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APRIL 4, 2017

PJ 09



THU., NOV. 16, 1989 7:00 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 092

THU., NOV. 16, 1989


Good morning, Sananda present.

I am asked to remind you to watch the news most closely. You will take spe­cial note of the severe tornados in the Southeast. Your weather pattern is in gross upheaval. This will further burden your government’s disaster fundings. I urge you to pay most close attention as things unfold.

Further, note the new edict to the CIA to get Mr. Noriega at all costs “short of assassination”. Do not believe that, dear ones, it is get Mr. Noriega and get Panama under control at ALL costs. The government has now set aside over $3 million to do the job. That would replace many tornado damaged homes! The machinery of evil is rolling.

I would also comment here, about abductions--I mean Earth human abductions of children and adults. There is much going on at this time regarding, for instance, the young boy in Minnesota. This brings forth other parents still searching for their children after years of agony, in some cases.

Let us consider the Minnesota case where the boy was with a brother and a friend and taken at gunpoint. Do not be surprised at that which comes to your attention--the children should be questioned more closely. The fact that the abduction took place at Halloween does not bode well for the abducted child. Further, it is often that a pedophile will mimic Satanic worshippers and the opposite, to cover and misdirect attention. You ones must pay attention to the signs, circumstances and timings involved. It can happen anywhere. As we move further along, the abductions will be blamed more and more frequently on space visitors. Keep your rational “reasoning” ability honed--do not fall prey to such nonsense. These things are happening right on your place, in the physical dimension and by human beings of your planet. So be it. Let us move on with our journal that we might finish it.

Commanders Hatonn and Ashtar request input as to desirability of update material on the economy and other topics already journalized. Please give feedback. Your economy is ready to begin its sinking and turnover. We need information as to how you want to receive and structure updated information and instruction.


Further, there are some activities of a personal nature in upheaval. There are ones claiming “to be within our tight little circle of this location”; this is not truth, be careful. There are ones still utilizing the production of others as their apparent “right”. It is not only not right, it will be ceased or these ones will be set to the side for ones will not act in negative manner and then proclaim participation in a capacity of leadership.


Many come forth in claims of having equipment or information which will “be fed” back into this place. Naught needs be “fed” back into this place--we know where the portions are placed and, until ones proclaiming all this non­sense withdraw from such foolishness, they will be but a burden unto these ones. As a homing device for drawing various personages, this is NOT THE PLACE. For instance, I request that no-one set forth to take an unrequested portion in the basic motion picture of Sipapu. All is already set in motion and if you are to participate, you will be petitioned. There will be no liberties taken regarding the music, etc. I would further suggest that the Galactic All Stars are presenting a most unpleasant gathering of attention and stating it to be in our behalf; this is most incorrect and I urge caution one more time; cease this behav­ior and activity--assume responsibility and withdraw from your public sensationalism in our name. I advocate none of that which you are presenting. Ones come forth to assist you and you treat them in a shabby manner which is most distasteful. I request that you reconsider your path.


Let us continue now, Dharma.


* * *



At this point I wish to allude to something which has relationship with the above message. You must be aware of things which are coming forth from most accepted public writers and personages. Ones will claim to have an­swers for another and then when they are closely scrutinized you will find evil has crept therein. I will hereby give you an example, perhaps by simply quoting from another source; whether intentionally, evil comes through.


You have one in your New Age circles who writes a great abundance of ma­terial. The name is Erica Jong. I have no exception with this entity as a human--I only wish to point out a specific item.


Erica Jong wrote FEAR OF FLYING and a book called WITCHES (which you will probably not be able to locate for it is “hopefully” out of print at present). One of the things you will find in the index under “flying”, is a recipe for flying ointment: “Witches fly; they really do, but you have to understand their language. They fly depending upon the kind of drug they are using.” As you read through the recipe for flying ointment you will find an ingredient called bel­ladonna which is combined with various other “stuff” and cooked down to a proper consistency. “When you are finished cooking this down you mix it with the oil of your choice. You can use butter or safflower oil OR YOU CAN USE BABY FAT!” Now, where are you dear ones who wish to fly going to get baby fat?


The major question in all the Satanic investigations is where are the bodies? Well, almost all of the children involved will tell of sacrificing in these dark places with robed people. They also will tell of cooking of babies.


Several parents with children in different preschools in the South Bay area of Los Angeles told of the children celebrating Halloween in May. They felt at first that it was most creative and entertaining for the children. If you research carefully enough you will find that in your eighth century the Catholic Council of Toledo took All Saints and All Souls day in May and moved it to the day after Halloween. The original day of celebration was May 13th. They did that be­cause of the Druid practice of human sacrifice during All Hallows Eve. The Church did that to block the spiritual power that was brought up and pushed out into the world by the Druids. Remember, you are dealing with eighth-century (8th) minds here. That left a free day in May and what better day to bastardize than a once holy day? So you have children practicing Halloween in May. Further, you can do almost anything to, or in front of, these children and the parents will simply believe the children were shown a “fright house” with pretend “things”. You will further find that in the investigation of the South Bay incidents that involved suspects were all absent from their homes and regular places of business on the evening of May 13th.


The children will relate most bizarre stories which are most often thought to be psychotic in origin, especially if a family is going through a traumatic emotional time. These current times find families in almost constant pain and turmoil.


Children DO NOT tell bizarre stories about sexual incidents relating to self without there being problems present. They have nothing to relate to such incidents unless by personal experience. Toddlers and young children have no relationships to form regarding such adult activities.


Often children are indoctrinated by play-acting; the pretending to stab dolls or pretend games. The child then is not actually aware when the actual event is taking place for they are pre-programmed. Further, children, even more than adults, retreat into a “safe” place when under attack and the child will actually produce another personality to protect itself. Many early experiences of horren­dous nature will not come forth into consciousness for many, many years.

If a child begins to speak to you about bizarre things--LISTEN! YOU MUST BELIEVE YOUR CHILDREN.


Alright, Dharma, another quote from Cults that Kill please:






February 10, 1985










In August 1983, the Manhattan Beach Police Department began an investigation regarding allegations of sexual abuse occurring at the McMartin Preschool. A 2 1/2 year old male was the first victim to disclose being sodomized by a male teacher at that location. Subsequent investigation re­vealed numerous additional victims. Altogether, approximately 400 children were evaluated by therapists at Children’s Institute International. All interviews were video-taped and 350 children disclosed sexual behavior; 49 did not.


In all, the victims named seven teachers (six women and one male) at the preschool as having molested them. These individuals are currently charged with 209 counts of child molestation. Also named are about 30 other individuals still uncharged as well as numerous unidentified “strangers”.


McMartin victims allege sexual abuse occurred on school grounds as well as at a local market, churches, a mortuary, various homes, a farm, a doc­tor’s office, other preschools and other unknown locations. They also talk about being taken on airplane rides to unknown locations.


The forms of alleged crimes are rape, sodomy, oral copulations and insertion of foreign objects. Most children state they were photographed in the nude. They talk about various games being played that involved being naked (both children and suspects) and involved some type of fondling. Some of the games mentioned by the children are the Naked Movie Star Game, Alligator Game, Cowboys and Indians Game, Horsy Game, Doctor Game and the Tickle Game. They mention drinking a red or pink liquid that made them sleepy. They talk about the Circus Horse where the people dressed up in animal costumes. Other costumes mentioned were clowns, witches, and devil-like costumes. Children disclose animal sacrificing (bunnies, ponies, turtles, etc.) and say some of this occurred in churches. Victims describe sticks put in their vaginas and rectums and also being “pooped” and “peed” on. Children say that the adults sometimes dressed in black robes, formed a circle around them and chanted.


In May, 1984, another preschool investigation began in the same policing jurisdiction stemming from a McMartin victim who identified the Manhattan Ranch Preschool as a place where he was taken and molested. Then a student currently attending the Manhattan Ranch disclosed being abused sexually by a 17-year-old male aide. Since then, additional children have begun disclosing sexual abuse (approximately 60) and they have named six or more additional suspects, mainly women teachers at the preschool. These victims talk of strangers coming to the school and molesting them, being taken off campus and molested, being photographed nude and some talk of animals being abused. The children talk of being hit with sticks and of being “peed” and “pooped” on.


Initially, this case was investigated by the Manhattan Beach Police Department who turned over the McMartin case to the District Attorney’s office. After charges were filed on the original seven suspects it became clear that the resources of the police department and the District Attorney’s office were not sufficient in order to follow up on the multitude of uncharged suspects in both preschools. Therefore, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was requested to come in and take over the investigation for the purpose of investigating the uncharged suspects in both the McMartin and Manhattan Ranch cases. The Task Force became operational on November 5, 1984. It should be noted that the Task Force has two other preschools under investigation for alleged sexual abuse in addition to McMartin and Manhattan Ranch. One, the Learning Game Preschool, is clearly linked to McMartin. The other, Children’s Path Preschool, is not. Currently the Task Force is made up of nineteen investigators, two sergeants and one lieutenant. In addition to the District Attorneys who are currently prosecuting the charged suspects, there will be two District Attorneys assigned full time to the Task Force in the near future to provide legal assistance and to assist in filing additional criminal charges.

* * *




Children might well be speaking of some “game” and tell you they played such and such “but I really hated the sticks!” And perhaps you can ask a child to draw a picture of the “games” and you may get a child of very young age who will, as in one documented instance, draw some most elaborate things. For instance this child of about 8 or 9 years, drew a man who was sacrificed on a cross. She drew the heart in the mid-line, somewhat slightly to the left of the chest. She placed the rib-cage in proper perspective and then she placed two blue lungs under the rib cage. (Your physiologists describe the color of adult lungs ranging from blue to slate/grey. The older the person, the darker the color.) She showed the blood pouring out and the man crying--because that is exactly what she saw!!!


Now, let me quote from a five-year-old boy who claimed to have been abused in one of the above mentioned preschools. Medical reports showed sexual abuse-the questions and answers have been turned into a narrative.

Excerpt of testimony to District Attorney:


“There were five of us, two boys and three girls. They made us take off our clothes, because we were going to play a game. They called it the circle game. We all made a circle and the two women stood in the middle. They had black robes and sticks. They touched each of us with the sticks on our backsides. They put the sticks inside and it hurt. They also put it in the girls’ fronts. While they did that, they sang a song I didn’t understand. It sounded like praying from the church.


“One of the women took a hamster from her pocket and gave it to me to hold. Then she took it back quickly and put it on the floor on a plate. She said some more strange words and cut the hamster’s head with a knife. She said that if anybody told what we did, she would do what she did to the hamster to our mommies and daddies. I started to cry. So did the girl next to me. I didn’t look at the other kids.


“Another time we played the circle game, they lit candles in the middle. They were black. There was a star in the circle. (The boy drew a pentagram.) They sang a song with words I didn’t understand, and made one of the girls suck her titties and her front. They made all of us watch. Sometimes when we played the circle game, the two women told us to touch each other’s private parts. I didn’t like any of this.


“One time they made me drink water that made me sleepy. All I re­member is a man touching my private parts, and then I went to sleep.


“I finally told my mommy that I didn’t want to go anymore. She said, ‘Why, don’t you like it?’, and I told her about the circle game. She didn’t believe me and brought me to the doctor. After that she said she was sorry and that she believed me.”


* * *




J.C., fifty, 26 years a high school teacher, Tucson, Arizona. Currently under­going therapy for she finally became dysfunctional.


“I have been in and out of therapy ever since my marriage fell apart twenty-two years ago. Even before I was married, I had several brief encounters with counseling. I couldn’t seem to function well in my personal life. I’ve never had any problems functioning on a professional level, just my personal life was messed up.


“Last April or May, 1986, memories started being triggered in therapy--mem­ories about being abused ritualistically by men in black robes. Ever since then, one memory after another has come. It’s been extremely painful to relive these experiences, but I am pulling through it all.


“I have one brother eight years older than me. I have memories of him being involved but he won’t discuss it. I have a sister who is fourteen years older than me. I have memories of her being involved but she won’t speak of it, ei­ther. Neither of them have ever been in therapy.


“I was in a Satanic cult from birth until I was twenty-one years old. My whole family was in the cult. It was generational as my grandfather on my mother’s side also participated. My experience deals with ritualistic rape, ritualistic sacrificing of children and dogs, mainly German shepherds, ritualistic eating of flesh, feces, vomit and urine, and ritualistic drinking of animal or human blood.


“In the cult I grew up in, the men usually wore black robes with black hoods, similar to the Ku Klux Klan, and it was the men who usually took charge of the ceremonies. We had a high priest who was the father of us all. It was a family cult--made up entirely of families. At one time, the high priest was an ordained Baptist minister of a prominent church in Denver, Colorado. The cult didn’t have a name, as far as I know.


“Some of the ceremonies were for sexual purification in which a child was raped by all the men. They would form a circle and chant phrases to Satan then gang rape the child until the child either vomited or showed so much terror that he or she would lose control over his bodily functions. Then the vomit, urine, and feces would be used for the rest of the ceremony by ingestion.


“Some of the ceremonies would be performed to gain Satan’s power through the terror of the child. The child would be starved, tortured, and raped in order to gain that power. Some of the ceremonies were strictly for sacrificial killings for Satan. The child would be killed with a knife through the heart while a cult member was raping the child. The point of all this was to have the sexual climax at the point of death of the child. The terror of the child and the sexual climax seemed to give the ultimate in control and power and this power was supposed to come from Satan.


“Some of the killings were put on, staged, not real. I was supposed to have killed my brother at one point, but it was really another child made up to look like my brother. Other killings, however, were real and the intended person.


“The bodies were always burned. Some of the bones were kept as implements for the ceremonies. I have one memory of a place where we lived in Denver where there were certain places in the backyard where I was not permitted to play. I vaguely have a memory that some bones were buried there.


“Most of the meetings took place in basements with dirt floors. Some of the meetings were in barns with dirt floors. These were on farms near my grand­father’s farm. There were pits in the dirt floors where they would burn the bodies. I remember that these meetings took place every Friday and Saturday night.


“I was at the threshold many times believing that I was going to die. Other experiences included dismembering bodies and burning them. I was buried in a coffin with the dismembered remains of a child.


“I left home with the clothes on my back when I was twenty-one. I had an aunt who helped me. She and her husband would only let me stay at their house one night because they were afraid. She found another place for me to stay, took two weeks’ rent on it and said, “You’re on your own.”


“These things do upset me so much when I talk about them, but people need to know and understand that these things really did happen and are still hap­pening. I am working with a good therapist, two of them in fact, so I am being helped.”




“My mother’s father abused all his children, the boys and girls. I was born because my grandfather raped my mother.


“My grandfather took care of me often. He built a loving sexual relationship with me. We had oral sex and sodomy. I didn’t think anything was wrong in it.


“When I was about six, I was brought to a morgue and placed on a stainless steel table. My grandfather was a mortician. There were other men there. They were dressed like priests. I had no clothes on. My hands were tied so that my vagina was out and exposed.


“There was huge bowl next to me and in the bowl was a baby. The men began chanting and bathing the baby in the water. The baby was screaming. It had black hair. They took a skinny knife and slit the infant.


There was a lot of blood. They held the baby over me and the blood went all over me. The people were all covered with blood, too, and they began eating the baby’s guts. I was crying. I kept going in and out of consciousness.


“I heard my grandfather pray: ‘Oh holy one of the world, we offer this child as a living sacrifice for your power and glory. We dedicate this virgin of God, make her holy by fornication, molestation, incest, cannibalism and torture. With this we offer her up for the purpose of High Priestess of the holy order of Satan to be used at will by all members of the priesthood, especially our holy one.’


“The last thing I remember was my grandfather taking the baby’s testicles and shoving them in my mouth. After that, I blacked out.


“When I woke up, I heard people moving around me. A big silver door, like a freezer door, was opened and a big tray pulled out. The smell in the room was awful, and it burned my nose and eyes like alcohol or smoke does. The men shut the big door and turned some knobs. Then they began cleaning the room.


“I blacked out again and woke up in my grandfather’s house. My vagina was bleeding and my grandmother helped me stop the bleeding by using a sanitary napkin. I stayed several days until the bleeding stopped.


“A week later, my grandfather approached me again. When I refused to be his lover, he put a pillow over my head and tried to suffocate me. I made believe I was dead by lying real quietly. I didn’t breathe until he left the room. When my mother came home, I ran to her and began crying. My grandfather died several months later.


“I don’t think she knew what her father had been doing to me all those years, but over the next few years my mother began beating me. My father wasn’t aware that my mother was beating me, and I’m sure that he didn’t know about grandfather and me. Father had always been very good to me and loved me very much.


“At fourteen, I had an abortion and a nervous breakdown. The abortion re­minded me of that incident in the morgue, with my grandfather.


“I found Jesus at the hospital, and through him I am getting better. That was ten years ago.”




More and more often you will be awakening to the fact that these tales are prevalent. The mental health physicians are deluged with them as people begin to open up. What might this mean? For one thing it means there is more organized worship of Satan than your world society can even imagine.


Further, you must not get completely centered on organized Satanic cults--THIS JOURNAL IS ABOUT EVIL! THE SINGLE PERSON WHO IS DED­ICATED TO “EVIL” IS AS DANGEROUS, OR MORE SO, THAN EVEN THE ORGANIZED.


Ones such as Richard Ramirez are even more heinous in that he revels in the publicity. I will not give him the pleasure of recognizing him further in this journal. Nor will I give Charles Manson further recognition.




I shall discuss the Matamoros cult killings for it represents a most good ex­ample of what can be prevalent before your noses and still be overlooked.


These involved members do not claim to be of a Satanic church as such. They practiced what is called Santeria--mostly self-styled to suit the heinous needs of the group. While Santeria is generally considered to be amoral, even by the santeros, its amorality is an idea that becomes most shaky under close scrutiny. For there is a most emphatic rule to not displease the gods, which in itself implies moral judgment. One major way to displease the gods would be to violate the eleven commandments of Obatala, father of the Yoruban gods. You will find the commandments sound a lot like the biblical Ten Commandments and they certainly contain value:

l. You will not steal.

2. You will not kill, except in self-defense and

    for your sustenance.

3. You will not eat human flesh.

4. You will live in peace among yourselves.

5. You will not covet your neighbor’s properties.

6. You will not curse my name.

7. You will honor your father and your mother.

8. You will not ask more than I can give you,

     and you will be content with your faith.

9. You will neither fear death nor take your own life.

10. You will teach my commandments to your children.

11. You will respect and obey my laws.


The point lies in that the attitude is much as a more familiar “New Age” con­cept that there is neither good nor bad. The concept of good or bad resides pretty much within the individual practitioners: it is not a function of the “religion”. You have a situation whereby good or bad is determined mostly by peer decision and a good healthy democratic vote about what is to be con­sidered good vs. evil. Further, in Santeria you can do anything and then go cleanse yourself. The officiator, in turn, is blameless for he is only working in behalf of his client. In other words, you just place curses and voodoo and other various activities not greatly unlike the new concepts in behavior running rampant in your society today.


In the group of cultists in Matamoras they called themselves members of Palo Mayombe, a secret religion. If you wish to read more about these heinous adventures read ACROSS THE BORDER by Gary Provost. I will utilize a bit of information from within that document.


Several of the cultists made statements openly before being hushed by lawyers. They were sufficiently “brainwashed” by the cult to feel quite safe. I shall have Dharma simply copy from here and there within the book as I guide her.


Keep in mind the leaders of this particular group were Adolfo Constanzo and Sara Aldrete, Maria del Rocio Cuevas Guerra; Alvaro de Leon Valdez, El Duby; Omar Francisco Orea Ochoa; and Maria de Lourdes Bueno Lopez. This is for reference as names are mentioned.




“Gonzalez, age unknown, was a Mexico City native who owned FM y As­sociados. The company was ostensibly a manufacturer of fire extinguishers, but allegedly was a front for a cocaine-processing laboratory.


“On May 1, 1987, Mexican investigators, following up on a missing person’s report, went to FM y Associados. There they found chicken eggs, garlic, cigars, and bottles of cane liquor. While such items were common in homes, they struck the detectives as odd in a factory. One detective recognized them as items that are used in a black mass.


“The black mass noted here, and the one in which a transvestite, Claudia, was murdered, lends credence to the idea that Constanzo was involved in what might legitimately be called Satanism. The black mass is a perversion of the Catholic mass, created by satanists to express their hostility toward Chris­tianity. Some scholars believe it dates back to the fourteenth century. Others say it is a ‘literary creation’ going back no further than the eighteenth century.


“In his book SATAN WANTS YOU (Mysterious Press, 1988), Arthur Lyons describes the black mass:


‘In the more publicized variety of Black Mass, the Catholic missal is read backward in Latin, or more commonly, with parts excluded, and with word substitution, such as “Satan” for “God” and “evil” for “good”. The altar is ei­ther a naked woman or a coffin, and all the religious artifacts, including the ritual chamber, are black. ‘The priests wear black robes, usually with cowls. Frequently there are substitutions for the consecrated wine . . . sometimes human urine. The host is usually a holy sacrament that has been stolen from a church, but sometimes it is made of some obnoxious substance, such as dried feces, which is either eaten or smeared on the face. The significance of these sacramental materials lies in the fact that they are bodily products, as opposed to spiritual, and as such, are pleasing to Satan, who is a carnal deity.’


“The factory, on Calle Barcelona, had allegedly received a satanic blessing. As detectives probed deeper into the mystery, they found that the supposed white chemical in the fire extinguisher was cocaine, and the viscous substance they found on the floor was human blood.


“On May 6, police found the bodies of Gonzalez and Celia Campos de Klein in the Gran Canal, a major channel from which sewage flows from the north of Mexico City. Cement weights had been tied to the bodies, but had failed to keep them submerged. The man and the woman had been blindfolded and their hands had been tied behind their backs. Both of them had been shot in the head and circular cuts were found on their torsos. During the next few days, four more bodies were found in the Gran Canal and the Zumpango River, some of them in pieces. All of them were apparently sacrificed in some sort of a black mass at the fire extinguisher company.


“Once, when the man who was to be sacrificed at a black mass caused himself to be shot, it was necessary to obtain another living person for sacrifice.


“A fourteen year old, Jose’ Luis Garcia de Luna, was abducted while out searching for his pet goat. A gunny sack was thrown over Jose’s head and he was brought back to the shack where the ceremony was underway. ‘Elio’ sac­rificed the boy by chopping his head off, without even removing the sack. The cultists then took out the boy’s lungs and his brain, which were cooked in the nganga (pot). It was not until they sacrificially buried the remains that ‘Elio’ recognized the boy’s shirt and recognized him to be his own cousin.”




While investigations were under way in Mexico, the remains of a ritual site were being investigated in a picturesque New England town, which might ap­pear on your annual Christmas card, by a John Wescott.


What Mr. Westcott found in the woods: (reported by his son’s casual statement that, “They’re doing it over by the post road.”) “How do you know?”, asked the father. “I heard about it,” the son said. “One of the people who lives out there saw six kids go into the woods at night. They were wearing sheets, you know, like the Ku Klux Klan or something. The guy saw candles burning and he heard chanting. The police went in there the next day and they found cats that had been murdered and cut open. They took pictures and everything.”


“Why haven’t I heard about this?”, Westcott asked.


“They’re keeping it secret,” the son said. “They don't want people to know there are Satanists in this town.”


Mr. Westcott thought it was just some kids playing until the Matamoros mur­ders. Now, he is most concerned.


You must brace yourselves for what is being uncovered. There is nothing new about children being smitten with the idea of secret ceremonies, magic symbols, and personal code words that created for them a world not violated by adults. And long before the term “heavy metal” was coined, there were those who said that rock and roll was the music of Satan and that Elvis Presley was the devil incarnate.


But in the 1980’s the media spotlight has been aimed more often and more intensely at anything to which the adjective “satanic” can be attached. You have all heard many reports of pets and livestock being mutilated, children abused at day care centers, and various felonies--especially drug dealing--being committed, all by satanist or satanic cults.


You must be aware that regardless of the label placed on a specific group cult--it is all satanic in origin. It is known as ritual crime. It all feeds on the same mentality, it takes the most violent and grotesque forms, it involves random murder, mutilation of bodies, and great secrecy.


Oh yes, brace yourselves because there is a great satanic conspiracy out there and you will reap the harvest of a great crop of Satanism. Further, crimes of heinous nature will be committed and laid to the satanists as a catch-all for a range of dark actions. You are not going to be given published numbers from which to work and research. There will be no careless evidence left laying about.




This has been a most difficult journal to pen and to read. I have left it inten­tionally as vile as it is and yet we have not even touched upon the subject matter.


You ones have crime and cover-up in your governments, in your economic arenas and evil scattering throughout your world. It is most discouraging for you as parents and leaders to find solutions and alternatives to these massive problems.


It was said that Satan would rule the world and before the final transition he would have reign. So be it. You must realize that these things are coming into focus and the “signs” are now before you.


You want to believe that there is no good nor evil--oh yes, there are both! You can vote changes in if you don’t care for the Laws of God or Creation--it does nothing but place you in further jeopardy.


Again, I am reminding you. It is not necessarily that I have answers for the reversal of these horrendous things; I do have the answers but man does not wish to utilize them. Therefore, I can only continue to remind you that God is a God of justice and there shall be a most personal judgment confrontation whereby each will know ALL. The life-stream tale shall be laid bare before each entity and ye shall be given to know!


It is not too late to pull within protection and be aware so that you can tend of your children and guide them in the direction of the path to God lest they be lured to the lies of evil. It is your choice--always it is your choice.




How I desire to close this document in good overcoming evil and all live happily and peacefully ever-after. Nay, but I can give you hope and joy in that armed with truth and knowledge you can reclaim your own. I offer you the shelter of the Father’s wings that you might know your way. I come again as the wayshower and I offer my hand and my co-workers unto you and in your service. I can do no more! So be it.





I am Hatonn of the Galactic Federation Fleet, present in your service. I pen a note to this document that you might know of your "author".

Some will say: "My Master Jesus would not pen of such vile material for he is soft, gentle and would only speak softly." If you believe that, you are in dire need of attitude adjustment. Do you really believe the energy that would come to stand against an anti-christian world would not tell you EXACTLY how it is? I tell you this: The King of Evil, the satanic representative of Mr. Lucifer, knows the one who has put this journal to paper. Make no mistakes, my friends. You are receiving from the very strength of the universes. May the blessings be accepted in the love given.

This document has been offered at great risk to the penman. We give honor and appreciation to these who dare in the dangerous times to bring these words of truth open to the public for it is dangerous indeed. So be it for we stand as a shield and buffer. The darkness shall need pass through the light to do its damage and darkness cannot exist in light.

We wish to acknowledge ones who have dared to pen the truth before us. For your ability to further check into truth, we will give appreciation to the following--whereby Dharma, as well as others of you, the readers, can find confirmation in a most physical manner:

The Los Angeles Times, Time magazine, U.S. News and World Report, The New Federalist, The Wisconsin Report A Higher Form of Killing, Cults that Kill, Bad Blood, Across the Border, Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth, Beyond Good and Evil:all under books;. (I list these here simply for your interest.) We give these sources in protection of our scribe for our intent is always to give forth information in format here that has been made public somewhere at some time prior. We do not ever jeopardize her safety for sensationalism and for­tune-telling. Sometimes we do give unknown information but 'Us for the enemy to research which is which for this computer and all about this place is under electronic surveillance by your governmental organizations.


We solicit and welcome your comments and inquiries for we must come into the working as team members. Our job is great and each participant must come to recognize his purpose.


This is a time of instruction and truthful explanations. Some of the answers to your queries will be most different from that which you believe. I only urge you to look carefully around you--at your world, and then use reason and open hearts for we have come into communication to give you the facts and not the fantasy of the ages.


You have great choices in your hands now from several very valid sources--what you choose to do with this information is your decision. I do, however, caution you to use your God-given minds for how, when, where and all those other pertinent items are not as you expected through the orthodox teachings.


God has given you reason with which to discern; I request that you use it most diligently.


"Jesus" of your Bible was labelled by Paul in the Greek tradition; it means The Anointed One. It was not the name given unto the babe two thousand years ago. They called his name Jmmanuel (Immanuel) and Esu--often pronounced Esa, Iisa, Iesa, Isus, etc. Do not make an error in not believing this journal to be at his giving forth. He has come to bring again the truth unto a hungry land in transition. I can only suggest that you study all of the prior information brought forth.


Sananda is the honor term given unto a Christed One who has attained his perfection. It is the "new name" referred to in your Holy Books of whichever doctrine. Sananda is in command of this Earth transition and is the one who shall stand forth in your behalf at that which you refer to as Armageddon.


He has seen to the preparation of a placement for all energies and we of the Commands have carried forth our orders in perfection--there is a place for each within the silver craft and into mother ships and on into your higher destinations. We are ready, most willing and quite able--are you?


Please place an image of Sananda Jmmanuel adjacent to this writing. Man must come to recognize his caller and teacher. Thank you for your kind attention. You who tend of these words, I salute you.


Commander Georgos Ceres Hatonn