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July 2,  1991



Greetings, precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  I come in the service of Holy God/Aton of Light and to you my brethren upon Earth Shan.

This day we will discuss the importance of the children of your species.  There are now birthed and being birthed many whom are destined to become the “leaders” of your Spiritual Trans­formation and Alignment in the 4th and 5th dimensional experi­ence in which Earth is moving into.

You as a species must regard ALL children as the potential for creative and spiritual uplift­ment for your evolving species.  There must be a universal and common interest paid to ALL chil­dren, whether YOU are a parent or not.

During this time of Kali (chaos), there exists the tremendous op­portunity for CHANGE to­ward “higher” spiritual KNOWING and many HIGHER Spiritually developed beings are coming physically, now as your babies and children, to assist the birth of YOU within the ONE.  Will you give them a “place” upon which to blossom within GOD’s knowingness?  Or will you continue towards the “suicide” of your species?  This uncertain answer remains to be played out upon your plane.




There is a feeling of sincere and serious responsibility being felt by you young parents at this time of change.  Inherently YOU KNOW of the importance of YOUR mission in raising an emo­tionally stable and mature child into his/her adult state of inde­pendence and responsibility.

One of the most important “jobs” you have as a parent is how you explain and share your per­ception of God and Creation.  In order for you to express with integrity and KNOWING, you must possess the integrity and KNOWING within YOU.  It is crucial that you explain God FROM YOUR PERCEPTION al­ways, that the child be allowed to come into his/her own KNOWING within, without strict rules and unwavering projec­tions of “THIS IS HOW IT IS, SO DON’T ASK ME ANY­MORE.”

The most important bit of information which you can give the child is that GOD EXISTS WITHIN HIM/HER, NOT WITH­OUT.  You must tell the child that which YOU KNOW from soul KNOWLEDGE.  God is Light, Love and Knowledge and WE ARE ALL RE­LATED FRAGMENTS OF HIS THINKING MIND KNOWING.

Remember, THE SPIRITUAL TRUTH, such as of DIVINE SPIRITUAL ONENESS, will not confuse or upset the child at all.  HE KNOWS inside.  You are simply reminding him of that which HE KNOWS.  You will be giving him his spiritual stabil­ity in preparation for the prob­able human instability which will confront him from other “humans” whom he will un­doubtedly encounter.

You are preparing the child for his LIFE’S WORK upon Earth.  Are you not honored and humbled by YOUR commitment to GOD?




Do you live your life in balance with the Laws of God and Na­ture?  If not, how can you ex­pect the child to do so?  YOU are setting an example, not by that which YOU SAY, but by that which you DO.

I do suggest that your copy of “Phoenix Operator/Owner Man­ual” become most worn from your study of same so that as you teach your child of THE LAWS, you live accordingly in balance with them yourself IN KNOWLEDGE.  If you are not responsi­ble in your behavior, how can you expect the same of your child?

Become an honorable reflection of GOD, and your child will desire the same within self, for he will see the example of TRUTH and BALANCE and LOVE which you are expressing.

The child must also be shown how powerful are his thoughts, and that HE is responsible for that which he sows.  Encourage him to ASK questions when he does not understand.

Encourage him to seek TO KNOW CAUSE of that which he witnesses or participates within.  If he asks you WHY the water is dirty and the sky is brown, tell him the truth that mankind is not very KNOWLEDGEABLE about the NATURE OF GOD AND CRE­ATION and be­cause of his ignorance, he is slowly destroying our planet.

Tell him not to FEAR that which he witnesses as unbalance and suffering.  Show him that HE can offer assistance to CHANGE that which he sees into balance again.

Teach him about GOD’S DIVINE LIGHT of protection and guidance.  And that if he truly wishes to understand something which you are unable to offer an answer for, that he can ask GOD within him to show him THE TRUTH and return to him HIS knowledge.

Show him that ALL answers and KNOWLEDGE exist within him; therein lies his power.

Teach him to give honor and appreciation to God, to Earth and to ALL within Creation ev­ery day for the LIFE experience, beauty and sustenance graced upon him.

Teach him about absolute LOVE and His connection to all.  That he exists as a product of God’s LOVE giving and regiving principle.

Teach him to respect all of Nature and that nature and God only gives and regives.  Human has the choice to give or to take, and taking is that which creates the unbalance.

SHOW him that HIS will and God’s Will are ONE.

Tell him about the nature of the adversary, and how the adver­sary fools him through fear, pain and other human emotions into thinking he is separate from God and powerless to con­trol his “reality”.

Remind your child that ONLY GOD IS REAL.  WE ARE ALL ONE.

Teach him about the universal law of CAUSE AND EFFECT.  And that only through peti­tioning within for GOD KNOWING will he understand CAUSE and not be fooled by his senses of what is the EFFECT.

Remind your child of the IMMORTALITY of his soul and that “reincarnation” is a natural cy­cle of rebirth and one of the most important “facts

of life”.




This is most natural since the baby and young child are solely dependent upon its parents for its food, clothing, home, nurtur­ing and love.  The awareness of the child is centered on the needs and wants of self, until he learns about “respect” of and “regard” for others and that “others” have needs and wants as well.

Most of you have heard the disgruntled exclamation of com­plaint made in regard to a particu­larly inconsiderate child or adult.  “He/She thinks the world revolves around him/herself!”

These ones are often referred to as “spoiled”, which is quite an unpleasant term to refer to someone who is excessively selfish or self-centered.

I must tell you honestly that it is up to you parents to SHOW the child what CONSIDERATE behavior is versus self-centered in­considerate behavior.  You must show the child that there are others to consider in his world and that as parents you will not give him everything he asks for, such as of material goods.  He must know that he ALWAYS can count on your love, not your pocketbook.

If your child becomes demanding of more, more, more things, then parents, YOU have con­tributed to this ungracious behavior and ONLY you can set it right with SELF and, therefore, child.

I am sorry to inform you of the fact that in MOST all cases of “spoiled” demanding and unruly children, you have as exam­ples, one or both parents behaving in the same way.  REMEM­BER, the child follows YOUR EXAMPLE OF BEHAVIOR, parents.





It is most beneficial to the child when you parents give the child duties, such as household chores, and responsibilities.  There is no strict set age to begin.  I would suggest that you use your GOD given intuition to guide you in each child’s case.  Often a child will ask to help you in some way and so that is the perfect opportunity to begin teaching about responsibility.

I would suggest that in order to help the child develop and maintain discipline in his responsi­bilities that you are somewhat flexible and alternate duties when you have more than one child.  Also it is most important that the consequences of ignoring du­ties is made VERY CLEAR in advance and adhered to every time so that the consistency of the consequence is well under­stood by the child. 

You must instill in the child that as with Nature, when her “laws” are broken there are conse­quences to be had, so too, when he does not do his chores, there are consequences.  Al­ways explain WHY you give him duties and WHY it is impor­tant that he DO them as agreed.  IF, for example, he “forgot” to feed his dog, what would happen to the dog?  He would be the CAUSE of hunger for his pet, and that is not acceptable.  Or IF he forgets to take out the trash or clean his room, then how will it get done?

An extremely beneficial and fun way to teach a child about re­sponsibility is when you have “pets”, household or farm, to tend.  Most children are naturally interested in nature’s crea­tures and by giving them responsibility for the care and feeding of animals, they will learn responsi­bility AND love and respect for God’s creatures as well..

Many of you Mothers, especially, get into the habit of just DO­ING everything, such as laun­dry, dishes, cleaning for your chil­dren and then wonder why they are so irresponsible and de­manding of MORE.  When they are old enough and big enough, let them learn to cook, clean, feed the pets, do the laundry, so that they do not expect all to be done for them.  And they then, in turn, learn to care for themselves and be neat and orderly in their functioning.

More than anything else, your child must be secure in the KNOWLEDGE that YOU, his Mother and Father love him ab­solutely.

Let us take a rest, Druthea, that we can get this to the editors in time for the Express.  Thank you, precious little sister, for your service.  I trust that my suggestions are beneficial for you struggling parents.  We will continue in guidance on the subject of children as needed or re­quested.  I AM Sananda, in service to God/Aton of Light and to you, my brethren.  Walk gently with one another in Peace and Love.  Salu.