your body. If a person's face is disfigured in whatever manner or if they have lost limbs or hair or have scars, this all tells a story. This is the study of TORAH. Anyone who doesn't understand this is ignorant and knows nothing. Neo-Judaism separates the physical from the spiritual, can not be separated. We are genetic beings. Our genes are our book and our book contains every transgression of TORAH complete with our encounters with the beast, the eating of blood and even the hatred of our brother. So when


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you walk down the street, you are an open book to anyone who understands TORAH. This is why you must learn TORAH and not be ignorant like the beast wishes you were.


Money is a mere representation of the spiritual health of its users.  If you use pure money which is a means of exchange not unlike barter where your money would be made up of pure gold and silver and other commodities. The state of the spirit would be very good especially if it was used in a manner which allowed each individual to mint his own. This decentralized society would be a pure society. The other extreme is when that group of mongrels unite together and they print paper and rail it money through a highly centralized banking system. Then that society is a mud race. We would call it Kof, at the center of the mud. No free people can exist with a highly centralized banking system or even a central banking system. Free people can only exist when money is true and pure and reflects their honest life. Any time you have mongrels they wish to centralize everything for great control. It's easy for a few wild beasts to control masses of people if they can control the land and the money. Then they need very little outside force to control their prisoners. This is what democracies and theocracies and republics and communism and dictatorships all have in common. They take the place of the Creator and His TORAH. All free people must arm themselves in order to protect their family from the wild beast. To kill a wild beast is not a transgression of the law of TORAH. Only when you kill a person with blue eyes and white skin would it be murder. Everything less is less restrictive. To kill niggers or Jews is no different than killing any other unclean animal. I know in the society we live in they have been placed higher than the pure people but this will not remain.


Now I make this covenant as the head of all those on the Earth and I represent them before the Creator in accordance with the Creator's law, TORAH. The number one group of people are the people who have survived the beast. Those people today have blue eyes white skin and are still alive. The covenant that the Creator made between Seth, my father, and myself, Satan, is at long last complete. The covenant that I will make with you, all those who love the Creator and His TORAH will be made to share in my prosperity. All the blue eyed white skinned people with life will be honored and superior to all those who are less attractive. None of these souls who come out with me will be lost. If you have problems, your brothers will make sure that your name never dies accroding to the law of TORAH.


Now this covenant I will make with all the descendants of Abraham. Abraham found favor in the Creator's eyes and Abraham, father of all beasts, was promised that his descendants would be numerous as the grains of sand and that's true. Abraham's descendant is Esau. We call him China today. All the red skinned people are the descendants of Abraham. Abraham is the father of all the Arabs and Abraham is the father of all the white skinned people who do not possess blue eyes. These are the three groups of people that Abraham fathered. Plus the fact by the use of the TORAH he saved my father, Seth, from extinction. And of course, those who look upon the Creator's TORAH with favor are always rewarded. Abraham's reward will be that these three groups will be resurrected and to again possess blue eyes and white skin. They will again be Shemites as this process nears it’s completion, the gap between the dark skinned and white skinned peoples until it becomes very wide. Eventually these three tribes will be resurrected and we will again not occupy time and space nor go on our bellies like a snake. But the Universe being the way that it is, the Beast will become less and less or more negative as we become more positive. Then the end of the Universe will cane and it will be thrust into a black­­