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January 12, 2015

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THU., MAY 19, 1994 8:20 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 276

THU., MAY 19, 1994

"SATANISM", Part 4

A Practical Guide To Witch Hunting

by DEG




During the considerable period that these practicing Satanists maintained their grip on the British Empire, they managed to infect an enormous number of their prominent members and guests with venereal diseases, many of whom eventually died from such infections, The Earl of Sandwich, for example, who later became head of Cambridge [University], controlled the Royal Navy while his mind was affected by syphilis. It wasn't until 1763, however, that the cult was finally exposed to the public when a curious book by Charles Johnson, entitled Chrysal, Or The Adventures Of A Guinea, laid bare their conspiracies. That same year, an outcast member of the cult named John Wilkes attempted to raise "the banner of revolt against the entrenched classes who were running the nation"--and failed. Although supported by a shocked citizenry, he was declared an outlaw by the members of the Hell-Fire Club in the Parliament and forced to flee to France.


In 1781, after an incredible life of wanton debauchery and Satanist perversion, Sir Francis Dashwooddied at the age of seventy-three. The immoral activities and conspiracies of Dashwood and the Hell-Fire Club had polluted an empire.


While all of this was undermining the British Empire, a similar conspiracy was being created in Germany. This was the infamous Order of the Illuminati, among the most successful of all such conspiracies.


Founded in Bavaria on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a young professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University, the secret Order of the Illuminatirecruited some of the best-known intellectuals of the day, men of wealth and following. A considerable number of the "Brothers", addicted to the teachings of Rousseau and Voltaire, were reigning princes, noblemen, prominent educators, scholars, scientists, and men of letters. All pledged blind obedience to their superiors and only knew about the secret Order what their immediate superiors told them. The purpose of the Illuminati--though ostensibly to bring universal happiness to the human race--was revealed by degrees as members progressed through the ranks. As it turned out, the more bold, ruthless, and immoral the member, the faster his rise to the top.


(Author's note: Weishaupt, a Jew, was born on Feb. 6, 1748, and was most likely a homosexual (according to the evidence). He was born the same year as the Dashwood group was founded. Exactly 100 years later--to the very day--theCommunist Manifesto was issued by the League of Just Men--an Illuminati front headed by Horace Greeley, Charles Dana, and Clinton Roosevelt, in New York City. Exactly 100 years after that the Marxist State of Israel began to legally function--as a bloody thorn in the side of the TRUE SEMITES, the Arab peoples of Palestine.)


And what was the purpose of Weishaupt's Order of the Illuminati? Its purpose was to RULE THE WORLD! The principal sources of information regarding Weishaupt's Illuminati, which have been all but ignored by contemporary historians, are Professor John Robison's Proofs Of A Conspiracy, first published in 1798, and the Abbé Augustin Barruel's impressive four-volume study, Memoirs Illustrating The History Of Jacobinism, published in 1799.


Though trained as a Jesuit, Adam Weishauptsomehow developed a vast loathing for all forms of religion, and his Order followed in the footsteps of the supposedly disbanded Knights Templar. One year following the formation of the Illuminati, Weishaupt joined the Society of Freemasons and was invited into the Lodge Theodore of Good Counsel at Munich. After taking over the Munich Lodge, the Illuminists used Freemasonry as both a cover and a vehicle for their own purposes. Within a few years the Order had expanded far beyond the borders of Bavaria with secret lodges all over Europe. It is even known to have spread to America. On October 24, 1798, President George Washington confirmed this in a letter in which he warned of the "Diabolical tenets" of the Illuminati.


(Author's note: Contrary to popular misconception, the Founding Fathers of the (u)nited States were NOT Freemasons--but rather were members of the Rosicrucean Fraternity of Beverly Hall, located at Quakerstown, Pennsylvania. Formed in 1614 AD in Germany, then a chapter created in the U.S., its Grand Master was the same "Clymer" that signed the Declaration of Independence. Its President today is one Emerson M. Clymer--and for a good number of years I was a member in good standing. The Rosicrucean Fraternity and AMORC are the complete antithesis of the Illuminati!)


Meanwhile, as rumors of their foul deeds spread--thanks to the irritating habit the Illuminists had of leaving their victims hanging about by their necks from trees--a Bavarian Court of Inquiry was instituted to investigate matters. In 1786 the home of an Illuminati lawyer named Zwack was raided by investigators, bringing to light detailed evidence of the Conspiracy. From captured correspondence it was learned that Weishaupt and his cohorts, far from being upstanding gentlemen as commonly thought, were Satanists, liars, revolutionaries, embezzlers, and debauchers. Weishaupt and the other leaders were banished from Bavaria and their operation forced underground.


According to the report of the Bavarian Government, Nachtrag Von Veiteren Originalschriften Zwi Abtheilungen, the documents seized in the 1786 raid on Zwack's home at Landshut, Bavaria, included tables of secret symbols, initiation rituals, instructions for recruiting and indoctrinating new members, the conspiratorial objectives and plans of the Illuminati, and a partial list of its members. Also uncovered was proof that Weishaupt's Order maintained an intelligence service; planned to assassinate Heads of State and replace them with Illuminists; worked to destroy patriotism and nationalism through infiltration of education, administration, and the press; and, had plans to infiltrate both national and international organizations through which they would maintain secret cells--all while posing as promoters of peace and brotherhood.


Sound familiar? It should. This is exactly what the Communists have been doing ever since 1847, when their propagandist Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifestoat the direction of the mysterious conspirators known as the "League of Just Men".


In the interim, comments Manly Palmer Hallin his Orders of the Quest (1950), a Lodge of Masons had been established at Paris in 1781 for the purpose of uniting the Illuminism of Weishaupt with the new mystical revelations of Emanuel Swedenborg. This merger added the names of such Satanists as the Comte de Cagliostro, Dr. Franze Mesmer, and the Comte de St. Germain to the secret Order. [H: OOPS!!] Cagliostro, an agent of the Knights Templar, was the infamous Satanist whose machinations kept not only the Cardinal Prince de Rohan in his power but many others in high position as well. He was an adept of that powerful force popularized by Mesmer, the father of hypnotism.


An ardent supporter and defender of Weishaupt and the Illuminati, the occultist Hall nevertheless reveals that in a little-known book entitled Les Societes Secretes by "Deschamps", published at Paris in 1881, it is established that the Comte de St. Germain was also a member of the secret Knights Templar. He states that "the ritual used in the Theosophical Lodge, which the Comte had established in the castle of Ermenonville, was the ritual of the Knights Templars..." You will remember that this ritual involved the Satanic Goat of Mendes.


In yet another rare book, La Sect des Illumines, first published in the 1790s (author unknown), we find: "The huge chateau of Ermenonville near Paris was one of the chief lodges of the Illuminati. It belongs to the Marquis of Gerardin, who protected Rousseau and later gave him a tomb on his estate. St. Germain, the notable imposter, presided over it. He claimed to be a thousand years old, and to be able to make gold. He was said to be immortal, but died in 1784." In the pages that follow, we read of the Knights Templar-Illuminati initiation which resembles a Black Mass, complete with blood-smeared crucifixes, black candles and an altar built of human skeletons. Also included in this ritual are the drinking of human blood and grisly oaths to summon evil spirits. A similar account of this initiation can be found in the Marquis du Luchet's Memoires Authentiques pour Sevir a l'Historie du Comte de Cagliostro published in 1785.


It was from this Satanist base that Weishaupt's inner circle launched the subversive movement which was to culminate in the bloody French Revolution of 1789, inciting (and paying) Parisian mobs to storm the Bastille, and beginning an incredible reign of terror which lasted six full years. With the aid of such traitors as the Duc d'Orleans (who helped finance the Revolution) and other top officials in the Government, the Illuminists rose to positions of supreme power. Elevated in this manner were such Illuminist conspirators as Mirabeau, Robspierre, and St. Just.


Weishupt's program and methodology were a prototype of the Communist Conspiracy operating in the world today. In the realm of ideology, the line from the Illuminati to Marx's Communist Manifestois straight and unbroken. As ArkonDaraul notes in his History of Secret Societies, the Illuminati "contributed in no small measure to the development of revolutionary doctrines which eventually culminated in the Russian and other Communist machines...."


It is little wonder, then, that Marx began his Manifesto with the words: A spectre is haunting Europe--the spectre of Communism." (Author's note: Marx, the son of a Jewish Rabbi, was also a homosexual pedophile who had been molested as a child by a favorite male schoolteacher.) Both he and Engels knew very well that the Communist movement--steeped in the Satanist occult of Eighteenth Century Illuminism--had been operative for years. It is also interesting to note that the most important holiday of the International Communist Conspiracy has always been May first--May Day--the date of the founding of the secret Order of the Illuminati. As the 1953 Report of the California State Senate Committee on Education put it: "So-called modern Communism is apparently the same hypocritical and deadly world conspiracy to destroy civilization that was founded by the secret order of the Illuminati in Bavaria on May 1, 1776." (Pp. 169-170.)


In 1875 an intriguing organization called the Theosophical Society was founded at New York by Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, editor of a magazine called Lucifer. It is currently said by her followers that Madame Blavatsky wanted her Society to be "unconcerned about politics: hostile to the insane dreams of Socialism and Communism, which it abhors...." Nevertheless, upon her death in 1891, the mantle of the Theosophical Society was inherited by Annie Besant, a prolific writer and occultist who was also a member of another cult founded in England in 1884. This powerful organization was called the Fabian Socialist Society. Its avowed goal was the same as that of the Order of the Illuminati: complete control of the world. Madame Besant founded the Fabian Parliamentary League.


While lecturing widely on Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, the Fabian Socialist Annie Besantpredicted that Socialism was "the wave of the future". She was deeply involved in a tax-free foundation of the Theosophists called the Lucis Trust, a vast financial combine which even today supports such Leftists Fronts as the Arcane School, the Lucis Publishing Companiesof London and New York, the Triangles, and many unusual "peace" groups of a decidedly crimson hue.


Headed for years by a Fabian occultist named Alice Bailey, the Lucis Trust is now recognized as a non-governmental cooperating agency by the United Nations. And one of the Trust's avatars is the demonic $5 million Temple of Understanding operated for the U.N. by the United Lodge of Theosophists of New York. Veiled in Illuminist symbology and mystique, the Temple's list of sponsors includes more than a score of well-known Communists, eight American Ambassadors, and such men as Robert McNamara, John D. Rockefeller IV, Senator John Sherman Cooper, I.B.M.'s Thomas Watson, and others. The purpose of this Satanic Temple, reported syndicated columnist Edith Kermit Roosevelt in 1962, is to create a "spiritual UN" in our nation's Capitol. She stated that an "international apparatus" of Communists and Socialists "is working to set up a Universal Theocratic State."


And, of course, no discussion of Satanism would be complete without mention of Aleister Crowley, a Satanist par excellence. A noted English magician, poet, painter, big game hunter, satyric, heroin addict, and homosexual, Crowley was a world traveler of vast wealth. Well-known for his sadistic rampages and his burning hatred of Christianity, he was nevertheless praised by such novelists as Somerset Maugham, who wrote a book about him entitled The Magician.


In 1898 Crowley joined a secret Berlin-based Satanic cult called the Order of the Golden Dawn, attempted to take control of its operations, and was later ousted for his troubles. He then founded his own secret society, the Order of the Silver Star, Argentinum Astrum, and began publication of a weird magazine called The Equinox. In a lengthy monograph by Daniel P. Mannix, we find that Crowley decided to start a new Satanist religion with branches throughout the world, "each branch operating as a secret society with elaborate rituals somewhat like the Golden Dawn." He envisioned an international conspiracy rooted in Satanism and completely under his control. His followers erected a temple in the Palomar Mountains in California. (Author's note: An American cult group later linked to Crowley's Orders in London and Germany was the bloody Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) which has a main headquarters in Southern California, and has been involved in numerous ritual murders. The top member of its National Supreme Council is one William E. Heidrich, and it is linked directly to NAMBLA (founded in 1978.)


Moving to America during World War I, Crowley began writing anti-British propaganda for the Germans and "received the backing of Imperial Germany for his propaganda efforts." He had several years earlier been invited to join another German Satanist society called the Order of Templars of the Orient, which specialized in "sex-magic". Crowley was head of the British branch of this cult.


Mannix says that after the Communists, aided by the German General Staff, had overthrown the Government of the Czar and established their Marxist "dictatorship of the proletariat" in Russia, Aleister Crowley "wrote Trotsky, in Russia, join the communists...." Daniel Mannix continues: "There is a striking similarity between the workings of this group [his religion], as Crowley conceived it, and the operations of modern Communism. Like the communists, Crowley planned on having cells, operated by dedicated agents, whose purpose was to undermine national and religious loyalties and substitute a blind devotion to [Satanism]."


Although there is no record that Crowley ever joined the Communist Party, it is doubtful that the Communists would have refused a man of his skills and wealth.


During the period in which Aleister Crowley was writing to Trotsky, another curious liaison was taking place in Germany. For some years prior to the war there had existed in that country a powerful occult organization called the Thule Society, made up of Socialists whose aim it was to be "masters of the world". Of nebulous origin, this group worked closely with a similar Satanist organization known as the German VrilSociety, or Luminous Lodge, headquartered in Berlin. The Luminous Lodge is known to have also had close associations with the previously mentioned Theosophical Society and the Order of the Golden Dawn. Nesta Webster, commenting on the Order of the Golden Dawn in her scholarly Secret Societies And Subversive Movements, says that "the real directors of the Order were in Germany and known as the ‘Hidden and Secret Chiefs of the Third Order'." (Page 313.)




Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier note in The Morning Of The Magicians (Avon Books, New York, 1968) that in 1920 a Bohemian playwright named Dietrich Eckardt and an architect named Alfred Rosenberg--members of the Thule Society--introduced a young radical named Adolph Hitler to their organization at Barest, Germany, "and for the next three years they were to be the constant companions of the little Reichwehr corporal, dominating all his thoughts and acts...." In Adolph Hitler, by Konrad Heiden, we note that "Eckardt undertook the spiritual formation of Adolph Hitler." Herr Eckardt also gave Hitler two levels of instruction during this period: "one being concerned with the ‘secret' doctrine, and the other with the doctrine of propaganda." Dietrich Eckardt related some of his private conversations with Hitler, in fact, in an ugly little pamphlet entitled Bolshevism From Moses To Lenin. In July 1923, guiding his new-found pupil, Dietrich Eckardt "became one of the seven founder-members of the National-Socialist Party."


From the beginning of this liaison between Hitler's National Socialist Party and the Thule Vrilcombine, a Vrilist named Karl Haushofer commanded "the magic center" of the Nazi movement. In Jack Fishman's penetrating history, The Seven Men Of Spandau, we are told that the last surviving member of the secret Thule Group, Rudolph Hess, formally charged that Haushofer was "the secret Master." Authors Pauwels and Bergier, whose 416-page book devotes considerable space to the Hitler enigma, reveal that it was Karl Haushofer who chose the swastika as the emblem of Nazism. Even more startling, we read that "the theories of Haushofer and the projects of [Alfred] Rosenberg...form the basis for Mein Kampf" Both were leaders of the Satanist Vril Society.


A startling number of Satanist organizations have found their roots in Germany. Indeed, the mythological heart of Communism, Marx's "Dialectical materialism", was a marriage of the dialectic of Hegel and the materialism of Feuerbach. And the "Luminous Lodge" does sound suspiciously similar to the Illuminist Lodge of Weishaupt, does it not? This business is all very odd indeed. But, lest one drown in it, let us return to the United States in the Year of our Lord, 1970.




* * *


If we interrupt this at this point I believe we can finish the document in one more sitting. I certainly do realize that all of you are getting an overload of information piled on your plate to digest. It is our job to offer it--yours to discern. If there are portions which disturb you more than others and reach beyond your ability to accept--PLEASE, DO NOT WRITE TO US FOR CLARIFICATION OR MAGICAL WAND WAVING--GO RESEARCH THE TOPIC. WE OFFER WHAT IS AVAILABLE IN ITS BEST FORMAT AND CONTENT AND IT COMES, ALWAYS, FROM ONES WHO ARE WILLING TO DO THIS MASSIVE RESEARCHING.


If these subjects seem just too "far out" and separate from you in your tight little world of limitation--you had better start paying more attention to your NEWS! There is hardly anything other than violence, murder, evil and bloodshed as the world is falling to these very entities who have claimed and worked for generations to acquire--TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION. What may seem very innocent and fun, such as dressing up your babies on Halloween as witches and butchers is indeed that which will attract your children as their brainwashing is furthered with each passing day!


Why didn't you KNOW ABOUT THESE THINGS? Because these things are worked at over the generations TO BE SECRET! This is THE pattern of the adversary, friends, to work in the DARK, DANK AND EVIL PLACES--OUT OF SIGHT--SO YOU WON'T KNOW AND BY THE TIME YOU SUSPECT, THE TALE IS SO VILE AND UGLY THAT YOU WILL REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT "COULD BE"!


Why do you REALLY think there might have been a Jewish Holocaust? Indeed, so that the ones who had stolen the Judean heritage would wipe out the true tribes and there would be no-one left of the original tribes to demand Truth. That has not stopped, my friends; the "Jewish" people are the ones who will finally be obliterated FIRST when the power comes into play--so that no one remaining will ever really know of the heinous evil conspiracy against them. So be it. It is time to put eye and ear to the reception--and go forth and FIND OUT! THE LIFE YOU SAVE WILL BE YOUR OWN!