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October 1,  1991



Greetings, my little dove, Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  Many of you may know me by the labels of Jesus Christ, Esu, Issa, Im­manuel, The Pale Prophet, etc.  These labels are mostly of hu­man input for ones desiring to “define” mineself, who came as a man upon your place over some 2000 years past in your count­ing.

I was actually born and given the label, Immanuel, also spelled Jmmanuel and Emmanuel.  The term means, “God with us”.  My in­herited name, given of Our Father, God/Aton is SANANDA, meaning “One With God”.  The one you call in your so-called Holy Bible, Paul the Apostle,  who was actually Saul of Tarsus, changed my name to Jesus Christ, which means “The Anointed”.  This one was not of my disciples.  He was most confused and completely misunderstood mine teachings of God and Creation.  And so because of his confusion, he has passed along mis-teachings in what many of you precious ones believe to be MY name, (Jesus Christ) which was NEVER my name in reality.

I AM now come, along with many of Our Father’s Hosts, to set the record straight.  You may continue to believe the lies of your adversary, also called “Satan”, if you so choose, for Our Father Creator, whom I call Aton, meaning “The One Light”, gave you each of His chil­dren FREE WILL, to choose for your­self.

I have not returned in physical compression TO YOUR PLACE at this time.  I know not the time of my return.  Only our One Creator Aton knows.  I AM Spiritual Guardian along with my brother, Archangel Michael, of developing earth-human species.  You, dear ones, are not our only “charge”.  We have many other planets and the humans thereon within our charge of re­sponsibility.

The degree of God-knowing accomplished upon your plane will determine the level of my ac­complishment as well, for this is mine final “testing” upon these dimensions.  You are my lit­tle brothers and I desire to bring you into God’s Mansions, that you may experience the Glory of LIFE beyond the often painful and confusing limitations granted by earth physical incarna­tions.

Today, our subject is Human Opinion versus God-Knowing.  You see, precious ones, “opinions” are simply conclusions drawn by you ones through your physical sensing experi­ence.  You ones form opinions most often from the EFFECTS you ex­perience or observe.  An opinion is not drawn from KNOWL­EDGE.  Let us see what your dictionary says:

Opinion:  1. A conclusion or judgment held with confidence, but falling short of positive knowledge.  2. An expert judgment given formally.

So you see, chelas (students of life), everyone can have a dif­fering opinion about let’s say, what happened at MINE cruci­fixion and why, but the reality is that very, very few of you who were there remember.  You all can have an opinion about Ha­tonn and what you be­lieve his intentions to be, but you cannot KNOW until the fruits of his work become obvious.  And even THEN, many will deny THE TRUTH for sake of PRIDEFUL opinion.

You all form opinions about one another constantly in your in­ter-relelationships.  In every cir­cumstance you experience, you form an opinion.  That is, until you desire TO KNOW God within you.  Then your human opinions will fall aside along with human ego limitations, to make room for GOD-KNOWL­EDGE to unfold.

Also realize, chelas, most human judgments are reached by hanging tightly onto opinions you’ve formed, without forming the desire TO KNOW.  Often it takes work to discover The Truth about any circumstance.  And many generations have ex­perienced passing on their formed opin­ions from one generation to the next within the family structure.

IF you were born, for example, in a Southern Baptist household and were constantly indoc­trinated as to HOW you should think and believe, you will most likely have had difficulty questioning the belief structure, especially when your questions were not ap­preciated nor ac­cepted by your elders.

Many of you ones have escaped the chains of a “belief” struc­ture which was imposed upon you to find Self and God within you.  Also many  ones of you even went to an extreme of rebel­lion and became “so called” Atheists, having become completely disheartened by the “faith” of your parents.

I repeat what I told you ones when I was human those many years past,“I and My Father are One.  Know Our Father within you for there lies the Kingdom of Heaven.”  You will ex­perience in your ignorance and continue to form your human opinions and judgments until the DESIRE is great within you to KNOW The Truth and Father Within.  Then you will not longer ask, in ignorance and superstition, what God can give you and what God can DO for you, but instead you will say to Our Father, “Please show me Father, what I must do to sus­tain in only YOUR service that I may be an honorable reflection of YOU in every thought, word and deed.  Not MY will Father, only let THINE will be done.”

In this way you will give back unto God so that He can regive unto you.  You then, precious ones, are well on your road to re­sponsible co-creation with God-Knowing.



I am repeating the words of wisdom expressed recently by my brother, Hatonn.  There are not MANY truths, only ONE.  You each will express and manifest life to the degree of un­derstanding and comprehension of The Truth.  You will respond to circumstances and other humans based upon your adherence and comprehension of God’s ONE law which is BAL­ANCE in all transactions.  Also called RYTHMIC BALANCED INTER­CHANGE.

All the laws written by Our Father and explicitly expressed within “The Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual” allow focus and choice of adherence to God’s One Law of BALANCE.  When you defy any of those laws you create unbalanced circumstances of which you will reap the consequences.  This is why we effort to encourage you to find and KNOW Cos­mic Spiritual Truth and remember The Laws given forth for Human experience, because ig­norance will not prevent or excuse you from the consequences of defying Cosmic Law.

I say REMEMBER the Laws because YOU are born KNOW­ING them.  That is, of course, as long as you have the gift of soul conscience from our ONE Creator.

So you see, you have freedom of loving balanced expression in co-creation with God as long as His ONE LAW of Balance is not defied.

For example, I will discuss The One Truth about immortality.  Immortality means no end to existence and therefore on-going life somewhere within the ONE MIND of God. It is simply  birth and rebirth.

Death as you observe it is simply a transition of the soul.  The soul does not end or die.  Al­though it can return to or be re­folded back into the One Mind of Our Creator.  There may be many opposing opinions of that truth, but it matters not, for it is THE TRUTH and it is best to KNOW it than to deny it by self-delusion and opinion.



God IS LOVE.  The Father/Mother sex conditioned divided lights of His thinking come from His Knowing.  From His Knowing comes His One Desire, Love expressed in Motion of which his divided thinking CAUSED.  And then, of course, a return to the rest or voidance within God’s mind.  This simply means no illusion of separation is experienced.  Only God-Knowing and God-Love.  Again, I suggest you carefully read the Phoenix Journals called, The Pleaides Connection Series, Volumes 1-8.  There within, my beloved brothers, Hatonn and Germain beautifully and explicitly express, from the KNOW­ING of Aton, the details re­garding the na­ture, structure and workings of God/Aton and His Creation.

For those of you of mine precious ones who truly DESIRE to know THE ONE Truth, we give forth the information (in over 40 Journals now), to allow for your unfolding.  You must under­stand that your unfolding will occur in direct relationship to the degree of your DE­SIRE to KNOW God within you.  YOU, therefore will determine by comprehension of THE LAW of Balance and the Level of LOVE you hold within, through God-Knowing, the degree of re­sponsibility for co-creation which you will express.



I wish to further clarify the difference between what you ones might call “preference” and opinion.

Preference involves choice of expression for enjoyment, comfort or beauty.  It does not mean that if you prefer the color blue that red is evil or bad or lesser.  Or if you prefer to grow roses, that carnations are less beauteous.  If you decide carnations are less beauteous or that red is ugly, that then is your opinion, for in God-knowing, you would know the unique beauty of each flower in His Creation, as well as the unique beauty of each color in His spec­trum coming from the ONE Light.  In other words, you may have preference and still appre­ciate the equal beauty of ALL expressions which may seem different or un­usual.

Now we come to “preference” which does involve defiance of Cosmic Laws of Balance.  You have ones who have coined a term called “sexual” preference which is a label given to qualify sexual behavior practiced by same sex individuals.  I don’t care how you qualify your behav­ior, or what you prefer regarding it, THE TRUTH is that Homosexual SEXUAL behavior is SERI­OUS defiance of COSMIC Law.  Sexual behavior has NOTH­ING to do with giving LOVE.  And to choose behavior which degrades and damages the human body, as well as calling it love, which degrades the human soul, will cause inner torment and painful demise of the ones who practice same.

We, of God’s Hosts, will not sanction behavior which defies His Laws!  The quicker you ones KNOW and live the Truth, the quicker you will free yourselves from the adversary of physi­cal illusion!

Can you LOVE a person of same sex?  Of course.  We speak of sexual exchange PHYSI­CAL behavior.  LOVE is not at all re­lated to sexual behavior as many of you have come to believe.

Even in your heterosexual unions there is almost NO sexual ex­pression practiced with GOD-LOVE!  What happened to RE­SPONSIBILITY?  It is amazing that for ten minutes of “pleasure” responsibility is seldom even considered.  And then when a child is conceived, “Oh my”, says the couple, “We don’t want this child”.  WHY DID YOU NOT THINK OF THIS BEFORE YOU JUMPED IN INBETWEEN THE SHEETS TOGETHER?  Instead you ones often choose or “prefer” to KILL, yes MURDER, the unborn babe.  You ones can deny The TRUTH throughout eternity, but until you stand responsible for self and choices and un­til you start including GOD in your decisions, you will struggle with the consequences of your choices made in ignorance of God’s LAWS.

So in closing on “preference”, let me say that you may prefer to listen to Mozart, or grow roses today, but don’t leave out the option of listening to Beethoven or growing carnations to­morrow.  Learn to enjoy and APPRECIATE ALL the variety of beauty given of our Cre­ator God—from the tropical rain forest to the desert—and you will find much enjoyment and peace in your LIFE journey, whether it be physical or non-physical.

And of course, make sure ALL of your preferences include GOD and adherence to His Laws of Balance.  In this way do many more doors open into the experience of the Kingdom of Heaven within you, instead of being shut into limitation and disharmony by the self-im­posed intoler­ance, which comes from ignorance of NOT KNOWING and NOT SERVING GOD who exists WITHIN you.  So be it.

I AM Sananda, One With God, in His service within Creation.  May these words give you CAUSE to ponder your journey more fully and awaken within you GOD-KNOWING to re­place the old and worn-out opinions which serve none save the adversary who would keep you from YOUR Divine Spiritual Inheritance.  Walk together, one with the other, all “races” and “religions” in Knowledge, Peace, Tolerance and Love that balance can be re­stored through UNITY of common values in GODLINESS.  Thank you for your service, my pre­cious little dove, Druthea.  I love you dearly and am so very pleased to have you as one of my blessed scribes.  Salu.