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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1990 1:30 P.M. YEAR 3, DAY 181


Good afternoon, Hatonn present to resume in the Light of Our Radiant One.


On February 20, 1919 the Times of London says that the "Estimates of dead between 1918 and 1919 are between 20 and 30 million people. The disease shows an amazing attack mortality rate."


Indian sources, and this is a very interesting notation to the Council on For­eign Relations Global 2000 conspirators, say, "The death toll in India, alone, was over 20 million." It is further stated that the true figures were lowered so as not to cause further panic.


American records show that more than half the population of Alaska per­ished. And in the Pacific Islands, almost three quarters of the people died. It is of extreme interest to note that in Alaska there was almost NO GROUND MOVEMENT OR TRANSPORTATION. Therefore, it certainly bears out the theory that the disease was airborne and not passed on from person to person. It also makes very feasible the projection that the coming plague (or plagues) would be introduced through artificially seeding the air and rain-clouds.


The scale of the ravages of the flu pandemic is difficult for you to visualize. It seemed to come forth in waves and the attack mortality rate was astonishing. And here, you are talking of some 70 years past in which new and innovative techniques could be established against this day. The mortality rate was as­tonishingly high among the young people. In India, the official records show that entire villages and towns were completely wiped out. Trains were found stopped where drivers died and the trains themselves were littered with corpses. Railway stations were piled high with the dead and had to have a continuous clearance program. There was no escaping it.


Now listen up closely.  In open, unwooded or unforested areas the death toll was heavier than in forested regions. Again, this added to the probabilities that the virus was airborne and intentional. Certain countries and some is­lands escaped the disease for quite a long while, even though ships from in­fected areas called in their ports. No quarantine method can account for this and it remains one of the secret unsolved mysteries.


All records of research into the matter are simply "missing" or "the files are not available to the general public".  It is plainly obvious that there is knowl­edge of how and why the pandemic struck certain areas while leaving others virtually untouched. Such information, of course, would be most helpful to the planners of mass genocide by means of the plague and hints are leaked that they have been quite available to certain and select persons.




An island in the Atlantic, St. Helena, and Australia are two areas that were not hit until almost the end of the outbreak. Quarantine could not have pos­sibly accounted for the disease being delayed in reaching those areas.


Passengers on ships at sea in route to Australia were struck down in terrible suddenness and the mortality rate was higher than elsewhere. The erratic way in which the pandemic behaved has never been accounted for publicly. The virus seemed to simply travel thousands of miles in a matter of hours and yet somehow take weeks or months to reach places in near locations one to the other. A Dr. L. Weinstein has done a brilliant publication on that pandemic. His work is in the British Museum in London.


He stated, "The influenza pandemic occurred in three waves starting in the spring of 1917/1918. It was characterized by a high attack rate and 50 percent of the world's population was affected. An even more lethal wave began in Scotland and then in Massachusetts on September 12, 1918. It spread over the world in a very short time. Epidemialogical behavior was most unusual. Although person to person spread occurred in local areas, the disease ap­peared on the same day in widely separated parts of the world, on one hand, but on the other took weeks to spread relatively short distances. It was de­tected in Boston and Bombay, India on the same day but took three weeks be­fore it reached New York City despite the fact that there was considerable travel between the two cities. It was present for the first time in Jolliet in the State of Illinois four weeks after it was detected in Chicago only 38 miles away. Death rates in various cities in America from respiratory diseases dur­ing the second wave show that the Jolliet-Chicago incidence was not unusual. Pittsburgh and Toledo with almost identical death rates in normal times, and with similar population groups, and similar occupations, showed a remarkable difference. The death rate in Pittsburgh exceeding that of Toledo by 400 per­cent."


This next also comes from Dr. Weinstein. In 1948 there was another outbreak of influenza and studies were made by Dr. F. Magressi which show that it started among shepherds in Sardenia in isolated areas. Dr. Magressi said, "We were able to verify the appearance of influenza in shepherds who were living, for a long time, alone---in solitary, open country and far from inhabited centers. This appeared absolutely contemporaneously with appearance of in­fluenza in the nearest inhabited cities." Magressi says that the speed in the spreading of the disease was inconsistent with any possible person to person transmission.


An interesting addition to this comes from a British epidemiologist, C. W. Creighton, who in 1837 concluded that the Black Plague and Influenza spread was due to what he called "a miasma spreading over the land".




With all the massive facilities available to the planners of the Global 2000 conspiracy It is not unreasonable to believe that such a miasma can be artifi­cially created and spread over selected target countries and even cities. This, of course, is one of the ways in which the coming plague will be introduced and spread. You have certainly not seen the last of the Black Plague or In­fluenza---or Smallpox, for that matter. The microbiological concept for the spread of plague or flu, plus the fact that these viruses and bacterias can be stored in a dormant state and then allowed to "break but" shows how easy it will be for the One World Government conspirators to introduce the corning plagues and spread them by airborne methods.


The old idea that these diseases could only be spread by person to person was laid to rest during the 1919 Influenza pandemic. The actual cause of In­fluenza is still not released to you--for certain. Although--and listen carefully-­-a veterinarian from Ft. Dodge, Iowa (in 1918) proved that a new disease which was a carbon copy of the Influenza in humans, had appeared in pigs. Does this remind you of bovine leukemia and sheep visna viruses of AIDS? I suppose most of you also recall the "Swine" flu?


The most important finding was made by a Dr. Burnett who proved that In­fluenza virus could be cultivated in the developing embryo of chickens. From this, the various strains of Influenza that attack humans were identified. All efforts to find an antidote have met with only moderate success. The most virulent, Type A, that killed millions in the 1919 pandemic, appeared to shift, which the medical profession said "is difficult to understand within orthodox views". Thus it appears that you are not in a position to combat Type A In­fluenza. It seems likely that reservoirs of that deadly virus are in existence.


The Soviet Union is known to have large stocks of deadly chemical and bacte­riological weapons and it is likely that the Type A Influenza virus figures largely in their arsenal.


The Soviets have long had the facilities to create reservoirs of flu viruses which was not thought possible up to a relatively short time ago. Since there is no known human reservoir for the virus, it could be therefore, that a delib­erate breakout can be allowed and if spread by airborne methods you would have an epidemic on your hands of the calibre of the 1919 pandemic---if the Soviets have the capability and they most certainly do---the West must also have it.


Given the goal of the Global 2000 report it appears it would be a most simple matter to arrange a breakout of a whole array of deadly viruses over any given selected target areas. It would also be certain that the elite conspirators have full ability to treat or antidote the disease just as there is an antidote and cure for AIDS virus disease.




Some types of viruses can be stored in animals and allowed to break out in controlled or uncontrolled conditions. The virulent and deadly Lassa fever, for instance, was being tested for animal host reservoirs when it accidentally broke out causing a world wide panic. Had the deadly virus not been cor­ralled it would have killed millions of people irrespective of status and without regards to race, color or creed.


Now shake, don't just shudder:  in 1978 it came to public attention through a real "slip" from NATO headquarters that "scientific experts" had stated that the Russians were developing three horrific new diseases for warfare. Now you must remember that "slips and leaks" occur on pretty well arranged schedules and you can further KNOW that if Russia has it--the U.S. has it, so do your meditation with all that in mind. The three diseases: Lassa fever, which kills over a third of all persons contracting it (35 of every 100), Ebola fever, which kills 70 out of every 100 people it strikes, and the deadly Marburg fever --oops! (Green Monkey Disease)--and the rest becomes history.




Until effective methods have been found to immunize and decontaminate chosen areas and chosen groups, just the Lassa fever virus is totally devastat­ing. The Lassa fever viruses will be kept under the most strict conditions of security. The world is probably safe until the genocidal conspirators come up with a bit better solution as to how to keep it confined to target countries and target cities and areas without getting some of their own special co-conspira­tors.


An airborne assault by Lassa fever viruses on a country like India, for exam­ple, would kill an estimated 80 to 100 million people in three to four months, according to records available at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. Again, don't expect to walk in the Center and have them show you these records.


"Officially" the Lassa fever virus has been destroyed--that is not so and to do so is a very, very big job. The Lassa fever viruses are directly "on tap" and waiting.  The Lassa fever virus is one which is called a recombinant hybrid (familiar?). It cannot emerge in several different countries at the same time--there can be only one focal point at which it can emerge. This was proved when it made its first appearance only in "Lassa" in Nigeria.


The Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria was almost a calamity because the virus broke out while experiments were being done on host animals in the region. The alarm and concern shown by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, for example, tend to lend credence to the panic---however, note that probably not more than a half percent of you readers have ever even heard of the disease.


The Center for Disease Control took extra-ordinary measures in an effort to corral the virus and ordered all plagues being worked on to be destroyed by incineration. Even the air conditioning air as it came out from the labs was incinerated. This is a most deadly virus and works a heck of a lot faster than your old slow AIDS.




This can truly be as large a killer if it begins in pandemic form. It can be lo­calized because it IGNORES the technology of human travel. Let us look at the 1889 to 1890 outbreak, which was small, of Type A virus---the first report came from Russia in May. At the start it spread very slowly and took until Oc­tober to reach a nearby town. Plainly the spread ignored the technology of human travel for people were traveling between the two villages constantly.


When the Hong Kong flu broke out it might seem natural that it was Califor­nia, which is the nearest point in the United States to Hong Kong, the disease should have occurred in California first. But it broke out in a very small community in a desert town called Needles. This, brothers, is decidedly ab­normal. It just seemed to ignore the large cities of San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles and by the forty-fifth week spread into the states of Nevada and Arizona. It is very important to note here the support for the idea that the disease being airborne appears in open, unforested areas first and then spreads outward. It can be controlled as to where it strikes. You have now seen this example as well as the Islands which all but escaped the 1918/1919 pandemic.




Is this by accident or by design and why might a space cadet be giving you this most pointed information? Well, I go on record--the Global Plan 2000 con­spirators will soon claim that the diseases are brought and integrated from Space Command--it is next on the "fear and panic" agenda. You know, all those little grey aliens who run around in the shadows with your military and government contracts? Well don't look out here--they are all dark as a dun­geon and twice as dirty--not the little aliens--the “big" grey men! But you will swallow the story hook, line and to the pole because you know what--half of the community will still be arguing over who's information is who's and fight­ing over copyrights and seminar schedules. The government and conspirators will just be laughing at you little citizens--all the way to their completely owned banks; neither will any of them have the flu or so much as a bad cold!


The others of spiritual centers will still be throwing stones at the Christos and Aton for bringing you news and information regarding "Caesar's world". Open your eyes, we are doing all we can to keep you alive and able to function against all odds on your placement and we of this realm weary beyond all patience at the rocks being barraged in upon our scribes and receivers. There are now daily attacks---from ones claiming to be THE source of spiritual truth! So be it! See if you can clear the flu with a purple shirt for you won't unless Germain happens to be in the shirt. Use faith healing? I don't find enough "faith" to heal hives much less a deadly virus. Further, I find the very ones who claim all knowing to take a few little drugs along "just to awaken a bit more fully". Well, awakening is going to be abrupt indeed and you'll pray for death to ease the sickness which shall consume you. Have you ever been so sick that it was just too much to stay alive and yet you did? These diseases bring illness (sickness) beyond belief and nothing actually gives relief to any extent.






Funny thing, someone has just happened to notice that among the hidden toys----is an antidote to Type A virus which the world has NOT been told about. Two well known scientists tried to get the information published but with no success. The tests were done in The Netherlands in 1957. It seemed that the elderly (80 to 90 years of age) who went to their doctors for treatment of "colds" were found to have high concentrations of Type A antibodies lead­ing the scientists to believe that these people must have encountered a sub­type virus at some time or other and were now immune to subsequent attacks.


Instead of considering this a major medical discovery and rushing to make an­tibody doses from the donors--nothing was done and no publicity was allowed. Well, they put Priore and Rife out of business, also.


Dear ones, rain clouds can be seeded with Plague or Influenza or any number of viruses and dumped over certain areas.


Why am I dallying around so much with Influenza? Because when I give you a breakdown of the other little boogers planned for you, I will lose my audience as you rush out to picket and protest--I hope! Better, start digging thy under­ground hovels with good radiation and filter systems. We have told you how and if you don't remember--rush to re-read FIGHTING CHANCE OR SURVIVAL IS ONLY TEN FEET FROM HELL. God does not consider any of you Satan's or Caesar's property and if ones consider things down on your place to belong to Ceasar--then I have bad news--you get your informa­tion from the wrong resource and that evil energy will eat you alive.


Ones of great closeness broke with my group over the SURVIVAL book and Dr. Robinson found the same result in his town. He offered to build the first shelter -- it was declined because after all, how could you choose who to save! The same identical statement was made to our publisher--"Who could select who would be saved?" Has anyone ever heard of building enough for you all and storing enough quantity of foods for you all? They have done it in Russia and China as well as Switzerland--could you not do as well? You claim to be the most wealthy country in the world! Well, you aren't--you are bankrupt but a survival system wouldn't cost more than a couple or three stealth bombers a year..


Raindrops keep falling on my head--humn de dee, de dee-de dee---can easily be made to be pathogenic and when they fall on your heads in a given area, everybody falls down.


If your own "obstructed" scientists of good intent can know of this ability--­don't you believe that Caesar's Satanic Conspirators know also of this ability? Caesar's things indeed. Satan's things--INDEED! What of God's things--like YOU FOR INSTANCE? A wrathful God? Oh my goodness--well, how about just a tad twinge of a little bit angry at the very preposterity of the statement. If you care so little for the gift of life God has given unto you, then so be it.


Dharma, let us close this as you are too weary and we begin to get foolish and hopeless. Dear ones, it is not foolish nor hopeless--we must keep on keeping on for those ones have no notion of that which they do.


I think we should not work later this evening as the hours have been long in­deed with much editing necessary in the interim.  Everyone of you must get more rest. I ask that you not be up at your work past 11:00 p.m, for fatigue slows our pace.


Please use available material for the Express this week as we must move on with this document without major interruptions. Neither do I wish this Jour­nal to become too lengthy because people will postpone the reading of it if it is too large. Pray for your brother who cannot yet see how it is for you need unity and community. We need to speak of how to achieve that also--do you feel your education upon that orb is a bit lacking? So be it.


I move to stand-by that we might take respite. Thank you for your service for I am most appreciative. You of my group have most certainly earned your tickets home. Aho!


Salu, Salu, Salu--in service unto the Radiant One.


Hatonn to clear, please.­­