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September 16,  1991




Greetings, precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  I come in the service of our Holy Divine Fa­ther God of Light, and to you my brethren.



This day is a most uncomfortable day for my scribe and for many of you who feel a tremen­dous tide of uncertainty about your tomorrows.  We sit on the eve of a projected day (by evil) of a possible major earthquake upheaval along the San Andreas faultline in California.  And even if the quakes are not triggered tomorrow, it is long past due to occur ANY­WAY; if not tomor­row then sometime in your near future.

Your agitation is real, chelas, for you concern for many things other than the possible loss of your own life.  Many of you have friends and relatives in these areas of impending danger.  Many of you simply concern over the tremendous suffering and horror that this sort of physical catastrophe inevitably brings to many millions of people.

Druthea ponders how she will respond in the worst of circum­stances which she can imag­ine...and yet the uncertainty re­mains.  She feels quite helpless in respect to the humans she loves in these locations since she KNOWS that they will and have chosen their own path and their reasons remain between them and God.


What can you DO?  You can ask for protection in their behalf.  You can speak to them per­sonally and ask that they make some extra preparations, or even leave the area.  Then you MUST let it go!  You cannot hang your emotions upon their decisions, for if you do, YOU will not be able to function in your service.  These sorts of circumstances are the ones where emotional de­tachment becomes so important to attain.

Yes Druthea, it is a sort of grieving process you are going through...a letting go.  It is best that you do this now since you have a little bit of time to feel saddened and helpless.  To­morrow you may not have the time, nor inclination for spending time evaluating your per­sonal emotional responses.  YOU will just DO what you must and you WILL cope much better than you think!

I speak to all of you who read this document.  I simply share Druthea’s feelings as example which MANY of you can identify with.  You ALL have been well-prepared on higher levels for this service and that includes disaster preparation.  And cer­tainly, by now, most of you will be prepared for physical sur­vival as well.  Trust and LISTEN to your own inner guidance for you will be given instructions.



You may be asking yourselves how KNOWING this truth can set you free.  Remember this, The Truth may not always be pleasant to KNOW, most especially in THESE TIMES you are participating in.  Once you KNOW you can prepare yourselves and REMEMBER how to allow God’s co-creative MIND to as­sist you in making strategic plans of action for re­turning balance to ALL unbalanced circumstances.

On the other hand, when you exist in ignorance of Truth, such as is the state of affairs for MOST upon your planet, then you will not have benefit of preparation to make the neces­sary bal­anced changes.  You will simply suffer the consequences of your inaction or unbal­anced action which is a result of your ig­norance, especially when in your ignorance you defy the natural laws of God and Creation.



It is really not a question of whether or not God wins in the end of this cycle.  He already has.  The question remains, will YOU be on the winning side of God or not?

Can you deny The Truth?  Most certainly you can and many, many ones will chose to deny rather than stand in responsible co-creation with God.  But alas, chelas, YOU cannot force nor change the choice of another, for they alone will choose and reap the consequences or rewards of their choices and limita­tions.  This is the process of soul-growth evolution for all human fragments of God.  “All will return to God eventually, only yours is the agony of wait­ing.”




Since we now write for the first issue of the Newspaper format, I will discuss a bit about WHO I AM and give a bit of introduc­tion.  I AM called Esu, Jesus Christ, Immanuel, Em­manuel, The Pale Prophet, etc.  I AM now called SANANDA, which means “One with God”.  This is my inherited name given of Our Father God/Aton.  Druthea means Teacher, One who brings Strength and Gift of God.  She is one of my beloved hu­man scribes to bring you THE WORD.

I and my brother, Lord Michael, are the Spiritual Guardians of this planet as well as many other planets in this galaxy.  I come with God’s Hosts to bring His children of Light home to higher realms of awareness beyond Earth 3rd dimensional physical.  It is graduation time/opportunity when you ones will have either learned your lessons for abiding within bal­ance of the Cosmic Laws of Creation, or not.  We bring The Word as was promised by Our Creator in the ending/beginning cycle time of which you are now in the midst of.  We force none.  We offer our Hand of Truth, Knowledge and Love.  You may choose to turn away and God will allow YOU each the choice for He gifted you ones with Free-will to choose on your own.


God’s adversary, whom you may call Satan or Lucifer, has worked most cleyou in ignorance of Truth.  Within the THOUSANDS of pages of The Phoenix Journals (40 volumes), we of God’s Hosts have unfolded to mankind on Earth the Who, What, When, Where and HOW of the deceptions perpetrated upon you by your ad­versary.  Encompassing religious, historical, political, socioeco­nomic, technical and geo­physical stone has been left unturned in this massive deception by the Dark Ones. 




The greatest tool of the adversary has been the religious/spiritual deceptive teachings.  For by tampering with God’s Truth within your so-called Holy books, the adversary has caused mankind to develop a personal God in man’s imperfect Human Image, which has stripped many millions of their personal power by not KNOWING communion with GOD who dwells within.  And yet what truth remains in your Bible is totally misinterpreted by mankind.  For example, when I speak of THE ONE as follows:

John 14:6-21:”...Father who dwells with me and I in the Fa­ther.”  “The words I speak to you I speak not of myself but the Father that dwells in me, He doeth the works”. and“These things I do YOU will do greater.”

I spoke of THE ONE and the Father who dwells within me, NOT only about ME.  THE FATHER DWELLS WITHIN ALL...ALL...ALL.  For we each exist by His Grace, His Mind, His Thought!  When you each recognize and commune with Our Father who dwells within you, His Wisdom and Knowledge and Power are manifested through you, when your in­tent is to serve His Will only.  And through the Christ WAY of KNOWLEDGE OF GOD WORKING WITHIN will you do the miracles I’ve done and greater.  Can you begin to see how my words have been twisted and corrupted?

So the adversary developed many of you into God-Fearing peo­ple with God out there somewhere ready to punish you for all your sins.  And then the adversary really pulled a clever trick, he claimed through the gospel of Paul (Saul of Tarsus) that Jesus Christ died on the cross and shed his blood for YOUR sins (errors).  All that is necessary is you BE­LIEVE Christ is your savior and here are all the other little rules for entry into “Heaven”.  Nowhere does it say KNOW God or the Christ WAY, simply believe what we write as truth because this so-called apostle or that king decided it was so.

One other misconception I would like to rectify regarding the adversary.  The adversary is now the ruler of the physical world, because he’s been allowed by man to rule man through fear, physical desire and dependency.  The adversary DOES NOT have MORE power than GOD, HIS CREATOR.  Only hu-man gives the adversary control by remaining ignorant of his own God-power and knowledge.  The adversary WILL AL­WAYS WITHER in the face of YOUR GOD-LIGHT for he fears THE LIGHT and is a coward.  A reminder to all to KEEP YOUR GOD-LIGHT SHIELDS INTACT AND LISTEN TO YOUR INSTRUCTIONS!

My words have been butchered, deleted and tampered with throughout all the various ver­sions of YOUR so-called Holy Bible which is the ONE document which exists that has so com­pletely buffaloed MILLIONS of people and kept them in spiri­tual poverty and igno­rance.  There is so much superstition and dogma rewritten in those pages, it is mind-bog­gling that so many still buy the lie as truth! 



So WHO punishes you and why all this evil and corruption?  YOU punish yourselves through ignorance of Truth about the ways of God and Creation and the Laws governing all.  You have developed the evil and allowed the corruption also because of ignorance.  Don’t you see, GOD never limits you your op­portunities to gain KNOWLEDGE.  YOU limit your­selves through the embracing of fear, greed, hatred, guilt, envy, intol­erance, arrogance and a host of other spiritually limiting human emotions.

God has not left His children without the knowledge of HOW to recognize the adversary and HOW to turn around and reclaim balance within His Laws.  With the knowledge of why and how mankind has erred in his ignorance YOU can assist the re­claiming of Earth by Our Father.  If you choose NOT to serve Our Father and instead, directly or indirectly serve the adver­sary, this kingdom called earth Shan will NOT be reclaimed, only the individual fragments of God who serve His Will faith­fully will be allowed to exit while evil devours it­self and all in its path.




What happened to immortality?  Birth and rebirth?  All in Cre­ation experience expansion and compression.  Life and Death and Rebirth.  Even man in his ignorance of truth contin­ues life SOMEWHERE when he departs this planet in “death” transi­tion.  My teachings about immortality were mostly deleted by the adversary.  In this way could he (the adver­sary) bind man in fear of death and therefore control his LIFE on earth.

I urge each one of you who read this document to read ALL of The Pleiades Connection series, eight volumes now, which beautifully and explicitly reveal and explain the mysteries of the nature and workings of God and Creation as transmitted by my beloved brother Germain.  I also urge you to read of THE LAWS and DEADLY SINS as transmitted by myself, Lord Michael and Germain inThe Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual.  These above mentioned books exist now as THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOKS FOR MANKIND on the planet!



The Kingdom of Heaven exists within God-KNOWING man.  What is “heaven”?  Your dic­tionary describes it as firmament, the regions around or above the earth; sky, any condition of great happiness and of course, the abode of God and His angels where virtuous souls are re­ceived.  I again say to you that “The Kingdom of Heaven” exists within God-KNOWING man.  It is a “place” which exists within the ALL-Knowing Omnipotent Mind of God and where ones go by seeking communion with and KNOWING GOD-Awareness WITHIN, in­stead of physical sensing awareness without which recognizes ONLY physical ego con­sciousness.

When I say within I mean beyond your ego consciousness and subconsciouness.  The subcon­scious itself only functions as it is programmed to function.  What you must do is tap into your Su­per-consciousness or also called God-consciousness.  Therein will you find ALL knowledge revealed to you by Our Creator according to your ability to accept, comprehend and take ac­tive responsibility for it.  Heaven is a place within GOD’s Knowing mind, where CAUSE of all Creation is born.  And physical manifested worlds and beings come from ALL-knowing God’s divided thinking of equal sexed pairs (male-female) in motion.  This represents EFFECT.  God’s thinking in MOTION.



So what is human in relationship to GOD?  As with all crea­tures, each individual is a thought-fragment of THE ONE Cre­ator.  Does God destroy His Creations?  NEVER!  He can UN­THINK you though!  God only GIVES AND REGIVES LOVE; Love which is the seed of ALL Creation.  Nature Gives and re-gives. It is only man (who has free-will choice) who TAKES and TAKES and TAKES, which brings the unbalance upon the planet which you can not longer ignore.  You are all now wit­nessing the consequences of spiritual ignorance which has re­sulted in the unbalanced (intolerant, hateful, greedy) thinking, sensing behavior by the masses of mankind on earth.  The ques­tion is, will enough of you recognize your errors and turn the tide of physical destruction of your species?  The play is not over yet and we are proceeding along as if YOU WILL CHANGE IT!



As Hu-man, our souls exist in the image of perfection of our Creator with unlimited co-cre­ative potential.  Your physical bodies and physical earth plane exist, of course, in the degree of imperfection in direct relation to the spiritual imperfection or ig­norance upon which mankind conducts his thinking and action behavior.  The seed potential of our ALL-Know­ing, Omnipotent and Omnipresent ONE exists within each soul fragment called hu-man.  Essentially what that means is that YOU each will be­come the hands and feet of our Cre­ator, gradually remembering and thus co-creating in balance His Creation. 

Currently many ones of you use God’s hands and feet to serve evil, unbalanced thinking and behavior.  Most know it not, but will still reap what they sow in their ignorance.  It is Cosmic Law.  Cause and Effect.  As you sow, so shall you reap.  I must tell you chelas that you cannot change the laws one iota and the consequences of defying them abound upon your plane.  Even your so-called Christian Bible has 10 basic rules to live by, most of which are pretty ac­curate; although you will receive the true untampered meanings in the Journal entitled The Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual.



I must say that Hell exists right upon your planet.  It exists as a by-product of greedy attach­ment to the material world which has resulted in loss of moral character through spiritual misdirection and ignorance.  Mankind who continue to exist with awareness of only his five physical SENSES will thus deny his co-creative spark of God which dwells within his Higher consciousness and remain bound to the limits of human physical dimensions.  Re­member there are MANY MANSIONS IN GOD’S KINGDOM.  Physical 3rd dimension is only one dimension of experience and exists for the spiritual growth of spiritually PRIMITIVE hu-man (higher universal man) species, such as yours.

You, my precious brethren, may argue with, deny and resent the truthbringers, the messen­gers of God, but that will not change THE TRUTH to fit your opinions.  If you find yourself threat­ened and angered by these words or any words in this Newspa­per, I say GOOD!  Wel­come the challenge to your “belief structures” because the challenge, if accepted in humility and in God’s Light, will allow you the opportunity TO KNOW the Truth instead of believing a lie which does not serve you or GOD.  Always, chelas (students of life), the choice is YOURS.  I will end this document with a quote of the Highest Law of Creation as written in The Phoenix Operator Owner Manual:

“Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of Creation.”  So be it.

I AM Sananda, One With God, within Creation.  I come to bring you home.  Will you take mine hand of Love and Truth?  Or will you deny Me and God?  I humbly await YOUR deci­sion.  May the blessings of Our Father’s Light rain gently upon you that KNOWING AND SERVING GOD WITHIN you be­come your only desire.  I honor you, precious Druthea, and all of God’s Hosts incarnate upon Earth and in “Heaven”(The Cosmos).  Our service in this time of Kali (chaos) is not easy, but the spiritual rewards are tremendous.  Salu...Salu...Salu.