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3/12/91  HATONN



Communism was not to be an ideology, but a secret weapon, a "boogie-man word", to serve the ulterior purposes of the Illuminati. "World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine.  Zionist and Nazi leaders collaborated on Jewish immigration from Russia to Palestine and the United States.  Testifying at the trial of Ernst Zundel, an anti-Zionist "Jew" who was an outstanding personality of the time in point, testified in Toronto, Canada in March 1988, "Zionism was willing to sacrifice the whole of European Jewry for a Zionist State.  Everything was done to create a state of Israel and that was only possible through a world war.  Wall Street and Jewish large bankers aided the war effort on both sides.

"Zionists are also to blame for provoking growing hatred for Jews in 1988."  (Taken from THE TORONTO STAR, March 31, 1988.)

Weishaupt died in 1830, but prior to his death, he prepared a revised version of the age-old conspiracy which, under various facades, was to control all the international subversive organizations, by working their agents into executive positions at the top of governments.

In the United States you have seen such men as President Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter, and other high-ranking officials such as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Schultz, Gen. George Marshall, Owen Lattimore, Vice/President George Bush, and many more, who were stooges of the conspiracy.  Now you can add dozens to the listing as you move into deeper involvement in war and gun controls, dissolving of your Constitution, etc.  They will represent direct participants, not stooges "for".

World War II was to finally be fomented between political Zionism and their "yes" man, the United States, and your one-time staunch anti-Communist friends, the Arab states.  The conspiratorial agents are even now hard at work setting up more outreaching war and it has reached the explosion point in the Near East as well.  Even as we write, the United States is still exchanging gunfire with the Iraqi Moslem state and heinous terrorist attacks are under way in that area which are called the responsibility of Saddam's government while the unrest and attacks are staged and orchestrated literally, by the Israeli Mossad who is totally infiltrated within Iraq and all the Middle East nations.

The final great war is planned to so weaken the nations of the Free World that they will become fractionalized and will be ready for "peace at any price, even that of slavery", while the Elite continue to grow stronger and stronger.  The conspirators believe the nations who fight this war will have fought themselves into a state of complete exhaustion and economic bankruptcy, so that they can step in and pick up the pieces and thus achieve world control.  How many millions of people die is totally immaterial to them.

Can any intelligent person see what has happened in the Near East, Middle East and Central America, and parts of South America and continue to be so naive as to actually believe it has happened by accident?

It is so bad, and I shall cover this probably tomorrow, that Israel has been and continues to sell American high-tech defense secrets to everyone--anywhere.  Your government set up "laws" preventing your own companies from doing business with certain ones--so, Israel takes up the vacant places, works out deals and goes full-bore ahead while your little companies, now deprived of their livelihood, collapse.  The big business cycles around and comes right back to roost in the laps of the big boy Elitists.

Even the information regarding these transactions makes it back into the U.S. through very devious and around-about measures--usually through blundering of press and media who let the truth slip through occasionally.  For instance, between 1984, when Israel struck a secret deal with China for the sale of over $3 BILLION worth of high-tech tank equipment, and the end of 1989, the mini-state supplied the giant communist nations with a very broad sampling of sophisticated weapon systems and advanced defense designs right off the U.S. drawing boards and some in totally fabricated form.  How can this happen?  Easily--right through the sanctions and with the blessings of the government of Corazon Aquino in the Philippines.

Using the Philippines as a secret base and transshipment point, Israel sold the Chinese" missile technology, anti-tank and naval weapons, armor-piercing sabot shells, laser targeting instruments, sophisticated avionics, electronic surveillance and command systems, hypervelocity artillery and numerous other products of the most advanced American military technology.  Then, as a secret maneuver, as the Saudis came to the U.S. and Britain to buy long-range missiles--the U.S. refused to sell; the British sold some but most limited at the demands of Israel, and so, the Saudis went to China and China very cooperatively dismantled and re-setup the missiles in Saudi Arabia.  Thus, the full circle was completed to the point there is no way to tell one missile from another, one tank from another, etc.  It is impossible not to "kill by friendly fire"--everything looks like, and is like, everything else.

Please note again--at the first confrontation on the ground in this present war--the tanks which were plentiful were of the worst caliber possible and so were the fighting troops of Iraq--it was intended that the tanks not operate well and the troops be captured.  It was a total testing of your abilities with the least possible loss to the Iraqis.  The tanks were CHINESE and ones which the Chinese do no longer use.  Your army NEVER encountered the Elite Republican Guard nor the advanced divisions of Soviet armor.  This should make you so nervous that the old stomach ulcers are intensely painful at this point of whatever they are doing in the Middle East-----for it is NOT THAT WHICH THEY ARE TELLING YOU!!!!!

(Computer locked up.)

3/13/91  HATONN



Alright, quiz time.  How many of you noted that James Baker attended a burial memorial for some women killed in Israel--wherein he laid flowers?  HOW MANY OF YOU NOTED HE WAS WEARING THE HEAD-DRESS (CAP) OF THE ZIONIST?  Brothers, any way you look at "Judaism" or Jewism, that which is represented by that particular head-gear indicates a disbelief in that one you called Christ. YOUR SECRETARY OF STATE JUST STATED BY ACTIONS THAT YOUR NATION IS A PART AND PARCEL OF THE ANTI-CHRIST MOVEMENT.  You might say, "...well, he was just honoring and respecting their tradition!"  NO, he was not. Would you walk into a "Satanic" service and murder in black robes and burnt offerings to "honor a tradition"?  YOUR PRESIDENT BUSH HAS ALSO BEEN SEEN ADORNED IN THE SAME HEAD-GEAR.  It is not honoring anything; it is showing alliance as a brotherhood of Global control.  George Bush and James Baker both belong to five notable anti-Christ/God organizations and if you ones don't come into balance of knowledge regarding these organizations, there is little hope of saving your freedom as a nation.

This is what is incorrect about McLavaney's book of which you inquired recently.  You will find he protects the Israelis and discounts any who speak out against the Zionists.  Not blatantly is it done, but with most subtle notations regarding other groups. He "thinks" he is serving the Jesus Christos in born-again magnificence through evangelism.  He nails the Communist lie quite nicely but refuses to even mention the Zionists as such.  Well, you cannot have one without the other--for AS I WROTE ONLY YESTERDAY, COMMUNISM WAS STRUCTURED WITH NO "MEANING" TO THE TERM AT ALL FOR IT IS TOTAL GOVERNMENT DICTATORSHIP (NOT COMMUNISM) AND IT WAS CREATED BY A BRITISH ILLUMINIST NAMED WRIGHT.  At the meeting where it was presented those in attendance were told that the Illuminists were organizing Nihilists, atheists and other subversive groups into an international organization which was to become known as "Communism".  It was intended to be the supreme weapon of terror, which would eventually control the world.  Communism was to be used to foment wars and revolutions and would be infiltrated by the group of so-called self-styled "Jews" (which term was conjured up in the 18th Century to fool the world).  Remember that the "Jews" of self-appointed Talmud writers--were the Khazars of Russian, Nordic and Mongol or Russian, Nordic and Mongol lineage.  They, further, were self-proclaimed "ANTI-CHRISTIANS" AND "ANTI-MOSLEM (ISLAMIC)".  We are speaking here, about diametrically opposed factions of mankind.  When your leaders join the self-proclaimed "ANTI-CHRIST", ANTI-GOD" faction--what does that make you as a nation to be?  Ponder it carefully for that is where you find yourselves today.


The United States of America stated that it was founded as "One Nation Under God"--that did not say, "One Nation Under Jesus"--It did, however, by fact, assume that it would be "One Nation Under Christ-ness" (which is ultimately Godliness).  Many "religions" fall into that category.  Unfortunately, the ones who proclaim themselves to be solely under Christ (Christianity) are truly "anti-Christ" in behavior while they pull away from all Godly teachings and proclaim that which is evil to be correct behavior.  But herein, I do not wish to preach spiritual lessons that you can discount as kooky fanaticism--we will speak of very worldly, physical things. Let us look at the discipline of your American society--and this holds true for every nation in your world so do not giggle and say you are left out!

You no longer have respect of young towards elders.

You have blatant treason in high places with no notice.

You have created a welfare state of dependency on State.

A physician or lawyer asks not what is your problem but rather, do you have insurance or a hefty bank-account?

You KNOW that almost all you read in your controlled press is filled with misinformation and you can trust none of it.

The courts no longer protect society nor is a man innocent until PROVEN guilty--a man must PROVE himself somehow innocent and that, without any assistance.

"Charity" has become the biggest one business around, over $350 BILLION a year to the organizers of various organizations--as only a portion ever reaches the needy.

Your "money" is based on nothing--"Sound as a dollar" passed with the gold standard.

Long ago you gave up churches where you could find a preacher who really believed in the divinity of Christ and preached from truth instead of according to doctrines set for a "MODERN" SOCIETY.  We shall look at that "modern society" in a minute.

You used to have "prayers" in schools--now you offer pornography and how to have safe sex, and teach that homosexuality is the "way to go".  It is simply not even a reasonable approach to the continuation of life forms.  I don't care how gay a man may be, he cannot bear children and extend his creation through only the use of the sexual act.

Problems in school used to be from lack of completed homework, spit-balls and talking in class.  Now it is gun-carrying students and knife-wielding children who stab, shoot and murder.  You have children running in mad gangs shooting at random--any-one!

You offer nothing for your children to emulate--you feed them on violence of Miami Vice and pornographic jokes on Saturday Night Live, Playboy Channel and Rambo--then you wonder what has happened to the children of today!


I like the description which has been given to this subject.  The rise and fall of any civilization ALWAYS revolves as follows: From bondage comes spiritual faith, and from spiritual faith comes courage.  From courage comes liberty, and from liberty comes abundance. ....From abundance comes complacency, and from complacency comes apathy. From apathy comes dependency, and from dependency comes bondage....  Where does this leave YOU?

You in the United States, for instance (and this is the nation of which we are speaking--some other nations are farther ahead and few are "behind" in the cycle.  If you are behind, you are catching up right fast as you follow Western ways), you are LATE IN THE CYCLE.  You fall somewhere in the apathy/dependency--already moved out of the "abundance" stage, thanks to your government--and are rapidly descending down a secular humanistic, socialistic path full-bore ahead.  As you demand more government controls in all aspects of your lives, and as you decline in all different areas of perception and action, you can and probably will lose most, if not all, of your freedoms before the decade of the 1990's passes mid-way.


You will note that this cycle as described has taken somewhere around two hundred, or so, years.  The United States is in severe decline as is Canada, as she floats between England and the U.S. impact of "America".  This decline is seen: politically, financially, socially, morally, and spiritually.  A useful illustration can be likened to a triangle.  Let us make the left side of the triangle to be the "monetary/economic" decline of the Western world.  This decline is basically a result of all things which focus on the false premise that you can create wealth out of nothing.  For decades your government has continually printed paper "notes" which you call money, and created debts beyond the counting as well as continuing inflation.  Don't, however, feel alone, America--all the nations have been pyramid quadrupled from some $3 TRILLION in 1980 TO OVER $14 TRILLION IN 1990 AND RISING.  With this new little war to include--it is likened to a new atomic-powered skyrocket!  This pyramid is based upon quicksand and is beginning to swallow the pyramid and there can only be one to two choices, a major recession or a total devastating depression.  The latter appears to already be in place.  You are already into massive decline.

Now, the right side of this triangle represents the "political/social" decline--which is somehow based on a false premise that "all men are created equal" or something similar in projection.  This will "give equality" if it kills everyone or you steal from one at gun-point to give to another.  The idea is to redistribute wealth and control from the "greedy businessmen" whom, you are told, cannot be trusted.

In the past some three decades you have had full-steam ahead accelerating socialism.  "Communism" (as described above) has seized well over 40 percent of the world's land mass and population and killed more than 130 million people outright!  You are swinging right ahead into that Global Government called, innocently enough, New World Order.  Well, hold your breath for when we first began to write, I am constantly reminded that I said it will be associated with the "New Age" groups that downfall shall come.  Ah so--and so it is.  Once again, terms have been used incorrectly to the extent that "New Age" does not mean, any longer, the New Age of God--it indicates mysticism, beingness, do your own thing, live any way that grabs you and "....let us check out the star-signs".

Unfortunately, the "New Agers" have succumbed to the United Nations perception of function--idealistically and blindly without realizing the impact.  They promise you, also, a global government of utopian dreams by 2000 A.D.  The Communists (as described above--Zionists/socialists) also plan global domination of the world by this "Zionism/communism"--by year 2000.  This includes the banking cartel, etc.

Now, the base of the triangle in point, and the problem which has actually created all the other problems--is the spiritual and moral decline.  The United States has moved AWAY FROM GOD.  It no longer has a Christ-centered foundation.  Your country's beginnings were based on the principles of a majority of Christ's teachings as principles of living.  You have completely moved away from that type of society.  Even your "religious" organizations are no longer based on the principles of God's laws--but rather, have been rewritten to include "it's alright to do" anything at all--against the Laws of God AND MAN--and call it "modernization".  YOU CANNOT "MODERNIZE" GOD'S LAWS--"GOD'S LAWS" AND "MODERNIZED GOD'S LAWS ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE TERMS AND MODERNIZATION ONLY IS IN OPPOSITION OF GOD'S LAWS AND CHANGES NOT ONE IOTA OF THE TRUTH OF THE LAWS IN ORIGINAL FORM.

I did not say "Biblical presentation" of the Laws for that has already been rewritten to suit the Elite.  You have a lot of people returning to the "churches" seeking truth but you have no depth in your spiritual foundation and people are now merely attending "clubs" touting "do nothing for your own responsible selves--but rather, believe Jesus did it all for you.  In this way you will be whisked off to some glorious haven in the clouds, etc., etc., etc."  NO, NO--YOU WILL ANSWER TO SELF AND GOD FOR EVERYTHING YE DO AGAINST GOD AND FELLOW-MAN--WHICH INCLUDES FIRST ON THE LIST, SELF.  Acts against the Laws of "right-ness" are acts of heinous nature against SELF and it will be SELF who falls into the abyss of despair and slavery unto the puppet masters.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was asked, "Why did the Russian people lose their freedom?"  He replied, "BECAUSE WE FORGOT GOD!"  This has now happened in the United States and almost all other nations on your globe.  God blessed America incredibly. You have been given uninterrupted prosperity and you have become sedated and lazy.  You have no ability to function if the times really get tough--and they will.  You can't even cope with interruptions in your Television transmission during soap opera pornography or the Monday night football.  You are angered even if a "Special Report" interrupts for brief segments to keep you updated on who is killing whom in the war.  You hang a few more yellow ribbons, bow your head and hope for no annihilation of the stadium during half-time and go on in your incredible blindness--ever tightening the blinders so as to protect your tunnel vision.  You, dear ones, have become soft marshmellows who are overfed on poison junk, alcohol and drugs--to great extent.  (I do not intend discredit or dishonor to those of you who are working around the clock "as THE clock--ringing your alarms".)  You do not go to gyms to gain health but a physical prowess even to the extent of damage to the body in the process.  You are obsessed with it--when painting your house or scrubbing your floors and walls would give the same exercise--FREE!  Furthermore, you must have the proper designer-shoes and leotards to show off those beauteous bank accounts and muscles.  You are driven in your search for inner peace and loving quiet and you find it not until the apogee and crescendo bash you about until your ears ring and you robotically keep running--running--running, faster and faster--away from the goal of peace and more quickly into the cycle of chaos--away from God.

Dear ones, in the United States you now hold titles in being the most: you are leader in homosexuality, pornography, promiscuity, drug use, alcoholism, and violent crime.  This moral decline is a direct result of your spiritual decline, and the spiritual decline, in turn, has contributed to total political and social decline as well as destruction of your economic stability.  Your children simply do not know which way to turn or that which to believe--for the parents do not know and this is due to the total moral decline of family.


The decline of morals is locked together inseparably with spiritual decline which is the basis for ALL the other areas of function. You have forgotten your spiritual--I DID NOT SAY RELIGIOUS--foundations from where you originated.  The moral decline in your country in such a short period of time is totally amazing.  The U.S. is the per capita leader in the Western world for drug consumption--intended and deliberately inflicted upon you.  You now produce as much or more drug substance as is shipped in from elsewhere.

You are also the leader in the Western world in teenage pregnancies, although Russia is the leader in abortions which we will speak of later.  Russia is not a "Western nation, at any rate.  Your teenage suicide and divorce rates top the lists of all.  Your divorce rate is incredible.  America publishes more pornography than any other country in the world.  In the past, pornography was shipped into the U.S. mostly from the "free-love" places of Scandinavia.  Now, in places as remote as New Zealand, South Africa, etc., pornographic movies made and published in America top the list of best-sellers--this includes horrible child-sex abuse and snuff films.

You have witnessed and experienced the breakup of the family and increasing problems for teenagers run out of control.  The family is tuned out and turned away in all social aspects.  You teach "safe-sex" in your kindergarten when a child hardly realizes there is sex difference.  Sex education is taught in schools and youngsters and teenagers are taught how to have safe sex so they won't contract AIDS-- when your leaders know that there is no such thing as "safe-sex" on any account, especially prevention of AIDS and other diseases.  Your motion pictures and television programs are thoroughly saturated with sex and anti-family, anti-traditional values.  Violence and sex in television is increasing and that which was unacceptable a decade ago, for adults on late viewing of "X" (by the way, that is the Satanic symbol) rated material is now shown at dinner-time prime-time WHERE IT IS KNOWN THE CHILDREN WILL BE VIEWING.  There are NO ACCIDENTS IN PROGRAMMING!

Much of the rock music promotes total violence and certainly rebellion, depression, suicide, sex and drugs if nothing else.

Oh, yes, your culture is almost to the pits in decline.  Anyone over forty years of age can look back with the visions fresh in your mind and cringe at the view.  According to your own records of a recent in-depth study about Satanism as a "named" cult, it was found that over 25% of teenagers in high schools in Denver, Colorado, are said by officials to be involved in "Satanism".

America's decline and plunge head-long toward slavery continues to proliferate at compounding speed.  Your children have great confusion as to moral behavior and participate in activities destined to, at the least, give them fatal disease and emotional confusion.  Across America it is found that over 70 percent of teenagers said they approve of "living together in trial marriages", 9 percent of these children have had at least one abortion and most of these, more than one; 15% of the men knew that at least "one of their sexual partners" had had an abortion--thanks to them; 51 percent said they approved of abortion as a means of contraception; over half of the students reported having had more than one sex partner, and some 24 percent had had five or more partners with no checking for disease possibility; and half said they have sex at random and 26 percent participate regularly.  Now, brothers, if this is not breaking the Commandments of God--then perhaps you will tell me that which does!  And YOU have taught your babies that this behavior is not only acceptable but the "way to go".

When Lenin came to power in the Soviet Union, one of the first things he (and later, Stalin) determined to do was to destroy and restructure the family.  Easy, no-fault-type, divorce was instituted, sexual immortality was encouraged and abortion became totally acceptable.  THE FAMILY BROKE DOWN AND SO DID THE ENTIRE RUSSIAN SOCIETY.  ALERT!

It isn't just your children trying on these sports for entertainment, your government houses are hotbeds of total evil activities.  The illicit heterosexual escapades of all the Kennedy "boys" is giggled about and emulated, and all will remember the Wilbur Mills, John Tower, Lyndon Johnson, Gary Hart and myriads of others, who romped about and cavorted with everything from secretaries to prostitutes.  Your own evangelical movement has fallen into the pits due to this illicit behavior of your very "teachers of God's truth??".  One representative from Ohio was recently convicted of having sex with a child--again.

And what about homosexuals in your houses of leadership?  Sexual preference?  Dear ones, what in the world are you talking about?  I don't care what you think about it--homosexual behavior is amongst the most immoral and deviate behavior, and the government is a critical aspect of the nation's health.

Publicly announced (so you have no idea of the depth or extent of this behavior) most recently, have been three prominent homosexual Washingtonians who have contracted and died of AIDS from homosexual contacts.  Terry Dolan, head of the National Conservative Political Action Committee; Dan J. Bradley, head of the leftist Legal Services Corp.; and Rep. Stuart McKinney (R-CT).  KcKinney had two gay lovers who died of AIDS and lived with a third for five years on Capitol Hill.  A former congressman from Maryland, a gay who was forced from office in the early '80's when caught "cruising" for teenage boys, says that at that time there were at least a dozen closet, and active, gays in the Congress and somehow this was supposed to make his behavior acceptable.  Since then, a congressman was ruined by a gay scandal involving murder; another was caught having sex in a Capitol Hill men's room; and another has been caught with his male lover running a call boy/call girl ring from his apartment.

This last representative, Barney Frank (D-MA), a long-time homosexual, answered an ad in Washington's Gay Blade newspaper in 1985.  The male prostitute who placed the ad, and who was convicted in 1975 of cocaine distribution, and in 1982 on four counts of production of obscene items involving a juvenile, possession of obscene materials, oral sodomy (for you innocents--mouth to anus copulation), possession, sale and use of cocaine--moved in with Congressman Frank.  For some two years, Representative Frank had him on his payroll at $20,000 per year (thank you, taxpayers), while the prostitute used the representative's apartment as a homosexual/heterosexual sex-for-hire whore house.


After this story became public, liberal politicians have risen to the aid and defense of Barney Frank.  Some of them are literally calling this despot "one of American's top congressmen", "...a great American leader", etc.  The Congressional Ethics Committee gave him a very minor tap on the wrist for his behavior and getting caught, and he has continued as a powerful liberal leader in Congress.  What does upset you citizens?

Meanwhile, this man's homosexual call-boy-lover is beginning to talk about other Congressmen and Senators who have been his customers for both male and female prostitutes at this Capitol Hill "best little whore house in Washington".

Gay activist leaders in Washington estimate that there are at least thirty homosexual congressmen who are active participants.  And you-the-people have given ample tax-money aid to obscene art displays.  Even though the most contagious method of the spread of AIDS is through saliva, on July 11, 1990, the U.S. Senate voted to force restaurant owners to hire AIDS-infected homosexuals as food-handlers.

Please keep in mind that AIDS is deadly, incurable and most uncomfortable.  Would it not appear that the top leaders who set up the downfall and the global plan--do not give any attention to AIDS?  Why would that be?  Because they planned it this way and they abhor the deviate behavior of the puppets and plan to annihilate them through this means of murder.  There is cure/antidote for AIDS, plus the fact that these top leader Elite participate in no activities which would incur the disease.  They are immoral--not stupid.  They also have available, the antidote--which by the way, was created prior to the international infestation of the world population.


The Federal Government is now pushing churches to "...adjust their teaching on homosexuality".  A very recent report from the Department of Health and Human Services states: Religion presents another risk factor...Many traditional fundamentalist faiths still portray homosexuality as morally wrong.  Religion needs to reassess homosexuality in a positive context within their belief systems.

And, indeed, government and private legal action is now being taken against churches and businesses for "alleged" discrimination against homosexuals.  In New York, former Mayor Ed Koch issued an Executive Order granting "bereavement leave rights" to homosexuals whose "domestic partners" die.  As local, state, and federal governments have come to accept and push as well as protect, the homosexual sodomite movement, the public is forced by law and the gun at the head, to also accept this form of behavior as acceptable among the populace.  Again, I must repeat myself: there is preference of company of another human and there is "illicit behavior" integrated within the relationship--IT IS THE "BEHAVIOR" WHICH IS ABHORRENT, NOT THE FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN TWO INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEINGS.  You can object all you wish, people, but this behavior and attitude is against the Laws of God AND The Creation, and all the rewriting of the rules and passing of human laws WILL NOT CHANGE ONE IOTA OF THE TRUTH OF IT.  IT IS WRONG!!!  IT IS AGAINST THE LAWS OF GOD OF LIGHTED CREATION!  IT IS TOTALLY WITHIN THE WRITTEN LAWS OF THE SATANIC BROTHERHOOD!  YOU CHECK IT OUT FOR IT IS ALL DOCUMENTED AND AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CONFIRMATION.


One last comment here and we shall close this segment and take a respite.

The moral decline including the "homosexual revolution" is evident on your art gallery walls.  The good U.S. taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts reflects the moral plunge in Washington and the influence of homosexuality and other liberal moral standards.  Now, for you who have also accused us of being unpatriotic, etc., I would note to you that homosexuality is NOT acceptable in the military services and great problems have been caused as it is efforted to make it so.  You cannot have it BOTH ways, friends.  In the summer of 1990 a most despicable showing of art works were passed about your country.  The objections for expenditures for this "art" was overruled and remains in place--thanks to your wondrously "moral" congress.

One of the works displayed was Robert Mapplethorpe's "celebration of homosexuality", an exhibition which portrayed such poignant sights as a man urinating into another's mouth and the artist, himself, posing with the "long end" of a bullwhip dangling from a well-known, well-labeled body cavity, pronounced "Booo-sh" in Arabic.  Another display was a "work" entitled "Piss Christ", a large photograph of a crucifix immersed in the artist's most recent "medium", his own urine.

When asked by the press, since he worked with urine, what his next medium would be, Serrano replied: "Semen".  The Mapplethorpe and Serrano works both got money from the taxpayer-funded National Endowment of the Arts and one Senator, Jesse Helms, efforted to see that it didn't get repeated but here he stood alone--he was simply laughed at, called a religious bigot, and accused of "violating our First Amendment right of free expression.  Even President Bush has refused to condemn THE FEDERALLY FUNDED "PROGRESSIVE ART" AND HAS NOW CALLED FOR ADDITIONAL TAXPAYER FUNDING--WHICH WILL CONTINUE.

You might be happy to note that business is not far behind--Seattle First National Bank, whose parent bank is Bank of America, has agreed to offer a "gay affinity" MasterCard for homosexuals throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. The card is intended and designed to help raise funds for gay and lesbian groups throughout the Pacific Northwest as a trial and then extended outward.

Congressman Dannemeyer of California gives the following information in a recently released publication: 

"Homosexuals are now insisting that young people be taught how to perform homosexual acts as well as heterosexual acts.  The demand that such instruction be mandatory in our public schools and that the courses also teach that homosexuality is a normal and desirable appetite.  Many schools have instituted such sex education."


The communists recognize that a country in moral decline is an easy, easy target.  In 1960 they told their cadres in America:

"Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them 'censorship' and violation of 'free speech' and 'free press'. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.  Present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as 'normal, natural, and healthy'."

Dear ones, even the tampered Bible pronounces that of all human behavior besides that of murder, homosexuality is the most severely condemned behavior of human.  It further states that no society can survive the widespread practices and acceptance of homosexuality.  Likewise in opposition, the Talmud and other Manifestos urge their participants to institute decline and weakening of the nations and people through the deviate behaviors by pronouncing them acceptable and pushing therefore, the behaviors.

There is, also, the promise that the nations, people and planets of those who fall into the practices of such behaviors and actions will reap the reward of perishing and the people shall be separated away from God--in their own free-will of choosing!  So be it and Amen.

Allow us a rest, please.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn



Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, March 1991, Volume 10, Number 1 & 2, Pages 2-8.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.