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SEPTEMBER 24, 1991



Greetings my precious little sister, Druthea. I AM Sananda. I am also known by many ones as Jesus Christ, Esu, Immanuel, etc. I come in service to Our Holy Divine ONE Creator, God/Aton.


Aton is the term used many thousands of years ago by ones called "Egyptians". The term means "The ONE Light". The sun was their symbol of the ONE light. You may use the term God to describe our ONE Creator. It matters not, except that the intent within your soul consciousness be to connect in com­munion with The Great Spirit. The Great CAUSE of ALL within Creation, whom We of the Hosts often refer to as Aton.

Now, I have titled this document as Knowing Your Priorities, since many of you ones, including my scribe, will at one time or another find yourselves FORGETTING your true priorities. The 3rd dimensional physical frequency in which you on earth experience can at times certainly become most confusing. There are many distractions and many "things" which demand your attention. So it is imperative that you recognize YOUR FIRST PRIORITY in all circumstances.

For as in the example of Druthea, who found herself buried in physical tasks and perceived "responsibilities" and worries which caused her to nearly eliminate her FIRST priority of writing and serving God in the ways which she has committed to.

Many, many of God's children have become lost in the muck and mire of this physical "illusion", often unwittingly becoming tools for your adversary.

Yes, Druthea did ask GOD for help in her dilemma. The prob­lem was, as is often the case for ALL of you, she did not listen for her answers. I, Sananda, could not reach her for in her weakness, the adversary was allowed control and was slowly strangling her to death. Fortunately, she finally recognized she was in trouble and screamed in desperation for God's protection and guidance in order to overcome the control exercised by the adversary.

Commander Hatonn was sent to confront the adversary. After it was "over", Druthea was free once again to listen to her in­structions for recovery. And just so you ones don't become too smug, ALL of you were and are fighting the same battle, in dif­ferent ways, that she is. Hatonn was sent for ALL of you. Druthea played the part of example in this drama for she had agreed to do that THIS time.

You must understand that often times the greatest lessons you ones will ever receive are offered in just these sort of circum­stances. Would she have "fallen"? That, chelas, is between HER and GOD. Please be thankful she offered herself as ex­ample that the lessons not be hers alone, and now belong to all of you.



While you are experiencing the awakening process into GOD-­KNOWING, it will not be possible to always KNOW from ego consciousness standpoint WHY this or that happened. You may not even completely understand the value of such a circumstance as occurred recently within this circle. I will share with you this fact though; the growth incurred and accepted at soul level by ALL of the individuals in this small circle of devoted God-frag­ments in the last week, is TREMENDOUS. Most of you will find yourselves, your perceptions, your altitudes changed in ways you may not consciously understand right now. Please KNOW that God is WELL PLEASED with you ones!




ALLwho so DESIRE in full intent to assist mankind, with love and compassion, through the direction of Holy God's will.  Many of you (though you know it not) already are among His finest co-creators, experiencing now in human physical form that you relate most effectively to your brethren. This is so you too, may discern and rise above the imperfections, evil and con­fusion offered by your adversary. This in order to again become examples of people who create a planet in balance by co-existing and co-creating within God's Laws.

Soon, precious ones, many of God's mysteries will fall away as you each come into KNOWING. Remember, as has often been said by my brother Hatonn; God is not mystical. He is only a mystery until you come into God-knowing, and thus, unfold those perceived mysteries. So be it.

I will close for now. Thank you, precious Druthea, for your service and for again listening to me.  I am always a breath away from thee, chela. I am here to work with you, but not for you. And I do wrap you in wings of love, protection and guid­ance that you are, in your service, an honorable reflection of God, as is YOUR desire. I love you dearly, my precious brethren on earth. Please walk in peace and love and God will show you His way. I AM Sananda. Salu.