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May 7, 2016



Interestingly enough, He admonished the people to never touch the white man's whiskey, which He called "Devil-Water"; a description echoed by the saint Shr Dadji almost 2000 years later who, in a letter, wrote that alcohol was "one of the most demonic influences in the world". The Pale Prophet said that this Devil-Water or alcohol unsettled one's reason, loosened one's tongue, and caused one to act foolishly. I assure you that the Pale Prophet is not so given to understatement in this day. Alcohol and drugs open the very gates of Hell and calls the demons within to court and commune.

The current information on alcohol has more than justified Jesus' warnings about it. Physicians are now warning that alcohol kills brain cells, including the pineal gland, which cannot be regenerated; has a toxic or poisonous effect on the lungs and heart causing irreversible damage to the heart muscle; de­generates live tissue, even in so-called social drinkers; causes inflammation of the pancreas; impairs the functioning of the endocrine gland; causes pre­mature senility, including sexual dysfunction; causes red blood cells to clump together, thereby slowing circulation and depriving every tissue and organ in the body of vital oxygen; lowers the body's resistance to disease and infection; creates "drunken cells" that form brittle bones; causes inflammation of the nerves, as well as being linked to all kinds of cancers. It also causes fetal al­cohol syndrome in human fetuses, even in babies whose mothers may only have had a few drinks during the entire pregnancy period, leaving babies men­tally and/or physically impaired. It also produces an abnormal gene that is passed on to offspring, leaving the offspring more susceptible to various ill­nesses and alcoholism itself. A positive example for children must be set by the parents. Today, "one out of every ten parents in the U.S. has a drinking problem that forces their children to withdraw into a secret world---and for every alcoholic parent, four or five other family members are directly af­fected." Hence, you must help your children by first helping yourselves and setting the right examples for them.

Alcohol is the primary tool utilized to entrap the unsuspecting participant First the substance is given and then, once captured, the destruction ceases, there will forever more be damage to the physical being, loss of memory perfection, a slowing of mental process and often total senility or irreversible organ damage. Satan, my friends, knows exactly the poison to feed you to entrap and totally control the being and finally kill the conscious­ness thereby capturing the very soul. Oh yes, before we are done with all these Journals we most surely will thoroughly cover the "12 step program" for salvation from the demons, the unlocking of your mind that you might free yourself, the letting go of the terror, fear, and desire for escape and low self­-esteem and allow you to rebuild your temples if indeed you have entered that particular path. We are going to show you how to reach through and into the undamaged sub-conscious mind, thus opening the prison doors. So be it, for first you must be ready and willing to admit and accept the problem, under­stand it and desire change---mostly you must really desire change above all else. Man still sits in the middle of his self-pity and wants another to save him for himself--nay, each must do it alone. Another can assist--none can do it for you for any input of money, laws or punishment---you must grow into the burning desire for change.

SOURCE:  Phoenix Jornal number twelve, "Crucifixion of the Phoenix' - Chapter 22, p. 177-178