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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1990 2:00 P.M. YEAR 3, DAY 171



An example of this type of power was illustrated by Emmanuel when he calmed the raging storm at sea that threatened to swamp His disciples' boat. Guru Nanak, too, demonstrated His control over the elements in an amusing incident. The Guru was travelling to Mecca, one of the holiest Muslim cities, when He met a group of Muslims who joined Him in His journey:


“After a few days of travelling together one asked Him what His religion was. I belong to the religion of those who follow the path of God,' replied Nanak.


“They pressed Him to confess that He was a Muslim but He refused to do so. This greatly troubled them. They were not sure whether they were right in having along a man who was an infidel. The Guru saw this and disappeared with his two atten­dants. They noticed that a cloud that had protected them from the scorching rays of the sun also disappeared with Him."


The group of Muslims thought that the Guru would never make it through the desert alone, and were astounded to find Him in Mecca when they arrived. Further, he had been there several days! Convinced that Re had to be a great soul, they "begged Him to forgive them for their suspicions about Him".


Lord Krishna, too, demonstrated incredible mastery over the elements in sev­eral incidents, such as calming the sea, quieting the wind, controlling the light­ning, et cetera. For example, a whirlwind of such hurricane force that heavy objects were being flung in the air like feathers, and one could not see any­thing due to the dust in the air, was calmed by Lord Krishna when He was a one-year-old child! On two occasions, He saved the inhabitants and animals of a village from fierce fires with His breath, "possessed as he was by unlim­ited energy".


All of the avatars were Love and Compassion Incarnate and, therefore, felt

sympathy for those who were ill of body, mind, or spirit. They cured these

afflictions regardless of the race, color, creed, sex or nationality of the sufferer

by teaching the Truth to those in spiritual darkness, casting out "demons" from

those suffering mentally, and healing the limbs and wounds, and healing the

sight to the physically blind, hearing to the deaf, cleansed the lepers, mended

broken bones, and even restored severed limbs.


All of them raised people, and in at least two cases animals, from the dead in accounts that are almost identical to those given about Lord Jesus except that some of them took place hundreds or thousands of years before Jesus was even born!  For example, Lord Krishna not only raised one child from the dead as did Jesus with Jairus daughter; He raised at least a dozen or so young cowherds AND their cows, who had died from drinking poisoned water, simply by looking at them!


Guru Nanak, too, raised the dead, including an elephant. In explaining why he was able to do this, Guru Nanak said, It is only He who can reanimate the dead. There is no other but God. His will be done."


Most of the miracles often included the transformation of matter into other forms and/or the materialization or dematerialization of matter. An example of this is illustrated by the feeding of the 5000, where Jesus transformed five loaves and two fishes into enough food to feed all, and fill several baskets with leftovers. He performed the same miracle on another occasion for 4000 with seven loaves and a few small fishes. Another example was His causing so many fish to appear in the nets of His fishermen-disciples that the nets almost burst!


Guru Nanak, too, transformed matter on several occasions. Once, the cows that the young Guru was looking after went into a neighbor's field and ate up everything growing there. Naturally the neighbor was very annoyed and ran to the village chief to complain. But when he and the chief returned, they found the neighbor's field lush and green, with a more beautiful crop than be­fore! Later, in His last job as a householder, Guru Nanak was in charge of the King's granaries. He always gave grain to anyone who asked in accordance with their need, and yet the granaries were always full!


Further, to illustrate the all-pervasive quality of the One God, the following incident about Guru Nanak is recounted: The Guru was scolded by a priest for sleeping with His feet toward the Kaaba, the "house of God" in Mecca, whereupon the Guru told the priest, "Turn my feet towards the place where God does not dwell." So the priest tried, ''but whichever direction they turned His feet the Kaaba turned to them!" Guru Nanak explained that if one is a true believer in God then one would find that there is no place where the house of God does not exist!


Lord Krishna transformed matter all through His life. There are several ac­counts where the enemies of the Lord tried to kill Him with arrows, but each time the arrow got close to Him, it would become a flower lei or garland, and land around His neck! Lord Krishna also transformed matter into food or simply caused food to appear and disappear, just as did Lord Jesus.




All of the avatars have also made themselves appear and disappear, and/or taken on new appearances or different forms in front of their followers. The White Buffalo Cow Woman was so-named because She was able to turn Herself from a beautiful woman into a buffalo calf of various colors in front of Her devotees' eyes! Lord Krishna could disappear and appear at will and ap­pear in two different forms simultaneously, He also could physically re­produce identical forms simultaneously, like one who is standing in a three­-way mirror. One such occasion occurred during the Rasa Dance of the Gopis or cow-herdesses, when the Lord "introduced Himself in so many identical forms between every two gopis".


Further, on one occasion the description of Lord Krishna's appearance in front of Arjuna, His closest disciple, is strikingly similar to the description given in the New Testament of Lord Jesus' transformation where the Lord is surrounded by a brilliant light that penetrates through and radiates from His entire Being.


Guru Nanak, too, appeared and disappeared on occasion. He performed this miracle once to deflate the egos of some occult-yogis who had acquired cer­tain siddhis or powers, and were showing them off in an attempt to impress the Guru:


"You see my disciple sitting in front of you, watch him', said Bhartari, the head yogi. 'He will rise up to the skies and be­come invisible in a moment. If you have any power, bring him back to earth'.


"The disciple in a moment flew upward, and was soon out of sight. Bhartari turned to the Guru, and said, 'Find him'.


"'Hide and seek is a game for children. Wait and see'. As Nanak said this, His two sandals flew up and in a short while the disciple descended, the sandals beating him down. The yogis couldn't stop the beating. The disciple fell at the Guru's feet.


''Then all of a sudden the Guru disappeared and Bhartari himself went in search of Him. After a long time he returned. 'I have searched the earth and the water and the high heavens', he said, 'but I cannot find Guru Nanak'. Just as he said this he found the Guru seated where He was before.


"'Where did You hide Yourself!' inquired Bhartari full of astonishment.

“’I was with you all the time', said the Guru, 'The body dis­solved itself into its elements and the soul into the All-Soul.


''The Sidhas, yogis with powers, were overwhelmed with awe and sat spell-bound."


It is sad, indeed, that man saw fit to remove the wondrous "miracles" of Em­manuel from the books. They were wondrous indeed and so much more far reaching than the healing and the drying of the fig tree. But it was deemed too dangerous for the populace to know of these things.


There were frequently occasions where Guru Nanak would be visible to some and totally invisible to others. In one incident, a very learned Pandit, scrip­tural teacher, who had acquired certain sidhis or powers tried to impress the guru by arriving to meet Him on a flying carpet. But when he arrived, he found that he could not see the Guru although a large crowd could. When asked by the Pandit where the Guru was, the crowd replied that He was right in front of him: "The Pandit was not only annoyed but felt humiliated as his carpet refused to fly back to his place. He had no option but to walk back."


How much you ones have missed because you pulled away from God. All these wonderful things were yours to experience.


Later, when the Pandit asked someone why he could not see the Guru when everyone else could, he was told that: "It was your pride that darkened your vision. If you go on foot without pride or power, you will benefit by the sight of Him." On the following day the Pandit did so and Guru Nanak then explained to him:


"`Is there any darkness denser than pride? Because you could fly you thought you were almost a superman.'


"'Forgive me, teacher,' said the Pandit. 'I have read sacred books and acquired superphysical powers.  I must confess I have found no peace. Tell me how I can touch the feet of the Lord.'


"'Knowledge which partakes of the darkness of the ego is of little avail,' said the Guru. 'You have followed men of much learning, but you have not grasped the truth that is within you. You have sought Him in things which are a mere reflection of reality. You are lost in the wilderness of knowledge. Words only acquire a meaning when you realize the truth of which they are the symbols.'


"'Another man's wife, another man's property, cov­etousness, evil desire, search of sense objects, bad temper, back-biting, lustfulness and wrath---He who rids himself of these will find in himself the Infinite, the Unknowable. This hidden nectar only he discovers who receives the jewel of the Guru's Work and makes it his life breath. In the dawn of true wisdom--buddhi--fed by the light of God's Name, in the com­pany of saints, devoted to the Guru, the Guru, the Giver, be­stows the sacred Name. Treasuring it, the disciple is absorbed in Him. He alone obtains the sacred Word who earns the grace of the Lord. This body is the temple of the Lord. In the heart is His Light. Says Nanak, let the Word of the Guru enter the heart and by the grace of God effect everlasting union.'


"The Pandit bowed and said, 'I have now learned the truth, to seek within and not outside, to get rid of the evil passions, to seek the favor of the Lord and remain absorbed in the Guru's Word."'


Lord Jesus, too, appeared and disappeared at will, even before His crucifixion and Resurrection. As a matter of fact, His body was so finely attuned to the spirit, that it seemed to have no substance to it whatever at times. An account of this is found in one of the most famous Gnostic Gospels: The Acts of John. In this gospel, John relates certain strange incidents which suggest that Jesus was far from ordinary physical human being, and that even His body was not always your ordinary body: "I will tell you another glory, brethren; sometimes when I meant to touch Him I encountered a material, solid body; but at other times again when I felt Him, His substance was immaterial and incorporeal, as if it did not exist at all."




Oh come now, Hatonn---other Gospels? Well, chelas, there were over 28 full gospels written and known. A scholar from South Germany chose the four which were placed into your New Testament--need I say more? How can you ones continue to be so narrow? It is as the "Jehova's Witness" who visited Oberli at the door this day. She dumped all those wondrous truths on or about Oberli and asked questions such as if he believed in God? And, do you believe in the Devil? But when he offered to even show her the books, SA­TAN'S DRUMMERS and AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IM­MANUEL, she about had panic and needed to go immediately---your churches and church self-appointed priests keep the masses imprisoned. They do not dare even look upon other material than that which is sanctioned by the particular doctrine. Heaven might surely strike ones if they stumbled upon truth. These are the reasons that no Avatars begin or keep religious sects---they are only of God---sects are of man!


Jesus said: "That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the spirit is spirit." He had come for a specific reason and it was to experience as man and therefore, he lived as man. Following his transmutation into light following the crucifixion he materialized and dematerialized into a human body at will and was witnessed by His disciples in very physical form. His transformation was, of course, not exactly as one who would "die" and after physical death would then assume a lighted form for he never was "dead" in body as was perceived--he simply transcended. He most surely was solid mat­ter when he spoke with Thomas who could not overcome his doubts. In fact during that period of time he wore only his physical body and ate with his group. However, before the transition he could quite readily create His etheric body. It is strange to Us of these outer realms as to why this is so dif­ficult for you ones to accept. Does it somehow pain you to find that the Beloved Master did not die and rot for three days? How is it that you seem all but forced to believe he could not have lived in human format following the crucifixion and went on to do his earthly work?


It would most surely seem to be logical to me. It is not logical that God would be less or that he would only share truth with a small bigoted group in one tiny area of the Middle East--God does not act unjustly unto his flocks. You have lived in great misunderstandings for all of your earth lifestreams, The Earth powers must keep you believing in these narrow patterns lest the truth set you free. Try it for ye shall surely like of it.


The Acts of Johntells of James who once sawHim standing on the shore in the form of a child, but when he pointed him out to John, John said, "Which child? And he answered, ''The one who is beckoning to us," And John said, “This is because of the long watch we have kept at sea. You are not seeing straight, brother James. Do you not see the man standing there who is hand­some, fair and cheerful looking?" But James said, "I do not see that man, my brother."


Going ashore to investigate, they became even more confused. According to John, "He appeared to me again as rather bald of head but with a thick flow­ing beard, but to James as a young man whose beard was just beginning. I tried to see Him as He was, but He sometimes appeared to me as a small man with no good looks, and then again as looking up to heaven."


The incidents such as these testify to the truth that the Lord is seen by differ­ent people in different ways. It does not mean that there are different Gods; it is just that people perceive Him in different ways, and therefore worship Him in the form of their own perception.


Jesus allowed His body to be crucified in an effort to again show you the body is so temporary that one should not become attached to it. Then he showed that he could utilize it or cast it aside; or appear as anything he chose. Men continually miss of the lesson's point. Ones must seek out and attach oneself to that which is permanent--the soul or spirit within .. You must come to know that the aura or light that is seen around the physical body, even in Kirlian photography, is unaffected by physical pain or death and remains perfect even after the body is cut away or dropped. Note in the picturing of a leaf--cut a portion away and the energy light remains whole.






So be it not to allow it, brothers, for that is the purpose of this whole lesson--THERE IS ONLY ONE GODand you cannot change of it for he has come in many ways and you must become one in God or this is going to be one miser­able time in front of you.




Walking on water was a universal example of the Lord's great powers. Just about every avatar seems to have done it at one time or another to make a point. Buddha crossed a river on foot instead of accepting invitations by those with boats so as not to offend anyone, and in order to drive home the truth that "the rafts of asceticism and the gaudy gondolas of religious ceremonies were not staunch enough to weather the storms of worldliness, while the Per­fect One can walk dry-shod over the ocean of worldliness. He could have transported himself in any manner he chose but he would not have been able to give the same lesson."


The Lord Emmanuel walked upon the waters and helped His disciples walk on the waters, too. But the lesson was one of "faith" for without faith, for in­stance, Peter--the point of the exercise--promptly sank and the Master had to pull him forth.


Other ones have done these things in the passion of faith and done so quite naturally and easily and some of the great ones have actually moved rocks into the waters to form walk-ways that the believers might cross.


Faith, then, is the cornerstone around which you must build your spiritual foundation: faith in God, and in the power of His Holy Source. You have been told that you could even move of mountains if you but have faith--oh, dear ones, we must begin to move that faith into strength upon which you con­tinually function for we have great things to accomplish in the forthcoming times so close ahead of us.


You must come into your knowledge of your gifts of like energy and power that you are prepared for the day when the higher frequencies must be avail­able. Some believe "almost enough" and those dear ones will be in great need of help in those hours of transportation.


It will come from the unity, the birthing of the Phoenix. It is the division and the controlling hand of evil which has crucified the Phoenix and set the ashes of destruction. All men must come together as brothers for there is no divi­sion in the heavenly realm of God. GOD IS ALL AND THEREFORE, ANY­THING LESSER AND FRAGMENTED IS NOT AT ONE WITH GOD BUT RATHER REMAINS OUTSIDE HIS WHOLENESS. YOU MAY NOT BRING THOSE NEGATIVE THINGS OF FLESH WITH YOU WHEN YOU MOVE INTO ONENESS WITH GOD FOR THERE IS NAUGHT OF DARKNESS IN THE HALLS OF GOD'S HOUSE.




Let us speak of organized religion and how it often misleads humanity and puts forth ridiculous doctrines and meaningless rituals, spinning a web of con­fusion and fear, thereby clouding and perverting the word of God, in order to maintain control and power over the people.


True religion is spiritual religion and is a seeking after God. There are many aids and props which may be of help in the "focusing" of attention but they should only be offered to man and certainly not imposed upon him.


It is essential to seek the Truth of the One God, to learn of His true laws and to serve His Creation. But in order to learn and understand more about the Lord, most of you need guides or spiritual leaders for you cannot accept your own perfection. Therefore, the problem is to distinguish between the good teachers and the bad teachers, the true prophets and the false, I suppose you might say. How does one make this distinction? You ask this more than just about any other question---that is, unless you are already trapped into deaf­ness.


Emmanuel gave you the exact answer---"YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS."


In other words, one must look to the actions, the fruits of those who would be teachers or guides. Those who preach the ONENESS OF GOD and the brotherhood/sisterhood of humanity, who, like the American Indians, "respect all worship of Him by others and show respect to such things as are held sa­cred by others", who bring peace and unity to the world by sowing the seeds of love and compassion, patience and tolerance, and who practice what they preach by helping all in need, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, nationality-- -all “relations”, which, of course, is ALL. These ones are blessed and true "prophets", the Peacemakers--whose guidance you must seek in your spiritual quest. Never the person--always the WORD!


Those who say that "their way" is the "only way", who sow the seeds of hatred and violence, division and disharmony, who point out the differences rather than the similarities between you all, and even those who may preach love, but who practice otherwise, who fail to serve all equally or give to those in need: know them to be the false prophets of whom Jesus warned, the wolves in sheep's clothing, the dividers of humanity and disrupters of the natural flow of Oneness, Unity and Harmony.


Ones of truth will always "allow" and "bless" but will never change of the pro­nouncements of the Laws of God or the Laws of The Creation as to truth. Ones of truth will never say they are the "only one" but will never vary from the truth that the Christed path is the only way unto the Oneness with God. He will not judge but neither will he bend from those truths which have been sent forth from God to guide his path. He will never take the credit of per­fection or performance upon self but always act in the name of God Creator.


Only he has a right to call himself worthy, who lives in the light of God's word brought to earth by prophets of all religions for only by being in the truth of God's light and truth is one a prophet. Religions and associations are set up by man who then sets himself up as the decider of truth instead of leaving God's word whole. Ignorance is the cause of religious conflicts from one doc­trine to another if they claim their source is God. People talk and yet fail to realize the oneness in All. There is no difference between Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Baha'i or Native Indian. All are from the same mold. Only the veil of ignorance separates them. Ignorance has its roots in the ego, it does not see Him in all things but on a most petty and shallow level.


What is the best name, then, for God? ANYTHING YOU CAN USE TO REMEMBER HIM BY IS BEST: Jehovah, Om, Allah, Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka---whatever, for he knows thy heart-call, not the noise upon thy lips and lungs for those are of earth flesh. The heart soul is that which is of God and to that he always responds--for the call always compels the answer!


You must stop of the separating out of the divisions of the various doctrines and see that that which is wondrous and truth is within all. You must gather the essence of the great perfection from all truth for truth is always truth--al­ways and 100 percent. Man can err and come unto God--man cannot turn from the truth of God and come unto God. If you turn away from the Laws of God and the Laws of The Creation and practice in the ways of Satan and evil, ye shall be left to thy evil and it shall consume of you for evil shall always con­sume of itself. You may, 100% of mankind, rewrite of the laws and vote upon them by democratic vote---it will change not a hair for changing of them does not make them changed. It only sinks you deeper into the lie for once know­ing the truth of it you can never "unknow" of the truth. For another man to tell you a thing which is wrong is right, only makes you the fool if you follow in his stupidity.


The path requires discipline and the opening up unto knowledge and receiv­ing of the truth and the practicing thereof through self-disciplined actions. No more "sitting and waiting" for it to fall over and about thee! None other can do it for you and you cannot do of it for another--each must carry his own.



Let us reason a bit together at the thing ye have been told. It is most obvious indeed that you now dwell in the Kali Age of Chaos---the time of the "Crucifixion of the Phoenix".


But, the "sacred faith" will not be destroyed if it is truly of God, but those who preach the "doctrines of men for the commandments of God" and continue to sleep in the practice of evil in the breaking of the laws, will be swept away in the new revelations about to burst forth upon the world of men!


The mists of the dark cloud of Evil will be lifted and the Infinite Father will be revealed working in great and magnificent strokes; more compelling in terms of His Divine Love, more revealing in respect to the choice offered frail and willful humanity, infinitely more convincing and real to sceptical mankind! Truth will no longer be shrouded in mystery!


It was said unto you eons ago, how it shall be: "Now to him that is of power to establish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of the Christos, ac­cording to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began, but now is made manifest, and by the scriptures of the prophets, ac­cording to the commandment of the everlasting God, made known to all na­tions for the obedience of faith." The "mystery" will be completely revealed when the earth will be rent by earthquakes and the secret places are secret no more and will render up that which has been stored against this day.


The "mystery of mysteries" will be revealed at the sounding of the great trum­pet. The earth will reap its reward because through countless ages the thoughts of evil men have created a vibration that must find expression now on a physical plane. The thoughts of those in the "Light" have created a fre­quency that will literally open the secret chambers and temples of remote an­tiquity! As the vibrations sealed and protected the tombs, they can also open the tombs in the "fullness of time"! For there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known in that day.


In Revelations it is said, "And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great."


It shall come to be, "When man again shall conquer the ocean, and fly in the air on wings like the birds, when he has learned to harness the lightening, then shall the time of warfare begin. Great shall the battle be between the forces, great the warfare of darkness and light. Nation shall rise against nation, using the dark forces to shatter the earth. Weapons of force shall wipe out the Earth-men, until half of the races of men shall be gone. Then shall come forth the Sons of the Morning, and give their edict to the children of men, saying:  ‘O men, cease from thy striving against thy brother, only thus can ye come to the Light. Cease from thy unbelief, O my brother, and follow the path and know ye are right"'. (The Emerald Tablets)


Oh, ye ask---Emerald Tablets? We have yet to see if one hears the call and responds regarding the Emerald Tablets. For this writing we shall leave it lay and tarry a while to see who comes forth to share with All. If there be none, we shall give it unto this scribe--so be it.


One great cycle of time is now ending--shortly a new cycle begins. The Christ knocks on the door of the heart of the world. Those that bid him enter shall be the "Children of the New Covenant".


Those who thought that perfection could be attained by eliminating and smothering all desire will learn a great universal truth: Man is never judged by the things that he does not do. He is judged by how he lives, what he thinks, says, and does; never by his non-action in Ignorance. Ah, but ye must remem­ber that sometimes "non-action" is indeed the greatest of "action"!


Man is not accountable in truth in matters of Spirit, except unto himself and God within self---the God that stands at the Christed entry-way unto the high­est realms; the Christ that rules your "System"! Therefore, the authority for this work lies in the fact that future discoveries will prove the information con­tained herein to be accurate, indeed, as well as that which fills our other Jour­nals. There are great and wondrous experiences which lie ahead as the mys­teries come into truth. Besides discoveries made within the earth from the treasure places, great finds will be made in science. Soon there will be un­folded the instruments fashioned for the purpose, he will explore the unknown realms of light, colour, sound and consciousness---but it remains to un­fold in its proper sequence when no man shall take it from another.


You are in the final closing of the Age of Old and then God and Man can be regenerated and reunited and the New can rise again from the ashes of the destruction of the Old. First we must endure the Crucifixion before we can experience the truth of Resurrection. First must come the ashes. So be it.


Let us close this portion for the body wearies from the longness of the hours. Ye shall have the gift of rest and peace.


In love and appreciation I stand aside that we might close.