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WED., DEC. 27, 1989    8:00 A.M.    YEAR 3, DAY 133


WED., DEC. 27 1989


Oh yes, there is always a solution to every problem--most people simply do not choose of the correct one.


As far as the eye can see there is mass devastation with only the dead and the dying but upon the third day life sprang up from the earth where the Mother had protected and nurtured her creations. Man and animal emerged and because he had listened to warnings and prepared, a wondrous joy spread through man's beingness. The lands would be renewed and all evil would be cast out. Be­cause some men had listened the waters were made pure and sweet and the winds ceased their terrible roar and a dove came forth and there was rejoicing. And I saw a city coming forth from out of the heavens and behold the sons of heaven stepped forth upon the barren lands and we were taken up.


Then was the terrible roar and moan from within the earth and we saw the earth shake and the mountains rise and the seas came forth over the lands and the fires were extinguished.


Then the seas gave up their life and the lands were covered with vapors and this went on for a very long time in the counting. Then the city was again lowered unto the earth mountain place that had been untouched. In many places upon the place men were set back again into the newness to build again upon the wondrous newness from which life began to spring in abundance.


That which had been buried for a very long eon of time came forth in newness, cleansed and pure, and it was century one of the new counting. The mind was overwhelmed and the visions of the old began to fade as the emotions were filled with the blessed veil of forgetfulness. It was as if everything, including the mind of man, had been birthed again. And there was the word and the word rang throughout the land for those who would follow.


What will man do with this new cycle upon the wondrous creation? It was the limbo world between the ending and the beginning which never ceased but was somehow different in that the word shown brightly all about the wondrous new­ness. And the sons of heaven stayed and then some returned from whence they came and some stayed on to lead the peoples.


And a lamb nuzzled at my knee and the roar of the lion faded into the heavens and all was sweetness upon the place. I rejoiced and then turned unto mine work for there was indeed much to be done. I somehow knew I would be given into forgetfulness but in that moment I knew all and I wondered what man would do with this wondrous place of newness.


The seas had rendered up the ancient of relics and the golden cup shone in the light of a new sun and I wondered what it might have been and I knew that my journey would again be long. My Grandfather put his arm about my shoulders and comforted me and said, "Come for I shall show the way". I knew I could not count far enough and the feathers of Grandfather's cloak smelled fresh and he took my hand and I could no longer see where I was going. I wanted to go back again unto my home and Grandfather said, "Later, Little Bear, for it is not yet thy time". I will ask Grandfather the way for he has walked the path so many times--and he has promised me--he has promised me! I know not who I am, I simply AM! And it is said the word must go forth as on the wings of the eagles that it can reach all the corners of the world where the path goes and re­turns and when it returns, my work shall be finished that I may again return home to my place among the stars of the seven lights where my Father dwells. Until that day Grandfather will show me the path and whisper the Truth upon the winds and it shall come within my ear and mind and I shall be given to know again. I am weary and the lands are tumbled and order must be restored for about me lies the remnants of chaos.


But at this moment in "time" there are no beings upon the black path for some­how those of the black path are crying out from a place I cannot see but I can­not remember. Grandfather will tell me how it was and someday I shall again remember.


I picked up the lamb for it, too, had lost of its Mother and I knew that I was birthed of the heaven and the earth and that Grandfather would tell me. Grand­father must have told me for I know that I hold the Truth and I know not from whence it comes forth like the waters of the spring. I do not understand, Grandfather, I do not understand. I love this place but I do not like this place.


But I shall stay and I shall do of my work and I shall put the word to the skins and stone and when you come for me I shall be ready--for I AM and I have no label

--I simply AM and all about me simply IS. Mitakoye Oyasin. Aho.


* * *


No, chela, you shall not begin a new page nor strike the writing--you must no longer hide your eyes from Truth--it is time for the knowing. Salu.


Hatonn present to sit with you and to move on with the words. Some will listen and some will denounce them but all will know the truth of it for thy Mother is in recreation and renewal and the birthing pains are hard. We shall walk as gently as we can but we will not bend in the winds of adversity for it is the time for Truth to prevail for man has lost his way.




More deadly than ICBMs is FEAR. That which is born of disinformation. Such fear can paralyze a nation and a peoples. Through insidious control of the U.S. media and public education, the Cartel has conditioned Americans to cower in terror of what Richard Pipes calls "the evil spirits whose abode is neu­trons and protons".


Sam Cohen, who developed the neutron bomb (how many remembered his name?), observes that a fatalistic fear of nuclear war will erode America's de­termination to "resist the designs the Soviets have for bringing us into their orbit and we will find ourselves increasingly bowing to their will and coming under their control".


Conversely, the Soviet peoples are told by their masters: "There is profound er­ror and harm in the disorienting claims of bourgeois ideologues that there will be no victor in a thermonuclear world war".


The Soviets maintain and continually refine a massive civil-defense apparatus which ensures Soviet survival of a Soviet nuclear offensive. For 175,000 nomenklatura, the Soviets have built radiation shelters 600 feet below the ground. Huge underground steel bunkers contain communications, emergency power sources, sleeping areas and water storage.


Soviet industrial complexes have blast-resistant underground shelters to accom­modate their largest work shifts. Huge food caches are sheltered throughout the Soviet empire. Mass civil-defense training programs ensure evacuation of So­viet cities well in advance of a surprise attack on the U.S.


One U.S. senior technical advisor admits that even if ALL of America's sur­viving nuclear weapons were delivered on the Soviet Union, they would kill all of the people in an area that amounts to only 2.7 percent of the U.S.S.R. Dr. Teller explains: "The landmass of the U.S.S.R. is more than twice that of the U.S.; its urban concentration proportionately much lower. The Soviets' civil-defense planning may well enable them to lose fewer people in a nuclear con­flict than the 20 million casualties they suffered in World War II".


Nuclear winter is a propaganda device contrived by disarmament advocate Carl Sagan. Because of his exaggerations and inaccuracies, Dr. Sagan has lost all credibility in scientific circles. As Dr. Cohen notes, nuclear winter is a danger­ous HOAX perpetrated by Soviet agents who are "more than happy to see the U.S. lose confidence in defending itself against nuclear attack".


As part of a national brainwashing campaign, Americans are often shown im­ages of Japanese nuclear-bomb victims. Yet there are hundreds of thousands of survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after nuclear holocaust, a fact NEVER discussed by the controlled media. Many survived UNINJURED in earth-cov­ered shelters very nearly at ground zero.


Dr. Teller reports: "In Nagasaki, people in caves survived one-third of a mile from ground zero. The day after the blast, bridges were open to traffic; the second day, trains ran; the third day, streetcars were operating. The people of these cities were without any knowledge of how to protect themselves. Yet 1.6 to 3.1 miles from ground zero, 98 percent of the inhabitants--283,000 people--survived. Among this group in the past 33 years, about 500 more deaths from cancer have occurred than would be predicted in an unexposed similar group of people".


Dr. Arthur B. Robinson of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine says of long-term radiation danger: "When compared with deaths from all causes (not just cancer), the long term radiation from nuclear war increases the overall death rate less than 1 %. This is consistent with the fact that, regardless of ex­tensive investigations, no deaths from residual radiation and only a few ad­ditional deaths from cancer have been observed among survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki".


One week after nuclear exchange, ninety-seven percent of the Soviet work force will be able to leave their shelters for an eight-hour work day. Nevertheless, the Cartel's powerful National Education Association--through propaganda cur­ricula like CHOICES--imbues American children with the notion that nuclear war means death for every living thing on earth. Such DISINFORMATION is crucial to The Plan. A nation secure in its civil-defense preparedness would be difficult to blackmail.




But, because they are deliberately kept ignorant, Americans do not demand a viable national civil-defense program with properly equipped shelters, adequate food storage and updated plans for emergency evacuation from known targeted areas.


Now effectively programmed by nuclear doomsdayers, most Americans are ap­parently incapable of comprehending Dr. Teller's assurances that, although a terrible number of people would die in nuclear war, "many more would sur­vive". Teller adds that after nuclear exchange, the environment--including the ozone layer--would return to nearly normal quite rapidly. Yet, as Richard Pipes notes: "Anyone who calls for a dispassionate analysis of the issues or, worse yet, for defenses against nuclear weapons, violates powerful taboos and is ap­propriately punished by the multitude".


This is true. The average American generally becomes infuriated when told that nuclear war is survivable. Many foolish Americans will undoubtedly be EVEN MORE infuriated when they find that they DID survive nuclear war and that they are starving because there is no food production and no civil order.


Drawing from data calculated by the most brilliant of experts, Dr. Robinson (see SURVIVAL IS ONLY TEN FEET FROM HELL and FIGHTING CHANCE, TEN FEET FROM SURVIVAL) estimates that it would require 438 one-megaton nuclear bombs (the power of 22,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs) to completely pulverize a city the size of Los Angeles. Even if only TEN PERCENT of America's population survives a Soviet attack, that would still leave MILLIONS to fall prey to a greater enemy. The chaos, the inhuman acts of man against man, the anarchy and bloodshed after nuclear war will be far more devastating than radiation.




As part of The Plan, Americans have been conditioned to believe that their ONLY hope for survival depends upon "arms negotiations" with the Kremlin slavers. Yet, since Lenin announced that treaties--like pie crusts--are made to be broken, the Soviets have violated EVERY agreement, treaty and non-aggres­sion pact they have ever signed.




In 1987 a study sponsored by Harvard University concluded that the major U.S.-Soviet arms accords signed over twenty-five years have enabled the Sovi­ets to achieve global superiority in land, sea, conventional and nuclear weaponry as America unilaterally disarmed.


Senator Henry Jackson complained of Kissinger's 1972 SALT I Treaty: ". . .the agreements give the Soviets more of everything: more light ICBMs, more heavy ICBMs, more submarine-launched missiles, more submarines, more payload, even more ABM radars. In no area covered by the agreement is the United States permitted to maintain parity with the Soviet Union".


After the Soviets signed the SALT II agreement, they increased their nuclear ar­senal by SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT. While the Soviets have staged the biggest military buildup in modern history, the U.S. has wasted BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on UNILATERAL disarmament projects. In compliance with SALT II, a treaty never ratified by the Senate and continually violated by the Soviets, U.S. officials poured concrete into the missile bays of Polaris subs and dismantled Poseidon subs at a cost of $21 million per EACH ONE DE­STROYED. Congress CANNOT ESCAPE the strictures of the SALT II scam. The 1989 defense authorization provides that MORE U.S. MISSILE-LAUNCH SUBS BE RETIRED TO OFFSET NEW WEAPONS.


The Cartel created the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency the same year it released State Department Publication 7277--that infamous blueprint for a global police state.


Congressman John Bray said of this agency in 1963: "Many of us--had great hopes for the future of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency when we voted for the authorization and appropriations for its operation. After observing the operation of this agency for one year, I am deeply disappointed. Instead of working on plans to represent the interests of America and the free world in disarmament plans, this agency has apparently been studying reasons for the free world to surrender to the Kremlin".


Collaborating with the Soviets to arrange America's terminal disarmament, this agency has always been under direction of such Cartel appointees as Paul Nitze, who advocates turning U.S. and NATO weapons over to the United Nations.


In 1968, the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency promulgated a document titled Arms Control and National Security. It specifically states that the BASIC PURPOSE OF ARMS-CONTROL NEGOTIATIONS IS CREATION OF A GLOBAL POLICE AUTHORITY.


Quote: "...the agreed ultimate goal of the negotiations has been general and complete disarmament, i.e., the total elimination of all armed forces and arma­ments except those needed to maintain internal order within states and to furnish the United Nations peace forces. While the reductions were taking place, a U.N. peace force would be established and developed, and by the time the plan was completed, it would be so strong that no nation could challenge it".


The document did not explain that on the way to world order, the Cartel would, for the purposes of blackmail, take the lethal risk of unilaterally disarming America while building the Soviet war machine to monumental proportions.


As the Soviet war machine grew ever more formidable after each new round of arms agreements, America and Western Europe grew ever more intimidated, then suckered into new treaties and agreements which only made them more vulnerable to nuclear attack.


Richard Pipes observes: "...every Soviet action, no matter how aggressive and immoral, need not be condoned but must be acquiesced to for the sake of the supreme objective, preservation of good relations with the Soviet Union, which alone makes it possible to preserve peace, which insures the survival of mankind".


So it was that Congress, bullied into ratifying arms reduction treaties, WHAT­EVER THEIR TERMS, obediently rubber-stamped such snares as SALT I (formally) and SALT II (tacitly), agreements which presupposed the Soviet "right" to achieve nuclear superiority and which prohibited the U.S. from de­veloping modern weapons systems. Years of such appeasement have turned America and Western Europe into sniveling vassals of the most brutal, treacher­ous power to arise in human history.


To hasten America's unilateral disarmament, you now enter the PEACE GAME phase brought to you by the media's own darling, Mikhail Gorbachev--butcher of Afghanistan. Gorbachev apparently has the charm and the skill to consum­mate Soviet strategy as outlined by D. Mauilisky who taught students at Lenin School of Political Warfare: "To win we shall need the element of surprise. The bourgeois will have to be put to sleep, so we shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There will be electrifying over­tures and unheard-of concessions. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we shall smash them with our clenched fist". WHY DON'T YOU JUST STOP RIGHT NOW AND GO RIGHT BACK AND READ THAT PARAGRAPH AGAIN!





The World Order Models Project calls for elimination of U.S. forces abroad. In 1988, the Cartel moved swiftly toward this goal with its Treaty on Intermedi­ate-range Nuclear Forces (INF Treaty) This treaty, which Newsweek magazine called the "first significant withdrawal of American power from Europe since World War II", was negotiated with the Soviets by Secretary of State, George Shultz.


George Shultz's father was reportedly an official of the American International Corporation. You may recall that I.P. Morgan and his network of Wall Street Moguls created this corporation to assist their Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.


As a dynastic member of the inner core of Cartel power, Shultz has nurtured Marxist revolution globally. One of his pet projects has been the Soviet-Cuban regime in Angola, a base for Soviet subversion in Africa.


The Marxist dictator of Angola heads the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA). The Cartel placed MPLA in power in 1975, and this So­viet-backed parasite has waxed strong on the U.S. Export-Import Bank ever since.


MPLA rakes in $1 billion annually from the Cartel's massive multinational cor­porate interlock which operates Angola's Cabinda oil fields. U.S. corporations cooperating with MPLA include Mobil, Texaco, Conoco and Chevron/Gulf plus Boeing Aircraft, General Electric and also Shultz's long time employer, Bechtel Corporation.


The Chevron/Gulf refinery complex at Cabinda is guarded by Soviet and Cuban troops under command of a Russian general. Revenues from Cabinda have pro­vided the Soviet-Angolan regime with currency it needs to stave off anti-com­munist rebels (UNITA) who have been fighting for 13 years to free Angola from Marxist control. In 1985, Shultz was brazen enough to urge congressional leader Robert Michel to block humanitarian aid for UNITA.


Shultz's INF Treaty requires America to destroy new cruise and Pershing mis­siles worth $9 billion. These were the ONLY European ground-based nuclear weapons capable of reaching the Soviet heartland in the event of a Soviet offen­sive against Western Europe. The Soviets never cared for those U.S. missiles; they were a genuine obstruction to Soviet expansionism.




Remaining U.S. nuclear weapons in Western Europe have an average maximum range of only 66 miles. They would fall on NATO territory instead of halting Soviet aggression at its root.


The INF agreement marks the beginning of the end of nuclear defense against Soviet invasion of Western Europe and it will surely dissolve what remains of Western Europe's flagging will to resist Sovietization. According to retired Army General, Albion Knight, after the Pershing missiles are withdrawn, American troops in Europe will be cannon fodder, or worse.


American journalists fairly slobbered themselves applauding Mikhail Gorbachev's

INF "CONCESSIONS" in which he agreed to dismantle a small percentage of obsolete soviet SS-20s. In the unthinkable event that the Soviets should honor a commitment for the THE FIRST TIME since 1917, only Soviet missiles (delivery vehicles) would be dismantled. The warhead devices and guidance systems on those missiles can reportedly be transferred to the canisters of newer Soviet SS-25 missiles. Besides, the Soviets need only TEN PER­CENT of their SS-20s to destroy ALL OF NATO's remaining nuclear assets.


The INF "verification process" is a farce because of: 1. the limited number of Soviet sites open to inspection, 2. the limited number of inspections permitted, 3. mobile launchers which allow the Soviets to move missiles prior to inspec­tions, for which they are given 16 hours advance notice. Even before the INF agreement was ratified, U.S. officials discovered that the Soviets had faked pho­tos necessary for compliance.


The INF Treaty permits a network of Soviet agents (KGB/GRU) to be stationed at U.S. defense plants and military bases across the U.S. and Europe to ensure U.S. compliance. During the frenzy of the INF "deal", U.S. officials gave a grand tour of U.S. military bases to Marshal Sergei Akhronmeyev, then number two in command of the Soviet war machine. Akhronmeyev was even treated to a tour of the Pentagon's top-secret War Room.


The INF Treaty is a significant political victory for the World Order gang.


Senator Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina) reports: "The INF summit is supposed to mark the initiation of a new phase in Soviet-American relations. This phase is intended ultimately to produce a convergence in the two systems".


As part of the Cartel's public relations campaign designed to portray the Soviets as noble reformers, Parade Magazine (May 22, 1988) featured a diatribe by Soviet Ambassador Yuri Dubinin. Dubinin assured American dupes that the INF Treaty will lead to a "world free of nuclear weapons". Representing a criminal regime, which as of as late as 1988 routinely tortured and killed un­armed civilian refugees fleeing Afghanistan, Dubinin declared that the Soviets are interested in "meaningful dialogue on the entire spectrum of humanitarian issues".


Employing hackneyed Cartel phrases ("interdependence in a rapidly changing world"), Dubinin stated: "History is urgently confronting us with the challenge to restructure international relations on a new, democratic basis .. ". This is obviously Cartel rhetoric for the planned installation of a global dictatorship which controls all the weapons in the world.


Dubinin's statements revealed that the Soviets were panting for Senate ratifica­tion of the INF Treaty. George Shultz was hysterical in his demands that the Senate ratify with undue haste! One hundred men of the Senate, in whose hands rested the fate of a nation, had a remarkable opportunity to demand, in return, the immediate reduction of Soviet conventional weapons in Europe, the disman­tling of the Berlin Wall, and the removal of Soviet puppet governments from Eastern Europe, Cuba, Nicaragua and Afghanistan.


Instead, America's Senators dutifully sold America into infamy. These pan­dering whores, beholden to the Cartel's megalithic corporate interlock for cam­paign contributions, obediently ratified the INF booby trap by a vote of 93-5.


Preceding the final vote, during Senate debate on the INF pact, amendments were introduced that would have delayed the destruction of U.S. intermediate-range weapons in Europe until the President certifies that the Soviets are no longer violating the previous arms control pacts they have signed.




Shortly before the INF Treaty sealed the fate of the West, Dubinin, flushed with impending victory, had announced: "We want our first step toward nuclear disarmament to be followed by an even more important treaty. We want this sooner, rather than later..."


He was referring to the Cartel's ongoing Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) which will invariably result in the destruction of at least half of America's long-range nuclear missiles and a percentage of her strategic sub­marines.


Newsweekadmits that the Soviets will have "large incentive" to cheat on a START agreement. Representative Les Aspin, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, admits that a START agreement will be an especially dan­gerous trap because Soviet compliance will be ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE TO VERIFY. Aspin believes that the U.S. will have to "live with uncertainty. Thus, with blind trust, Americans will necessarily stake the fate of their nation and the lives of their children on the veracity and good will of the Soviet Communist Party".


The START sellout will mark the LAST PHASE of America's unilateral disar­mament. It will preface the compulsory surrender, by the year 2000, of Amer­ica's remaining weapons to the United Nations "peacekeeping" apparatus de­signed to enforce the edicts of the Cartel's global socialist political machine.


It is little wonder that in December 1988, Mikhail Gorbachev told the United Nations General Assembly that it is time for mankind to build a "NEW WORLD ORDER".


Dharma, let us have a break please and then we will discuss "how you got ‘dead'". How you were duped and fooled--'tis sad indeed. You slept while your country burned just as good old Caesar fiddled while Rome burned--the same evil forces set the fires and you ended up in the roaster. So be it.


Hatonn to stand-by.


By the way for you grammar-wise nervous editors who read the commas and quotation marks instead of the book--let it be known right now that WE saw stupid rules and changed them for you as it seems you dear ones will change nothing, no matter how stupid. Quotation marks always outside a punctuation mark--indeed, and change the meaning of the entire subject material! The ones who made the rules didn't know what to do with them so arbitrarily decided to have "a rule"--dare ye not to do anything? You will or ye shall be in the per­ishment of your civilization. So be it and selah. thJ-011-Cry_Of_The_Phoenix.pdf