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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 1990 7:00 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 161


Good morning, Dharma. Let us speak of subject material prior to continuing on the Journal. I wish to devote a segment in discussion regarding the mate­rial sent to GG by Billy Meier. I also wish Oberli to assemble all information available on the Santa Barbara Savings vs. E. and D. E. as presented in Judge Jason Brent's court in Mojave, California. It is a most appropriate example of the depths of injustice perpetrated upon citizens. That particular judge is now planning to move from a Municipal Court situation to a Higher (Superior) Court. This is an example case and I shall discuss it at length.


We also need to respond to Dr. Meek in a timely manner but I believe he is quite willing to be patient as we sort out these pressing tid-bits. I would like a "selection" of subject matter for G&D to take to Florida.


I wish to first comment on what is going on right now in your own government for it could be a most disastrous week in your market if actions are not taken early this very day.


Your averages are off in reflection to pressures in Japan and negative atti­tudes about pouring more funding into shoring up your economy. Japan's and Britain's markets are confused, also, in response. The foolhardy computer trading is ready to kick in with its terrorizing effect and all-out efforts are be­ing made to pull away attention and shift it to China's students and all manner of nothingness to keep the distraction going until they can somehow shore up the stability.


What is REALLY happening is that the government and the Feds have had to make public the fact that there "may be twice as much money needed for the S&L's, perhaps another $50 billion". Of course, there was never a solu­tion built into the original sum and all knew it---except you nice little slaves who pay the $100 billion. Well, that isn't nearly enough, either. It was never intended to solve the problem as it was a primary factor in bringing the econ­omy to its knees and slip further under the control of the Banker's Con­spiracy. Now, there is a whole list of failing institutions added to the already long list and everyone at high levels, like Mr. Greenspan, just looks innocent and prattles on as if it were an act of God.


Mr. Bush ignores it altogether and loudly proclaims his reasons for vetoing a bill which would allow Chinese students in the U.S. to remain there for a while longer, etc. He claims it would injure the "student exchange program" with China if you fail to require the students go home. So be it--just keep your eyes and ears open and pray hard that it can be maintained just a while longer until we can get a little better situated. We need to be able to get that financing for our projects.


Actually, good projects are all the banks have left with which to leverage busi­ness. There is so much non-product investment abounding that there is no revenue for the banks with which to offset the debt and interest inequities and it will worsen as the economy deteriorates.


The effort, as I told you yesterday, will be to keep the facade going a bit longer because they don't yet control all the guns----that push will now go into hyper-gear for the Conspirators hope to have the slaves under complete con­trol prior to total collapse---they most certainly do want the economy to col­lapse in the appropriate sequence necessary to insure the workability of THE PLAN 2000. That means controlled issuing of baloney money and get you all shifted over into the guts of the beast.


What can you do? Do what we have suggested you do and keep your eyes open. Knowledge is your only hope. Please remember that it is knowledge they do not wish you to have---from the day of Adam and Eve, as your fable goes. The "apple" tree was indeed the "tree of knowledge", you historians.


Do you not think the deterioration of your educational system is intended? If you keep the populace ignorant and uneducated, you can control them through pure force and clever sorting. If a man cannot read and write--the battle is all but over.


Further---corrupt your populace into immoral behavior and then abort your babies and Satan has really won a round--because the lighted souls are re­turning into the countries where there is yet hope of changing the course of evil. The Satanic forces are already outnumbering the God-ly forces by great numbers. The effort is to keep new lighted energies out and sink the available ones into deeper confusion so that the work of evil is accomplished--prefer­ably by your so-called Christian and Jewish leaders and churches. If the "church" preacher gets near the truth of it---tempt him and cause him to fall in the mud and you turn multitudes away from light into the dark morass. You have seen all these things in play--look around and ponder this of which I re­mind you.


Now I would like to speak of dark impacted energies and what are the signs of such impacting. The attack is usually most insidious--coming forth upon a given "gifted" being by forces who creep into the circle. Then the nudging be­gins with the nipping away at the ego of the individual under attack--"see, they are stealing your stuff' and "let's not send those awful bad people any more of 'our' material for they might steal it"---it would be most amusing if it were not so painful and deliberately black in intent.


If you actually believed ones were putting out truth and you suspected they might be copying your material would you not want to flood them with your material to keep it honest? Well, that is not what happens---watch what hap­pens when truth is brought forth--they threaten lawsuits for using public truth, they attack the writer, they stop sending any communications at all and begin to 'eat of their own tail" in that, in some instances, ones have one from carrying a large variety of books to carrying only the central "circle" "guru's" stuff.


All of this to prevent these JOURNALS from being distributed.  It is foolish, indeed, for all ones know the best way to promote a thing is to ban it or denounce it.


Ones claim that all they want is to get the word out and "SAVE" the people in the name of Christ and God-ness.  No, what they want is to withhold the truth from the masses in order to put forth that which is their own to reap rewards.  Usually the central figure involved is totally ignorant of the evil pact.


I can. think of nothing more wondrous than for every Ufologist on the money circuit and discrediting of “good little aliens" to take up the banner and de­nounce our works. BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY TRUTH IN THEM AND THEY KNOW IT! FURTHER, ONES IN THE KNOWING PARTICI­PANTS BEGIN TO RECOGNIZE THE DIFFERENCE AND BEGIN TO LISTEN TO THEIR OWN GOD-GIVEN REASONING MINDS AND REALIZE WE "MAKE LOGICAL SENSE".


Some of the most humble in the beginning have had to be set aside because of the ridiculous "movements" set up around them. Foolish labels and elaborate ego logos are printed all over their material and they set themselves up as "the only contact" and without proper nurturing the central and most gifted contact is lost--devastated by his fellow-man and he cannot even see “which" ones have truly injured him. Age has not meaning in such instances--it can be from communication age, and before, right on through the centurians.


I honor ones such as Virgil Armstrong, as for instance. His books have been taken and translated into many languages--and sell very well in Russia. He gets naught except credit for that "theft' but it is the word he wants spread in the most widespread manner possible---not his nitty little pennies. Yes, he needs rewards for his work but that comes in many ways and meanwhile truth is marching on across the lands. And we of the guardian brothers shall adver­tise and promote his work and abundance shall flow unto him from truth and not lawsuits of foolish nature. There is no need to promote doom and gloom terror. The facts can be presented in hope of insight and love unbounded to lift ones up instead of pouring salt into the open wounds.


You must know the truth of your circumstance for it is only through the truth that ye shall be set free. But there is wondrous upliftment and joy in knowing a thing and then directly working the challenge of changing into the positive. It is joy beyond expression to know God and understand that the plan of evil shall not prevail and I find my crew completely joyful and at peace simply to be allowed participation at such a time of challenge and coming into truth and knowledge. And by their contribution in love and giving the rewards shall flow multifold even in abundance for it is the promise of Creator.


                                EDUARD A. MEIER (BILLY)


I need to use the given label for this wondrous friend in this most sad situation for my

Discussion would have very little impact otherwise.  This discussion revolves around a letter and information sent from Billy to GG, whom Billy considers a very close and dear friend.  This man in his human form has been all but destroyed and the pain is screamed out of his being and yet in his pain he has been opened up to lies.


This man was our first major contact on your planet in these modern times of change.  He was a "simple" man in truth and indeed humble in the years of Semjase’s contact. He was plagued with earthly bombardment and need to live frugally but he was a simple and honest one sent forth to be an Earth con­tact that we might make ourselves known and accepted in truth and not in ter­ror.


Billy Meier shall receive full compensation for his contribution to AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL-I AM SANANDA, for he first dared to put into print the original words from the ancient scrolls having re­ceived the material as translated from a most beloved one from Lebanon.


I will quote verbatim, his letter:


December 30,1989.


 Hello GG

Thank you for your letter as well as for the books


My material has been used to produce horror stories and to lead the mankind into more confusion.


My comment:


The Americans are deceivers, frauds, swindlers, and the first and the last scoundrels in the whole universe.


Look at the enclosed copies.


Eduard A Meier (BILLY)



The attached materials are both heartbreaking and filled with truth. There are some misinterpretations in the message from a Pleiadian but you must give Billy gracious compassion for he was having to do much interpretation for he took notes and then did his writing. It is not as simple for him as for Dharma for instance for she simply allows us to utilize her keyboard--undoubtedly the original JOURNAIS will be somewhat altered as they are translated from one language into that of another. So be it. I shall point out discrepancies. I shall first simply copy the portion:


One hundred ninety third contact  

Tuesday May 29, 1984  1:44 p.m,


     Quetzal        After our last conversation and after inspection of

your . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Eduard "BILLY" Meier explains:


The real contact person, Mr. Eduard "BILLY" Meier, who has contact with the Pleiadians - SEMJASE - QUETZAL - PTAAH - PLEJA - TALJDA- and others separates himself ex­pressly from association with Dr. Fred Bell and his machina­tions and pretendings that he, Dr. Fred Bell would have bad contacts with the Pleiadian, SEMJASE.


The pretendings of Dr. Bell that he would have had contacts with the Pleiadians and the information that he claims to have gained from them has been classified by the Pleiadians as de­ceptive and untrue and that he has claimed as his own; information from the contact notes of BILLY.


In reference to the excerpt of translated retyped 193rd con­tact of Tuesday the 29th of May, 1984, 1:44 p.m, contact be­tween the station Commander of the Pleiadians, Quetzal, and BILLY Meier , . . . . . . . . . . . . . following given orders. The first steps concerning our orders have al­ready been taken and we have withdrawn all of our connected groups out of the U.S.A and Asia, because it doesn't make sense that fanatics, con men and swindlers use us for the pur­pose of their own profits. We know this already happened with B. Chriswell and a Dr. Fred Bell (from the USA: noted by Billy), as well as several others, which you have been informed in our last conversations. At that time you mentioned that both Dr. Bell and B. Chriswell have pretended and declared to the public that they have had contacts with SEMJASE, PTAAH and with others of our group in Europe which doesn't corre­spond with the truth because we have never had contacts of any kind with earth people outside of Europe. Our contacts in Eu­rope now refer to only 4 people, one of them you, two of the other persons are in the meantime deceased, and one other re­mains. At this time only two contacts are of a conscious form. With you we reserve the physical contact and with the other person only telepathic. That is to say pure telepathic in mod­eration of impulse. Any other contacts are of the unconscious kind as the connected to person has no awareness what is hap­pening and the considered earth person will not have known anything about the contact. As a result of this no earth people are having conscious contact with either our European, Asian or our group in America. Any person who pretends this must be named a deceiver and swindler. You know very well for yourself why this is and why you are the only "speaking trum­pet", and out of which reasons only you can be our contact per­son in this given form. In any case we have withdrawn our groups from the USA and Asia until further notice and until such time as the waves become calm and the truth will pene­trate. This will also have some disadvantages of development for these countries and can have some unpleasant political con­sequences. But never the less we will refrain until the truth will be able to penetrate before we will renew ourselves with the thought to once more base ourselves to aid in the development of the countries of USA and ASIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


8th Question: You have many enemies, also particularly in UFO circles. What do they have against you?


Answer: The circles of today's so-called ufologists and con­tact persons consist mostly of people who do not wish to con­cern themselves with ufology and truth on a responsible level. Instead, many pursue a bogus study of ufology, bragging and lying about phony contacts, because they want to feed and sat­isfy their lust for sensationalism, their sectarianism, petty jeal­ousies, know-it-all attitudes and pompousness, their inferiority complexes, and often enough their ego trips. In addition to these others are the alleged “blessed ones"; the god/saints/Jesus delegates; apostles; god and angel messengers; "chosen few"; channellers, and others with supposed extrasensory talents; en­lightened ones; seers, revelators, and healers by their own grace, etc. These people are part of the world's population who manage to charm, exploit, and lie to the gullible and easily-­swayed individuals all over the earth. Truthfully, 99.979% of all of the allegations by these charlatans are based on deliberate fraud, lies, and deceit, including those purportedly contacted by UFOs, ETs, by those on the other" side, and from other di­mensions. These fabrications may also originate from chronic or sporadic schizophrenia or similar mental illnesses. Indeed, of 1 million claims concerning contacts, enlightenment, being the chosen ones, transmittance of messages, and so forth, only 203 (!) are communications of truth and reality, while 999,797 of 1 million claims are deceptions and lies of some sort or an­other. My enemies are jealous of my contacts with the Pleiadi­ans and feel they would have been a far superior contact person in comparison to me. However, generally are they not only poorly informed about me and my contacts, they really do not have a clue as to the related mission and the existence and func­tioning of spiritual levels, energies, laws and commandments, as well as to their truth and mode of action. Not to mention, that they do not have the vaguest idea regarding the existence of Creation, its laws and commandments, or the correlation be­tween Creation, the spirit, and the various levels and life have not only entailed fame (for which they are lusting with all their egos) but also serious problems, e.g., altogether 11 assassination attempts, which had been led against me. Furthermore, these people do not consider that they would be treated with the same hostility they are now showing me.


Most of all, they neglect to even contemplate that I have not only been connected with the mission and its fulfillment for many decades, but for numerous earlier lives; that. I have been previously instructed in the elements of strict discipline; that I  have had to educate myself in years of toil, with outside help; and that I have had to be able to take over this mission at the designated time, to carry it forward, and to fulfill it.My ene­mies see only that they cannot play a role in this mission no matter how hard they try.This stirs their envy and hatred on one hand, their frustrations on the other, for they themselves cannot publicize their crazy and wild speculations and sectarian whims on a grand scale. It should be noted however that I have no enemies whatsoever in all those many groups of seri­ously interested people who, with honest and enthusiastic in­tent, deal with UFO matters and teachings.


Furthermore, they envy my UFO photographs of beams hips (verified to be the best in the world, films, slides, metal and crystal samples, etc., and call them fakes. This is consistently the case with pseudo-scientists, dishonest critics, and all those who do not want to accept the truth, for sectarian, religious, po­litical, pseudo-scientific, or other reasons.


A further cause for animosity toward me is the fact that I uncover frauds, liars, schizophrenics, psychopaths, and cheats when they discuss UFOs, contacts with extraterrestrials, con­tacts with those on the "other side" and in other dimensions. Animosity also occurs with channellers who are considered "blessed,” and other superfreaks, etc. I distance myself from these people, and am not afraid to talk with frankness about my knowledge and experiences with them. Of course, all of the frauds, liars, and cheats now maintain that they are part of those 203 of 1 million who are telling the truth, but they do not realize, that they are digging themselves even deeper into their lies.



In second thinking, I believe I will not make comments on the above. I think you ones must come into the discernment and perhaps if enough question, I shall then respond. I urge you to not get yourselves hung up on defensive or offensive strategy but on possible truth involved herein.




When we speak of stolen material we speak of almost all of his photographs which were made with our consent and staging and the notes which have been distorted and then projected as if conjured up lies. There has been a widespread effort to discount his work as I pointedly told you in SPACE­GATE and the ones who have deliberately caused slander upon this man shall have their lies discounted.


Please pay attention to the dates in reference. Also remember that Quetzal is also a name for the Phoenix. There are errors in perception that there would only be ONE contact--as I have told you before, no guide would ever lay such a heavy burden upon one human-being.


We did withdraw our contacts from the USA and Asia for a period of time, except for a few who would be messengers for the setting of a network. Dharma had never heard of Pleiades until 1986--she called the constellation the "Wee Dipper" and had never heard of any such one as Sananda until 1986 and "Hatonn' and "Ashtar" threw her into fits of laughter as late as 1987. She has not had contact with Billy Meier in any manner whatsoever. GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS HIS WONDERS TO PERFORM! SO BE IT.


GG, please follow up on this as is convenient. We will have to "peel" off the dark energies which have moved in upon him and make it impossible to get through to him. He has a circle around him now which will totally cause his discrediting if he fails to get it under control. He no longer clears himself and has been receiving erroneous information--the imposters have told him Sem­jase is dead, etc. This is not truth but we cannot communicate with him through the shroud of darkness he has projected about himself. Ones around him have projected great attention-getting logos and splashy projections and even are setting up a cult around him. Until he comes into his consciousness of the errors of this action, we cannot work with or through him. Ones about him have set up the very public image which is the opposite of that which we come forth to disclaim.


I fear it may be difficult to get the information through the interceptors just as in other instances about your nation. All you can do is effort at contact.


You ones are so buried under the pile of work at this time that I would sug­gest taking your time to bring this contact to fruition. I do not offer a "man" a stage for hate, revenge or hate-filled rebuttal. I do offer a "person" the oppor­tunity to share his truth. It shall not be accepted through greed or "ah ha--­now I'll show the world". Our mission is to rise above these things and if this is not suitable then you must bless the dear one and allow him to go his chosen path. He does not realize that in his hate he is casting aside the very thing and Laws of Creation and God which he proclaims. Ye ones simply cannot seem to see of that which you do. THIS IS A MOST WISE OPPORTUNITY TO “TURN THE OTHER CHEEK" AND MOVE ON INTO WONDROUS GROWTH AND ENLIGHTENING TRUTH THROUGH SIMPLY PRO­JECTING THE TRUTH. YE NEED NOT THROW THE STONES BACK AT THE HOODLUMS AND THIEVES. ONES WHO REPRESENT THE LIGHTED SOURCE MUST RISE ABOVE THE HUMAN IMPACT IN ORDER THAT THE PUBLIC NOT DENOUNCE ALL IF YOU ONES BEHAVE WITH THE SAME HATE-FILLED ATTITUDES OF THE DARK MASSES THEN YOU ONLY INJURE TRUTH. WE SHALL MONITOR THIS MOST CLOSELY INDEED AND I THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO BEGIN TO BRING THIS INTO THE PUBLICATTENTION.


Yes, it is sad that a man must endure 11 assassination attempts--but so do all who bring truth; Dharma has had more and with actual success on three occa­sions. Further, if ones remove themselves from our protection we cannot con­tinue the shield and Billy has all but rejected us and he has not even been able to see through the facade.


Satan's workers, whether in intent or happenstance, are always ready to step in when a person is down and give great tending and sympathy and stroke the ego until the eyes are totally blinded. I ask that Billy give great thought unto this. The next communication he receives he must demand that if the energy comes tinged with dark intent that "IT REMOVE ITSELF IN THE NAME OF GOD AND THE CREATION". I believe he will be left holding an empty circuit unless he truly speaks it with full intent for they just about have him to­tally binded. He has been badly treated but he knew that would be so from the beginning and you ones accept a mission. If you cannot carry the load then the load will be removed but truth and actions of negativity shall not be tolerated. Bitterness and hate are not of God or The Creation and our repre­sentatives shall not be allowed to be projecting those things while in representation of our messages. So be it and may the eyes which can see--see; and the ears with ability to hear--hear! God will never leave thee without ability to return to His fold and His work. I suggest that Billy inquire of His higher friends as to the validity of Hatonn/Aton, etc. We need to return to balance.


Enough, Dharma. Do not be offended if you get a return as, "Who needs you to tell me what 'MY' selected energy needs said unto me--do you NOT think they would say it directly unto me?” Sound familiar? or, “This Hatonn must be of darkness for he says things that disagrees with my own attitudes". Hu­mility is the first step on the path to God and Jmmanuel Sananda. THERE IS NO DARKNESS IN THIS PLACE, CHELA! SO BE IT AND, NO, I DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR RESIGNATION--THERE IS MUCH WORK TO BE DONE AND YE HAVE AGREED TO DO THIS PORTION.


I think it would be good if you and Oberli simply dressed yourselves and either today or tomorrow go into the city to separate from the energies projected. You have not been away from this dwelling in over two weeks and the bom­bardment set against your place is too heavy without respite. Thank you.


Whatnot to stand-by and clearing, please. Good-day.­