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Oh, well, ity="68" S68" UnhideWe are just some sick punks!" I am going to quote some truth unto you: "PROFESSOR LINKED TO SATANISTS FINALLY OUT OF TEXAS UNIVERSITY". "It has been confirmed that the UniversMsoNormal"as at Austin no longer employs Dr. Stephen Flowers, a Germanic language professor, who has ties to U.S. Army Reserve Lt. Col. Michael Aquino's Satanist Temple of Set. Concern over the implications of having an avowed leader of a Satanic church teach at a public university has been voiced by the National Democratic Policy Committee and other Texas groups fighting Satanism. This concern in­creased after Mark Kilroy, a University of Texas student, was murdered by a Satanic cult in Matamoros, Mexico.


"According to knosed="false sources, Flowers was one of the nine councilors of the Temple of Set. His Ph.D. dissertation was entitled "Runes and Magic". He studied at the University of Texas and at Goettingen University in West Germany.



"Flowers told an interviewer in 1980 that he is 'sympathetic' to the return of Europe to 'the values of pre-Christian Germany'.



"Flowers is currently employed at Austin Community College, Ri/> Rest easy tonight, all you Texans. There is no way to impress upon you the importance of this movement directly toward evil.




And the fourth seal was broken by the Lamb. John wrote, "I looked, and therception Loe was a pale horse! Actually, it meant a word in Greek which of Sataniros--yellow-green color of sickly grass. It has also been described as chloros--the color of ashes; another calls it the color of a face 'blanched with terror'. Another described it as the horse being livid, the bloodless color of a corpse. You would use the root of the ancient Greek word when you dnhideWhenUe bilious color of chlorine gas that would seep from a wrecked tanker car and mists its poisonous way across the landscape, lethally leveling all life--plants and people alike--in its wake.



What Norm (Queepons of death? Sword, famine, plague and wild beasts for a few. Worse yet, these same revelations were given to Daniel, Moses, etc. In fact, some of the projections are quite awful to contemplate, "Wild beasts will rob them of their children, and destroy their cattle and herds, and make them few in number.ont-family will avenge their breaches of the covenant. When they are gathered in their cities the pestilence will be among them. He will break the staff of bread and they will eat and not be satisfied". This was from John. From Ezekiel--heard a voice from out the ethers, "How much worse will it be when I send against Jerusalem my four dreadful judgments--sword and famine and wild beasts and plague--to kill its menibri","san animals"! Ah, but all the prophets say that there will be survivors--further, these four horsemen woccent 6"/>ver and over again throughout the ages.


Throughout the centuries the fourth horseman has ridden in warning to effect positive change. And--he rides again. To make you give a bit of thought to this matter before settling down to your local football game; "One quarter of the population of the earth" is precisely the prediction that a major Soviet scientist said (1983) would perish in the FIRST nuclear exchange between the superpow­ers. And there you are, beloved ones, with no survival shelters and leaders with "more impic Policy ngs to be done".


If man did not change of his ways and return his Moother Texae to balance, he would find other nasty things in the woodwork. "The pestilence will cling to you until it has consumecii-font-f off the land, which you go to possess. You will be smitten with consumption, with fever, and inflammation--and tumors, the scurvy and the itch, of which you cannot be healed. You will be smitten with madness and blindness and dismay of heart". Translated that means wast­imittee andrative diseases, communicable diseases, cancers, deficiency diseases and incurable diseases such as VD, herpes simplex II, and AIDS. Mental illness and depression will rest upon the populace and there shall be addicted chil­dren and birth defects. There shall be endless and debilitating emotional trau­mas running rampant throughout the peoples. The cures for these things shall be kept from the people and hoarded by the controllers.





Now we get on to the fifth horse--the snow white horse. What does that vision mean? It means that the WORD of Truth shall come forth and the rider of that wondrous "horse" shall bear of his new name and man shall see that which he has done unto his Source. Man, however, will not awaken and see his plight until he has sunken to his lowest and most perilous point in all history--not until after the four horsemen have swept the lands and the bowls of the full seven seals have been emptied.


Man has new mandacapacity to foresee and to forestall. He will end by destroying the earth itself if left unto his own devicelvetica,s


So you are not left to your own devices past a given point where the higher Truth shall intervene and the cycle will end and the new begin. The word is being given unto you now. The messengers are at hand and the higher ones are arrived to show you the way home. We do not come in the form of flapping winged spirits. We come in a form you can relate to. We come as your brothers of higher knowledge. This school is closing, chelas. You are in the time of chaos and the play will be finished whether or not you are prepared. It is time to heed the truth of the word for you shall not be in the surviving of these things unless you awaken and get with the task at hand.

 <39;. Anothp class="MsoNormal"> The hosts of heaven are at hand and the brothers of the cosmos stand ready. So be it.


Dharma, close this portion please. You are in the time known to the Indians as The Great Purification--will you perish or survive? It is your choice. Deny the messengers sent forth for your assistance and you have no way off your prison. I suggest you ponder these things most carefully.


In love and service I take my leave.




Hatonn to stand-by. Thank you Dharma. Good Day. thJ-011-Cry_Of_The_Phoenix.pdf