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April 30,  1991





Greetings Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  I come in the service of Holy God/Aton and The Cre­ation.  Thank you for your atten­tion.


Sometime during your middle 1960’s, there was started some­thing you ones called EARTH DAY.  One day was chosen that ones would honor Mother Earth and awareness was en­couraged about the destructive actions of humans toward Earth, such as the use of fossil fu­els which contributed to various forms of pollution, disposal of garbage and polluting industries.  This one, Druthea, remembers that in her school it was organized that ones who so chose, would not take the busses but instead would walk to school to show their support of Mother Earth.  This one lived some ten miles from her school but she and sev­eral others were most anxious to help Mother Earth by walking together.  It was a small seed planted toward encour­aging awareness and responsibility of self-centered human toward the rest of this Creation in which also sustaines physical human life.


Now you have many so called “green movements” which claim concern about the planet.  Some of them are quite militant, some concern themselves with education.  Most all are con­trolled by the Puppet Master, the Anti-Christ, in which behind the facade of goodness and concern for Mother, the adversary weaves his destructive web.  You see, the adversary USES the goodness and concern which exists within the ones who become involved in these orga­nized structures because they truly wish to HELP and take responsibility.  Most do not know that they are used to bring more support to the adversary that he may gain ever more control of you ones.  This Commander Hatonn has recently ex­plained to you ones that you discern your enemy against life which exists now most blatantly within most all government and other orga­nized structures of your cultures.  The “green move­ments” are NO exception.


So now what can you do?  The first thing to remember is that EVERY DAY is HOLY in God’s Kingdom, therefore make EVERY day one in which you HONOR and BLESS and ex­press your gratitude to Mother Earth for sustaining your physical life and, also, you must con­sider her needs.  Just as EVERY DAY you HONOR and Bless and express gratitude to GOD/ATON for breathing the spirit of LIFE within you that you may give THE ONE more opportunities for WONDROUS Creative Un­foldment and JOY in LIFE.  How do you assess the “needs” of Mother?  Realize first that healing of Mother Earth BEGINS with the healing OF YOU.  Each ONE of you who chooses ser­vice to God’s Will must release all illusions that bring disease upon your beings and separation from your source.  You cannot heal for another; you can assist the healing of another by taking his hand in brotherhood and extending the love and gentleness of the Father/Mother God within you.  Most who now suffer in the body physical are simply so very STARVED for love and they know not that the power to change and heal exists within them.  The most difficult action for all of you to take is one of ac­knowledging your fears and facing the mirror of truth within you.  You will find that as you forgive and release your “negative” illusions of self that you will be unable to support “negative” behaviors of self-deception in others.  This does not mean that you must walk about in self-righteous indignation and FORCE another to see himself the way YOU perceive is truth, even if it may be truthful perception.  Realize that what you wit­ness in the behavior of another you have been...or still are.  So it is also true that that which you admire most within another exists, perhaps yet unblossomed, within yourself.  So what must you do to not support the adversary in yourself and in another?  Ask GOD to show you that which you need to know for under­standing.  Ask God how you must “handle” every circumstance which comes before you.  Then you must be WILLING to TRUST HIS WILL and LISTEN carefully to that which He tells you.


For example, many of you ones scream within for attention and acknowledgement from your human brothers who exist within or even beyond your circle of experience.  The inner child most often suffers from rejection of self and unworthiness in one who constantly seeks ap­proval outside of God within him/her.  How do YOU respond to one who walks about in a dither in per­ceived self-hurt and rejection?  Do you ignore this one?  Do you become irritated or angry with this one?  Or do you see YOUR­SELF in this one and become afraid?  We have observed all of these as well as similar responses.  Now “ignoring” and be­coming angry with the troubled one are often simple responses of FEAR and DENIAL OF SAME, although ig­noring the trou­bled one may simply be preoccupation at the time of observation of behavior and desire to ponder the situation more fully at a more convenient “time” frame. 


Now another choice of response (the choice we would recom­mend in most cases) would be to (as soon as is possible within the circumstance) gently confront this one privately about your observation of the behavior exhibited and offer to listen to that which is troubling this one.  In other words, LOVE that little hurt CHILD that it feels safe and comforted.  Now if the one chooses to DENY his/her feelings and not trust you to share, then know that that one is most fearful and attached thereof to his fear and feelings of vulnerability, perhaps  from past “perceived” betrayal of trust, by another.  You can do no more than offer your hand of caring friendship and understanding in honor and integrity.  You cannot force one to release of his fear and share his feelings. 


Then, in either case, you must, gently but firmly, let that one know that which you have ob­served about their behavior, that they may have the opportunity to hear the truth within their own troubled being...and perhaps begin to face self and release the denial they hold tightly onto.


If ones continue to use their denial as a form of emotional ma­nipulation and even emotional tyranny of blame, punishment and “poor me” mentality, then they will either sabotage them­selves so that you ask them out of your presence until they come to terms with that which they do, or they will leave upon their own accord if continually confronted with the truth about their “self-centered, manipulative and blame-oriented” behavior and still find themselves un­willing to confront and release the behavior.


The same sort of analogy can be made for this Earth transition which is now occurring.  All human souls will ultimately make a choice about whether or not they are willing to move with grace and integrity toward ONENESS with God.  Those fragments of the ONE who choose to play the self-deceptive games of the ad­versary and also break the Cosmic Laws of Balance of God and The Creation will eliminate themselves from “graduation” class to God’s higher realms of experience.  Perhaps this helps you understand why we of The Hosts have often stressed the impor­tance of self-confrontation, as well as monitoring thoughts, words and deeds that you learn to recognize those thoughts and behaviors that hinder or even obstruct your path to God, so that you can release them.  At the same time, you ones can truly as­sist one another when you act with integrity and pure intent to actually ASSIST understanding by communicating honestly with a “perceived” troubled one and not instead condemn this one for reasons often involving “altered” ego self-righteous superiority.  As you practice with each new circum­stance your positive communication skills, you will find yourselves lifted within a whole “new” level of human/spiritual compassion and under­standing which will reward you with a sense of INNER PEACE and BALANCE which has often eluded you ones in your daily inter­relationships with one another.


May The Truth of GOD be accepted by YOU of His Fragments that you find the doors of in­spiring possibilities opened easily within you.  I give honor to you of my brethren who truly DE­SIRE and thus find fulfillment in serving GOD’S WILL.  Your rewards in His service are limitless and beyond your conscious comprehension.  Thank you, precious little sister Druthea, for your service.  I AM Sananda, ONE with GOD, in service to the HOLY Divine God/Aton and The Creation.  Adonai and Salu.  I love you ones greatly and am humbled to be of service to Our Father and to YOU, my brethren.  Walk in Peace.