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JANUARY 17,  1992


Greetings precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda, Jesus, Esu, Im­manuel.  I come in Light and ser­vice to Divine Holy God, Our Radiant One Creator.

I will continue this series on the nonsense and misperceptions which permeate the so-called “New Age” Movement.  It is not always necessarily that the cliches and “wise” statements made by ones are not true.  It is often that the so-called “New Age” teacher/speaker has the interpretation of opinion which is either not completely understood or not communicated cor­rectly.  And there are ones who simply intentionally manipulate the teaching, through false interpretation, to confuse and mislead others.

You each are learning the lessons of discernment, through rea­son and communion with God within you.  The problem for each of you to overcome is allowing someone else to “think” for you and “believing” another because they “sound” like a sincere and wise expert.  Remem­ber, belief in God, for example, is not the same as KNOWLEDGE of His Omnipotent and guiding presence within you.  Belief is still an opinion, which may or may not be correct.  It is not KNOWLEDGE that you have achieved until the proof of His Power and Presence is earned by YOUR DESIRE TO KNOW and YOUR personal efforts and actions which demonstrate or create that desire.

Now I will quote a statement made by many, especially by those studying under Eastern Mas­ters.  I want you each to think about it, if you have heard it, what it meant to you, and what it means to you now, then please continue reading:


Whatever you focus your attention on you exchange energy with or draw that energyto you.

Now I will tell how many “New Agers” have interpreted this statement to refuse taking re­sponsibility.  If the information which is at first given to them is interpreted by them to be “negative”, meaning producing within self emotions of fear, guilt, pain, anger, etc., then they feel that they must not give their attention to it.  And somehow, they are then absolved of “negative” thinking, and all will be beautiful and harmonious in their life.  NONSENSE!

Now I will explain to you HOW IT IS, not how many of you wish it to be.  First of all, in this process or school of learning, you are presented with YOUR lessons in all situations and in­formation that you focus your attention on.  Secondly, every moment that you think and live you are exchanging energy with other energy because ALL is light energy carrying various wave-form frequencies.  When you have a thought of concern for a loved one, you are ex­changing energy by your thought.  When you respond to the news that a war has started, you have exchanged energy with that information, for the information car­ries its own energy, and your response to it is a lesson for you.

If you decide the information about Government Corruption or Robotoids contained in THE PHOENIX JOURNALS is not true simply because it scares you and you just can’t be­lieve it, know that YOUR opinion of belief DOES NOT change the TRUTH of the infor­mation.  So if you discount or deny without further re­searching, then you are not facing the FEAR which exists inside you and is up to you to understand and release.  IGNORING it only means putting off the lesson WHICH WILL BE RE­PEATED until resolved.

I will give you a simple bit of wisdom which you can rely on in your attainment of Self-Knowledge and Mastery.

If you are frightened, angered, or guilt ridden about ANY in­formation or situations which come to your attention, you can be sure that you have hit a “hot” spot problem area in self that you MUST focus your energy on, for the lessons are being presented for you to process and release.

Know too, that if you draw to you anything that frightens you, the fear is INSIDE YOU, not in the person or information which seems to CAUSE the fear.  YOU feel threatened in some or many ways and usually your fear is of some sort of LOSS.  THAT fear or root of fear is what YOU each need to get in touch with.

Chelas, it is not BAD to feel the fear.  It is simply a temporary illusion barrier of growth and a lack of TRUST in GOD within you.  The fear, the guilt, the anger are symptoms of the deeper feeling of disconnection with God and the feelings of powerless­ness and helplessness that ac­company that belief in separateness.

Let the fear be a warning flag to you.  Instead of ignoring it and hoping it goes away because you don’t focus your attention on it, FACE IT SQUARELY.  Ask the Father Within you to show you the root of this fear and what YOU must DO and KNOW to understand and re­lease it.  And anger can become a very posi­tive flag as well, if you face it and understand its CAUSE within you and then TRANSMUTE it into ACTION and PASSION to SERVE GOD of LIGHT to bring balance to the circumstance which upsets you.

What do I mean by TRANSMUTE?  The dictionary says, “To change in nature, form or qual­ity; transform.”  YOU each have the POWER within you to transform or change any energy, any emotion, any situation or circumstance to bring balance to self and/or the cir­cumstance.  How do you do that?  BY YOUR DE­SIRE TO CHANGE SELF TO BE LIKE UNTO GOD AND KNOW HIM WITHIN YOU.  You will be shown the course of action to take to serve GOD in honorable reflection if that is truly your intent.  The way will be opened, for the Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN you.  When you truly awaken to your inner spiritual knowl­edge, YOU CAN AND WILL ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING you set your mind to for that is what you have given your attention to.  No en­ergy controls YOU unless you allow it and you can transmute any thought.  Many of you do it all the time and just don’t know it.

For example, if you were raised to be bigoted against black people, and then YOU learn and KNOW that that bigotry was wrong and why, you have successfully transmuted that en­ergy.

And what about abortion?  Haven’t many of you, including this beloved scribe, had a dramatic change of understanding regard­ing abortion?  She used to feel it was the right of the woman to do as she chose.  Now Druthea knows why abortion is murder.  A woman who is truly morally and spiritually responsible would NOT choose to have a selfish, lustful “swing in the sack”, which she knows could allow the creation of an “unwanted” child.  Very few parents, counselors or teachers even talk about absti­nence and personal responsibility to young boys and girls BE­FORE they decide to experiment with sex.  Well, except of course, to hand them rubbers, and birth control.

Think about attitude, which is your state of mind, behavior, or conduct regarding some or any matter.  Are you not each con­tinually working on attitude adjustment?  Such as, not becoming depressed and paralyzed by your world circumstances and in­stead choosing to be MOVED into action to change it.  Not be­coming personally offended by ones who refuse to understand the Truth and attack you personally for bringing it to their atten­tion.

So is not this kind of attitude adjustment you ones achieve a form of transmutation?  Are you not DESIRING to change the form of the original thought in such a way which brings Godly balance to self and/or the circumstance?

Every JOURNAL that we write, every document that we pro­duce is designed specifically to TRANSMUTE BELIEF IN LIES TO KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH.  The catch is only those who CHOOSE to KNOW the Truth will achieve transmutation of the “negative” lie and be­come free.  Otherwise many, many ones will become trapped in the web of energy of the lies which the Master Deceiver has so cleverly woven to trap and control God’s people in the physical dimensions.

Soon many of you, if not already, will welcome the opportuni­ties to KNOW self and make necessary attitude adjustments.  It is not easy, or necessarily convenient or fun.  It is a birth of YOU into GOD-KNOWING power and the nature of the labor is the choice of each.

Does this mean that if you focus your attention on something which brings you inner joy that there is no lesson?  Of course not.  As long as you focus your attention on KNOWING the Truth and you are not just hiding in “New AGE” fantasy and nonsense, the joy is well-earned.  You must live your life and seek enjoyment and celebration of love and family and sharing with beloved friends.  And when you find inner balance, the un­derstanding and achievement of doing your life’s work and mis­sion will bring you as much joy as well.

Remember your process of growth and self/God discovery as a human will not be easy, pain­less, or without confusion, depres­sion or despair.  It is designed with great illusion of pit­falls and struggle, etc., for you each to learn about and overcome.  You are challenging your soul-growth and are in the process of grad­uating and moving on to a higher stage of spiritual de­velopment than that which you left when incarnating here.

You will find that EVERY experience, regardless of your per­ception of failure or success, is valued tremendously as bringing you closer to GOD. (If that be your goal.)  Sometimes even the perceived most negative circumstances or situations you’ve ex­perienced become the cat­alyst for the finest and most beneficial lessons of self-mastery.  Many of you, if you think back, came from the most difficult of childhood experiences and have de­veloped incredible and impeccable strength of character because of these experiences.  Most of you, admittedly, would not change a thing about your past, for you KNOW it has brought you to this point of KNOWING and SERVICE. 

Some of you may feel crippled still from your “past” abuse cir­cumstances.  Know that you will be crippled as long as YOU choose and you will release the pain and know the lesson just as soon as YOU CHOOSE.  Responsibility?  Yes, it is yours to trans­mute the experience into growth of self/God knowledge.  When you are ready, the release and knowing “appears” ef­fortless.  It is much like “instant” or “overnight” successes.  There is not such a thing, for most do not like to speak about the 5000 “failures” they felt and lived before succeeding ac­cording to their desire.  And so it is.

Let us close this document.  I trust that I have left you with much to ponder which will bring you closer to understanding your processes of life.  Thank you, precious Druthea, for your service.  I treasure this time we have had together.  Thank you for your attention.  I AM Sananda, One with God, in His ser­vice of Love.  Be at Peace and walk gently with one an­other.  Salu.