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SAT., APR. 2, 1994     8:22 A.M.    YEAR 7, DAY 229

SAT., APR, 2, 1994



This subject is as important to the human race as any message ever to be brought to your attention. Please remember that Easter holiday was a long-standing holiday time in the ancient days. To give you a clue as to the choosing of "a" day to "celebrate" and to assure you that it had nothing to do with a "set time and place" of some crucifixion or arising, let it be noted: Easter is celebrated the Sunday immediately after the first full moon that occurs on or after March 21. It WAS also a celebration of "Eastre", goddess of Spring. The facts are, the occasion was staged so that the punishment and public betrayal of this wondrous son of man, the Christed Emmanuel (Jmmanuel, Immanuel) would coincide with this greatly celebrated pagan holiday. It also would be coincidental with the celebration of "Passover"--in those days.

I, Hatonn, do not need repeat the story so beautifully offered by those present, in gospel-like presentation. The truth has been most deliberately removed from your "bibles" and I am not here, nor is anyone else here, to argue with you and your perceptions. The FACTS, however, much as with John F. Kennedy's assassination--ARE BURIED AND THE LIES FOISTED OFF ON YOU. Do the FACTS matter to you if you "believe", are born-again, deny or just don't give a damn? Yes! Why? Because you seem to think that nobody would ever dare or could tamper with such a work of presentation. But already you deny your own belief in the story itself by having a myriad of translations, interpretations and rewritings, updating and more nonsense--ABOUT THOSE "BIBLE BOOKS". Why don't you TRY THE TRUTH? I suggest that if you desire the TRUTH--get AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL, A PHOENIX JOURNAL. You who already have this volume please take time to re-read it. The presentation of this document is now available from other sources by other translators of whom I have no intent of researching. Usually, however, in the first offerings of material from first translations, the material will be conceptually similar.


The TEACHER came to tell you, honor you of soul progression, and show you that there is no such thing as "death" of soul. He did not COME to die for you but instead, to show you how to LIVE. He did not by his blood-letting offer physical absolution of your responsibilities if you but believed he existed. YOU WILL STAND RESPONSIBLE IN JUDGEMENT FOR ALL ACTIONS AND INTENTS OF SELF! The Master can plead in your behalf if there be "ignorance" present--but he can do nothing FOR you.


The major thing for which you must watch is the total taking into the physical realm through bunnies, baubles and trinkets of candy and other physically pleasing "things"--the meaning of such a time of serious considerations. Ascension? What does "man" know of Ascension? It was said that a place would be prepared for you that you too might know everlasting expression--and so it has been. Now comes the time of preparing a place for a return of goodness upon your physical experience as "man" on a "planet". Have you earned the worthiness to host GOD of total perfection and beauty? Have you served God Creator in care of His wondrous creations? Have you served your fellow-man in honor and love? How about integrity and peace? HAVE YOU PREPARED A PLACE FOR GOD? Well, I'm come back around to see to it that there IS A PLACE PREPARED. Can I do it alone? Yes, but I don't have to do so. The vipers are coming up out of their pits to do battle with selves--one faction pitted against another and in the so-doing God's children will, by circumstance, be sorted away. Will you be among the frenzied battles or will you be in the shelter of God's Hosts? The time of decisions is at hand, readers, as things unimagined are coming forth upon your globe. These things are not JUST of upheavals and possible spiritual fulfill­ment of prophecies of God relationships--but the oppressed shall find sustainment to rise up against the Anti-Christ! A new foun­dation "CAN" be brought forth upon your lands--IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO SO. Will you? Man of Earth--WILL YOU? There will be no place remaining for BLAME or further lack of responsibility.

Source:  Phoenix Journal 91, FOOTSTEPS INTO TRUTH, Chapter 5.