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THE LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION - LAW 18 - You must not commit the act of slavery upon any human being of God.


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August 12, 2017

18.  You  must  not  commit  the  act  of

 slavery  upon  any  human  being  of  God.


This means you must not DEMAND by force and fear to con­trol, confine, use, or manip­ulate another human being to do any service or work for you, against their will, without giving them FAIR compensation.  This also means that you cannot BUY or SELL another human be­ing as if he/she were a prod­uct YOU own.  This includes YOUR CHILDREN.  Babies and children are not “products” to be created, such as by “in-vitro” fertiliza­tion, or given to be birthed by a “surrogate” mother.  If a couple are unable to physically pro-cre­ate, then they have a choice: they can ADOPT a homeless or unwanted child, or they can choose not to be par­ents at all.  ADOPTION of another’s un­wanted or parentless child is one of the most LOVING and UN­SELFISH acts any compe­tent and caring couple could do in ser­vice to GOD.  Not all cou­ples are or were meant to pro-create! It is not punishment from God.  It is the re­sponsibility of any “barren” loving couple to recognize that pro-creation is not their function at this time.  But if they desire children, then they must un­derstand what an HONOR it is to accept the nurturing care of one of GOD’s children who has no one else to love him/her!

One of the most painful and degrading terms you humans have labeled those children who are born “out of wedlock” is “bastard” (which means il­legitimate according to HUMAN LAW).  YOU must now KNOW that in GOD’s kingdom THERE ARE NO BASTARDS.  These “born out of wedlock” children are as precious to God as any other child born with “married” parents.

Then there have been many of you humans who have throughout history claimed superior­ity or inferiority because of color or race.  The feeling a hu­man has of so-called “genetic” su­periority exists within the mind of the HU­MAN who wishes to control and dominate and en­slave other humans of dif­ferent race or color than he is.  For example, many of the Germans under the one called “Hitler” believed that the “pure” Caucasian was far superior ge­netically, men­tally, and physically to ALL other races.  They believed in keeping the race pure by not inter-breeding with other so-called inferior races.  Also, many of the so-called “Jews” are taught and believe that their “race” is CHOSEN of GOD over all others and so they believe that they are superior.  In America as in Europe, “black” or “dark” hu­mans were believed infe­rior and were made SLAVES to the “whites”.

Don’t you see, “the evil powers that be” are CREATING and ENCOUR­AGING prejudice of others who are “different” than they are in culture and skin so that they can CONTROL the per­ceived “lessor” ones.  Throughout the world through your media and government policies, the seed of racial un­rest, dissension and prejudice is specifically planted, nurtured and allowed to bear the bitter fruit of hatred and resentment and is thus continu­ally perpet­uated so that YOU people will not BECOME UNITED! By keeping you sepa­rated, by creat­ing for you sup­pression of various groups, THEY keep you at war with one an­other while THEY execute THEIR plans for TOTAL domina­tion over ALL of you.

So, is it against THE LAWS OF GOD for a man and a woman of differ­ent races or colors to marry and bear children?  OF COURSE NOT! THE GE­NETIC CORRUPTION OF YOUR HUMAN SPECIES OCCURS SPECIFI­CALLY BE­CAUSE OF THE DIS-EASE WITHIN THE SPIRI­TUALLY WEAK AND COR­RUPTED BEINGS WHO PRO-CREATE, NOT BE­CAUSE OF THEIR COLOR! Each SOUL is a fragment of God.  Whatever race or color of the body that the soul chooses to incarnate in makes NO difference whatso­ever to GOD.  Only Human falsely chooses to create and delineate “features” or “traits” of racial superior­ity/inferiority.

In Service to The Divine Light of Wisdom and Truth of Our Creator, Aton and The Cre­ation WE are:


Lord Michael