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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1990 6:30 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 181


The highest form of crucifixion is the innocent killing of your own people by poison substance and biological diseases. You have had both going on for centuries. I believe as you read along here that you will find it is appropriate material for this Journal--perhaps even the first chapter in this Journal. In an exceptional program called Panorama, made for the BBC television, we thank Roger Bolton, the editor. I also acknowledge the brave and daring work of Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman. And in highest respect we honor John Coleman for his daring public projection of information as well as James H. Jones who penned BAD BLOOD. The list of ones mentioned may be quite long so we will give honor as we recognize them by label. Dear ones, you have many daring pioneers who are speaking out---please support them. Even if you cannot yet believe that the Global World Plan 2000 is actual, please read with an open mind. Men and women are risking their very lives to bring forth this information--many have been slain for their efforts--please honor them.


This very day, as the "crimes" unfold out of the Soviet Bloc nations such as Romania, the shocking incidents must be recorded. I cannot ask this scribe to pen long enough to cover it all but let me share a heinous situation in Roma­nia regarding AIDS.


Western physicians returned from Bucharest to report that in bleak wards were little tots sharing cribs and blankets, 550 children, roughly a third of those tested (not all were tested), carry the AIDS virus. Fifty are already ter­minal in the active course of the disease.


As the gaps in what you call The Iron Curtain widen, it becomes blatantly ob­vious that there is a seething new world of AIDS--where the medical commu­nity has not been the solution but has, in fact, caused the problem and contin­ues the spread.


It is now expected that it will likewise spread into Eastern Europe in epidemic proportions. According to Dr. David Heymann of the World Health Organi­zation (speak of foxes in the chicken coop), a member of an emergency team sent into Romania just this past week, believes this to be probable. The AIDS has been spread through non-disposable needles and contaminated blood. It is calculated that in one incident, at least 120 babies were contaminated from one infected baby. This plague has now spread across several cities--Polish AIDS patients have been denied treatment in hospitals.


What do you believe will happen now as the curtain is swept away? What greeted you this very week in the news--East Germans coming into West Germany are hitting the adult "sex" stores in mammoth numbers--was the headline. Romania reports a dramatic increase in "sex for sale".  As repressive dictatorships give way to more permissive democracies, increases in pros­titution, illicit drug use and contacts with foreigners open new channels for the virus-even the "closed" press reports.


Yugoslavia, with a longer history of openness and higher drug use, has more AIDS victims than have been found so far in Romania. East Germany has now signed an agreement for AIDS assistance from West Germany, whose over 4,000  active disease victims exceed the number in all of Eastern Europe. I urge you to review AIDS, THE LAST GREAT PLAGUE! You must have knowledge about the disease as well as the concept of the magnitude of spreading infection--the compounding of the spread--and the "Big Boys" have other disease viruses waiting if you find a cure too soon, for this one.




You must be aware of the conspiracy to wipe out large numbers of people from certain racial groups, so-called "undesirable" groups and entire geo­graphical areas.


According to a plan reported by the Global 2000 Report, this mass genocide was supposed to take place during 1984 to 1990. It is to be completed by the year 2000--hence the title. It is to coincide with THE PLAN 2000 for eco­nomic take-over. There is no need to "prove" that this conspiracy is alive and thriving--go do your homework if you suffer disbelief. There is plenty of well documented information available, "unfortunately", Ignorance or hiding from the circumstance will not save you--information and wise actions can.


Events in Iran and India have confirmed that the conspirators are moving in the direction recommended by one labeled Cyrus Vance. There is a 36 vol­ume "World Report" on this subject--but don't expect to be allowed access to it. You must also look at the events taking place currently in Central America and Ethiopia as well as numerous other countries which you can recall. The world has surely grown small indeed. In these places, thousands have per­ished from deliberately planned and orchestrated political and religious strife and from hunger unto starvation.  You might not realize it, but in Ethiopia for instance, the International Monetary Fund (remember this name?) has de­nied funds and aid. The death toll will be in the millions by this year, 1990.


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is, of course, a major instrument of the One World Government Conspiracy. This is a well documented fact. Further, the World Bank through the IMF, has decreed that 150 million black Africans must be ''written off', THIS IS FACT--NOT FICTION. Count on it for it is all but finished--the 150 million people have, or will die!  This will of course evolve mostly from AIDS, but there are other deliberately induced plagues which will insure the full measure of death.


The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Red Cross will not do any­thing meaningful to stem the tide of deaths--the WHO is instrumental in the cause. There will be great so-called international efforts to assist the stricken countries, but this will only be window dressing. It is all in written, docu­mented format.  The IMF has already told Nigeria, Ethiopia, Guana, Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia, Chad and other black African states--EXACTLY how much of their populations have got be "gotten rid of”. This edict was handed down in the late 70's and early 80's so you see, it is well past under way. This genocide must be accomplished before there will be any monetary help from the IMF. Hard to believe? So be it! We understand that it is hard to believe therefore you must investigate for time is indeed running out.


Some of these countries' leaders have protested, but they know the IMF means business. Nigeria, for one, acted defiantly and thus suddenly an unex­pected cut in oil prices followed immediately.  In retaliation, the Nigerians called for further cuts to upset the world oil markets unless the IMF would drop its provisions and offers financial assistance. Well, the rest is history.


Oh yes, we recognize the scoffers--believe me, they were around farther back than the time of the Christos, Well, I suggest you go back into the WORLD ECONOMIC REVIEW and check out the publication over the past decade. Honor John Coleman who produces that Journal for he was the first daring person to bring this information to light in the public arena. Some of you still believe that no such international monetary fund exists---oh, dear ones---this is REAL!


It should not be hard to believe that the One World Conspirators are willing to sacrifice in excess of 400 million people. This is not a new idea--this has been around for a very, very long time. Since the beginning of your counting, there has always been an elite class or ruling class. These groups always take it upon themselves to decide the destiny of what they refer to as the "mass of people" which are held in extremely low esteem.




Field Marshall Hague, of the British Army, did that in the First World War and before. Whole nations of people were set up for "killing off” as well as distinct racial groups. In the Boer War prior to World War I, Boer women and children were placed in concentration camps and most of them died. That, friends, is deliberate genocide--and you have forgotten today, that your country was founded because of the oppression of Great Britain so why are you so shocked to realize how heinous they have acted in the past--and pre­sent? It is the time of remembering, chelas.


Sir Hague not only hated his enemy--he despised his own "ordinary soldiers". He deliberately sacrificed hundreds of thousands of them in a no-win conflict by means of lying to the British citizens and Parliament.

Check your history books and recall how many Chinese were killed in the pur­suance of Lord Gladstones "opium" policy. How many thousands of Indians were killed by the British in the colonial conquest of India? The list is endless. The common denominator is that the "ruling class" is "cult" ridden. They belong to networks of cults and secret societies which, in many cases, teach that killing certain classes of people is their bound duty. That same cult tendency is now prevalent in the U.S.--even into your major church denominations and society clubs. Well, Mr. Darwin's fraudulent theory is based upon--survival of the fittest--or strongest, not necessarily the fittest.




Bertrand Russell said that the population of the world is increasing at far too rapid a rate". He complained that, "Wars are simply not doing the job they were designed for, that is, not enough undesirables are being got rid of." "And", said Russell, "the results of war in this regard were plainly disappoint­ing."


Since this dissertation is about disease and plague as a means of getting rid of unwanted people--listen to what Russell actually said: "War has hitherto been disappointing in this respect but perhaps bacteriological war may prove effec­tive. If a Black Death could spread throughout the world once every genera­tion, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. This state of affairs might be unpleasant, but what of it!" This is from Mr. Russell's work, THE IMPACT OF SCIENCE ON SOCIETY.


Here you have a self-styled member of the "ruling class" setting himself up as

an auditor of who shall live and who shall die. He also says that there are too

many people on the earth. Rightly so--but does he suggest controlling the

procreation habits to control the situation? Of course not, he says a good old Black Death would get rid of the unwanted masses and allow the elite to go on --well, you know what! He further said that "like animals, the herd needs culling". He proposed culling by spreading the Black Plague or some other form of disease which would carry off large numbers of people whom he con­sidered "excess baggage".


Mr. Russell was not even the least bit embarrassed to make such proposals and see to the executions. Well, Mr. Russell's key to fruition was the Plague.




Beloved brothers, diseases which you think you have ridded your populations of, are still lurking dormant in the wings of the stage. In effect, many of these diseases are simply "on ice--waiting". It is well within the capability of scien­tists to recall them for instant use as and when the need might arise.


The cults are, in the main, non-Christian (but not the largest in size)--that is, the members actually worship a deity but it is not the One God of the "Christian" faith. The worshipped deity is, in fact, the very antithesis of "Christianity"--do you recognize that label? Friends, the members of these groups do not so much as blink an eye at killing millions of unwanted people--of whom YOU are probably among the ranks. By the way--this group of annihilators is also called "The Club of Rome".


Members of such cults are actually put to the test of killing. The Son of Sam murders were an identical replay of Jack the Ripper killings. Once a person is "programmed" to kill, the actual commission of the murder is very easy. The most positive proof of this, as a scientific fact, is given in a statement by your wondrous H.G. Wells (a fellow-traveler and colleague of Bertrand Russell). Mr. Wells says, in his essay, "Anticipation of the Reaction of Mechanical Scien­tific Progress Upon Human Life and Thought", that it is easy to kill when one kills for the purpose of maintaining the ideals of the "ruling class". This theme runs throughout Well's papers and writings. Mr. Wells further says, "It is right and proper to kill in order to preserve the quality of the ruling class." He says, "It is no good allowing inferior beings to overwhelm the best quality beings because of greater numbers."


Now for Well's opinion regarding Blacks. "Men of the New Republic will not be squeamish either in facing or in inflicting death--they will have ideals that will make killing worth while." The Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome--your present ruling class of "nobility" of the Aristocrats--has as an idea that the common "herd" must not be allowed to grow too big. The rationale of killing is this, it only remains to have it carried out in fact.




Churchill was very much a part of the "ruling class". He felt nothing for those he looked upon as inferiors--which was almost everyone. Although offered many alternatives which would have ended the Second World War far earlier than 1945, he opted to ignore those offers, as the German, Rudolph Hess, found out when he tried to see Churchill. The deal Hess tried to offer Churchill was peace with Germany so that Hitler could deal with the Bol­shevics. Churchill's zionist consortors saw to it that Hess never got near the man. Efforts by the Duke of Hamilton, a friend of Hess, to get Churchill to meet with him, failed completely. Churchill had no desire to end what he re­ferred to as his "delicious war". You all know what has happened to Hess in these past near years--a total violation of all human rights. Let me remind you--nations that will take the lives of millions of its own people will not hesi­tate to snuff out the lives of millions of members of the "colored races" of the world as well as the so-called undesirable whites, particularly the "patriots" of the elite in the U.S.A.




Why would the ruling classes desire to get rid of so many people? The an­swer, of course, lies in the theory that there are too many people consuming too few resources that cannot be replaced (certainly a valid observation). When people become selfish, they forget God and God-ness. Regardless of what is touted near and wide--the major ruling members of the "ruling classes" simply do not believe in the God-ness of which you believe. That includes the aristocrats and nobility of Europe--the church is set up totally as a facade be­hind which to orchestrate the genocide--IN THE NAME OF CHRIST! Many, many of the Eastern Liberal establishment of the United States oper­ate in the same manner. Their God, beloved ones, is Lucifer--The Morning Star! whom they have long since declared to be the ruler of the Universe. Oh yes, I suggest you shudder now and get it over with.


In this idea, they are joined by the "churches" of the Soviet Union who have called for "a spiritual mobilization against America" and don't let Glasnost fool you! The newly freed people are not flocking to the "Christian" churches as they escape into your wonderful "new world"--they are flocking to the sex/porn houses as fast as they can paddle.


There was a formal meeting which announced the "Spiritual Mobilization Against America Plan". The result was a meeting that was attended by the leading "cultists" of the world. The subject which was discussed was "Spiritual Resurgence in the West".


Common allegiance to a false God makes these kinds of meetings possible. The real point was, however: "How to Implement the Global 2000 Plan". The principle speaker told his audience that, “Man was better off during the 14th century with the Bubonic Plague than he was in the present day climate over­shadowed by nuclear weapons." The key to the statement is the referral to the term "plague".




The first step to putting the puzzle pieces together is taken when you go back to the first world war. At that time, the Britains did not shrink from sacrificing millions of its youth in a war set up to make profits for the bankers. The first suspected use of bacteriological weapons took place at the close of that terri­ble war. It happened in the following manner: After four years of stalemate with neither side gaining the ascendency, the Germans finally broke through the French lines and were less than 37 miles from Paris when SUDDENLY disaster struck them. Practically the entire front line German units went down instantly with what is now known as Type A Influenza. This was in April of 1918.


Far from the Germans being defeated as General Hague had misled his gov­ernment into believing, the German army was actually on the offensive in their march on Paris. The Germans were briefly checked by the green and untried American forces. The Americans laid down an artillery barrage. Now surely there was nothing new in that, but at this point the events went into un­derground secrecy. The entire army of Germans was simultaneously smitten with virulent influenza. Prior to the American artillery barrage, there were no cases of influenza amongst the German troops. Suddenly, as if a cloud burst over them, the Germans went down with such virile flu that it laid low the entire Division. In some sectors along the front, Companies were down to as lit­tle as ten men. So violent was this epidemic that the British and Americans, for the very first time, were able to break through the German lines. That proved to be the turning point of the war. Thereafter the Germans rapidly retreated and virtually gave up the fight.


Bacteriological experts in England, Germany and Switzerland believe that the Americans brought with them shells containing the influenza virus which was then unleashed on the Germans. This was the only "credible" explanation for the sudden and instantly deadly outbreak of what was later known as The Spanish Flu epidemic which first raged through the German lines and later marched right across the world, killing millions of people. In fact, more peo­ple died from the influenza than died in the actual war.


It is to avoid what is known as an "outburst" of this kind that the Council on Foreign Relations Club of Rome biologists are working on right now. The Global 2000 provisions cannot be implemented if it means that the indiscrimi­nate spread of an epidemic, that will not be a respector of persons, cannot be can tamed in some way.




No one knows for sure where the influenza virus originated but the first known cases occurred in 1580, in Asia and there were sporadic appearances of the disease until 1890. Even in the non-epidemic outbreaks of influenza, more people died from the flu than have from any known nuclear related causes. Note we do qualify by the word "known". Where are all the Peace Demonstrators against the flu? The first known induced epidemic began on the battlefield at the close of the First World War. It was utilized directly as a chemical/bacteriological weapon.




Well, Dharma wants to speak of chemicals in the warfare and, although this subject deals with biology, we will toss in a bit of alternative horror.


On the 22nd of April, 1915, an afternoon breeze sprang up. It came in from the north, from behind the German lines and gently fanned the faces of the Allied soldiers in position around the village of Langemarck, near Ypres,


The French reservists and Algerians from France's north African colony were new to the trenches. The fresh wind seemed a good omen, for a few seconds later, as if on cue, the German guns which had been bombarding them all day, suddenly stopped firing. Silence descended over the front


At five o'clock, three red rockets streaked into the sky, signaling the start of a deafening artillery barrage. High explosive shells pounded into the deserted town of Ypres and the villages around it. At the same time the troops shel­tering near Langemarck saw two greenish-yellow clouds rise from the enemy's lines, catch the wind, and billow forwards, gradually merging to form a single bank of blue-white mist: out of sight, in special emplacements protected by sandbags and concrete, German pioneers were opening the valves of 6,000 cylinders spread out along a four mile front. The cylinders contained liquid chlorine--the instant the pressure was released and it came into contact with the air it vaporized and hissed out to form a dense cloud. At thirty parts per million of air chlorine gas produces a rasping cough. At concentrations of one part per thousand it is fatal. The breeze stirred again, and one hundred and sixty tons of it, five feet high and hugging the ground, began to roll towards the Allied trenches. Dear ones, CHEMICAL WARFARE HAD BEGUN!


The wave broke over the first line within a minute, enveloping tens of thou­sands of troops in an acrid green cloud so thick they could not longer see their neighbors in the trench. Seconds later they were clutching at the air and at their throats, fighting to breathe.


Chlorine does not suffocate: it poisons, stripping the lining of the bronchial tubes and lungs. The inflammation produces a massive amount of fluid that blocks the windpipe, froths from the mouth and fills the lungs. Some tried to bury their heads in the earth. Others tried to outrun the clouds but found that the exertion only caused larger gulps of the poison. The tide of gas washed over the struggling men and their faces turned blue from the strain of trying to breathe; some coughed so violently they ruptured their lungs. Each man, as the British casualty report was later to put it, was "being drowned in his own exudation". That one attack could have cost the war, but the German soldiers dug in.


This little game was called "Falkenhayn's experiment" for the German com­mander, Falkenhayn, was as startled as were his opponents by the over­whelming effect it had cost the Allies 5,000 men dead and 10,000 wounded.


Thirty-six hours later, while the British and French still struggled to fill the breach, the Germans struck again. Wave after wave of gas flowed over the Allied troops and soon the gas was accompanied by Germans wearing strange masks with glass eyes and large hoods.


The last and greatest attack came later in the summer, on Mar 24th, this fol­lowing attacks on May 1, 6 and 10. The only interim protection against the gas was urine soaked cloths or earth filled cloths stuffed into glass tubes. And then came the punch line. The Allies set out at a nice little bankers delight of $400 million to create gas of their own.---Oh yes, by the way--there had been a commission set up under the name of the Hague Convention to outlaw such chemical weapons. But the Allies were ingenious--they came up with "tear gas" invented by Dr. Tappen and thusly labeled "T-Stoff”, Also there were the Stink bombs.


As you might guess, the chemical factories became the backbone of the econ­omy--especially the German economy. Well, those German laboratories went on to produce all sorts of deadly things over the years. But at that time gas became THE weapon of choice--and of course, a nice little side industry sprang up--gas-masks and shelter.


Are you beginning to long for a nice underground shelter system?  I hope so for there is coming a time of death to surface dwellers in lots and lots of geo­graphical locations.  I am constantly denounced and my scribe openly threat­ened because I project these things “God wouldn’t s[read fear like you do, so you are evil.”  So be it.  They also denounced Christ, Dharma.  “Yes”, she nervously replies, “they also crucified Him!”  Let us take a break please, chela


Hatonn to stand-by­­