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PJ 11


lse" Priorp;   HATONN

WED., DEC. 13, 1989    6:30 A.M.    YEAR 3, DAY 119


WED.,  DEC.13,  1989


And when it is finished, the sun shall rise in the West and set in the East and few shall have eyes to see. Their ears shall be deafened and the cry of the bird shall be silenced for it shall have come to pass---that which was spoken unto you and death shall be thy comforter. For those who remain to peer across the des­olation it shall be as a sea of destruction and those of that generation shall re­member and mourn that which is lost for they will be given to know and re­member that they can say unto the new generations that which sha"Mediumum List 1 ten.



Hatonn present to block this vision from thy mind for we must continue with our work. Blessings, chela, for the mind cannot carry of the load for all of mankind---so be it.


We have counseled and have some selections to offer. It is too unwieldy to continue writing in this manner. The bombardment will become even worse as ones clamor for answers and updates. I do not want this information to be scattered helter-skelter in disorder just so that one can receive before another. We must continue in an orderly manner from a central source.

If Mr. Bush is accessory to a criminal offense, apparently compounded by Satanism, he has to be brought to the bar of justice. In this case George Herbert Walker Bush is apparently not implicated directly except that he would have knowledge of illegal actions---which is indeed an offense.


Why don't you look up a book on the history of Skull and Bones which was written in 1933 entitled THE CONTINUATION OF THE HISTORY OF OUR ORDER FOR THE CENTURY CELEBRATION. This was compiled by F.O. Matthieson---and there are others, one of which is simply labeled SKULL AND BONES. By the way,  Mr. Matthieson was a prominent Marxist and a link be­tween the old line communists of the 1930s and the new progressives of the 1960s.


Anyone who can locate a copy of that book, get the information to Antony C. Sutton, Phoenix Letter, Suite 216C, 1517 14th St. West, Billings MT 59102. No, this is not a connection with the PHOENIX JOURNALS---just another ma­jor coincidence of life! Mr. Sutton, however, will arrange for reprinting of the book.


I believe you were told that Satanism is alive and thriving in your U. S. of A. right at the top of the heap!


Let me repeat a few of Mr. Bush's policy initiatives which would seem to speak for themselves and give some perspective on the direction of your Administra­tion (and America).


The Bush Administration has: (just a few excerpts)


1.Given America gun control by executive order (e.g., the banning of semiautomatic weapon imports) and helped precipitate the accelerating leftist anti-gun onslaught. It has increased production and sales of noh our work weapons and other weaponry---however---he is ready now to sign into law strin­gent gun control legislation (i.e., registration and, eventually, confiscation).


2. Betrayed the anti-Communist Nicaraguan freedom fighters by joining the liberal Democrats in Congress in a final ban of arms to the Contras, as well as the disbanding of that resistance. Compromise and conciliation with the Sandinista Communists is the new policy.


3. Gutted the Star Wars program by joining the liberal Congress of funding cuts and has no pl"" coming=ployment of SDI (which for all practical purposes is dead!). Dear ones, the purpose has been served---they now have your prison surrounded by the beast and the banking world system of spying and control is in place. There was never any intention of having a defense system. Oh, why didn't someone tell you that? They did---over and over and over again and you slept on!


4. Greatly expanded U.S. aid and trade to the Peoples' Republic of China---even in the wake of the June Tiananmen Square massacre and the ongoing bloody purge and executions. Bush and Baker have opposed congressional sanctions against the PRC and are pushing for GATT membership, expanded World Bank loans, sale of commercial and military aircraft, and other weapons systems, etc. The Bush team resumed business as usual within 60 days of the massacre---actually they never ceased business as usual.


5. Been negotiating a disarmament treaty with the Soviets which will ultimately reduce America's strategic forces by up to 50%---based on Soviet "promises" to do the same. Russia's strategic forces currently outnumber America's by 3 to 1, and the gap keeps growing, as you disarm, and they arm. I shall have more to say about this later in this document.


6. Committed America to helping the Gorbachev reforms succeed by massive economic aid, loans, and high technology. This commitment in the face of the worst debt and failure of foreign governments in the history of mankind---a per­fect plan, well orchestrated and the ultimate fulfillment of the "grey men" to control the world. See SPIRAL TO ECONOMIC DISASTER and PRIVACY IN A  FISHBOWL. You have been most carefully "set up and now comes the big knock-out".


7. Sold most of America's stockpiled butter surpluses (i.e., over 75,000 tons, or 110 million pounds) to Russia. Well, who needs all that butter? Well fur­ther, dear friends, what do you pay for a pound of your own butter? Ah so---Mr. Bush is giving it to the Russians at 73.3 cents a pound! The U.S. Govern­ment bought the butter at $1.32 per pound and is giving Gorbachev a 59 cents per pound U.S. taxpayer funded subsidy to "help get Russian consumers off his back". It won't be paid for anyway so no big deal, I suppose. What of wheat and technology? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE---EXCEPT THAT HE IS GIVING THAT AWAY, TOO!


8. Moved to pump massive U.S. economic aid into Poland and Hungary and Czechoslovakia and, and, and---to prop up their failing economies, bail out the big U.S. banks who are owed billions (e.g., total Polish foreign debt is al­ready over $39 billion) and take the Soviets off the economic hook for their sup­port.


9. Greatly increased high tech sales to the Soviet Union and its allies---including computers (PCs and large main frames); super precise machine tools, and milling machines with aerospace applications; optical fiber cable; side scan sonars used in new anti-submarine systems; anti-friction bearings used in inter­tial navigation systems for missiles of many kinds; and a host of other super high tech items.


10. Been seeking "open skies" with the Soviets to allow Soviet surveillance flights all across America in what Bush calls "a mutual friendship that knows no season of suspicion, no chill of distrust".


11. Proposed the sharing of U.S./Soviet intelligence data---especially related to terrorism and "greater cooperation between the KGB and CIA"---who have al­ready begun to meet together.


12. Openly states that "it seeks the integration of the Soviet Union into the community of nations", into the "New World Order", and calls the Soviet Union "America's new partner in peacekeeping". I remind you that I told you long ago that you have been allies with Russia for a long, long, long time. Only you citizens didn't know!


13. Has begun to give U.S. military assistance to at least three pro-Soviet Marxist regimes---Uganda, Tanzania, and the Seychelles.


14. Yielded to Congressional pressure to cut the U.S. Trident missile subma­rine force and Stealth Bomber production in order to adapt to expected provi­sions of a strategic arms treaty. The Stealth Bomber program will have most, if not all, of its planes cancelled. Their purpose, too, is over.


15. A "damage control plan" to minimize the public outcry in America when the inevitable Gorbachev crackdown against dissent in the Soviet Republics commences (similar to what they did after the Red Chinese Tiananmen Square massacre).


16. Proposed (secretly) a mass program of discounting and discrediting Alien visitors and mounted a tremendous fear campaign among the people regarding alien presence.


17. Completed a totally new monetary system on very short notice under the guise of drug-war tactics.


18. Well, this could go on for pages and pages so let me just summarize a few tid-bits.


The economic, domestic, and foreign policies of the Bush Administration are accelerating. America's plunge to the left becomes more visible and obvious. Courtesy of the Bush team, gun control is coming; a near total elimination of citizens' rights to financial privacy is in the works; foreign bank accounts will be closely scrutinized and probably outlawed for individuals (NOT CORPORATIONS); and hundreds of controls over virtually every aspect of your lives are being established. A truly socialist America will emerge under the Bush reign between now and the mid-90's.


None of the above includes the horrendous lack of assistance to your own coun­try in disasters of natural causes, etc., the above refers only to policies already under way and being pushed in every way possible. The rest will come---count on it.




One of the last bastions of financial freedom is the international wire transfer, a market mechanism through which tens of billions of dollars are traded daily. No IRS records are kept. But that is about to change. Salvatore Martoche, as­sistant secretary of enforcement, said the Treasury will spy on all wire transfers. Banks and money managers will gather the information and submit it on mag­netic tape to the government.


Since 1987, banks have been "encouraged" to file their reports by tape, but they have found the new technology too costly. In a few months, however, the Treasury will order the banks to file their Cash Transaction Reports (CTRs) by tape, and wire transfers will be part of that process. Already the government tracks the license numbers of cars entering and leaving the country, numbers which are linked to your individual dossiers through SS numbers. Just as they want to track the movement of cars, so they want to track the movement of cash and will do so.





You ones in the Free world are confusing appearance with reality in this old world. Soviet client states are moving right ahead strongly---much to your dis­advantage and worse, you are weakening unto breaking your own economy. Your faulty perception has encouraged a massive outward flow of funds which you do not have.


You must remember as you drift into the twilight zone that you have been set­up for the "take-over" and there are some little items you overlook in your exu­berance over the swing of Soviet controlled nations into freedom:


"Freedom and democracy" do not have the same meaning in Russia as they do to you who live in this twilight zone.


Far from disarming, Soviet military leaders are calling for immediate qualitative improvements.


Soviets are pouring arms into Afghanistan ($300-400 million a month---what are you pouring in?) at a faster rate than ever before.


Soviet arms for Nicaragua are now going through Cuba. Soviet arms for Cambodia are also flowing at a higher rate than ever before.


The Soviets are actively acquiring new strategic bases---Tartus (Syria), for ex­ample.


Soviet activities abroad continue much as they did under Brezhnev.


What do you suppose is coming down here? Let us ponder a bit. How have you always solved your economic problems? You start a war and boom times come. The "big boys" have already won so now a war can be nicely orches­trated and at the same time reduce population even further beyond the plague, famine and pestilence---remember wars and rumors of wars? YOU HAD BET­TER GET YOUR SHELTER SYSTEM FUNCTIONAL, LITTLE SLEEPY­HEADS.


Did anyone listen to Soviet Defense Minister Dmitri Yazov when he visited your wondrous country?


In early October, General Yazov visited and met with President Bush and De­fense Secretary Richard Cheney (do any of you remember?) JUST BEFORE LEAVING ON A 6-DAY TOUR OF U.S. BASES. At various press meetings Yazov was more than a match for gullible news reporters: if Yazov didn't wish to answer he simply pleaded ignorance and asked the questioning reporter what HE thought the answer should be. FURTHER, HE ALWAYS GOT THE AN­SWER AS REPORTERS ALWAYS LIKE TO SHARE THEIR OPINIONS AND FEW EVER ASK.






In the U.S., Yazov feigned ignorance of SDI ("Could you answer the question I would like to pose to you: What SDI actually is? Can you explain it to me? What it actually is?") was the Yazov line touted by every media reporter. YET IN YAZOV'S PRAVDA WRITINGS HE IS EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGE­ABLE ABOUT EVERY FACET OF SDI AND ALL ITS SYSTEMS. HOW REMARKABLE!




Oh yes, even if you have missed the announcements, there have been an abun­dance of unconfirmed reports that a nuclear attack in some form was a possibil­ity even in this current year of 1989 and some good buddies have even invested in air raid shelters just as we plead with the rest of you to do.


An extremely reliable European source has projected the following to you ones. I shall protect his identity; it is most valid information he brings.




"It is a fact (as we have long forecast) that a powerful terrorist movement based in Lebanon will shortly acquire nuclear devices. (They have.) This is being fi­nanced by Islamic interests with Russian acquiescence. They can be flown (without restriction) to any East European country.


"Thereafter they can be transported into Western Europe by TIR trucks without inspection. Once placed in any empty garage or room in any city a disaster of enormous proportions can occur.


"Only by total destruction of such terrorist bases and by a direct warning to Russia of retaliation can these approaching occurrences be avoided.


"You must choose between the merits of theoretic detente and the certainty of a catastrophe in several big cities as soon as preparations are complete and it suits those concerned. That is for you to figure out".






There are no intentions of "clearing up" the drug problem---that will be handled in a much more efficient manner than this planned and touted drug war and you are NOT going to like it one bit.


Ah yes, the Bush anti-drug program. From the man who smuggled drugs into your country in the "good old days".


The Bush Administration has a plan to spend $5 billion or so to eliminate drug use. The plan is doomed to failure---I knew you knew that---another 5 billion dollars (yours) boondoggle.


What is wrong with the plan? What in the world is right with the plan?---is a far better question.


Cutting off supply instead of beginning with the problem of DEMAND has the following cycle of effects: Street dealers will simply substitute domestic manu­factured synthetic drugs ("ice") for imported cocaine. Until this new pipeline fills and becomes operational in a steady manner (remember people are addicted and will do anything to keep the supply pouring forth) there will be VIOLENCE rampant in the streets and communities. The violence is already under way. Government officials make haste to protect THEMSELVES but nobody else. Drug policy coordinator William Bennett and Attorney General Richard Thornburgh have armor plated $100,000 limousines---and you can be sure that other security measures equally as expensive are already in place.


What about you average citizens who have to walk in the street with increased chances of violent attack as supply dwindles? Unprotected!


Dear ones, until the DEMAND is removed, the use of drugs will continue---with media and Administration huffing and puffing and blowing nothing except your money. The Administration will be spending some $5 billion to do nothing but sucker you into the trap.


Oh, you ask, how do you tackle the demand side? Well, don't expect an answer to that question for there has not yet been even murmured an approach to that problem. Proponents of the "war" hardly understand the psychological and sociological issues involved---besides, face it, a large majority of your own con­gressional members USE ILLEGAL DRUGS OR ABUSE LEGAL PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.




By the way, guess what I heard on the way to the forum---perhaps you haven't yet heard...


Members of your Congress not only receive their current salary of $89,500 but they also get a generous office expense budget, free medical care, free prescrip­tions, newspapers, magazines, mailings, taxi fare, parking, health club member­ship, travel and expenses, access to radio and television production services, a $3,000 housing tax deduction and a pension plan that allows a retired Repre­sentative more money annually than he or she made while in office! Now those poor dears really need you good old boys to give them a bigger raise---don't you know it takes money to "kill you off"?







I am simply going to take the liberty of quoting from John Lyke and please, chelas, try to remember Hatonn's lectures.




"The current surge in the price of gold (back over $400 an ounce) and silver (very near $6.00 an ounce) has been such a surprise after many months of stag­nation that none of the newsletters we subscribe to have yet to form an explana­tion. Yes, one or two recommended that silver and gold were "BARGAINS ON SALE" this Fall, and we hoped you grabbed some bargain metal---silver has now risen over 14% since September---but why?


"With the relaxation of communistic authority and President Bush's improving relations with Gorbachev one would think that world tension is decreasing and typically the metals drop in price. The Soviet's have just devalued their ruble by a factor of 10 (1 ruble = $.16) aligning it with the more realistic black mar­ket there; and are now talking of backing the ruble with gold! All are signs of international stability.


"The jitters from October 13th's stock market dive have recovered and the do­mestic problems of the earthquake and hurricane have drifted off the front pages. These signs of domestic instability are now ' old news' and still the met­als, including platinum, are going up. Is it because of their increased scarcity, or is there something else to worry about? Are the rumors of a U.S. currency reform affecting the market? Not likely...


"Our recent interviews with Mr. Troy Coggins, spokesman of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and Mr. John Ryan of the Subcommittee of Consumer Affairs and Coinage (which has oversight of the BEP) have confirmed the changes we have outlined in our Special Report.


"Mr. Coggins says there is no schedule for the introduction. I find that very difficult to believe. Businesses constantly prescribe goals for their employees to assure accountability and timeliness. The simulated circulation tests on 500,000 new bills began October 16th and---'haven't been successful enough to go into production', according to Troy. 'It is still being tested and before it would ever be circulated it would be announced in advance and there will be some kind of a commercial program set up to make it go down better. Any time you mess with money the public gets upset. We don't want to just spring it on them. Most of them don't trust the government, anyway'. I asked if there were any other changes being planned (color changes, etc.) and he went away for over a full minute and came back saying, 'There's only the two recommendations...' He wanted to know more about what I knew than divulge any new information. He said the Secretary Treasurer has absolute control of when the changes are introduced. With no schedule, it could happen any time. The Treasury is hopeful that the changes will go into circulation in 1990.


"Mr. Ryan, speaking for Chairman Rep. Richard Lehman of California (replacing Frank Annunzio) was more familiar with the coining issues. The House Rule 1068 now in his committee proposing a new dollar coin is now un­der study by the General Accounting Office and he expects them to report back in May, 1990. They want to avoid another Susan B. Anthony 'mistake'. There was no mention of the new coin replacing the paper dollar. During both in­terviews I felt I had to pull the information out of them.


"If they are truthfully reporting all the changes we are to expect for the near future, then I do not see this being the 'NEW MONEY' we still anticipate. These changes being tested are so difficult to detect, it would be impossible for the average merchant to detect a counterfeit bill---especially when the old design is still legal tender. This may be only the public warm-up Phase I coming next year, with the Phase II recall coming later---or---the BIG CHANGE COULD STILL HIT US ANYTIME". The last emphasis by Hatonn.


One more quote, Dharma, and I'll let you have a respite.



by Burnett Anderson



"Bar codes---familiar symbols in the checkout line at the supermarket, may find a place on Federal Reserve Notes as a weapon in the war on drugs following approval of an initiative by the U.S. Senate Oct. 3.


"According to the sponsor of the legislation, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., appli­cation of the latest optical scanning technology could make U.S. paper money more traceable to drug dealers and money launderers.


"'It provides a mechanism by which our government, our law enforcement agencies, our financial institutions, and foreign institutions as well, can effi­ciently track U.S. currency---bill by bill---without any undue administrative bur­dens.


"'These machines can count and track bar-coded currency as quickly as they currently count and check for counterfeit currency', Kerry told his Senate col­leagues. The senator pointed out that all Federal Reserve Notes already carry an individual serial number.


"'The problem is that serial numbers do not get used much by law enforcement, because the compilation and reading of numbers is time consuming and has had to be done manually', he declared.


"While there are computers which could theoretically be able to read and com­pare the green ink serial numbers now used on U.S. paper money, the equip­ment costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per unit, he added.


"Kerry described the process he envisions as follows:


"'The Federal Reserve bank now sorts through currency when it receives dollars from banks. An additional step would be inserted into the Fed's operation in which the serial number of each bill would be scanned (from the bar code).


"'The numbers read would be speedily and conveniently compared with the numbers of the bills which have entered the system during undercover drug op­erations.


"'The Fed would then report any match to law enforcement officials who would then be able to trace the drug money to a particular bank'.


"The approved legislation would require the Secretary of the Treasury to ap­point a task force to study and report on all aspects of the proposal: methods of printing the code on the notes, costs and the time needed to install the system.


"Kerry reported that Federal Reserve officials had told him they had no con­cerns over adding bar-coded serial numbers to the currency.


"The Treasury also had no objection to undertaking the study, he said, although it was not ready at this time to approve legislation that would require installation of such a system by a given date.


"Kerry's provision is part of a major drug enforcement bill, which now goes to the U.S. House of Representatives for action by that body. This bill empowers the Treasury to decide how best to use optical scanning technology to trace cash in denominations of $10 or more. Said Kerry: 'The Senate's vote now brings us closer to being able to use the latest technologies to track the flow of drug money'. In addition to bar codes, the Treasury wants to develop an embedded magnetic strip so that each bill can be electronically marked with the bank and the individual using it. This is necessary, says Kerry, 'because money launder­ing is not isolated to drug use'".


God have mercy on you precious people of the lie.




It is most insidious indeed. Have any of you taken note to what is happening in your large markets, warehouses, etc. It has just become mandatory that these large markets install a vacuum system whereby every check-out clerk getting a $100 in cash (one or numerous sales) must notify the supervisor who in turn sends the cash on the vacuum system to a central port. All hundreds and fifties have already been set aside and checked. Further, it is now a law that all large markets, etc. install bar-code checkers with variations of prices monitored within the computer system. Take a look around the next time you visit your friendly Costco or Price Club where the tubes stick right out in sight. Worse, the individual chain managers may or may not even know the purpose---central operations is mandated to "top-secret". SO BE IT!


Go, Dharma, as it has been far too lengthy a session without a break. There is such a pile of information to cover, chela, please be patient.


Hatonn to move to stand-by.