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May 2,  1991



Greetings, precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  I come in the service of Holy GOD/Aton of LIGHT and to you, my brethren.


Often ones, including your Hosts of God speak about the con­cept of “friendship”.  For many of you friendship brings to mind various meanings and experiences.  This term often holds spe­cial meaning which may be very different with each of you, considering your experience of understanding relating to this la­bel.


First let us define the term friend as it is given within your own dictionary:  “1. A favored companion; intimate.  2. A valued associate or acquaintance.  3. One with whom one is united in some purpose, cause, etc.  4. A patron or supporter.”  You can see that by your own defi­nition friendship is defined loosely to mean casual and informal acquaintance or supporter who you share interests or business with.  It can also mean a very “intimate” compan­ion which one could imagine as either a “sweetheart” or marriage partner or even a close personal platonic”(purely spiritual, or devoid of sensual feeling) com­panion. 


Generally, you ones like to classify and comprehend most ev­erything into levels or degrees, including friendship.  This is usually reasonable as long as it is done within self to allow fo­cused understanding about your self-created limitations and as long as it also allows positive focus on what are YOUR priori­ties, and commitments in service to GOD, THE ONE.  Ideally, ALL “friends” or “associates” within your circle of experience must contribute to THE SAME pri­orities and focused intent, most ESPECIALLY when the priorities and focused intent are CLEARLY INTENDED TO BE IN SERVICE TO GOD, to re­ceive maximum benefit of suc­cessful achievement of defined “goals”.  If even ONE fragment demands an inordinate amount of energy from the WHOLE to achieve self-centered acknowl­edgment and attention from THE WHOLE, then THE WHOLE becomes much lessened in its ability to achieve GOD’S will in balanced harmony.  The balance must be made for the integrity of purpose to be al­lowed the most fulfillment for ALL.  We will suggest that ones who continu­ally find them­selves unhappy and unfulfilled within a focused unit of beings most often display be­havior of what is termed “emotional” manipulation.  This means one who, because of intense “negative” perceptions and emo­tional attachments, often seeks to control or “manage” others for one’s own profit or purposes. 


For example, by continuously complaining about what is THEIR own problem(s), blaming an­other or others as the “cause” and then often seeking sympathy from another or others to sup­port their opinion and self-created “victimhood” to “make it better” for them these “emotional” manipulating ones ultimately seek to cause division of the whole.  Verbal com­munication of true IN­TENT and clarification for these ones is not easy, and often they per­ceive themselves to be “used” or “victim” of other’s abuse or misun­derstanding directed against them.  So in frustration, be­cause often ones in their circle of experience begin to avoid them so that THEY can accomplish their own work in service, the emotional manip­ulator will vent his frustrations in indirect, but often effective ways.

Ones in the circle are most of­ten confused by the “passive-re­sistant” or even what is perceived as “lack of emotional control” behavior ex­hibited and strive “to make it better” for the trou­bled one.  This one has then, of course, ac­complished what he “needs” and that is often to be accommodated in his often des­perate need to “be appreciated” and/or to be “center” of atten­tion and importance, thus diminishing the needs and effectivness of THE WHOLE.  Ultimately, the ones who find overall ful­fillment within their circle, must, to preserve the integrity of fo­cus of the whole in service to GOD, confront the emo­tional ma­nipulator honestly about the be­havior and possibly suggest the de­parture of this one to “work it out” on his own.  It is seldom easy to, first of all, identify accu­rately the problem.  But once it is accomplished with reasonable understanding, then ones must face the inevitable and that is to decide to instigate the change necessary to bring back bal­ance to the whole.  Remember, youcan offer your hand of communication and understanding, only YOU cannot successfully spend energy to “make it better” for another who is unwilling to face SELF in RESPONSIBILITY.  These ones most often wish only to DUMP upon another self-created “negative” emotional attachments which THEY still continually feed, that they not face and BE responsible for the CHANGE within themselves.  The best and responsible action you can do is be direct about YOUR observations to this one and let them know that you will no longer allow the behavior to in­terfere with the integrity of the work of the the whole. 


This is much like your current world situation, and as you can see lack of integrity, denial of truth and “allowing” of unbal­anced and unacceptable behavior happens first within your inner circles of expe­rience and then ultimately this dis-ease has ex­panded to most ALL facets of busi­ness and government.  You ones have simply allowed the unreasonable and intolerable be­havior of a very few to bring down THE WHOLE.  This irre­sponsible “allowing” must STOP, precious you under­stand?


Now what I wish to concentrate on is the pure and spiritual UNITY of brotherhood of which even the word “platonic” does not fully define.  I will ask and allow you to now envision for a moment what sort of love within friendship I am efforting to de­scribe to you ones...


Now WHAT DO YOU FEEL?  If you were able to tap into that higher concept within you, you may feel quite warm and tingly within, or perhaps a sense of well-being and serenity.  Do you feel closer to GOD?  Can you begin to feel the kind of LOVE which GOD holds for you...that kind of love which ones often call Unconditional, meaning NOT limited by condi­tions or ab­solute?  I think, perhaps that a “new” term such as, ABSO­LUTE LOVE, is most appropriate because abso­lute defined means,  “1. Free from restriction; unlimited; uncondi­tional.  2. Complete; per­fect.  3. Unadulterated; pure.  4. Not related to anything else; inde­pendent.  5. Positive; cer­tain.”  Yes, indeed, how does learning about ABSOLUTE love set with you ones?  Alright then, “Absolute Love”, is that sort of LOVE we will en­vision to­gether.


Now in order to become a valued friend to others, you must first become a valued friend to YOURSELF which GOD within you most wholeheartedly encourages.  This you can say is HONOR­ING yourself as GOD with Absolute Love, which then allows you the freedom and the grace to honor (high regard, respect or esteem) ALL others with Absolute Love.  Sound easy?  Well like all Cosmic Awareness, Knowledge and Wisdom worth striving for, it means letting go of limited “altered” ego percep­tions to gain understanding.  Before you can let these limited perceptions go, though, you must recognize what they are and that they are ac­tually “limited” perception.  Well, chelas, this is what makes the “prize” of spiritual creative self-discovery so precious, that challenge  to self of attaining realization of Truth! 

Now the next “concept” that you must fully understand to enable you to attain ABSOLUTE LOVE within your friendships with humanity, is THE LAW OF ONE.  Meaning you are re­lated to ALL fragments, seen and unseen of Created of God.  RE­LATED, WE ARE ALL RELATED.  Fully understanding this concept and truly LIVING it as well is quite hum­bling, precious ones, quite humbling and quite wondrous indeed.


So then, learning to fully comprehend, develop and live TRUE cosmic friendship and unity with ALL who choose to accept your hand guarantees you your God-authorized “diploma” of graduation toward ONENESS in the higher realms of God.


Now Druthea has long pondered a line about “love” which was spoken in a movie enti­tled, “A Love Story” filmed, I believe sometime in your late 1960’s.  The female char­acter within this “sad” love story told her sweetheart, “Love is never having to say you’re sorry”.  Let us think about this statement, chelas.  Does this confuse you?  Do you believe you understand its meaning?  We will “break” this statement down in definition that perhaps clarity can be ac­complished for all.  Let us first give definition of the term love as given in Funk & Wagnall’s Dictionary, “1. A deep devotion or affec­tion for another person or persons.  2. A strong sex­ual passion for another person.  3. Sexual passion in general or the gratification of it.”  Isn’t it in­teresting that the defini­tion of LOVE  you are given begins quite nicely and then erro­neously includes SEX­UAL activities and feelings.  No wonder you ones remain confused about WHAT LOVE IS!  Certainly the adversary has “developed” its own definition of that which IT knows little about.  And most of you ones have bought this lie going as far as call­ing sexual inter­course little pet terms such as “making love”.  “Making” Love?  Do you begin to see what a ridiculous statement that is?  At the very least this act of physical LUST be­havior is “making” AND perpetuating limitation of love expression and in the worst cases it is “making” dis-ease through hateful, manipulative, deviant behav­ior intent. 


Well then if “sexual fulfillment” be the way ones define LOVE within them then cer­tainly ones will find MANY reasons to say, “I’m Sorry”!  Let us continue defining that state­ment.  “I’m Sorry” is what is termed an apology, which means,  “A state­ment or explana­tion ex­pressing regret for some error or of­fense.”  So then one is making amends for per­ceived or real er­ror or offense committed against another.  First of all, you ones have not quite reached PERFEC­TION in Love expression and under­standing for THIS LESSON is one in which MANY of you are NOW working toward understanding and LIVING dur­ing this time sequence of your development.  IF one is able to comprehend and adapt his behavior toward ABSOLUTE LOVE, then cer­tainly his “regrets” and “errors” against self and others become gradually inconse­quential.


Does this sound perhaps a bit “idealistic” or ideal, meaning, “1. A concept of perfection.  A person or thing taken as a standard of perfection.  3. A high principle; lofty aim.  4. That which exists only as a con­cept of the mind.”  And what think you ones perfec­tion is?  Well, is not God/Aton our Supreme Creator, THE PERFECT IDEAL?  We’ve said it more than a few times, EV­ERYTHING short of GOD is not yet perfection of GOD.  Perfec­tion in the making or unfolding perhaps.  And yet each fragment exists expressly as a PART of GOD/Aton PERFEC­TION.  So in a sense, we as fragments of THE ONE have im­planted within our beings by our very Creator, the Design of Perfection which IS of Our Fa­ther/Mother God/Aton.  This is the “IDEAL” by which we are able to discern and measure our degree of success in our spiritual creative manifestation.  So then we might suggest a change to that phrase to read, “ABSOLUTE Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

Until you ones return to THE ONE in spiritual perfection, you will make errors and feel the need and find circumstances where it is appropriate to apologize, to God, to yourself, to an­other so that FORGIVENESS can be allowed to manifest the necessary balanced healing within self.  Your God-given CON­SCIENCE is your guide within for what is “right” versus “wrong” thoughts and behaviors according to the Cosmic Laws of Bal­ance of God and The Creation.  This does not mean that you ones will not, at times, be able to truly demonstrate ABSOLUTE love within your circumstances and rela­tionships.  Sim­ply that you have yet not learned to exist EVERY MOMENT in that space of being of PERFECT, ABSOLUTE LOVE.  This is, as I have explained earlier, what MANY of you ones are now learning about accom­ Absolute Love in a much more magnifi­cent degree of success than you have previously ac­complished.


May you ones recognize with clarity and understanding the im­portance of balanced friend­ship with one another for mutual ful­fillment and Joy on your path toward ONE­NESS.  I AM Sananda, One With God.  Thank you for your attention, chelas.  Thank you, precious Druthea, for your service.  Salu.