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Feb. 25, 2012






MON., JANUARY 20, 1992   8:24 A.M.   YEAR 5, DAY 157


MONDAY,  JANUARY 20,  1992




Hatonn present in the Light of All Divine God, the Light.  May we share that you might be given into seeing and hearing with clarity.


Two things to watch and KNOW as you attend news and (just sit quietly a moment, Dharma, we will take care of the problem).  [For you readers—when we have these interruptions it needs to be noted that when we are writing, this is also the way Dharma receives her commu­nication.  The individual attacks upon her through the route of the electronic equipment, i.e., this com­puter, are lessening considerably for the surveillance has not been able to break our code for some time.  The efforts don’t stop and occasionally in the “scanning for break­through” they manage to get a “hit”.  Since the military grid system became operational you will note a lessen­ing of individual attacks to great extent.  That, however, is not the main rea­son—the facts are that we have taken far more control over the situation and our people.  You will note, further, in this area of almost daily and numerous blasts to the shield, that you have had a peaceful time since New Year’s and the final “hookup” at Edwards.  This is neither good nor bad, just differ­ent.


You will all note the massive “receiving installation”—$100 mil­lion at Mojave.  That is part of the above mentioned system but it also is to monitor our direct transmissions.  They still can­not de­code our pulses but can now take direct “dictation” onto their equipment without having to keep destroying Dharma’s com­puter.  But much more important for us—they have to stop de­stroying Dharma.

The reason Spielberg and other notable private citizens were asked to participate is to allow you to think this installation is a private enterprise for seeking contact with possible ET’s.  It has been in all the news.  Funny thing, however, it was up and op­erational before anyone told you-the-public.  Further, it was brought into Edwards in massive pieces aboard six squadrons of four each of your largest transport craft.  Don’t be foolish, chelas—the point is to monitor all of you from specific coordi­nates throughout the “grid”.  The major receiving station (Soviet) in Cuba can, with proper relays, have me whisper in California and it is monitored in Cuba on that equipment.  By the way—it has been there and operational for decades.


But, they are getting ready to make ET’s known to you and are laying the groundwork for your next big misadventure—so be it.  They are looking for ET’s (other than US, be assured) for the Elite have also been misled by their own leaders and they fully expect there to be a back-up fleet coming to their assistance and “rapture”.  WE simply utilize your already present equipment and are therefore discounted.  No one from the Cosmos, in evil actions, is allowed through OUR shield to get to you.  If you have ones in the airspaces now, they belong to the Earth attach­ments and are totally restricted to your own galaxy and specifi­cally away from Earth!  GOD DOES INTEND TO WIN THIS LITTLE ENCOUNTER WHEN YOU ARE READY TO CLEAN UP YOUR ACT!]

We are all-clear so let us continue.  I was going to speak of the receiving system at Edwards as we started to write and now, I believe we have covered it sufficiently to move on to more ur­gent attentions.




This is a most urgent and potentially deadly circumstance un­folding in Israel.  It is all orches­trated and, unfortunately for the world, is a nuclear war potential—like in a matter of days or weeks.


Shamir will undergo a “confidence vote”.  He is not supposed to win.  Note that the two groups pulling away from the govern­ment are more hard-line than Shamir’s group remaining.  They walked out because Shamir insisted on continuing “Peace Talks”.  Shamir had no alter­natives remaining to him and, as always, the plans were laid and the blueprints are in fine or­der.  Shamir is supposed to lose—Sharon is supposed to take control.


At this time, remember, Sharon as “Housing Minister” IS THE ONE putting settlers by the hundreds into the “no-no” places.  The blueprints have been worked out at the direction of the British Crown and are INTENDED TO WORK.  The lines are being established to move right along into small wars (nuclear), pull down the Moslem world and present “the” temple of Solomon to the neighborhood.  That is THE temple and, there­fore, all the misdirected religious Christian leaders will be whooping, supporting and bowing to the “chosen ones” while your planet surface is rendered totally incapable of sustaining life.  Mark my words—you are watching the death of a planet and her people, IF YOU OF GOD FAIL TO TAKE NOTE AND ACT.  TIME HAS RUN OUT IN THAT HOURGLASS.  IT LAYS UPON ITS SIDE AWAITING YOUR AWAKENING OR CONTINUED SLEEPING.  GOD IS PATIENT—HE HAS ETERNITY IN PERFECTION—DO YOU???


It would appear that this is a “Jewish religious scheme”.  No, it is orchestrated, as are all of the adversarial actions, right out of the Committee of 300 with headquarters in the British Crown.




The other activities scattered about this morning are simply dis­tractors.  Iran is ready to take on Israel and has now acquired billions of dollars of equipment with which to do it—right into Tehran.  Along with each hostage released, went billions of dollars in military equipment to Iran and $2 million for each re­leased person—in CASH.  Remember, Iran still has the cream of the Iraq military flying resource.  Further, the reason Bush wants to go back to war with Iraq is be­cause they are again ca­pable of a major war and, this time, they won’t wait for the fun and games.


Saudi Arabian “coalition leaders” (from the Gulf War) are, right now, asking more defense and military presence from the United Nations—they know they are in SERIOUS trouble.  HELL IS JUST ABOUT READY TO HAPPEN.  Do not look to old buddy ASsad, either.  Syria will al­ways go to the highest bidder and you will never know from day to day WHO made the highest BID.


The United States is committed to go to war on the side of Israel and there you have it, Amer­ica.  Doom and Gloom Hatonn has struck again!!!


In recognition of the fact that I have just been speaking of Israel, I shall go ahead and write for the next edition of the LIBERA­TORand then we can get back to the CIA.




Hatonn again pushing this Dr. Coleman?  Ah, indeed.  Do you want information or do you sim­ply want to pick around in half-truths and “other peoples’ reproduced information”?  Dr. Cole­man is not NEW, chelas, he has been writing intelligence mate­rial for decades—The In­sider Re­port, The World Intelligence Re­view, the John Coleman Report, etc.  Others utilize his material constantly—mostly as “their own”.  When this happens—espe­cially without credit-line—there is truth to be gleaned and you had best pay attention.




You don’t like God’s choices?  Then continue with YOURS and allow us to see which ending is more wondrous and glorious!


As things unfold according to the pre-planned blueprint of the Global Plan 2000 you will not be liking that which will become upon your place of habitation.  There is full intent to depop­ulate the planet by those One World Kings.  You then, in turn, peti­tion God to be merciful.  You look to the wrong direction.  It is not of “God’s” doing and I promise you that the one unto whom you turn IS NOT MERCIFUL!


I continually must remind you that God of Light is infinite in Love, in Law and in allowance.  The ultimate decisions and choosing will be from SELF—GOD WAITS!  BUT NOT TOO MUCH LONGER WILL HE WAIT FOR YOU WHO MAKE NO CHOICES IN HIS BE­HALF—IF YOU MAKE “NO” CHOICE—YOU HAVE MADE YOUR CHOICE!  AND SO SHALL IT COME TO PASS IN THIS GENERATION UPON THIS PLACE OF EXPERI­ENCE.


Dr. Coleman has graciously granted offering of a Special Report he revised in 1990.  (Just to show you that these things are not conjured to fit in with a particular discussion.)  He has writ­ten more, long prior to 1990 but Athis is the most suitable to insert at this time of evolution in the Israeli cause.


If you don’t already get John’s newsletters, etc.  I can only sug­gest you carefully consider do­ing so with claiming of prior writings as well.  At my request he is efforting to push through his books which will integrate the evil octopus into and under its head of operations.  To do this, it is difficult to stay right on top of all correspondence and regular documentations.  I thank him for sharing.  Will the Publisher please give instructions as to how to contact or sub­scribe to his work?  His location is fully covered for reasons of protection but Mr. Green will be able to direct you for general ordering information.  America West Publishers, P.O. Box 986, Tehachapi, California 93581, Tel. 1-800-729-4131.


As is my system of comment, as we write and I need comment, I shall utilize brackets, i.e. [H:].





Dr. J. Coleman


(revised 1990)


Jerusalem is a holy city for millions of Christians and Moslems, as well as for Jews.  At the center of Jerusalem stands the second most holy site of Islam, the Dome of the Rock Mosque.  The first is the holy city of Mecca, where the prophet Mohammed is buried, a city to which mil­lions of Moslems make a pilgrimage during Hai.  [H: Yes, I am aware that I have covered all this information very carefully in the JOUR­NALS; however, we have thousands of new readers who will not have any exposure to this information without hours of researching into the books.  If you can’t recite names, places, dates, actions and intentions—please be kind for it is important for YOU to refresh yourself.  These are the inci­dents and locations which will focus your very existence and infinite journey.]


For the past two years in Arab lands occupied by the Israelis, there has been a concerted drive to take away the land from its rightful owners without compensation, and the occupation of the West Bank is being solidified by “creeping” methods, as more and more militant Jewish settlers take Arab property by force and without compensation for its rightful owners.  The de facto leader of the movement to annex the West Bank rapidly and run the Arabs off is Ariel Sharon, a powerful figure with reputed links to the German Mafia, and until recently, he was the Israeli Defense Minister.


Sharon destabilized the Middle East with his invasion of Lebanon, after he secretly re­ceived the go ahead “green light” from Alexander Haig, behind the back of President Reagan.  Haig was Secretary of State at the time, a former NATO official and a serving member of the New York Council on Foreign Relations.  Haig is also a low-echelon messenger for the Club of Rome headed by Aurelio Peccei.  When copies of the illicit telex traffic between Haig and Sharon were given to President Rea­gan, he allowed Haig to resign instead of publicly firing him.  At that meeting the President also got information implicating Haig in activities on be­half of the British, which showed that Haig favored the planned attack on the Falklands, about which the President had been kept in the dark.  (For details please see the PHOENIX JOUR­NAL, SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET.)


President Reagan, like all of his predecessors, was a prisoner of the Zionist lobby in Wash­ington.  He did not dare to do any­thing which might be construed as “anti-Zionist” so he did not fire Haig, who at the very least should have been placed on trial for treason.  The Presi­dent could not very well punish Haig while allowing Sharon to cut a swath of death and de­struction through Lebanon so he demonstrated his importance by failing to do the one thing which would have sent the Israeli army back to Israel; he refused to cut off military aid and money to Israel.  Instead the President of the world’s most powerful country was reduced to pleading with Begin to save his face and call his army back to Israel.  Begin flatly refused.  Then President Rea­gan wasted the time and money of the people of this country with useless diplomatic missions to Is­rael, missions which suc­ceeded only in making him look more and more impotent and weak.  Because of his failure to act decisively against Sharon, Reagan was perceived by the Arabs as a leader who was unable to lead.  Behind the scenes, just as it is with everything involv­ing U.S. foreign policy, was the Black Nobility and the British aristoc­racy.


I have explained many times before that the British have controlled the course of events in the Middle East for centuries, acting through a number of Arab specialists like Sir John Glubb Pasha, T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), Lord Cuzon, Lord Cromer, Wilfred Blount, Arnold Toynbee, and perhaps the greatest Arabist of all time, St. John Philby.  It is the British who began the agitation inside Israel between the Sephardics and the Ashkenazim, which is manifesting itself by acts of open hos­tility between the two strains of so-called Jews.  The Sephardics have always been second class citizens in Israel and they are being taught how to de­velop a strong dislike for what they call the “European” Jews, meaning those Jews of Ashke­nazim de­scent, who of course are not of Europe but are eastern, being of Indo-Turk ori­gin.  [H: Khazarian.  Please also understand, readers, that Dharma, my scribe, has had to work in blind­ness as to acceptance in writing some 50 books and it is through these very writings (from Earth-place by research and historians) that she may have some con­firmation for the days and long work hours and without reward.  It is hard to name names, places and events and have no notion of any background or input except an envi­sioned resource from a SpacecraftKeep in mind that it had to be given in this manner for verification of our own work—for 49-50 full books on a myriad of subjects in 30 months required no al­lowed time for “checking” or investi­gation.  That is not only for HER confirmation—but for your own as well, as read­ers.]


Rioting erupted in Jerusalem on December 27th, 1988, be­tween the two groups.  The Sephardics painted slogans on the walls which read “Send the Ashkenazim to Treblinka and Auschwitz,” and “The Sephardic revolution has begun.”  Swastikas were also painted on many buildings owned by Ashkenazim Jews.  The Sephardics support Sharon, whom they view as the “new king of Israel”.  Most of the Cabinet members of the Israeli government are afraid of Sharon so nothing has been done to discourage such sentiments, and the Sephardics hailed Sharon as a hero, following his excursion into Lebanon.  But no Ashkenazim leader will ever up­grade the “colored” Sephardics above their present level; in this way he does pay attention, he makes periodic tribal calls and appeals for unity to them.


High on the list of priorities of the Sephardics is the open and forced annexation of the West Bank.  Sharon has endeared him­self to their cause, and has suggested as a way to get rid of the Arabs, that the testicles of every male Arab on the West Bank be torn off.  The fact that the West Bank is being slowly but surely annexed is not enough for the Sephardics, they want it done immediately and with force used to drive off the Arabs.  [H: It gets very hard to dis­cern as to who is behind what for you will find one group being prodded by the Elite and they fall into ranks and step with that which they do not even un­derstandYou have “religious” fervor un­limited pushed by the pressure of the Elite evil controllers.  In this way you end up with a peo­ple totally without “reason” or “compassion”—it becomes blind passion with any means be­ing justified in the name of “religion” even if it be genocide against others of God’s creations.]


The Sephardic claim to the West Bank Arab land is being supported by over 40 million Christian Fundamentalist cultists led by Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham and a number of other preachers.  Israel has been able to keep a chokehold on the USA with the help of this group, who support the holocaust story and the belief that the Jews are the people of the Old Testa­ment, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Moses.  Perpetuation of this misleading doctrine by Falwell and other “fundamentalists” is what keeps them on the TV screens of America and ensures the Israeli government of a large pressure group which will always support it, no mat­ter how it acts, as we saw in the case of Lebanon.  It is a pressure group which can be counted upon to tell any U.S. President not to stray too far off the pathway of support for Israel.  Unfortu­nately for the Arabs, they have no such force in the U.S. which is available to them.  [H: Do not “poo-poo” this information.  I wrote in great detail about this movement and WHY Jerry Fal­well headed the “Moral Majority” in Washington at the White House.  You note he is no longer there since Bush (but that is another story and not necessary herein.)  Just note that Falwell made an an­nouncement on TV to the entire world—”I am proud to say that I AM A ZIONIST!”  Keep in mind—Zionism is actually a POLITICAL PARTY—not a religious order.]

The most effective ambassador which Begin has in America is Jerry Falwell, backed up by Copeland, Van Impe, Bakker, Robertson and the powerful Billy Graham.  These are the “mullahs” of America with a following of 40 million fundamen­talist cultists.  They are being trained to lead America into a holy war, in an alliance between Zionist extremists and Chris­tian extremist-cultists against Muslim fundamentalist cultists.  The spark to ignite the confla­gration is the conspiracy of the Dome of the Rock Mosque, hatched by the Temple Mount Foundation run by Terry Reisenhuver.  Even the Kimche broth­ers of Israeli intelligence do not pose as much a threat to the Arab nations as does Reisenhuver’s crazy scheme.  [H: Please do not em­barrass yourselves by claiming, “This is Christian­ity.”  There are NO actions in­volved herein that even re­motely smack or smell of Christ-like behavior or a reflection of any one, much less all, of the commandments of God.  Remember also, God supposedly gave THOSE VERY COMMANDMENTS UNTO MOSES!  How is it that they no longer seem to have any merit or value to either the Hebrew Jewry or to the so-called Chris­tians??  YOU HAVE BEEN HAD, WORLD!]


The money which leaves this country (USA—not to even mention others) each year for Is­rael should be a cause for con­cern to everyone in America and the Arab world, and those abroad who have a genuine interest in peace and stability for the Middle East.  Huge sums of money flow into the coffers of Zionism from America each year.  Take a note of the following figures and it will become apparent that there is no government in the world which would PERMIT such financial depredations to go on, other than the U.S. government.


According to a report by Don P. Levin in the British mouth-piece on Wall Street, the Wall Street Journal:  “Jewish charities raise huge amounts of money in the U.S.”  Levin tells the story of one university professor who is accustomed to giving $10,000 to Israel every year.  Levin says “fund-raisers for Israel have become a way of life.”  He goes on to say that the “United Jew­ish Appeal umbrella organization for a number of Jewish chari­table projects do­mestically and abroad reported that last year (1982) the UJA received pledges for $567 million which is up from $542 million in 1981.”  [H: The sum, in face of the cur­rent events and Desert Storm War, is astronomical.]  The UJA’s annual budget is about one-third of the na­tionwide United Way’s, even though the Jewish population in this country (the USA) amounts to less than 3 percent of the total population and is not very popular in general.  The UJA raises more money each year than the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Associa­tion, the Muscular Dystrophy March of Dimes and the National Easter Seal Society COM­BINED.  Can you imag­ine that?  Over $1 billion dollars collected for Zionism in two years?  [H: Can you still assume that there can be no link in the “new modern born-again Chris­tians” with new non-rules of behavior, voted-in morality and “raptures” for nothing more than simply believing that a man existed 2000 years ago and the world will have its glory when the Temple is built??  You who have fallen into this “fundamentalist” trap in your searching for truth had best do some “thinking” and “reasoning” about the Laws of the Commandments and the final day of confrontation you call “judgment”.  You want to tout the truth of your Bible AS WRITTEN while right under your noses in full-view and touted daily on TV—IT IS BE­ING REWRITTEN TO SUIT YOUR SA­TANIC ADVER­SARY—RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSES WITH YOUR FULL CONSENT AND ASSIS­TANCE.]


Now you must add to this staggering sum the mind-boggling sum of money given by you-the-taxpayer to Israel through our supine and spineless U.S. government every year.  The amount for the current fiscal year was recently set at $3 billion by the Congress a few weeks ago!  Add to this the efforts of Israeli Bond Agents, which this year sold some $80 million worth of bonds, and you get an idea of the magnitude of the problem of money flowing into Zionist coffers!  [H: This is far worse a disaster and rip-off than any junk-bond operation and you don’t even seem to take notice!]  Then you can add the esti­mated $70 million dol­lars which Falwell separated from the pockets of his gullible sheep-like flocks last year (1989), and which also went to Israel; I wonder just how much the Reverend Falwell has sent to Lebanese Christians to relieve the mis­ery and suffering inflicted upon them by the rampaging out-of-control Israeli military machine under the direction of the “Butcher of Lebanon”, Sharon?  Yet we, the majority of main-stream Chris­tians, are actually to blame for this state of affairs, because we allow it to continue, year af­ter year, without a whimper or a smidgen of protest!  [H: I am embarrassed to simply quote OLD figures and sums for each year the demands and out­lays become absurd and over­whelming in magnitude—but are paid with very little hesitancy.  How blind can a popula­tion be?  Well, in this town of “Little America” letters and phone calls to this publisher for pub­lishing this material brings threat of death and “...the Christian community will be calling and drive you out of town—YOU WILL NOT LAST IN THIS TOWN, you anti-Semitic traitors.”  Why the at­tack?  Because we said ones should look carefully at the Gulf War and we outlaid the plansThe Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (Jewish ADL) went into full swing to block any information onto the media airwaves.  The ADL, remember, is an organization set up to make lists of problem people, etc., for the British—structured right out of the Committee of 300 through the Royal Institute of Interna­tional Affairs (RIIA).  Does that sound holy to you???]


Mr. Levin continues with his explanation of why the Zionists are so successful in feeding the insatiable appetite of the cuckoo fledgling deposited in our nest.  “Underlying altruism rooted in religion, (which does not extend to any other religion) to com­munity leaders and fund raiser pro­fessionals are deep-seated emotions—pride in Israel.”  It is a pity that such deep-seated al­truistic emotion does not extend to the victims of the U.S. sup­plied and equipped Is­raeli Air Force, which bombarded Beirut, Tyre and Sidon without mercy, in a manner not seen since the Tavistock war criminal Winston Churchill ordered the destruc­tion of Dresden.  [H: Remember, this was written prior to the Gulf War.]  The senseless savage barbaric exer­cise of air power took the lives of thousands of Lebanese and wrecked property, including hospitals and schools, with damage run­ning into the billions of dollars.  Where is the Reverend Falwell when it comes to that side of the coin?  Is he preaching out in con­demnation of the Zionists?  No! He is actually exhorting his “fundamental” cultist sheep to support the barbaric actions of the Zionists!


When Americans and even Jewish people began to protest, Mr. Begin did not turn to the Kimche brothers or to Moshe Arens; no, he phoned the Reverend Jerry Falwell and got him to tell the White House to back off!  Falwell did more than that, he actually approved of the Zion­ist’s activities in Lebanon, and told his shorn flock to do the same thing!  According to the reli­able magazine Action, 19,085 civilians lost their lives in Lebanon, yet Falwell and the 80,000 “fundamental” cultists’ preachers raised no word of protest.  This is all in accordance with the word of God, according to them!


The figure I have given does not include the Palestinian refugees slaughtered in the Shatila refugee camp outside Beirut.  No doubt the Reverend Falwell places such barbarity in the realm of God’s will.  I would like to ask Falwell how much money he has collected for the Christian Palestinians who lost father’s and providers in the horror of Shatila.  Perhaps he doesn’t con­sider them as Christians, since they don’t belong to his “fundamentalist” cult.  [H: They only follow that one called Jesus Christ and HIS messengers.]  On November 11th, 1982, more than 400 Christian fundamental cult preachers gathered at the Silver Springs, Maryland Synagogue.  The Jew­ish Week reporting from Washington said that “Enthusiastic ap­plause greeted Dr. John Walvoord and Pastor Randy Sager’s call to ‘support Israel’.  Sager emphasized Israel’s right to the land of Palestine.”  The Jewish Week reported that part of the two-day event was a “joint-worship of Jews and Christians at the Washington Heights Hebrew Congregation”.  If you did not re­alize that the Christian “fundamentalist” churches have be­come thoroughly Judaized, this report should convince you.  [H: THINK back—the Jews de­nied the Christ as you call Him.  They are still awaiting their “messiah” (Christ).  There­fore, they proclaimed themselves “anti-Christ”.  Do any of you remember what that term means?  You cannot be Jewish anti-Christ and Christian (pro-Christ) for the terms are mu­tually exclusive and total “opposites” in meaning.  The term Judeo-Christian was for­mulated to lead you down the prim­rose path to a very evil lost cause.  At the end of that very expensive path comes a mysterious and mystical “rapture” to some fluffy clouds and some kind of salvation of your physi­cal being along with, I suppose, a part of your soul.  There is no explanation offered and you seem to demand none!  If it feels good and sounds good—you do it and take it!  I can promise you that on the basis of the effort to silence our work—WE MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHTThe adversary is get­ting very, VERY uncomfortable as truth pours forth.  In fact the groups are working faster and more in a frenzy to sucker you in BEFORE YOU REALIZE TRUTH.  YOU are the target of the trap, brethren.]


The theme of the “worship” was that evangelicals (the fun­damentalist cult) have been finding a lot of common ground with the Jews.  The Christians invited Prime Minister Begin to ad­dress an “evangelical” meeting of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, an appointment Be­gin wasn’t able to keep owing to the death of his wife.  The Silver Springs gathering drew partici­pants from Texas and California.  Another speaker was Azariah Rapaport, billed as an “advisor” to the Is­raeli Embassy in Washington.  He urged the fundamental cultists to “go back and counter the lies being spread about Israel (he was talking about the atrocities in Lebanon) while also spreading the word of the Lord from Zion.”  The conference issued a declaration stating: “Fundamental evangelicals are committed to the security of Is­rael, oppose anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, and see the estab­lishment of Israel as an undeniable fulfill­ment of Biblical prophecy.”


An astonishing declaration was made by the Reverend Adrian Rogers, past president of the 14 million Southern Baptist Con­ference, “I love the nation of Israel,” he declared.  This confes­sion of love for Israel was made at a meeting of 12 “evangelical” cultists and 12 rabbis held at the embassy of Israel in Washington D.C.  It was billed as a “dialogue, the first meet­ing of its kind” by the Rabbinical Council of America.  But it was not to discuss the new found “common ground”.  It dis­cussed how best to put pressure on the White House not to stray too far from support for Israel because of criticism over its poli­cies and its military in Lebanon.  For the Christian fundamen­talist cult, Edward McAteer of the Religious Round Table (a Her­itage Foundation funded front for the Club of Rome and a Fabian strong-hold), John Cummuta of the National Religious Broadcasters, and the Rev. Adrian Rogers of Memphis bent over back­ward to express loyalty to the Zionist cause.  Rogers said “Some of the misconceptions we have inflicted toward the Jews and the Jews toward Christians will now be erased”.  I am left to won­der whether Rogers has ever read the Jewish bible, and if so, how can this square with what it teaches about Christ?  [H: The entire Jewish Bible, Zionist Protocols and Manifesto are blatant instructions for KILLING OFF AND GETTING RID OF THE CHRIS­TIANS!  Please, go read it.]




Dharma, allow us a rest break, please, after I give you readers a little homework assignment—to see if you actually have any in­terest in garnering truth for selves.


I suggest that all (each) of you simply pick out several of these so-called leaders who preach Christ and God’s instructions and ask them a couple of questions.


1.         What they think of the information sweeping the world called the Phoenix material.


2.         Demand that they tell you whether or not they have read ANY, ALL OR NONEof the mate­rial itself.  The ones who report to me after writing and sending accompanying mate­rial is “This is of evil and you had better turn back to Christ Jesus.”  This is most difficult since I travel and serve WITH THIS CHRIST BEING.


3.         (For you)  LISTEN CAREFULLYto that which they outlay from the podiums and airwaves and balance it against the LAWS OF GOD AND CREATIONListen with an open mind and then read all that you can get your hands on of their work and reasoning on subjects such as Israel and Zionism and see if it actually fits with that which even you have been given in past lessons as to the actions of “Christ”.


Evil ones will always direct you to pull away from things and cast aside such information without reading or question of “their” authority as a “speaker” of the WORD.  Well, just “wherefrom” do they claim to get this “word”?  I can promise you it is NOT FROM GOD NOR CHRIST BUT I BELIEVE YOUR BEST LESSON IS TO GET IT IN DIRECTNESS FOR SELVES.


Hatonn to stand aside.  Thank you.