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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1990   11:45 A.M.   YEAR 3, DAY 170


Hatonn present in the service of the Great Spirit and the Gentle Lands that we may bring light unto a weary, darkened place.  That which is within must come without that we may see, to­gether, the truth of our journey.


As I relate some of the legends and speakings I shall sometimes not honor ones who have spo­ken for, although they have spoken great truths, many have sold the traditions and given the oral teachings without permission and not in their proper sequence.  It is for those ones to con­front that which they have done in error; not for me to be in judgment of their path.  Nothing is hidden from Tonkashila, Wakan Tanka or from Kunshi, Waziya and I may not speak in their stead for I honor the great wisdom of Creator/Creation.


For those who wonder what happens here in this place at our writ­ings, we al­ways invite the dark spirits and evil brotherhood to take leave and do not ever begin the scribing until the area is naught save LIGHT, that these truths be untainted.  Then as you walk with your eyes through the Journals ye shall find naught but truth.  Thank you for your inquiries.




It is a positive truth that the “magic” of the power, richness and relevance of the American Indi­ans of the Ancients are being reborn in this decade.  This is due to the planetary system which is forc­ing man to come to full realization and to see that this may be ob­tained from the tribal reli­gious order.  There are certain events that are taking place which you know give evidence that the old traditions are regaining strength.  These activities are going on in the atmo­sphere, as well as in human affairs.  This is why it is of concern that people come to full realization at this time.


The events that are occurring in your nation today are an important part of the Hopi prophe­cies.  There is much evidence that can be given, but the con­cern is that many will fail to realize it and ac­knowledge it.  Ones do not wish to listen because of the bigotry which man holds for man of another color and yet no human can shed of his skin and remain in the physical.  Prejudice is a great bar­rier indeed.


As far back as the time of White Bear’s uncle in 1890, the ones in Washington were warned of the events in time that would take place but, unfortunately for some, pigmentation of the skin stops the brain from accepting truth.


As White Bear now says, “Color offers no barriers between brothers of the soul; but our mes­sages in the ancient prophecies are contin­ually ignored.  But who are we?  We are not an ag­gressive people.  We are not going to make any kind of aggressive movement against someone who is doing wrong to us.  We leave all things to our Di­vine Creator to straighten up.  But we now see more of our people reviving interest in their native traditions and in their native philosophies, but there are two types of forces that are now ac­tive.  One is the aggressive, and the other is a spiritual move­ment.  The spiritual movement will prevail and become stronger, be­cause the aggressive force will get caught up in national affairs and lose sight of important is­sues.


“We see ones using of harmful psychotropic drugs as they claim `to aid in spiri­tual develop­ment’.  This is completely wrong.  I cannot go along with these things.  My people must pull away from the harmful things which were never used as man today uses them and proclaims sanctity for their use.  For those who truly wish to ad­vance in spiritual ways, to resort to marijuana, peyote, and these other things is wrong.  Those things were never to be used ex­cept in the most tradi­tional and sacred manner.


“There are no short-cuts to spirituality.  You must start from within.  You cannot receive your upliftment from chemicals.  You must receive important messages from your vision dreams.


“There will be spiritual awakening in the continents of what are called Europe and Asia wherein lie the foundation of the religious traditions of those places.  But they must come to America.  This is where the freedom was.  This is where the true spirit of the Brotherhood was established.  Regardless of how many religious or­ders they may have set up thousands of years ago, we are the people who have not contaminated the true spiritual knowledge.  Some of our ones have misused it in their mistaken ways as they have picked up the tradi­tions of the thieves and zealots but those, also, must come back into the path.


“You ones would want me to say that we are going to clean up this mess that has been made, I cannot.  The pollution of our atmosphere is the worst thing that man has done.  This pollu­tion will get into our soil and into the physical parts of our people, as a whole race of mankind.  Worse, not only will people’s bodies be contaminated, but their spirits.  The Hopi are trying their best to awaken all the nations of the world to this part of our prophecy.  We are not the only ones but I can only speak clearly for my people.


“When we speak of the Older White Brother we do not refer to the modern white man.  We re­fer to the spiritual brother who has under­standing of all kinds.  He is not of human flesh at the moment, but he will come.  Certain ag­gressive actions by nations, who call themselves the Great Powers, will set in motion a certain event that will lead to the coming of the True White Brother.


“Everyone wants to know exactly when and give a date, a year and it cannot be done.  Even with our prophecies, which have been so widely spread about, the “year” is only an idea of time for you can only go by the cycles and there is no exactness for “times” can be changed but never se­quence.  There has been a most interesting great program laid out to accommo­date to man’s in­sanity.  Everybody has to go by the pages of a paper full of dates and sched­ule of the weeks which run from a day called Sunday to another day called Sun­day.  Well, there are certain things that people may do in between, but they must arrive at next Sunday.  There are things on the great program that may take years and years to fulfill, but all things are laid down on the sched­ule.  Ones look upon the loose time frames and if such and such a thing has not hap­pened by a given time or it happens before the speculations said it would, then ev­eryone decides it will not happen and the prophecies are wrong.  No, it is man who is wrong, not the calendar of the cycles and se­quence.


“It appears that in probabilities we are about fifteen or so years behind in se­quence.  There are great universal powers which are making young people go into the Indian lifestyle and try to copy it.  They move into the `game’ without having knowledge.  Unfortu­nately, not all of these young people are moti­vated by spiritual things, and they are destructive.


“The wrong kind of `force’, a negative force, is being used among these young people and it is indeed destructive.  I wish it could be that they could take up the positive aspects and teachings as far as their adopting our tribal ways and customs for we are trying to keep our­selves clean, but it is not good that they play in the games like children in the meadows.


“Many of these young people come from wonderful people, but until they learn the true way of getting on the right course of the spir­itual life through speakings with the Great Spirit, this op­posite force will continue to motivate them.  Some speak of having lived before as Hopi.  I am positive this is not so.  They are more ag­gressive in their way of conduct than I would be if I were being reborn again and they are truly the heyokas, except that they are in no way sacred.  They love to go on `vision quests’ and outings with ones like Sun Bear and run about in their dirty clothes and sit in plastic sweat lodges—they seek entertainment instead of truth.


“When you deal with the human action on the opposite side, well, then you know their spiri­tual attitude just isn’t right.  They are too rebellious.  But I am trying my best to do what I can to try to help our nation’s young people.


“We of the Hopi have our doctrine and complete, full knowledge in our sa­cred tablets and we have tried to keep ourselves uncontami­nated.  Some Hopi believe that the Hopi are the only ones who have this knowledge in our souls but that cannot be true because in the end­ing ALL are ONE and that means that ALL must hold this knowledge at some level, within.”






Civilization on Earth has been cyclical.  There have been highly evolved hu­man or hominid cul­tures before the tradition that led to your current epoch.  Glorious times and experiences lie hidden in your forgetting.  Entire civiliza­tions attained the apex of cul­tural accomplish­ment only to be crushed during their apparent golden days to become, thousands of years later, little more than rumors and twice-told tales.  Mighty empires have risen to experi­ence upon the Earth, only to have their vibrant flames snuffed out in global catas­trophes.  Mod­ern mankind can hardly abide such pos­sibilities in his smug, egotistical little temples of game-playing.


It is good to look unto your native brothers and into their legends which re­count the evolu­tion of mankind through a series of world cycles, each of which is destroyed as man forgets the lessons of the Great Spirit and falls away to rely upon his own feeble de­vices.  When this sad state of affairs comes to exist, the Great Spirit causes a time of Great Purification to cleanse the Earth Mother for a new epoch, a new world.


The Hopi traditionalists recite their legends of the Four Worlds and warn of their prophe­cies, which state that a Great Purification will occur when people turn to material, rather than spiri­tual, matters; when evil ones set out to de­stroy the land and the life of the Hopi and other In­dian brothers; when lead­ers of men turn to evil instead of the Great Spirit; when man has in­vented something which can fall upon the ground, boil everything in a great area and within the seas, and turn the land to ashes where no grass will grow—that which shall fall from the great gourd of ashes.


You are not going to find the traditional practitioners of Medicine Power see this time of cleansing as being synonymous with the bib­lical “Judgment Day”—the ringing down of the cosmic curtain with a cataclysmic bang and the atten­dant weeping and gnashing of teeth.  There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that these blessed ones are always.  They are al­ways the first and the last and I do not wish to speak on that at this time.  It will be ex­plained in its proper time; we are speaking of cycles.


The Great Purification is a necessary cleansing and a time of tran­scendence.


Thank you for hearing me, Dharma—I must often test you also, for the legend we were al­lowing you to put to keys is mistranslated and out of its sequence and we do not honor those who bring forth the sacred legends out of their proper sequence to be tossed carelessly about by man who plays at the games of truth.  It is a wondrous and beautiful legend and it has been most care­lessly used.  Your per­ception is growing more keenly attuned and I am indeed most pleased.  It was a beauteous Indian legend, no more and no less.


* * *


(Dharma:  I would be most curious about the above if I were a reader, there­fore, you should know that I had quoted almost four pages of a lovely Indian story.  From the onset I was most uncom­fortable about its correctness—as I wrote I became acutely aware of the errors.  These things are the very things that allow me to continue to write in the face of the accusa­tions of pil­fering and lies generously dumped upon me—I believe that I shall prevail for I have just reason to KNOW THESE WRITINGS COME FROM SOURCES BE­YOND MY COMPREHEN­SION.  THEY COME IN GENTLE FORM TO ME BUT SOME­TIMES MY ROOM IS FILLED WITH LIGHT UNTIL I MUST WRITE WITH MY EYES CLOSED TO STOP THE POUNDING OF THE LIGHT WITHIN MY HEAD.  IF I ERR, I AM STOPPED AND I AM HUMBLY GRATEFUL TO BE ALLOWED TO SHARE THESE MO­MENTS OF GREAT­NESS FOR I KNOW THAT I AM UNDE­SERVING OF THE HONOR.  THERE IS NO WAY TO EXPRESS THE LOVE THAT FLOWS FROM THESE BEINGS.  THANK YOU FOR ALLOW­ING ME A STATE­MENT.)


* * *


We have been requested to herein print the “Hopi Prophecies”.  They have been circulated widely and I have no objection to so-doing.  I just request dis­cretion and discernment and keep the above lessons in mind as you read of them.  Specific times are no-nos and yet the published papers have years ap­pended so in order to make no comment or verification I shall simply ask Dharma to copy them exactly as presented unto her by outside persons.  She has been sent sev­eral versions, from notes (out of the “horse’s” mouth) to nicely pub­lished format—we shall use the printed format for I do not wish to bring energy into play upon the ones who presented these out of their proper sequence.


1980: The year of the creation of the teachings of the Eight Great Pow­ers and the introduction, and the giving back to humanity of the Twenty Count.  The Star­maiden Circle and the Flowering Tree Teachings which be­gan the evolution of the distribution of the wheels and keys (the esoteric teachings of the North American Indi­ans) of Turtle Island.  It was in that year that the ma­jor beginning wheels and keys were given away.


1981: The year of the planting of the light seeds of the Hokseda (the higher self).  Many teachers of the Eight Great Powers began to plant their seeds of light about the develop­ment of the higher self and began to open the teachings of the Rainbow People also known as the Meti (mixed blood - the Rainbow People).


1982: The year of fertilization, the year of plant­ing, the year of going within these seeds of light in order to see the po­tentiality, the road map that a per­son can use.  In the Turtle Island lore we say it is the year of finding one’s path with heart and many many have done this.


1983: The year of fruition, the year of seeking perfection, growth and de­velopment.  Most importantly this is the year of trust and innocence as being totally open, when people are lis­tening and teachers are talking to teachers.  When mytholo­gies of the world and all Eight Great Powers are finally re­vealing secrets and the teachings within the mythologies are brought out into the open.  Because of this there was a great deal of joy amongst teachers.


1984: This year is critical.  The year of the ani­mal.  The year of Tuwalananie, the dark force.  The rea­son for this is that for three years seeds of light have been planted and we are starting to grow and the teach­ings are starting to come out and all those ones inside each of the Eight Great Pow­ers who have taught partial truths, who have taught deliberate lies in myth, who have used the power of wheels to gain control of people to gain follow­ers, to gain disciples, to gain devotees, are going to very threatened by the awakening of the con­sciousness of the Rainbow People because the Rain­bow Peo­ple exist in every country, in every nation, in every land.  In other words the Sun Dancers are going to be strong enough.  The dark forces will be extremely threatened and they will use their power and their power exists in technology.  We are go­ing to see some of the most strong technological advances known to humanity oc­curring this year and these very technologi­cal advances are going to be a tremendous threat as well as a bless­ing to the survival of humanity.  Now, what is also a Heyoka (trickster) is that 1984 is also a year that we must establish bal­ance and harmony between the light and the dark forces.  It’s going to be inter­esting and that’s why we have this sense of urgency because it is getting short.


1985: The year of human to human communication.  The year when the human family finally becomes a human.  Then there will be more teachers and more teachings brought out to open format than has ever been seen on this planet in the first fifty thousand years.  Because then we will re-establish con­tact in a very knowledge­able way with our ancestors from the stars.  The first wave will come from Pleiades and will be totally ac­knowledged and will be known to all the world powers.  The second wave will come from Sirius.


1986: When Tunkashila and the enlightened teachers be­gin to open the veil of the crack between the worlds.  We will see our memory circles.  All kivas and sacred power spots will come alive in 1986 and be totally awak­ened.  The inner room of the Great Pyramid will be opened.  The order of the Golden Dawn will have cere­monies there again for the first time in 20,000 years.  The Temple of the Sun in Palenque will be refurbished, reawakened and ceremonies will be renewed.  Many of the ceremonies that are so-called traditionalists, but are trying to keep us locked in the past and will not func­tion today will fall.  It will be hard for some of the people of the medicine societies because they don’t know any other way.


They’re going to have to change or die.  Many teachers who have been seen as great teachers, who have literally kept us in the dark as worshippers of the sacrament orders will physically die and go over because it’s the only way they can find the light in 1986 and many teachers will be seen for what they were and they will be the farmers, the laborers, and the gas station at­tendants and they will be seen as the real teach­ers because of the full awak­ening.


1987: 144,000 Sun Dance enlightened teachers will totally awaken in their dream mindbodies.  They will be­gin to meet in their own feathered serpent or winged serpent wheels and be­come a major force of the light to help the rest of humanity to dance their dream awake.  A Sun Dance teacher is any human being who has awakened, who has balanced their shields, who has gained the dream mindbody and who honors all paths, all teachers, and all ways.


1988: We will sit in a new circle of law.  Civil and social law will tumble.  All civil and social laws by whatever governments will have to be in confor­mity with natural laws or the people will not accept them and they will have the en­lightenment necessary to reject the laws.


1989: We will once again see the way to continue a new dream.  We will be given the road map back to the stars and we will see the star people come out of the illusion of their two-legged form and into their actual Great Sleeper-Dreamer form.  And so you will see some very, very powerful totally enlight­ened Masters in 1989 and that’s the year of the second coming of the Christ spoken of in the Book of Revelations and it will be the awakening of a new cir­cle, a new design of energy move­ment of humanity.  Christ means a circle.  So the second coming of the sacred circle is all enlightened humans dancing as one consciousness.


Dharma, stop please.  I believe you can perceive as you read that this is quite a lot of the B-word.  This was shared with the “New Age” groupies for the thing they dubbed the Har­monic Convergence.  I believe you must be able to see that it says naught in actuality.  This was one wondrous person giving a rundown of his perceived hap­penings and it was latched upon like ants upon a candy.  A little truth and a lot of interpreted legends which got set into con­crete just as did the biblical misgivings.  I do not mean to discount the truth within, it is just that I am sure the Hopi would prefer this not be the final ver­sion of their wondrous prophecies.  So be it.  I hope I have not overly disap­pointed you in not printing of the last decade of the century but my scribe is weary and if you wish the game of hide and seek, go and procure your own multi-inter­preted document.  I hope that by this time in your lessons, you are learning discernment.  So be it and blessings, you need to also have your mys­tical games to hide the truth which is within.


Let us close this segment for I think we should leave the American Indians for a while and leave this subject to Little Crow.


I take leave in great appreciation.     I am Hatonn to clear, please.  Salu.­­