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SUN., DEC. 24, 1989    7:30 A.M.    YEAR 3, DAY 130

SUN., DEC. 24, 1989


And the blood shall run in the streets. Brother will turn against brother and the lands shall be laid waste and the cities shall become strewn with the martyrs to freedom. There shall be unrest in every nation of your world. And it shall come to be in those days that the bitter-sweet victory shall sour within the belly for he will learn too late that he sold of his freedom and lost of his path. Man now fights for freedom--from what unto what?


In Romania, for instance, the thousands of murdered shall never be known for each family with a murdered being shall think theirs among the counted. The same is true in Panama. The same was true in the 1906 San Francisco earth­quake. The Elite shall tell you that which they wish you to hear.


You believe that Socialism "Communism" has no elite? That all is taken from the people and shared by the state with the people? Nay,  Mr. Nicolae Ceausescu has over 400 million dollars in gold in Switzerland. Now Romania "had" a population of living beings of about 23,155,000 in the approximately sized country slightly less than your New York State and the State of Pennsyl­vania combined--about a fourth the area of California or less. That, dear ones, is not bourgeois.


Where will these hapless people turn for money to restructure in their newly found DEMOCRATIC government? They will turn to the elite groups who own your world and turn your nations into nations of democratic dictatorships just as The Plan outlines. One by one, under the guise of "freedom" the nations shall fall into the hands of the selected few who, when the smoke fades, shall rule with an unbending hand and the agony of man shall be as none he has ever known.


So be it for it has been written thus for aeons of time and you listened not. The United States of America is the last bastion of hope for your world. If you can restrain the elite few, make your commitments to change, it could be halted--we see no probability that it will be so. Therefore, our ones shall endeavor to help you play within the game as long as possible that pockets of good examples can be established WITHIN THE LAWS OF THE LAND, that the evolution to come shall give hope and light unto the lost. You have a brief time of coming together and really making a grand difference in the sequence--will you do it? It is your choice. Whether ye do or do not--the word must go forth unto this saddened world for man HAS YET TO GAIN THE HIGHEST GLORY AND ABUNDANCE OF ALL IF HE WILL BUT TAKE OF IT! Will mankind come up off his cot of boredom, greed and lust, and act? The "controllers" have placed you in a stupor through your media--you have turned to homosexuality as you have ceased to function in wholeness with your opposite gender. They have painted a picture of lust and satisfaction which is evil and false--they have literally taught you and your babies that all the ten command­ments of God are wrong and shown you HOW to misuse and abuse them.   YOU HAVE BECOME FOLLOWERS OF SATAN EVEN WHILE YOU DENOUNCE HIM. YOU CAN, HOWEVER, CHANGE IT IF YOU WILL! MOST OF YOUR MASSES FIND NAUGHT OTHER THAN PAIN IN LIFE--LIFE IS A JOY OF CELEBRATION AND YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN, LULLED INTO LETHARGY BY THOSE WHO WILL DESTROY YOU. SO BE IT AND SELAH.






* * *


Hatonn present to resume on the document, please. A glorious day the Creator has gifted you with in this place of the foothills and our craft are very close this day. If you will look, we shall acknowledge. It is a time of brotherhood in your year's cycle but there is such pain and unhappiness as meaning has been wiped from your hearts. The drive for material gain and exchange has caused the season to lose of its definition. You cannot revere God and Satan at once--Satan has stolen your last Holy Day while you were "being" and "reaping the rewards of abundance"--his promise shall be as all his promises--shortlived and empty. Your places of "family" are but on your "X-mas" cards--So it has come to be. Selah and Salu.


Thank you, chela, for this is the greatest gift you can give unto your family and babes--and fellow-man. The sooner we finish the work the sooner man has op­portunity to see Truth. Do not despair, little one, for joy and peace shall be your reward. And to you who put forth these words unto your brother--great joy shall come forth for the wash of appreciation shall flow over you as a tidal wave--man is ready to hear and see. The desire for "freedom" shall raise again in the breast of the human and you will not be able to measure your reward. Joy and peace is the reward within self--for a job well done.


Let us now return to the illusion and illumination of more disagreeable matters.


First, however, I wish to acknowledge John S. whose letter was received on the yesterday. Ah yes, brother, 'tis you who was given reference. Thank you for acknowledging. You are held most dear in our heart places for your loyalty and never-ending affirmation of love and willing assistance. Ye are most beloved by Germain and soon the way is to become more clear as to your ultimate path--that sir, is a message directed unto you from Sir Germain. Blessed are ye who have patience to await thy call.


Oberli, please see that John's requests are met and see to it that he gets first copies of all the, JOURNALS as soon as available. Ask if he would like to qui­etly distribute the JOURNALS when it does not interfere with his other duties. We would supply him with the initial few sets so that he would not need place money in the fore. We must have our beloved workers gain stability and reward for God is abundance and man must understand that he also provides unto his faithful. These JOURNALS are destined to blanket the lands for even in darkest Africa--the concept is the same and it is the concept which has value. So be it and blessings in great joy. My heart is overflowed when I can relay joyous messages. Thank you for the brief diversion.





I feel blasphemous to move from such a delightful subject into such a horren­dous topic--nonetheless, we must move on.


We shall examine the Cartel strategy for shredding the Constitution and flushing its remnants into the sewer of global dictatorship--BY THE YEAR 2000. THAT IS MOST CLOSE INDEED, FRIENDS.




The Plan requires that the Constitution ultimately be discarded. Therefore, the Cartel spent millions of dollars to draft A Proposed Constitutional Model for the "Newstates" of America. (Oh yes, it is documented!) The document is pub­lished in EMERGING CONSTITUTION by Rexford G. Tugwell (New York: Harper and Row, 1974). The Proposed New Constitution for the Newstates of America is also available from: Liberty Lobby, 300 Independence Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003.


This New Constitution was produced in the Sixties by the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, this think tank was lavishly funded by the Ford Foundation, the Cartel's foremost institution dedicated to merging the United States with the Union of Soviet So­cialist Republics.


The Newstates Constitution is so named because it replaces the fifty states with twenty regional bureaucratic groupings called "newstates". It creates, in theory, a TOTAL SOCIALIST STATE for contemporary America. It brings every facet of human endeavor under control of centralized planning and regulatory agencies. A huge network of "overseers", "chancellors", "planners" and other powerful administrators would supervise all industry, business, agriculture, production and distribution of goods and services. They would dictate policy for distribution of profits, capital, consumer prices, wages, utilities and all "practices affecting the public interest".


Newstates facilitates The Plan by transferring authority to the world government through the House of Representatives, whose duties are "to assist in the mainte­nance of world order and for this purpose, when the President shall recommend, to vest jurisdiction in international legislative, judicial or administrative agen­cies".


Other highlights of this document include: presidential appointment of senators who retain office for life; supervision of the judicial system by ONE superjudge whose legions of appointees would decide if the newstates had violated international law; mandatory disarmament of all citizens; state-supervised education for those who "meet appropriate tests of eligibility". Newstates en­dorses suspension of freedom of speech, communication, movement, assembly and petition during a declared emergency. The word "emergency" appears in the Newstates Constitution dozens of times.


In preparation for reconstructive surgery on America's original Constitution, the Cartel created the Committee on the Constitutional System (CCS). Packed with World Order enthusiasts, CCS has received massive funding from the Cartel's large tax-exempt foundations, including Rockefeller, Ford, American Express and the Dillon Fund.


CCS is chaired by C. Douglas Dillon who through his former Wall Street firm, Dillon Read, was heavily involved in financing Hitler and the Nazi movement prior to World War II. Dillon, worth an estimated $180 million, has been a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation. He is also an official sponsor of the World Order Models Project.


CCS co-founder is Trilateral Commissioner, Lloyd N. Cutler. Cutler agrees that the Constitution must be restructured to provide less separation between the executive and the legislative branches. He recommends remodeling America's political institutions to accommodate a parliamentary system similar to those of socialist Western Europe. Cutler states that the solution for occasional congressional obstruction of executive plans and projects, especially "foreign policy ac­tions", is to bring the Congress under iron-fisted control of the President, i.e., the Cartel, because:


       "We are now an integral part of a closely interconnected world eco­nomic and political system. We have to respond as quickly and deci­sively to what happens abroad as to what happens within the portion of this world system that is governed under our Constitution. And when Congress does act, it is prone to impose statutory conditions or prohibi­tions that fetter the President's policy discretion to negotiate an appropri­ate assistance package".


As Cutler affirms, it is necessary to greatly strengthen the executive branch of the federal government, which will then yield its powers to the global authority by the year 2000, or shortly thereafter. CCS has issued reports and recommen­dations proposing RADICAL constitutional changes that will allow the Cartel to centralize power for The Plan. CCS proposals, designed to circumvent the will of the people include:


1. Placing President, Vice President and congressional candidates on a package slate so voters would be forced to vote "party", not "the person".


2. Allowing the President to dissolve Congress when it refuses to cooperate.


3. Using public funds to finance congressional campaigns.


4. Doubling the length of congressional terms.


5. Empowering Congress or the President to call new elections during a "deadlock".


6. Merging the legislative and executive branches by permitting congressmen and senators to hold Cabinet positions while retaining their congressional seats.


7. Empowering the federal government to regulate and supervise cities.


CCS, the National Taxpayers Union, and other Cartel instruments are pushing relentlessly for a constitutional convention. Several dozen states have petitioned Congress for such a convention for discussion of a balanced budget amendment, despite the fact that a balanced budget is already mandated by the Constitution in Article 1, Section 2.


This part of the Constitution provides for the extinguishment of debt each fiscal year by requiring Congress to collect from the states (according to their con­gressional representation) the remaining needed tax revenues.


Legal experts, including Walter Dellinger of Duke University Law School and Gerald Gunther of Stanford Law School, have agreed that there is no way to LIMIT the agenda of a constitutional convention. Therefore, a constitutional convention could provide the Cartel opportunity to radically restructure the Constitution along the model of Newstates. This would fulfill the prophecy of George Washington who warned in his Farewell Address: "One method of as­sault may be to effect in the forms of the Constitution alterations which will im­pair the energy of the system, and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown".






The Founding Fathers of your nation declared that the basic Bill of Rights free­doms are unalienable--that is, God-given. They maintained that unalienable rights can be neither created nor suspended by government dictum. They be­lieved that government is instituted SOLELY TO PROTECT the unalienable rights of each individual.




The Cartel, however, believes that all rights are merely "privileges" created by government and liable to manipulation or revocation by bureaucratic whim.


According to Richard Falk, WOMP planners have structured world order "rights" based, in part, upon the United Nations Universal Declaration of Hu­man Rights. The phraseology of this document closely parallels the Constitution of the Soviet Union. The Declaration of Human Rights extols certain inalienable rights, then opens the door to revocation of these rights through "determined by law" clauses. For example, it declares:


       "In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in the democratic society. These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations".


Interestingly, the "purposes" and "principles" of the United Nations align pre­cisely with Soviet Marxist ideology. The following is from the Los Angeles Times:


       "U.N. Secretary-General U Thant praised Vladimir I. Lenin, founder of the Soviet Union, as a political leader whose ideals were reflected in the U.N. Charter.


       "Lenin was a man with a mind of great clarity and incisiveness, and his ideas have had a profound influence on the course of contemporary history".


Lenin was an incisive terrorist. He told the Bolsheviks: "We have never re­jected terrorism on principle, nor can we do so. Terrorism is a form of military operation that may be usefully applied". Lenin defined "democratic" terrorism with great clarity: "A revolution is undoubtedly the most authoritarian thing there is. It is the act whereby one part of the population imposes its will upon the other part by means of rifles, bayonets, and cannon. And the victorious party, if it does not wish to have fought in vain, must maintain its rule by means of the terror which its arms inspire in the reactionaries".


Global citizens might be interested to ask which of their unalienable rights will remain intact if:


1. None of their rights can be exercised contrary to purposes and principles of the U.N., and


2. The U.N. reflects the ideals of the mass-murderer and terrorist, Vladimir Lenin.


According to Falk, the Cartel's world government will likely grant global citi­zens the following world order "privileges":


1. The right to food, housing, health, and education (See Soviet Constitution, articles 39-45).


2. The right to be protected against genocide, torture, arbitrary arrest, detention and execution, and against what Falk ominously calls "enemies of the state" (See Soviet Constitution, articles 4, 37, 39, 49 and 54-58).


3. The right to participate in choice of political leadership, of job, of place of residence, of cultural activity and orientation and the right to participate in "procedures in shaping and execution of norms" (See Soviet Constitution, arti­cles 2, 3, 8, 48-50).


4. The right to work in order to be reasonably secure about the prospects of minimal physical well-being and survival (See Soviet Constitution, articles 40, 60, 89-94, 146).


Noticeably absent from WOMP's obtuse, ill-defined "rights" are these unalien­able constitutional guarantees, which WOMP planners obviously consider im­material in a socialist democracy:

























The Cartel believes that both the Constitution and America's national sovereignty must be dismantled in increments so that Americans do not become prematurely alarmed. (Well, I would say that is working most effectively). Richard Gardner explains their "termite" principle: "In short, the 'house of world order' will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault".


The Cartel has successfully eroded national sovereignty and strengthened the in­stitutions of world government by binding America to thousands of international treaties and agreements. For example, the United Nations International Wheat Conference has for years decreed how much wheat America may sell in foreign countries and at what price. At the same time, small U.S. farmers have suf­fered massive bankruptcies due to, among other things, low commodities prices. One researcher concludes:


       "After two centuries of disdain for international organizations, the United States in the post-World War II era has become one of history's great joiners. In a short time, the U.S. signed on with scores of groups. So vast grew this nation's memberships in international groups, that the State Department had to create in 1954 an entire section to deal with international organizations. By early 1983, the Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations had a staff of 172 to monitor U.S. relations with 98 international groups. In addition to those, the U.S. has ties to at least 50 other international agencies and commissions. The ex­act number of international bodies to which the U.S. belongs, in fact, no one in the government seems to know".


International treaties and other entanglements are vital to The Plan because they provide a clever mechanism for quietly transferring power from America's legally constituted state and federal governments to the global bureaucracy. In his official position as Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles declared: (please shudder now)!


       "Treaties make international law and also they make domestic law. Under our Constitution, treaties become the supreme law of the land. They are indeed more supreme than ordinary laws, for congressional laws are invalid if they do not conform to the Constitution, whereas treaty laws can override the Constitution. Treaties, for example, can take powers away from the Congress and give them to the federal government or to some international body and they can cut against the rights given the people by the constitutional Bill of Rights".


The Founding Fathers never intended this "snag". Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Manual of Parliamentary Practice: ". . . surely the President and the State cannot do by treaty what the whole government is interdicted from doing in any way". So be it and may much luck come drifting your way.


This has been confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1953, Senator John Bricker feared that--because of this dangerous interpretation (Missouri vs. Hol­land (1920) and again in U.S. vs. Pink (1942)--unscrupulous foreign powers could rob U.S. citizens of their constitutional rights by seducing American politicians into cleverly designed treaties and agreements. So Bricker intro­duced to the Senate a constitutional amendment providing that NO provision in the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, could be canceled or overridden by international treaty. The Bricker Amendment FAILED by one vote. This was a landmark victory for the Cartel.


What treaties do you think Mr. Bush made with Mr. Gorbachev off Malta within the month? Oh foolish ones--several, and they have been listed for you in published material. No, you go look it up! I shall begin to stop chewing the food I place in your mouths.


Americans who believe that their rights are irrevocably protected by the Con­stitution live in delusion. The late Senator William Jenner warned:


       "The United Nations is preparing a series of treaties which operate as domestic legislation, affecting our citizens in matters on which our Constitution does not permit even the federal government to legislate. They would abolish our Bill of Rights and replace it with a body of state-granted privileges and duties modeled exactly upon the Soviet Constitu­tion".





One of the many treaties crafted to cancel the Bill of Rights and to bring America under jurisdiction of world government is the U.N. Genocide Conven­tion. This treaty sat on the back burner for three decades until ratified by the Senate in 1986.


Preventing mass murder is not the REAL intent of this treaty, which the late Senator Sam Ervin--a constitutional expert, called "intellectually dishonest and deceptive". The Genocide Convention defines "genocide" as an ORAL OR WRITTEN STATEMENT which may be construed to cause "mental harm" to an individual or to a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. Thus, it creates a crucial foundation for restricting speech/press, since nearly ANY verbal or written statement could allegedly cause mental harm to SOMEONE.


The vague language of the Genocide Convention renders the treaty open to broad interpretation by the World Court. In 1946, the U.S. Senate recognized the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice (World Court) except in matters which are "within the domestic jurisdiction of the United States as deter­mined by the United States". This reservation, the Connally Amendment, is all that protects Americans from the arbitrary decrees of foreign-born World Court judges, whose personal ideologies invariably reflect the Marxist bias of the United Nations. The Cartel will eventually repeal the Connally Amendment so that the World Court may effectively regulate America's internal affairs.


The vague language also renders the treaty open to broad interpretation of any other international tribunal before which an American may eventually be brought to stand trial once he is accused of "intent to destroy", "conspiracy", "incitement" or "complicity".


Although it sounds unreal, the authors of these books giving forth simple infor­mation, could someday be accused of verbal "genocide" by those who favor The Plan. These ones could be forced to stand trial, without constitutional protec­tion, before an international court or tribunal. The prognostications are based on what has happened to many authors within the Soviet sphere who have criti­cally examined the Cartel's Soviet machine. The Genocide Convention will eventually be used by the "central guidance system" to enforce global totalitar­ian censorship. Let's see how fast and much you of the citizenry are willing to step out and cover these ones by your massive response. The probabilities, dear friends, are that most will toss this in the garbage pail or turn in the traitors while the masses march headlong into doom. You flaunt patriotism--why don't you stand and flaunt truth and get rid of the real traitors to this most beloved of all lands? You have forfeited your freedom--you are locked in an unopenable trap--you must now cut through the steel jaws. The cry of the Phoenix, which you hear now, is the death rattle of freedom rising from the flames just before the ashes of Hell bury you.


Two other treaties developed at the United Nations, signed by the President of the United States (James Carter) and now awaiting Senate ratification are the:


1. International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.


2. International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights.


These two treaties are legally binding on signatory nations. Framed by un­elected United Nations bureaucrats to delineate the parameters of world gov­ernment, these treaties are SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to repeal constitu­tional guarantees, and to override the Bill of Rights.


These U.N. covenants grant freedom of religion, freedom of expression, the right to peaceful assembly, freedom to travel, etc., but each right granted is IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWED BY A DISCLAIMER ANNOUNCING THAT EACH MAY BE RESTRICTED OR SUSPENDED "AS PROVIDED BY LAW" in order to protect national security, public health and morals.


The treacherous wording of these documents was inspired by the Soviet Consti­tution, which grants citizens "full social, economic, political and personal rights and freedoms" but warns that "enjoyment by citizens of their rights and free­doms must not be to the detriment of the interests of society or the state". This phrase is a ticket to a Soviet concentration camp.


The Cartel is rabidly anxious for Senate ratification of these two U.N. treaties (will you even notice when it happens?). This is undoubtedly why Doug Dillon's Committee on the Constitutional System calls for relaxation of consti­tutional requirements for treaty ratification.


Once these U.N. treaties become legally binding on the United States, the reg­ulation of America's internal affairs will automatically be transferred from state and federal governing bodies to the "central guidance system".


Unelected U.N. bureaucrats, far removed from the electoral process, will dic­tate domestic policy and procedure for the United States. Local, state and fed­eral officials will be compelled to report to world government officials on the measures adopted and the progress made in observance of these covenants. Further, the U.N. committee charged with enforcement of these covenants may NOT include a U.S. national.


The Soviets have signed the United Nations treaties discussed above. Their to­talitarian interpretation gives clues to the value of these documents for imple­menting a global police state. As The New York Times reported: "The Soviet Union said today that the two international human rights covenants that it has just ratified gave it specific authority to limit the right of immigration, the free flow of ideas and other individual liberties" (Sept. 28, 1973).


Dharma, let us close this segment, chela, for you need a rest. Please leave the document as is, without new chapter heading for I desire to continue with the strategies 4, 5 and 6 before drawing this segment to a close. Thank you. I shall just move to stand-by. HATONN, CLEAR.








As indicated by Richard Falk, the global governing authority will supervise the bestial care and feeding of all citizens. The Plan requires a human population reduced to the state of domesticated animals. Citizens must become absolutely dependent upon the government for absolutely everything: housing, retirement pensions, child care, education, medical care, mental health, spiritual guidance, etc.


Once ratified by the Senate, the United Nations International Covenant on Eco­nomic, Social and Cultural Rights will obligate the Feds to restructure the eco­nomic and social fabric of America in order to guarantee food, housing, medicine and employment to all Americans. This document mandates government control of production and distribution of food. It requires that all schools, public and private, foster world order propaganda, i.e., "further the activities of the United Nations".


Seducing Americans into a cradle-to-grave welfare system through endless taxpayer-financed assistance programs has long been a Cartel priority. Several generations of Americans have been strategically educated to believe that gov­ernment is instituted specifically to redistribute wealth and that human suste­nance is possible ONLY through bureaucratic largess.


Therefore, to the applause of hundreds of thousands of collectivists who staff government social service agencies, America is hurtling into socialism at an astonishing rate. Already one of every three children in America lives in a household that receives some form of government largess.


The freebies are, however, only a TRANSITIONAL phase. There will be no "free ride" in Soviet-America. As the Soviet Constitution affirms: "The source of the growth of social wealth and of the well-being of the people, and of each individual, is the labour of Soviet people".


Because SOMEONE has to produce the wealth needed to support a socialist system, The Plan requires confiscatory taxation that will eventually, as in Euro­pean socialist states, channel the major portion of the earnings of each American worker to the SOCIALIST STATE. Each socialized American will queue up to await an official determination as to what percentage of his government-confis­cated earnings he is eligible to receive back in government service. He will not only discover that non-competitive government services are grossly inferior to services once provided by the private sector, but invariably discover that what he pays to the socialist state far outweighs what he receives in return. The dif­ference will involve the huge administrative costs required to maintain an all-en­compassing socialist bureaucracy.


State-supervised labor contingents are also important to America's evolving so­cialist system. As increasing numbers of American drones become wards of the Socialist State and, as the number of remaining producers grows proportionately too small to support the welfare burden, Soviet Americans will find themselves regimented to labor under government supervision. Citizens will be compelled to participate in mandatory "service programs". Eventually, even the indigent and the homeless will be forced into labor-for-your-food programs.


Cartel spokesman, Edward H. Carr explained: "If the new Declaration of the Rights of Man is to include provisions for social services, for maintenance in childhood, in old age, in inadequacy or in unemployment, it becomes clear that no society can guarantee the enjoyment of such rights unless it in turn, has the right to call upon and direct the productive capacities of the individuals enjoying them".


The Cartel's Newstates Constitution mandates a compulsory citizen draft for na­tional service programs as required by law. As a first step toward a mandatory citizen draft, a volunteer "Citizen Corp" program has been proposed by the Democratic Leadership Council. The concept is also being pushed by President George Bush.


The Communist Party of the Soviet Union declares: "Communism is a highly organized society of free, socially conscious workers in which labor for the good of society will become for everybody the prime, vital requirement".


The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights mandates compulsory labor for prisoners, military personnel and citizens whose work fulfills "civil obligations". However, this document instructs that compulsory duties will NOT be TERMED COMPULSORY. Obviously, citizens must be convinced that COMPULSORY labor is really VOLUNTARY labor!






Richard Falk complains that the American "belief system", which upholds pri­vate property rights and the right to accumulate and transmit capital, is an ob­struction to global reform.


According to Rexford G. Tugwell, co-author of the Newstates Constitution, Americans must relinquish property ownership.


The Cartel's tax-exempt Carnegie Corporation of New York funded a report which concluded many years ago:


       "Cumulative evidence supports the conclusion that, in the United States as in other countries, the age of individualism and laissez faire in economy and government is closing and that a new age of collectivism (socialism) is emerging. It may involve the limiting or supplanting of private property by public property or it may entail the preservation of private property, extended and distributed among the masses. In any event, the actually integrating economy of the present day is the forerun­ner of a consciously integrated society in which individual economic ac­tions and individual property rights will be altered and abridged".


Or, in the poignant words of Karl Marx: "The theory of the Communists may be summed up in one sentence: ABOLITION OF PRIVATE PROPERTY".


Lenin's revolutionary thugs seized private property in Russia through murderous violence. In the United States, however, the Cartel is abolishing private prop­erty through "piecemeal" socialist revolution.


The federal government presently owns ONE-THIRD of the land mass in the United States. This is equal to all land east of the Mississippi plus Texas. The federal government owns FORTY-NINE PERCENT of the land in thirteen states west of the border between Montana and the Dakotas. As a condition for statehood, Alaska was bludgeoned into permitting the federal government to re­tain 224,000,000 acres of Alaskan wilderness.


By the early '70s, the Cartel had developed strategy to effectively gain control of all privately-owned land in the United States. Through EXECUTIVE OR­DER, Cartel stooge Richard Nixon created ten federal regions (newstates) com­posed of several states each. Federal grant-making agencies were established to administer revenue-sharing programs for each of these regional units.


In order to qualify for federal funds, state and local governments have complied with federally mandated tax and land-use (zoning) requirements strategically de­signed to diminish private control of property.


Robert Weaver, a former administrator of Housing and Urban Development, explained to California legislators: "Regional government means absolute fed­eral control over all property and its development regardless of location, any­where in the United States, to be administered on the federal official's determination. It (regional government) would supersede state and local laws. Through this authority we seek to recapture control of the use of land, most of which the government has already given to the people".


The key agency designing strategies for increasing federal control of private land in America is the Cartel's Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR). ACIR is headquartered at the Rockefeller-funded University of Chicago. Backed by the Brookings Institution (the Cartel's foremost think tank for socialist transformation), ACIR has supplied state governments with model statutes and legislative amendments related to virtually every facet of state and local government.


Instead of challenging such brazen meddling, state legislators have consistently rubber-stamped ACIR' s recommended legislation in order to qualify for federal revenue-sharing schemes.


The consequences are becoming increasingly obvious as citizens find themselves ominously less able to pay their burgeoning property taxes and as each new round of zoning ordinances narrows personal land-use decisions to an absurdly small circumference.


A clever Cartel vehicle for TAXING LANDOWNERS off their property is fed­eral legislation unleashed in the 1960s. This legislation struck down state statutes which limited the vote on property assessments to property owners ex­clusively. Presently, those who do not own property may vote to tax property owners. This is socialist democracy at its finest.


Under Cartel influence, zoning ordinances throughout the nation are becoming increasingly repressive. Ordinances which restrict the number of people who can meet together in a private residence, or which provide for neighbors to tattle on one another, are building blocks of a police state.


John Vanderhoof, former governor of Colorado, afforded a glimpse of the New World Order when he said: ". . . the individual citizen will have very little to say about the use of his own property. That citizen, whether he be a rancher, a farmer, or urbanite, will be required to submit application for the use of his property to a local computer. That local computer will be tied into a master computer. The master computer will then make the decision as to whether that farmer, rancher, or businessman in the city can use the property as desired." Well, dear ones--is it not already abundantly so?


The gradual abolition of private property in the U.S. portends grave ramifica­tions for all Americans. Samuel Adams wrote that property must be secured or liberty cannot exist. James Madison declared that where an excess of power prevails, property is in jeopardy.


John Locke whose brilliant ideas on civil liberties formed the basis for constitu­tional theory noted that the right to own property and control its use is IRRE­VOCABLY CONNECTED to the protection of both LIBERTY and LIFE itself, which is included under the general term "property". The history of Commu­nist tyranny has certainly proven him correct.


Thus, it is extremely significant that the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

--documents prepared by unelected U.N. bureaucrats to outline the privi­leges and duties of global citizens--SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDE any mention of the right of individuals to own property.






Yet another vehicle for drawing America into world order tyranny is the EXECUTIVE ORDER. Since 1916, U.S. presidents (and their Cartel manipu­lators) have issued THIRTEEN THOUSAND executive orders. These dictums are neither authorized by Congress, nor reviewed by the federal judiciary. A two-thirds vote of Congress is required to overturn them and consequently, even those orders which are grossly outdated are almost NEVER overturned. Fur­ther, the President does not even need to consult his "Cabinet"--he can act solely on recommendations of advisors and/or himself.


The constitutional validity of executive orders has been questioned many times, but a ruling on the extent or limit to which they may be used has never been determined by either the courts or by Congress.


Executive orders, which are placed in the Federal Register, allow non-elected executive bureaucrats to completely circumvent Congress in order to create administrative law. Administrative law resulting from executive order is written and administered by federal regulatory agencies which are mini-dictatorships in their own right. As the Committee on the Constitutional System notes with ap­probation, these agencies combine administrative, legislative and adjudicatory powers in a single government body. This is an example of ultra-centralization of power which the Founding Fathers warned against.


Executive orders are vital to The Plan because the President of the United States (or his appointed agents) may use them to enforce agreements which HE ALONE may have made with another government or with an international or­ganization. Does it concern you what might have already been going on with China, not to even mention Russia? As Senator Jenner warned nearly forty years ago:


       "The doctrine that the President could make personal agreements was extended to the doctrine that agreements made by any authorized mem­ber of the government bureaucracy, in the name of the President, had the same effect as those made by the President. Mr. Dulles tells us that 10,000 executive agreements have been made pursuant to NATO ALONE".


Among the most horrendous of the Cartel's executive orders are those which authorize Soviet-style dictatorship in the event of a national crisis. There are a staggering 470 special statutes in the U.S. Code which can be invoked by the President during a national emergency. These statutes were described by Sena­tor Mathias of Maryland who testified before a House Judiciary subcommittee in 1975:


       "These hundreds of statutes clothe the President with virtually unlimited powers with which he can affect the lives of American citizens in a host of all-encompassing ways. This vast range of powers, taken to­gether, confers enough authority on the President to rule the country without reference to normal constitutional processes.


       "Under the authority delegated by the statutes, the President may: seize property; organize and control the means of production; seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication; regulate the operation of private enterprises; restrict travel; and in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens".


And, Mr. Bush has just boldly told you he plans to use them all and you can take it and shove it!


The most abhorrent of all such emergency statutes is Executive Order Number 11921 issued in 1976. It authorizes the executive to exercise every conceivable dictatorial power, even TOTAL CENSORSHIP. Says Dr. Gary North, author of GOVERNMENT BY EMERGENCY:


       "How bad is this Executive Order? Very, very bad. Mindbogglingly bad. Anyone who hasn't read anything about these emergency orders has a rude awakening ahead. The day of the Caesar is already on the statute books. It only awaits a set of circumstances, including a risk-oriented President, to inaugurate that day. The public, the public's rep­resentatives, and even the President have only the faintest glimmer of the massive pile of secret legislation ready to be imposed on this nation in the name of national emergency. It is a frightful legacy".




Pre-manufactured crisis and emergency are important building blocks of world order. Cartel rhetoric proves the point. Those planning the New World Order speak continually of CRISIS--population crisis, environmental crisis, social cri­sis, economic crisis, constitutional crisis, etc. Crisis provides a splendid ratio­nale for "crisis management". For example, professional agitators who con­tinually scream "racism" or "sexism" have provided the momentum for repres­sive legislation which is gradually augmenting dictatorship by special interest groups dedicated to The Plan. Crisis engenders more bureaucracy and an end­less expansion of political power. And POWER is just another name for the Socialist New World Order.


Do you actually think George Bush gives a hoot in a hollow log about abortion? It is a distractor; look how hard I try is the theme--a nice man like me who wouldn't sacrifice even the seed of life and blah, blah, blah!!!


Jimmy Carter was catapulted into the presidency by the Rockefeller machine. Carter created, through executive order, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Rockefeller clone: Zbigniew, "Marxism-supplied-the-best­available-insight-into-contemporary-reality". Brzezinski assisted with the FEMA project. AND YOU ALL SAW HOW WELL AND EFFICIENTLY IT FUNCTIONED IN THE OCTOBER SAN FRANCISCO (LOMA PRIETA) EARTHQUAKE--NEED I SAY MORE!


FEMA holds a reign on every department of the U.S. government. It provides the bureaucratic apparatus through which the Cartel believes it can hollow out the federal government to rule the nation during a real or contrived national cri­sis. During national emergency, FEMA officials will carry out the edicts of the all-powerful executive, apparently without interference from Congress, the courts or even the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


When congressional investigators try to probe the designs of the National Secu­rity Council-FEMA clique, they are told, as Senator Jack Brooks (D-Texas) was told at the Oliver North hearings, that these subjects are "classified". Hiding behind "national security", the Cartel successfully keeps its power designs shrouded from the public eye.


However, in 1986, Douglas Dillon betrayed Cartel strategy when he confided to his fellow planners at a meeting of the Committee on the Constitutional System that drastic changes in America's constitutional system can be made ONLY AFTER A PERIOD OF GREAT CRISIS. He declared that sufficient discussion must be held in advance of this upheaval.


America's present predicament was aptly described by that great statesman, Daniel Webster, when he said last century: "It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the danger of good inten­tions. There are men of all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters".










Let us bring this portion to a stop at this point. I do not like chapters of such length that readers will not stop to digest the material--no matter how much in­digestion this material may give the belly--I SUGGEST YOU EAT IT ALL!