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April 29,  1991




Greetings precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  I come in the ser­vice of Holy God/Aton of Light, and to you, my brethren.


We, of God’s Hosts, are most pleased to see that many of you ones are beginning to under­stand your power, your power to forgive self and release the pain you hold within.  The path of forgiveness often seems most first.  When you begin to see your­selves in Unity, in Brotherhood, you will find that ALL of you have made similar errors and have at­tached to yourselves many uncomfortable regrets for past cir­cumstances.  All of you have punished yourselves, often without mercy.  It is time to HEAL, precious ones.  Heal yourselves and this wondrous and beautiful planet which has allowed you to play your games of folly upon her skin and within her atmo­sphere.  It begins within YOU, each ONE. 


Druthea finds herself most exhausted from her emotional turmoil of these past days of being able to come to understanding about and release some of her fears.  This is what living in fear will do to you, exhaust you, and eventually, if it is not faced and released, it will drain the life-force of GODLINESS right out of you.  What I would like her to know is that her HEAL­ING has begun with a “big bang” and still she fears that her allowing of the sharing of her life circumstance will not make a difference for others.  Her feelings are common among you who read this.  You often wonder IF you can really make a differ­ence.  I will tell you most em­phatically, YES!!  Remember that you must follow through and trust GOD’S WILL will BE DONE!  Your “perceived” exhaustion, precious, is also a part of your healing process right now, you are releasing many inner dragons and they fight a losing battle to stay in power of your being.  Fear not, little one, GOD’S Golden wings surround your being and you are pro­tected and guided by HIS hand and HIS love.  It will not be much longer that you hold fear and doubt within you, for these are emotions of “altered” ego, the adversary to GOD.  Re­member this, as each one of you increase your integrity of spirit through your thoughts, words and actions and begin to fully rec­ognize your responsibility and creative abilities, so too will your power of GOD within you become an ever BRIGHTER LIGHT UNTO THE WORLD.  Know this Truth, my precious brethren, for I speak most heartily to ALL of you who partake of this document.


To forgive, “1. To grant pardon for or remission of (something).  2. To cease to blame or feel resentment against.”  Now that the definition is clear, perhaps your understanding of the power of this action within you, forgiveness, will also be­come clear to you ones.  If you can see the other, the perceived “perpetrator” against you as a part OF YOU, there to show you something, teach you something that as yet you have not under­stood, then perhaps you will more readily seek the understand­ing of that which the actions of the “other” offers you.  Even if the lesson is simply self-forgiveness, and rather than blatantly punishing yourself, you in­stead create the self-punishment to come from another who lives your same drama of punish­ment.  You ones have become most ingenious at masking your per­ceived unworthiness within.  We, of your hosts of God, feel it is high time that you recognize and understand that which you do to remain in denial of yourselves and your responsibilities and separation from your Creator.  Do you agree?


Now, the power of forgiveness leaves no “substance” upon which fear and doubt can breed it­self.  Destructive fear and doubt emotions will starve within your being and then return to their source until the source of the adver­sary “thought” is de­voured by itself.  It will no longer have a comfortable “home” within your realm! 


Perhaps it helps to have a “vision” or a “glimpse” of where you wish to be in your under­standing.  And since for many of you it is difficult to imagine what life will be like when you attain Conscious Immortality within the realms of God, you often are uncertain of what your GOALS need be and it may also cause you to feel fear of that which you perceive as the UN­KNOWN factors.  It becomes much easier to remain attached to the old, addictions behaviors, lifestyles in that they are much like a com­fortable old chair which you may not want to venture out of to see if perhaps you might experience a different chair, or maybe life without a chair at all.  Even though the chair eventually be­comes most tattered and worn and less comfortable, you ones often choose to remain in discomfort in that which you feel SURE about in your con­scious reality.  If only you will just ex­amine that old chair carefully, and really see that you are at­tached to it because of your fear and then decide to let it go in your mind as “need”, then the new can be allowed entrance into your reality.  This is what is meant when we discuss placing your trust and faith into that which is GOD’S WILL of BAL­ANCE and HARMONY.  You are ALLOWING your true HERITAGE of GODLINESS WITHIN to UNFOLD your cre­ative potential and opportunities, KNOWING that when YOUR will intent is GOD’s will that ALL experiences will unfold in the perfection and JOY of discovery!


This is why, when ones ask Commander Hatonn, for example, what THEY are to do, he must most often decline to give FU­TURE interpretation of YOUR life because GOD is unfolding it for each and each makes the choices of whether or not he will accept those opportunities which God Within presents in order to fulfill his divine potential in service to GOD.  Often ones re­sist unfamiliar CHANGE and so circumstances change for GOD WITHIN continues to offer opportunities, and most often the case is that when “push comes to shove”, ones refuse to see the opportunities presented them by GOD WITHIN and so deny the experience its fruition of unfoldment.  Remember the statement that has been made often within “The Phoenix Journals” is “Many are called; FEW are chosen”.  Who chooses?  YOU DO!  What are you choosing?  SERVICE TO GOD AS A PORTION OF HIS CREATIVE UNFOLDMENT AND EXPERI­ENCE as opposed to service to self and therefore ad­versary since adversary seeks only to feel itself SUPERIOR to GOD and thus DESTROY that WHICH IS of GODLINESS.  To be in self-centered adversarial “reality”, ones must deny that GOD essence which exists within and live in a perception of in­dividual separation, as an island of will, HIS OWN “altered” ego will.  By the denial of ONENESS, the adversary becomes like the errant child who denies re­sponsibility so that he can DO things HIS way, even though his way eventually destroys ALL of his toys which GOD has given him in the first place.


Do you see, precious chelas, when YOU deny the power of GOD’s existence WITHIN you, you LIMIT your scope of expe­rience because YOUR DIVINE SPARK of creative potential is DENIED its full inheritance.  And as you will discover, limita­tion of that which you ARE be­comes quite painful to your inner spirit which pines for freedom from its chains of limited per­ception.  This is why when ones are examined who are consid­ered very EVIL by their actions, you will often find that this one’s spirit has shriveled to near non-existence in order to allow room for EVIL adversary self-nurtured energy to control the body vehicle.  Now, of course, you are finding that the adver­sary has used and is using synthetics and robotoids to do its evil.  What better subject than one who has NO spirit of LIFE breathed into it by Creator!  Adver­sary essentially has puppets with which  to program its will to do its total bidding, NO SOUL CONSCIOUS NESS exists within these “puppets” to change its mind later!


So then is it wrong to “dream” and “vision” the way it could be to be in harmony and balance?  Of course not.  Simply recog­nize, precious ones, that you cannot place limits upon your­selves through your visions because you are yet unfolding that which YOU will create to be in har­mony and balance.  And much of the JOY and FULFILLMENT comes when your pur­pose and creative abilities, for example, are unfolded in GOD’S divine “time” through the power of GOD within you!  This is why we suggest that you not spend so much time in worry and concern over your FUTURE.  In order to keep yourself in THE NOW unfolding before you, we have suggested that you, as a part of your daily communion with God say simply, “Please show me and tell me, Father/Mother God/Aton, that which I need to know at this time in or­der to sustain myself ONLY within YOUR service.  And in ALL things and circumstances brought before me, Father, NOT MY WILL BUT LET THINE WILL BE DONE!  With your intent true to that which you ask of the Father, THAT WHICH YOU NEED IS ALWAYS GIVEN.  Then of course you must maintain the TRUST and FAITH IN GOD WITHIN YOU to unfold ALL for you in per­fection and so too give you the strength and tools you need to ful­fill HIS WILL WITHIN THE DIVINE PLAN.  Let us defineTrust,  “1.  Confident reliance on the integrity, honesty, or jus­tice of another; faith.  2. Something committed to one’s care; a charge; responsibility.  Faith,  “1. Confidence in or dependence on a person or thing as trust­worthy.  2. Belief without need of certain proof.”  We would most humbly suggest that the only being you need put your complete faith and trust in GOD who exists WITHIN you.  You ones will certainly need to learn to access and recognize GOD’S POWER AND ENERGY WITHIN and those of HIS HOSTS whenever GUIDANCE IS GIVEN!  This is why we often explain the necessity of CLEAR­ING YOUR SPACE OF ALL DARK FRAGMENTS AND DEMANDING IDENTIFICATION IN THE NAME OF HOLY GOD!  It becomes easier to do in time when you make it a part of your daily communion.  This brings us to our next sub­ject of assistance and reminding.


Remember within “The Phoenix Operator/Owner Manual” we discussed the three D’s?  DE­SIRE, DEVOTION and DISCI­PLINE.  To heal the INNER CHILD, one must understand and apply the principles of the three D’s,  ON A DAILY BASIS!  Not just every so often when you happen to feel like it.  What is your goal?  ARE YOU NOT IN TRAINING FOR CON­SCIOUS CO-CREATION AND SELF-RESPONSIBILITY IN GOD’S REALMS!  If this is your intent of goal to achieve it is a very serious commitment which you must work towards in every conscious moment of your existence here.  EVERY moment counts; EVERY circum­stance offers an opportunity to bring you closer to GOD.  Please remember this, precious ones.  This IS YOUR moment to act with integrity towards self and all others.  If you error, you must first recognize it as error before you can make the necessary CHANGE within to correct the error.  And then, you can depend on this will be given another similar opportunity to TEST your level of understanding and of integrity of Spirit.  The testing will be constant, chelas, that you may earn your way, rightfully, within the realms of GOD.  There is no short-cut except through understanding the knowl­edge and wisdom which the circumstances of each of your “lifetimes” has offered you.  Remember, I, Sananda, have been given this la­bel by My Father because I have EARNED it through MY initiations of opportunities pre­sented to me.  Be thankful for the lessons, bless each one which is granted to you for they are opportunities for SELF understanding and for KNOWING GOD within.


I will share with you a little secret.  Although The Red Road of Truth may seem difficult at first, as you continue in YOUR DE­SIRE, DEVOTION and DISCIPLINE towards reaching GOD’s realms, you will find that although there will still be obstacles before you, you will find them to be much less bothersome or distracting to you.  They will no longer have power OVER YOU.  You will simply step over them or walk around them or make them vanish be­fore your eyes!  THE OBSTACLES WILL NO LONGER HAVE THE POWER TO PARA­LYZE YOU IN FEAR.  They will simply not concern you or will, instead, offer you a healthy challenge which YOU have asked for and wel­come.  So be it.


I trust that I have brought further understanding and clarification to you ones that you may be closer to the INNER PEACE which TRUSTING IN GOD allows you to have.  Thank you, precious chelas, for your attention.  Thank you, Druthea for your ser­vice. I AM Sananda, ONE WITH GOD Within The Creation.  Salu.