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APRIL 9,  1991



I am Sananda, I come in service of Our Holy Divine Father Aton and in service to you, my brethren.  The subject matter I will discuss is that of TESTING.  Each of you ones have lessons and each create the tests of spiritual fortitude and integrity your­selves.  God/Aton will and does guide if asked, but ultimately the choices and decisions one makes are his own to ac­count for.  Each fragment is held responsible for every choice and every decision he is pre­sented with.  This places accountability (cause and effect) with each one.  Soon ones begin to Recognize their own consequences of thoughts, actions and behaviors.  This recognition of personal responsibility begins the path home to understanding ONENESS and what is termed The Lawof One.


For example, it seems that many ones who read of The Laws of God and The Creation given forth in ThePhoenix Opera­tor/Owner Manual find exception to various aspects of the laws.  You may choose to DO whatever YOU like, but please understand this carefully, precious chelas, these instructions given forth are YOUR ticket to graduation to a higher level of awareness most of you have not had access to on your plane. It is completely up to each to come to terms with those thoughts actions and behaviors which keep you bound to the material 3rd dimensional plane.  You simply have no conception of the EXTREME limitation you have become accustomed and attached to on your plane.  God and we of His Hosts come to bring you the lessons which will allow those WHO CHOOSE to move onward in their path to­ward  ONENESS, to make that choice.  Do you see?  Your free-will is not infringed upon, (except by the Anti-Christ) and you are given to see a more LIGHTED path than the one you have dwelled within.  How does the Anti-Christ in­fringe upon your free-will?  By seducing you into the lies and deceptions of limitation; by en­couraging you to defy THE LAWS of Balance for the sake of selfish pleasure and by tricking you to believe in it’s illusion of separation from your Creator God/Aton.  Re­member as you journey earnestly toward ONENESS, you will find that the only TRUE and WISE free-will you have is GOD’S WILL entirely.


I and my Father Aton have seen the chagrin of ones when they read of the laws regarding “sexual” behaviors. Most all seem to wish to find exception in their own circumstance of rela­tionship situation. How many times and ways can we say it?  You ones are PROGRAMMED into ADDICTION to sexual behaviors.  It may seem like a wonderful way to express LOVE, but very simply, physical sexual pleasure has NOTHING to do with what is LOVE.  Until you ones can grasp the limitation of this addic­tion upon your spirit, you will feel “deprived” of something you BELIEVE is necessary for your health and happiness. By your response to The laws, you will be presented with the areas of “attachment” you have, and where you must work with God/Aton for clarification, understanding and ultimately DE-tachment from the physical, material world. It seems many of you have attachment to physical sexual practices, even those of you who truly have harmonious, loving relationships with your mates.  Many of you wonder HOW you will express your feel­ings of intimacy and closeness with the ONE whom you love.  Some of you even wonder what will “replace” sexual “pleasure” sharing.


Nothing will be REPLACED, for your sexual behaviors as now practiced are not “natural” or “necessary” to the SPIRIT WITHIN.  What will occur, is that as you release attachment to sexual desire, the BLOCK to your spiritual CREATIVE poten­tial of GODLINESS will be lifted from you as if it were a great weight of rocks tied about you...and then released.


What you, precious ones must understand completely is that you cannot hang onto to the “luggage” of physical density and “lighten” up your vibration to reach 4th dimension or higher.  You will perhaps tease yourself with “glimpses” of what HIGHER awareness is  and what it FEELS like, but it cannot be YOURS until you’ve truly 100% DETACHED from all things of physical 3rd dimensional frequency, THAT includes emo­tional, sexual attachments, chelas.


Will it help you when we tell you that YOU take GOD whereever your thoughts are, whatever you DO, and whereever you take your body.  Are you happy with and proud of your thoughts, words and deeds which you present to GOD/ATON your Creator?


This is why the TESTING is great for ALL who aspire to reach God’s Holy Kingdom of ONENESS.  It has been said, “The roughest seas are given unto the toughest navigators” and so it is.  YOU will be testing YOURSELVES throughout your un­foldment, and either the les­son is learned and the test is “passed” or the lesson is repeated until such time as under­standing is reached and released.  The testing represents the CHALLENGE of GOD for knowing, ac­cepting and, therefore, adhering to The Laws of Balance of God and The Creation.  So wel­come the tests, chelas, you are “honing” your spiritual per­fection through recognition of TRUTH and understanding YOUR personal responsiblity.  The perceived “inconveniences” and “frustrations” are a part of your growing “pains” of your own doing.  Recognize you are the hardest on yourself, espe­cially when you become impatient with the flow of life in rela­tionship to your personal understanding of your lessons.  ASK our FATHER God/Aton WITHIN you for illumination and clarification about any given circumstance.  You WILL re­ceive instructions and understanding if you have asked in true intent of same.  God hears YOU hear Him?


Bless you, precious brothers and sisters of mine for searching and asking for clarification.  Thank you, little sister Dru, for receiving this message for our brethren.  Our Father holds thee ever closely within His wings of Love, Protection and Guid­ance.  So be it.  I AM Sananda.  Salu.