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JUNE 24,  1991



Greetings precious Druthea.  We are Sananda, Lord Michael and St. Germain.  We are pleased to have you back with us to allow “written” sharing of knowledge with our brethren.  We come in service to Holy God of Light and The Creation.  Let us begin.


It seems that through the sensing compression of your physical manifested illusion that all EFFECTS which you are now wit­nessing upon your plane exist OUTSIDE of your beings.  This, precious brothers, is one very important area where you earth humans have errored in perception of understanding.  YOU are the CAUSE.  Your awareness of the actual EF­FECTS of your DESIRES has simply been limited to SENSING perception of motion which you have believed existed “out there” somewhere beyond your control and/or responsibility. 




Not one of you would be reading The Phoenix Journals had you not had the DESIRE to know Truth.  The Spirit of ONE within you is calling you to awaken to your true potential of SERVICE to GOD.  If you have been drawn to these journals, it is not by “accident” chelas.  YOU have answered the call within you.  YOU have a most cherished purpose to serve in the assistance of BIRTH of God awareness and knowledge upon your Earth plane.  What may that be?  Many of you still are asking.  YOU only need to DESIRE to know and serve God, our Creator within Creation, and since YOU are his temple, WITHIN you, will your wisdom, knowledge and purpose be revealed.  Re­member, there is NO separation.  You ones have simply for­gotten your Divine Spiritual Heritage, YOUR ONENESS WITH ALL!


It will also be your DESIRE that will propel you toward your oneness and service to God.  Your Free-will must be returned, surrendered, released, however you want to think of it, TO GOD.  There is only ONE choice ultimately, and that is GOD’S WILL WILL BE DONE!  Many of you are now facing the choice of aligning your thoughts, words and behaviors with GOD balance or remaining in the “illusion” of ego-separate ad­versarial games.  Ultimately it will be the impeccability of your DESIRE, which is defined as “spiritual maturity” which will propel your being to SERVE the Light, Love and Knowledge which is God.





There is a certain comfort which will develop within you ones as you begin to see the “lessons” which confront you as simply challenges which offer you the chance to become spiritually mature.


Most everything that you will learn on this plane especially, will come from your relation­ships with other human beings.  When many ones speak of “mirrors”, meaning that other humans are your mirrors, there is much misperception in the meaning of that statement.  It is quite true that every human is related to YOU. 

You are ONE.  So in that sense when you look into the eyes of another, you are seeing yourself in oneness, simply as a frag­ment of that oneness.


The problem comes when you ones casually call everyone mir­rors and thus you tolerate, condone or allow BEHAVIOR to­wards you because somehow you deserve it because they are mirroring YOU.  That is the big BS word!  Remember, we spoke of lessons as challenges.  Often, YOUR challenge is HOW you will choose to RESPOND to the behavior and words of another. 


If, for example, THEY profess unhappiness with their relation­ship with you, and somehow it is implied, directly or indirectly, that YOU must change to make it better for THEM, what are they really saying to you?  How will you respond?  Do you im­mediately feel guilty of er­ror?


Think about this, chelas.  WHO is unhappy?  WHO must change to bring balance?  YOU, who feels unhappy must take responsibility for your own dissatisfaction.  But how do you do so without casting outward blame?  And how can you think such irresponsible thoughts as “You are my mirror, so I can DUMP my feelings of unhappiness/unworthiness upon you?”  This thinking behavior, chelas, is punishment.  You who cast blame are seeking a place where your self-punishment will be allowed by another.  The lesson to the receiver of blame may simply be to NOT ALLOW blame, guilt, etc., to affect him/her.  It may also be a time of improving communication between you.  Even if that be to direct the responsibility for posi­tive change to the one who is unhappy.  As the receiver, you may offer your as­sistance, or you may choose to withdraw until such time as atti­tude has adjusted and even apologies given.


Remember this, chelas, in EVERY circumstance set before you, which YOU set before self, YOU CHOOSE how you will re­spond.  If you feel that you are treated unfairly, then you must learn to communicate with intent to UNDERSTAND the intent of the other.  If you choose to define yourself as “sensitive”, fine.  Does that mean you must wear your emotions upon thy sleeve, waiting to become victim?  If you set yourself up to be emotionally fragile and sensitive, you will develop a victimhood cir­cumstance EVERY time.




Victimhood is also self-punishment.  It is a condition developed from extreme insecurity and deep feelings of unworthiness.  This is why there is the perception that many ones who are in “victim” condition feel, and that is that they are somehow treated differently.  Well, in a sense they are. 


For example, one who is relatively secure and spiritually mature will often simply become ir­ritated with one who is highly inse­cure because he/she simply does not relate with the condi­tion.  He/she will simply avoid confrontation with the condition or feeling of being “sucked” into the emotional trauma/drama which a “victim” often develops by his/her deep-seated and un­resolved insecurity.


The victim always seeks ways to be “hurt”, usually by others within their circle of experience.  Until the victim begins to see HIS/HER CAUSE, which is insecurity and unworthiness, he/she will remain trapped in a very lonely cycle of self-punishment.  The change must begin BY HIS/HER DESIRE to serve GOD of LIGHT.  When one makes his/her choice to serve ONLY THE WILL OF OUR FATHER, then self-punishment and unworthi­ness IS IM­POSSIBLE!!  DO YOU UNDERSTAND, CHELAS?


Remember when you perceive you are a helpless “victim” of all and everything outside of you, then you serve the adversary who encourages the illusion of punishment and unworthi­ness of self.  You will remain “victim” to self as long as you continue to live in FEAR.  Natu­rally, others will either support and sympathize with your feelings of helpless “victimhood” or they will NOT support your behavior and avoid you...until such time as self-re­sponsibility is demonstrated and accepted.




At the very root of the emotional victim’s severe feelings of un­worthiness is FEAR.  The il­lusion of separation from God is very strong.  The connection of God knowledge is sev­ illusion of course.  What do “victims” fear the most?  REJEC­TION OF SELF BY GOD.  This illusion of possibility of rejec­tion by God is sustained by tremendous guilt car­ried by the “victim” for errors perceived or real committed against God.  Every time the vic­tim perceives REJECTION by another hu­man, he/she is reminded of his/her fear of rejec­tion by GOD.  This cycle of unbalanced self-punishment continues until the “victim” stops seeking love and acceptance outside of him­self/herself, but instead goes within to ask forgive­ness and re­lease of unworthiness and guilt.  When you petition GOD to show you HIS way...and your intent to heal is pure through de­sire to serve, HE will show you the way home.  He will wrap you in his wings of LOVE, of LIGHT and of KNOWLEDGE that NO rejection is possible except by misalignment of “altered” ego self.  THE KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH COM­PLETELY UNDERSTOOD AND ACCEPTED WITHIN WILL RE­LEASE THE VICTIM, AND THE FEAR WILL DIS­SOLVE AND NO LONGER REN­DER HIM/HER HELPLESS! 


Remember, as Commander Hatonn so succinctly said,  “KNOWLEDGE ALLEVIATES FEAR”.  Hold it close to you, chelas.  So Be it.





To dissolve the fear which exists only as an illusion of physical survival, you must DESIRE Truth and knowledge in order to serve the will of GOD.  Ask yourself, “What is my feeling of fear showing me?”  Is it a warning call?  “WAKE UP, WAKE-UP, THE TIME OF GLORY OF YOUR SERVICE IS AT HAND!”  Fear is felt when you feel threatened in some way.  For example, when Commander Hatonn writes of the socio-eco­nomic and political evils perpetrated upon you and George Green speaks of his experiences of corruption in the highest of­fices of your government, are you afraid?  WHY?  Because you did not know or because YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW? 


To become aware of the truth about the unbalance developed upon your plane requires change and often you ones are simply afraid to change your perceived comfortable life-styles because you perceive PHYSICAL inconvenience or even suffering IF you were to LOSE those precious assets of which you believe you OWN.  You OWN NOTHING save your immortal soul and even your immortal soul belongs to God/Aton THE ONE!


Does this mean you must not have?  OF COURSE NOT!  Re­member GOD IS ABUN­DANCE!  You will simply let ALL go of physical manifestation when you leave this plane.  So it does become wise to gain knowledge of Truth that YOUR FEAR OF LOSS OF BODY PHYSICAL AND/OR PHYSICAL


When you align your free-will choice into service unto God/Aton of Light, Love and Knowl­edge, YOU will have ALL abundance you need to sustain in His Service ALWAYS!


With that thought, precious chelas, we will close this document.  You ones who seek, who desire to KNOW, who seek to gain knowledge of Truth, who desire to SERVE ARE MOST BLESSED OF OUR FATHER.  WE HONOR YOU ALL AND WE ARE SO GRATEFUL TO SERVE YOU OF OUR BROTHERS OF GOD AND THE CREATION.  Thank you, little dove of light, Druthea, We LOVE you greatly and God is most pleased with your ser­vice, chela.  Hold it closely.  We are Sananda, Lord Michael and St. Germain.  May God’s Light shine brightly upon and within you, our brethren.  Walk gently and in Peace with one another.  Salu.