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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1990   2:40 P.M.    YEAR 3, DAY 168


Aton to continue. Please make this a "timed" continuation of the prior docu­ment.


"3. When William Cooper (see a. above) realized that his report was being copied with the insinuation that it had been "channeled" from "hatonn", he simply asked that they stop. In response "Hatonn" through "Dharma" began to attack William Cooper in the next journals as a dark brother that was trying to keep the truth from coming out. In the transcript of Dharma's channeling dated Jan. 04, 1990, 8:00 a.m., "Hatonn says:


"'This scribe or anyone in her association of persons, did not recognize the name William Cooper and had no knowledge of his writings or lectures, etc. This was a totally unknown entity to these ones.'


"We at A.S.S.K. would like you to know that this is a lie. We, personally, sent a copy of william cooper's report (operation Majority - MJ 12) to "Dharma" and company approx 8 weeks before they came out with Space gate."




In reverse order of outlay above, I shall respond.


As far prior to writing of SPACE-GATE as May, 1989 and perhaps before (check out dates in the book), preliminary writings were being compiled for this Journal. Since Sister was receiving every document being written by this scribe it was well-known that this document was in preparation and the actual type-copy ready to be set. On about August 17th came into this place a document (you will note the body of the Journal began in full force on August 18th) from Sister at A.S.S.K. with a note and $2.00 in cash to cover cost of re­turn of the document. The note requested return of the document. Dharma assumes that was accomplished for their habit is to honor all requests.


The document enclosed was a compiled and stapled set of papers called "The Secret Government" by one Milton William Cooper. (To this date these ones in this place have never heard of a document of Mr. Cooper's by the label of "Operation Majority - MJ 12".  In fact--I repeat--until that date they had never heard of Mr. William Cooper.


I think whoever wrote this disclaimer is foolish indeed. How could Dharma "pilfer" all of Mr. Cooper's “stuff” and go through two publishers and get the book to public in the eight weeks to which they refer? There was, and has not ever been a copy of "Operation Majority - MJ 12" received in this place from anyone on any date whatsoever (refer to above). THERE WAS NO KNOWLEDGE OF A MILTON WILLIAM COOPER NOR HIS WRIT­INGS, HIS LECTURES OR ANYTHING ABOUT THE PERSON, NOT ONLY BY DHARMA AND OBERLI, BUT BY ANYONE AT THIS LOCATION--ALL INCLUSIVE.­­


After taking responsibility to publish the SPACE-GATE JOURNAL, ar­rangements were worked out among Ted, Sister and Oberli. They were going to use one O'Rian (forgive me if I have misspelled the label) for the format­ting and printing of the document. She in turn noted similarities and informed Ted. Ted sent a copy of the Journal to Mr. Cooper who immediately flew into a rage and said he would sue if the book were put to print. (Hardly, "he sim­ply asked that they stop.")


The response of Sananda was a request that the material be returned without further investment in time or expense. Then it came to light that Mr. Cooper ( was going to do a seminar toward the end of September, set up somehow through the efforts of O'Rian and she was most disappointed for she had hoped to distribute the finished books at that very meeting, as well as promoting Mr. Cooper.


After much discussion, Oberli presented Ted with at least a dozen sources of the material. At this same time Sister and Ted went on a trip toward the East regarding Sister's books.


The second day, by phone, it was stated that Sister had decided to move for­ward and publish the work anyway. When Mr. Cooper was informed he said then, that he would not appear for the lectures. (Well, he did--so I guess he must not have been so really "put-off” as to carry through with that particular threat.)


SPACE-GATE was to have been finished and back from the bindery by the date of that lecture (I believe approximately September 28, 1989). Hatonn nor Dharma ever attacked Mr. Cooper. Commander Hatonn simply stated that Mr. Cooper's conclusions were incorrect and that as an example of in­valid information was reference to "His Omnipotent Highness Krill" and "Original Hostage Krill". Hatonn stated that was fabrication and asked the creator of Mr. Krill to please inform America West. Mr. Lear did that and his letter of birthing of O.H.Krill is documented and available. Commander Ha­tonn, at that time, extended Mr. Cooper opportunity to not only join us but he would be most pleased to have him on our team but, would not sanction fur­ther misinformation regarding the Space Command and any enslaving "little grey men". Further, you ones on that earth plane must realize---we do not “attack”, however, we refuse to perpetuate lies.  If the error is accidental we will meet you beyond the half-way---if uncorrected, we do not bend.


Mr. Cooper has denounced these works in every forum possible, perpetuating his own errors. That is his free-will decision and so be it. There was nothing original in his projections as the MJ-12 material has been public for some years now and Mr. Cooper had to be long in line to write his document.


As the time has passed, Mr. Cooper called America West in almost irrational anger and said he was going to sue, and that he was going to put a stop to this "channel". Hatonn, rightfully so, accepted this as a direct threat against the being of this scribe---you ones forget, we have the ability to see within the in­tention.


Now, for you Dharma, I am going to quote a portion of a beauteous letter from one S.M.K. as received by America West.


"Dear Sir/Madam,


“Thank you very much for promptly processing my order. Your customer service is as good and fantastic as the informa­tion and truth contained in the Phoenix Journals.


"I tremendously enjoy and value acquiring the amazing in­formation in your books. Humanity should be highly indebted to our Space brothers for coming forth to raise our conscious­ness.


"I am doing my part here by spreading the message in your Phoenix Journals to as many people as possible.


*****"A few days ago I spoke to Milton Cooper on the phone and I sensed instantly he is lying about how you people at America West publishers stole his material. He also said he's suing you for copyright infringement. In fact he is the one who has to be sued, not you good folks at America West Publishers. I knew immediately the moment I read his unbound book on our Space brothers, etc., etc., to be a stolen work. How could an ordinary mortal utter so much truth and information (as yours have)? I am on your side!" *****


"Pass my love and deep respect to Receiver Dharma, Son Sananda, Commander Hatonn and the entire crew of Pleiades Space Ship.


"Enclosed my check for $20.00 for 13 weekly issues of your Phoenix Journal Express. Send me a list of past issues of the Phoenix Journal Express.


"In a few days time I may visit you good folks at Carlsbad.


"Love to you all., Your friend---S.M.K."


Blessings unto you son, for this is the only food upon which these ones have to survive. This energy is origined in the Far East and the message is thusly far more gracious and sincere that you receivers understand.


I do not mean to leave any of you wondrous supporters out of recognition for the letters of support, joy and appreciation come from all parts of this world. And--your co-workers out here are humble in their appreciation to each and every one of you. It is not an easy job---IT IS THE HARDEST JOB SINCE THE CREATION OF YOUR PLANET. SO BE IT AND BLESSINGS. The love and help are clutched unto these ones for their journey has been long and difficult and Son Sananda faces the most horrendous confrontation of a God, indeed. The brothers from Space within the Command have been on constant alert for well over three of your years of counting and hundreds of years away from their homes to fulfill their missions. So be it.


Suffice it say, these ones have nothing to pick with William Cooper, George Hunt Williamson or Sister Thedra, although they perceive great injury and pain from them. Rest in the knowledge that it can only benefit truth in the ending. We have most carefully insulated you and he who wishes to "sue" had better think quite carefully indeed.


It was said, on Saturday last, that these ones are riding on the success of A.S.S.K. to live in their abundance and in a high manner. Well, let us look at that. These ones have had basically no income for over 4 years. They have been reduced to two bankruptcies, they now owe about $100,000 in legal fees over legal problems related to their property, the rental amount and legal fees also borrowed so they are in debt some $300,000 in order to continue their work in MY service. Others in this place have given as much according to that with which they started.


Yes, abundance is coming from the fruits of their labors---but not from these JOURNALS. They have projects under financing to build of a city and fund­ing is imminent. They will not have anything personally. All proceeds of these JOURNALS are given away--some for the treatment apparatus for AIDS, survival shelters, building and research.


They are "profiting" from the "Gatehouse" to the extent that their son pays their utilities and utilize food stamps for food. If this is "ripping off through pilfering" then it is sad indeed. They have taken every cent they could earn or borrow to keep information flowing, having relinquished all "things" not per­taining to MY work.


No, they are not pious or mushy sweet wimps---they are strong, willing ser­vants, sent to bring light and they are doing it to the very best of their ability.


If any one of you who come into this information could have walked in these one's moccasins for six months--I dare say you might well be hospitalized from the trauma.


Quote please--.


"4. Certain references are made in these journals pertaining to Sister Thedra and to A.S.S.K. Though the author of these journals (Dharma) had only second hand information pertain­ing to certain situations, some of these situations mentioned are distorted to fit the author's wishes, while others have been rewritten to the point of being lies.


"For example: There was never an attempt on the life of Sis­ter Thedra as one of these journals (Survival - Pg. 108) would have you believe. This situation was created from second hand information that the author of these journals received and dis­torted to fit the "story" (that attempts were also being made on the life of Dharma). In any case, references and claims re­garding A.S.S.K. and Sister Thedra have been woven into the material of some of these journals and we would advise you to believe nothing you might read which pertain to either A.S.S.K. or to Sister Thedra. Ask only for truth."

* * *




On the weekend prior to the departure of Ted and Sister Thedra on their trip to the Eastern U.S. last September, one G.B. came to Sedona (G.B. having been previously with the Gatehouse) and brought with him a substance called Ecstasy (Adam). A highly illegal drug. He visited with unnamed parties in which the parties involved participated in the enjoyment thereof.


This is not second hand---THIS IS FROM ME, ATON. This person did take Sister and gave her a dose of the substance from which (whether or not any­one in that place realized it--did in fact physically kill her). As we tended that precious little being and gently caused her to come back as her journey is not yet through, she was very ill for some three days and was only up and around enough to barely make the schedule for the trip.


After the incident, G.B. left. He called back to check on her (you see these at­tempts do not even have to be intentional on the part of the perpetrator and I shall not divulge this one's intent) and she told him never to come near her again. Might it be noted herein that he has been back and carrying on "business" for the Gatehouse.


There have been some heinous behaviors carried on by ones attached to the Gatehouse. You see, it is one thing to proclaim homosexuality, as an exam­ple, but the physical expression and behavior practiced thereby is unaccept­able. Evil has invaded the very house of God.


Now something that you must face, Dharma, for it will be more painful than all to this point. The three times of your heart arresting was caused by ones who had come unto you through the route of the Gatehouse.  Does that mean Sister knew? Of course not!  Further, I do not wish to have accusations against anyone, but there is a point to be made.


You ones must know (this is for all of you readers) that if you purpose is to bring the WORD, you have been set up and foundations laid to stop you since before your entry into this journey in physicalness.  Evil entered where it thought it could stop MY WORK.  MY WORK AND THE WORD OF TRUTH SHALL NOT BE STOPPED!  HARKEN UNTO ME---IT SHALL NOT BE STOPPED!


They request that you readers of these Journals believe nothing therein regarding Sister Thedra or A.S.S.K. So be it, does that not speak for itself more loudly than I could ever pronounce it? These ones handling the Journals have gone to untold hours of expense and effort o honor the request to remove all mention from the Journals. If there is reference it is because Sananda chose it to remain.


There have been no "hidden" receivings in this place. These ones have spent their entire retirement living in order to get it all out there unto the world--not clutch accusations unto themselves and use it for gun-fodder to strike out against others. We have responded to every attack in openness---oftentimes Dharma with a bleeding heart at the venom of the attacker. It pains me to see mine ones so deliberately hurt and denounced. They do not complain at their own denouncements--they weep that ones attack US, for these ones know not that which they do. Let it be example--it has happened before and it un­doubtedly shall happen more before we are finished with this play. But I tell you here, it shall not be happening for very much longer---for you do not have very much longer in any event.




''The references pointed out above are only a few of the dis­crepancies that arise when these journals are exposed to the 'light of day'. If you have read these journals, we ask only that you look at the truth before you pass them on to others.


"We at A.S.S.K. have been involved in the dissemination of truth for over 40 years. It has always been our intent to make available material which truly helps the individual towards greater spiritual awareness.


"Within these journals we find an overwhelming emphasis on creating fear and very little (if any) true spiritual direction or encouragement. Also, it should be obvious to any seeker of truth that the 'elder brothers' and the true 'masters' do not need to pilfer the work of another, and never do they give forth such information without giving credit where credit is due. And lastly, when one distorts the truth to suit themself, it becomes a lie, and true spiritual awareness will never come from a lie.


The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara

2675 West Hwy, 89-A, Suite 454

Sedona, Az. 86336"


1 hope you at A.S.S.K. who perpetrated this most dreadful presentation take careful note "that you said it"!  I, too, sincerely hope everyone reads these Journals in the "light of day"---"IN THE LIGHT OF GOD". I believe you will be able to find some truth within them.


I care not whether ones have been at the dissemination of something for 40 years or ten minutes. If it be 40 years then one must be ever so much more careful for the excuse of poor discernment and perception is much harder to explain. There are ones at the Gatehouse and who are being brought within that are bearing darkness. We have tried to reach through and have been un­able to be heard as the messages have been blocked and distorted. I will stand afore the citadels of your placements and proclaim it--not behind the backs in secret documents which are refused to be shared---too late, for truth will always find the light.


We do not "create" fear in these documents. If there is "fear" then you had better look around about you. You are brought truth and armed with truth and insight you can take actions which will benefit you and keep you from being blind “victims”. The "elder brothers" and "true masters" would not deny your petitions and feed you naught but mush and spiritual nothings if A.S.S.K. can find naught of spiritual nature in the Journals then I most surely pity them above all others.


No Dharma, I am not yet finished but we shall close this for this day.  I grant you peace, chela, for you are most ill indeed.


A projection of this type as is being disseminated in this disclaimer document cannot be “purchased” in the goodness it has provided and I most surely bless those ones in love and wish for their lighted understanding for they hear me not.


Keep tightly to my hand, chela, for soon I shall bring you home. You ones of mine are so beloved and cherished and I long to have you all home unto me again. For those who choose the other path, it is not for you to Judge nor tarry. Ye must be about the work. There is joy in the Journey.