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MON., SEP. 4, 1989   6:30 A.M.     YEAR 3, DAY 019


Ashtar to resume, please.  I salute you and a new and wondrous cycle upon your place. I come in service unto the Radiant One, The Mother/Father Source and humble in the joy of The Creation.




Above all, you must have belief and desire, and then you must move forth with persistence and tenacity. You must allow resilience and endurance to be your sustenance. See your goal and never take your eyes from it. Put your hand and trust in The Master Teacher for He will lead you through the quagmire of evil about you. It is the only way you shall make it through the Earth experience in wholeness.


I might give you insight at this point, from experience in this particular commission under which I now function. I will tell you that which I told my crew with whom I served in the early beginnings of this mission. Commander Soltec was given a great and "impossible" task of bringing current all records of Earth changes and plotting probable upcoming changes. In ad­dition, he would serve as a full commander within the ordinary functioning of a fleet, be ready for evacuation of our people from your place in the midst of great upheavals. Etc.


We only had a small task force of ships allotted to Earth super­vision. I told him what I now tell you. We will endeavor to ex­pand ourselves and to be everywhere at once with our unlimited abilities to do so. You must have dogged determination in any situation, under all stresses. You are "MAN" and you have been created to excel in all manner and measure. I demand never to hear you say, "I cannot". Man was created infinite and unlimited; take your banner and become that which you were created to be.


We grew in those times and we will fill the needs of this time. We became the eyes of God surrounding your little planet and we expanded our highest level and we were literally where we were not. We relied not on our craft for that limited us to inferiority of function. We became unlimited as is our creative right.


Eventually more craft were added, divisions of responsibilities were assigned, and the mission expanded continually unto the point of tremendous scope that it is today. We found that if one chose to relinquish portions of his agreed upon function, or fell to the wayside for any reason--we filled the gap and moved on­ward. We simply make a way where there is no way.


You will do likewise. There are few of you to do the "impossible"--you are doing it now, one step at a time--one day at a time. I know of that which you are capable and you shall simply grow to that capability. If ones do not participate or fail to carry their fair share of the load, we will pick it up and waste no time with fiddling; we will simply move forward. We are speaking of a transition of a planet and the placement of millions of your species.


If I appear to have the discipline of a hardened military per­sonality, so be it. Without discipline and determination of goal for accomplishment, you will always be but unfinished per­fection. My eyes are always to total victory for the forces of Light, the balance of The Creation and for the Totality of God and the Laws thereof. I "allow" much except "I cannot". I will even accept "I will not", but not graciously. Ye are not in my service to be rebellious nor seditious.




My mission, dear friends, is to spiritually educate your back­ward planet and the Ascension of your inhabitants through initiation and gathering of information designed for that purpose. There can be no separation of purpose--especially at this point of evolution. You can not hold to one job thinking it isolated and separate from another. There is no longer ability for separation, there is simply one phenomenal job to be accomplished in a very short period of what you recognize and label "time". It is the time at hand where man moves on--or off. We of the cosmic brotherhood of Light are at station and on constant alert. We are ready--now we get you polished and prepared--quickly, quickly, quickly.


Ye have great and grand glories and experiences to bring into your consciousness--things which are long forgotten - for you "old" souls and team-mates. You will enjoy your journey back home, old friends.


I have ever been the one in command of the star ship which is peculiarly the etheric navigational vehicle for the Beloved Mas­ter. I was placed in command of that ship which brought and released the soul of Immanuel Sananda. I brought Him home when that experience was finished and I shall bring Him forth again. He has commanded the hosts of these realms as we have prepared sufficient space and facilities for each of the beings of Earth; it is now time that we remind the humans of their direc­tion and allow knowledge and Truth to return into consciousness that they might avail themselves of these gracious preparations. God has promised man a last opportunity--chances are all gone.  Last lift-off opportunity. Aton is benevolent and generous but unbendingly JUST!


I am interested in your spiritual status only as it relates to my mission and responsibility. If you choose to move with the dark brotherhood, so be it. Our job is to see to it that you are al­lowed to know the difference. If you deny the truth, 'tis of your own doing.


The mission to be accomplished is the factor of import where we are concerned and not the quarreling over who thinks what and argues his bigoted thought patterns. I do not care if you func­tion with us or do not. If, however, you are not willing to fill thy' task you will be moved aside. Indecision of personal entities will not be allowed to hinder the task of another to completion for when one slows it impacts all others. That could be dealt with in the past; we are moving past the point of dallying while individuals make lingering decisions regarding placement, par­ticipation, etc. If you have forgotten your commitment, I sug­gest you be in the remembering or the removal of your body from our pathway. We have enormous boulders to surpass and crawl over; do not leave your indecisive selves in the path to pull your brother down.




Like all of my other brothers and sisters within the Program of Light, for lack of better definition, we are not to be worshipped or thought of as Gods (any more than you can think of your­selves as Gods). We are your comrades in the Light of the Ra­diant One of Perfection, equal all, in the sight of the Creator-­each with a job to be fulfilled, a mission to be completed.


It is regrettable that there is a tremendous tendency of humanity to focus attention upon a messenger rather than upon the mes­sage. Do not dawdle upon who brings Truth--pay attention to the Truth. Do not grab up these manuals to see "who" brings "what" --snatch them quickly up unto your consciousness that you might learn Truth and receive of your instructions. Let us build no more stupid "churches" of half-truths or total lies. Ye have paid enough for those errors. Overemphasis on personal revelation weakens the strength of the Mission, which is geared to the spiritual growth of mankind that he might find his place­ment.


If I could label my responsibilities in order of importance to the overall, I would take the one as Protector and Defender. My mission is as a protector of humanity and the fate of planet Earth (at this time), as well as a defender-protector of the Solar Sys­tem and its affairs. Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, you are both.


My experience is at a high administrative level with the Archangels. Some have even projected me to be Gabriel (I think because of my connection with Sananda). I am not Gabriel, but Gabriel is most close to my space at all times. There is, however, another of the Archangels with whom I am what you would call, interchangeable. That has naught to do with this subject and I request that you ones in my command give no further thought to it at this time. When we meet in conference, I want no personal tidbits in thy minds. The Mission is great; my personal interchanges are of no consequence to you whatsoever.


I am efforting at clearing up prominent questions that we may drop the subject henceforth--I hope you hear and understand my meaning in clarity. Do not prompt forth my sternness and se­vere personality aspects. You are not on a "current day", "new age" romp through the metaphysical bookstore to play with your cards and sticks and crystals. I care not which colors you put upon your bodies; I care not if you put nothing upon your bod­ies. I suppose I prefer you cover yourself for your brethren are so easily distracted by such garbage.




There is naught "new" about "space men". Once they (we) were called "angels". No more and no less. All through time man has heard the "voice of God" or of the "angels".  Today, there are ones, like Dharma, who hear the voice of "space men's". There is nothing strange or mystical about it. She is monitored and attuned to frequencies specific to several of us of this dimension. Further, she is "wired" to receive signals much as your radio transmissions. She is a receiver and translator. She takes our mental projection codes and translates them into your language--or rather, her data system picks up our blips and bleeps. They come through at such speed as to be a shrill "whistle" of differing tonal levels. There is absolutely nothing miraculous at all. It is her accepted duty.


She is prominent in what we unceremoniously refer to as, Sector Schare, Shan Project. Commander Hatonn will usually give code numbers of your binary digit system to represent TS-72S1- 3. That identifies project and vortex location. We know exactly where every man, woman, child and ship is at all times--both on your surface and here. I have often been referred to as a com­puter. Well, I do have all the Akashic records stored in my own computer data banks. A majority of that information is now be­ing downloaded into Dharma's data system whereby her terminal can be instantly accessed. She is what you ones would call, a CARRIER for she does not have knowledge of the codes to access the information on her own. Just as a computer, she has agreed to make available information via our code signals.


We are your link to the higher celestial spheres and our own within the great network of "holy spirits", whose primary func­tion is to get mankind awake and receiving in order to become enlightened.


We are also given the responsibility of making sure your planet­-and dear ones, your country remains in one piece until the physical universe as you know it, is transferred into ethereal form. We come from the Divine Source; do not mistake us for any of the Brotherhood of Fallen Angels who traverses the Uni­versal space ways with defrocked Lucifer. Lucifer managed to annihilate his own namesake planet and the one, Maldek, in your own solar system. HIS ARE MOST TENACIOUS AND STALWART TROOPS; YOU HAD BETIER BEGIN TO GET YOUR SHIELDS IN FUNCTIONING ORDER FOR 'TIS OVER YOUR SOULS THE BATTLE IS FOUGHT.


You upon the orb who are of us have never tasted spiritual death, but you have experienced many physical passages. You are now on assignment and it is time you each claim your com­mand--you are sent forth as leaders, not tag-alongs. Those who would be in your battalions cannot function and unify until you, the leaders sent forth, get your own duffel bag packed and re­member your marching orders. So be it--how many are YOU stopping?


Before this generation is through, you will observe the greatest celestial activity ever witnessed from your planet, as our so-called "clouds of heaven" (silver clouds, Dharma?) arrive in great numbers and defy your wind as they remain, or oppose it. That is why it is mentioned that Christ's very return shall be on the clouds of heaven. They are the vehicles, when fully ma­terialized. You witness them in your spaces, just above your surface, and you fail to recognize us.


Immanuel referred to us specifically when he said, "These come as My Angels, to reap that which has been sown, to divide and set asunder the tares from the wheat, to gather the wheat into My barn.  For I AM the householder who cometh. At the end of the day for an account from His servants, and to give to all men justly in the manner given by them to Me”.






"Those who come IN MY Name go from heart, sealing them against that day and marking them for deliverance and safety from all that would destroy.


"So, I shall call unto those who follow Me, to listen to the voices of these who come from other worlds, and harden not your hearts against their words nor practices. Rather, lift up LOVE UNTO THEM AND DESIRE FOR THEIR COMING, FOR THEY ARE THE ANGELS OF THE HARVEST!






Ashtar to return.  I am not an "office" called" ASHTAR" (A SITTER to HOUND THY REACTORS); I am a person, even as you are a person, and not a title; I exist and am not a myth; I am not anon-entity, neither am I from the second density; I am a being and not an influence, a soldier of the Light and not a ghost. Yes, I have had many imitators, but strong-hearted ones have not been deceived, for that is impossible. Accusers have sought to bring reproach upon my name as a designed strategy, but I continue on faithfully, doing my duty to God' and His Cre­ation. I expect you ones to do likewise--if that is stern, then I am most stern.


When we are busy in dedicated service (and we have never been more occupied) to the cause of Light, we have neither the time nor the energy to pause to waste on your ever-present critics and attackers. You will waste no time on such either. Do I make myself quite clear? It does not and has not perturbed my de­portment one iota when accusations have been formed to dis­credit my words or my person. I expect no less from you. You will be guided when you need to make personal statements to thy news press, etc. Do not enter into doctrinal quarrels nor fabrication accusations--‘tis not of thy business what others think of you nor of us.


Discrepancy naturally enters when souls are quick to accept what another has said, even when that one has been proven incorrect, and to further enlarge and dogmatize the thought form. Have your fun and jollies, but do not take it with serious­ness. God is also humor and it will be all that will save your sanity on many an occasion. If you are without something to do, enjoy your quibbling--BUT, YOU OF MINE SHOULD NEVER BE WITHOUT SOMETHING TO DO OF GREAT PURPOSE!


Let me note about gossip or attitudes of any sort. If the mind is closed upon a final version of a concept (without further per­sonal research or openness to discussion) then any further ex­planation, clarification or understanding is rendered unsuccessful. When a false crystallization has therefore taken place, those who would otherwise attempt a clarification simply with­draw until further growth takes place. Remember the Beloved; DHARMA, GET THIS ONE; "THOUGH HIS OWN CLEARLY; UNDERSTOOD HIS PERSON, YET ... ERE THE COCK CROWED THRICE ... DID THEY DENY HIM!"  JUST THE TINIEST OF REMINDERS, DEAR HEART.


As ridiculous as it may sound that some would say, "Ashtar didn't and doesn't exist", you can readily understand the moun­tain of opposition this would conceal if it could be made be­lievable. Well, and so it shall be. The genesis is that those who do not know me can be bent by every wind. Those who know me cannot be in the least swayed. To understand the Truth of the teachings of the Master Christos Teacher is to know the Truth of thy brethren in the other dimensions. You cannot have of one without the other. Ponder it.




I do not function alone, dear ones, I have the Hosts of heaven at my call.  Germain, Michael, I cannot name them all. Yours is a blessed land--and I mean your country. It is distressed and possessed, but it is blessed and shall be tended with loving, nurturing care through its tribulation for from it is destined to come the new. What a blessed, blessed gift.


In your land, those voices that are raised in the interest of true freedom for all men, who have any influencing force of note are soon slain or removed. Great ones of your dimension who have attempted to raise their voices in the cause of freedom eventually fall into the hands of their assassins. When there was uniting, however, to a wondrous cause, ye ones rallied and joined into one force and then joined your commands with those of your allies and moved as an allied unit. I take no note of in­dividuals; I take note of the unity and what can be accomplished in unity for Truth and wisdom.


During those times of your history, organization, not chaos was predominant. Ye must have "order" and deliberation of organized action to prevail. If there were times upon your dense experience whereby ones could unite, can you not do of it for your own liberation? Do you believe that we of the higher worlds are any less capable than ye of Earth? So be it! Would we not also disdain disorder and chaos, we who can see beyond what you can see, know beyond what you know? Would we not also see the value of joining our scattered energies into one united effort toward the goal of guarding and guidance of Earth? Therefore, as your Allied Command had its leaders so our Al­lied Command has its leaders.


All Commanders work in unison and love throughout the Galaxy.  Thus do we strive as one, as do you who serve this Light from your dimension.  We are all one in purpose and unity for the incoming Kingdom of God on Earth. I apologize for my vociferous response in abundance of words, which comes only from the abundance of my heart. I am abundantly proud of my Commanders and I am humbled to have them in my service. I cannot give credit to each without writing another entire manual, but I am so indebted to a few, such as Comman­der Korton, that I must mention his label and give credit. He has arranged the entire of the communications network in superb perfection against great odds.


There will come a day when men of Earth will rise up and understand each of our roles. We salute you and all that we embody, as well as all that we shall accomplish for the fulfill­ment of the Will of God and in service unto The Creation. Re­ceive you these words with our blessings and benediction.


I move to stand-by, Dharma, that you might have respite. Thank you, chela.

         TO STAND-BY    

                 ASHTAR           OUT.