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SAT., APR. 22, 1989    6:15 A.M.    YEAR 2, DAY 249

A seedling is planted and the plant nurtured—THEN, comes the time of growing unto harvest.  Many “things” must be proper to allow the plant to grow to full flower, chela.  Some plants can grow in snow, some in the heat of a desert—all things in their proper “place” or growth through “selection”.  Our ener­gies will mesh when we allow of the “coalescence”.


I AM SERAPIS BEY, of the crystal ray, the fourth you call it for identifica­tion.  Actually, the crystal ray is my choice.  The refracted “color” of the fourth ray is not white.  There is a dif­ference, chela.  I am simply the “Headmaster” of the fourth ray at this portion of sequence.  I long for a better language for thee of the English speaking sectors for “Love” has become such a tritely used term.  Yet it is the experience of “love” (agape), not romance of lovers, but abiding, non-de­faulting “love” which un­derlies all progress to higher fre­quency exis­tence.  You are having trouble, Dharma, because it troubles you that we preach “love”, “love” and more “love”—”total love”, ad nauseum.  It is because there is no other word to use and “no other way to get where you are going”. 

The term conjures immediately to the mind’s eye, the drifters in false pious demeanor, drifting about pronouncing great ac­ceptance of all things—posi­tive or negative.  Yea, the non-pro­ductive acceptors of any, and all, kinds of sexual encoun­ters to “prove” their unbiased “love”—empty, blinded drifters partaking of any, and all, mind altering plants or drugs.  Ah yes, ’tis sad for thee are ended with no proper term to use for the truth of it.  Worse, in the acceptance of those teachers, many of the children who followed or were “later” followers, made gross errors not easily corrected.  Many ex­treme mea­sures were taken in imma­ture minds and actions which were done for conve­nience and avoidance of responsibility of “real” “love”.  Ah, such sadness flows in my consciousness as I see the foolish blunders made under the temp­tation of the brothers of darkness pretending to be lighted brethren.  As al­ways, the worst attack is on the youth who are still too young to discern from “life” in full and thus are acting from impulse and rebellion.  So be it for spe­cial blessings are poured forth upon these ones who do come onto the Path that their feelings of “guilt” be moderated for they knew not what they were doing.  There is no magic “age” for knowledge, sometimes it never comes in an entire lifetime of physical expe­rience.  Sometimes it comes past mid-life—so be it; it comes when it comes—no more; no less.  Life of physical experi­ence is just “that”—experience; ye are here to experi­ence.  Ye each come for a dif­ferent reason; how blessed ye are when ye find thy brother who has come primarily for the same purpose thee chose.  Do not waste time in re­morse for what thee did not know, or do, in thy past—the “past” is gone.

Ye can not change one thing of yesterday.  It is as far gone as any existence on another sphere a billion years ago in thy time sequence.  If thee made er­rors that can be corrected—do so, but it is gone and naught can be removed or added to yesterday or last split moment.  Ye can dream of tomorrow—but ye ac­tually only have this heartbeat of a moment; for life and death, ac­tion and inac ion, wholeness or crippleness, light or dark are only “one” heart­beat in separation.  One little elec­tric impulse of en­ergy surge is all the sepa­ration there is in the universe.  Even thy “mind” is set up so that the interrup­tion of energy flow through particular circuit interchanges can place a hu-man into an entirely different illusion of experi­ence.  Thy mental houses of distress are filled with those pre­cious ones.

I am not come forth to this group, through you, Dharma, for the same thrust as for the beginners of truth seeking.  Ye do not need of the same lessons of the novice.  Ye ones are about a job, well planned and functioning.  Let us consider some of the things ye do not need to do in order to move forward


Ye must face the question; how great is thy “love”?  How badly do thee wish to participate in a transition of a birthing of a planet into a higher dimension—the fulfilling of a cycle?  Ye have to confront to what extent ye are willing to give up the course of self centered illusion to accomplish insight nec­essary to participate with thy unseen brotherhood.

There is a key in the disciplines to Higher Consciousness.  The key is not to become entangled in the labyrinth of human ques­tioning and the “fears” and the doubts and specter of the night that haunt that labyrinth.  You do not have to trace the mean­derings of the carnal mind and the human conscious­ness through all of the levels of the subconscious in order to come to the knowledge of Truth, in order to come to Reality or to overcome in Love.

The key is NOT to be drawn by curiosity or a fascination with horror or a gluttony for the things of the senses, drawing you down into more and more astral experiences and psychic phenom­ena.  The key—instead of taking a thousand steps through the astral plane—is to take ONE step into the plane and en­circling beingness of the Mighty I AM Presence, into the plane of the “Christ Mind” where the oneness and the wholeness of that Great Pyramid, (the triune of totality and power), the oneness and the wholeness, is the dis­solving action.


Brethren, transcend your cycles!  Do not follow those negative spirals round and round and round again; going down, down, down unto the death manifes­tation in the very crypt of the elec­tronic belt.   Spiral, instead, upward and outward utilizing the flame of transmutation, consuming on contact the de­bris ye en­counter.  The flame is not linear; it need not travel over the lines of human creation.  Your soul, enveloped in that flame, also need not remain any longer in the consciousness that the only way out is through the lower frequency labyrinth.

I say, transcend it!  This means that in the moment when you would indulge your pettiness, your argumentation, your “human” nonsense, your dalliance in childishness, in the mo­ment you in­stantly let go and you let God be the Light that swallows you up in the victory of Love.  The “Love” that is your victory is your own love that is God made manifest within yourself.  Our God IS the all-consuming fire of Love.  And THAT God-self re­sides as close as thy heart-cell; within thy breast, within thy mind—thy soul.  Why do thee ones shut Him from thee?  Ye carry within, the unlimited power of the universe and ye hide away from Him.

Gain “passion” in the loving of that wondrous Source.  Love enough so that you do not have need to satisfy some human de­sire of density.  You are not “forced” to appease the carnal mind and give in to that which is destructive.  Thee are blessed with a thinking, reasoning and potentially unlimited mind, given the freedom of will and choice; use it.  You do not have to engage your energies in imperfection.  As much as you think that it is sometimes neces­sary, I tell you that by always going within, within the heart and upon the threefold flame of Life, within to thy God-force of self, you can transcend all former cycles.  So be it

When ye can sustain thy attention upon your I AM Presence and upon the Light, you will receive the energy necessary to deal with ALL other circum­stances.  You will grow beyond having to travel through them in your emo­tions, in your mental con­cepts, in your memory, and in physical labor.  Think, then, upon this.  The disciplines for Higher Consciousness demand that you prove how it is that you can be in the world, and yet not of the world.


How do you accomplish this seemingly impossible feat?  The first step is to become as “a little child”.  You must become open as in innocence of the questioning, the accepting, the to­tal open-ness of a little child coming into truth of experi­ence.  You must go beyond and above what thy mind has been filled with of untruth to be replaced with truth.  Ye cannot instantly become a Christed Man or Woman without having first come into understand­ing of the Law.  The first steps, there­fore, are in the accept­ing of the teaching that ye might learn that Law.

Regress in your soul awareness for a moment.  Go in thy mind back to the point of embryonic life of your consciousness of in­nocence, entering into that form of the tiny babe.  Total trust and faith and hope and charity are yours.  You have not hard­ened your heart, you have not hardened yourself to be­come a cynic in the world.  Your skin is tender; it is not toughened by the failures of others.  And so in the sweet perfume of your love of Mother and the Mother’s love for you, you remember whole­ness in God and this is all of your identity.

At that point you are the babe in Christ.  You are calm and serene, with the absolute conviction that your life is in God, that God is caring for you.  The most essential quality of be­coming this tiny babe is to understand the quality of helpless­ness.  When you are totally helpless, then you must allow God to work His work within you.  You can truly say, as the child of Christ: “I of mine own self can do nothing.  It is the Fa­ther in me which doeth the work.”

You have a clear transparency, purity from the immaculate “vision” of the “Cosmic `virgin’”.  This is the meaning of “Immaculately conceived”, you know no “sin”, you know no sepa­ration from God.  You are in the womb of the Mother.  You are surrounded by the waters of the living Word.  You are at peace, and life is yours to conquer because you are God in manifesta­tion.

Now you are ready for the disciplines whereby the babe will be­come the child.  Next comes the outer manifestation; from within the womb into the outer womb.  Your habitation is a “cosmos”, a brave new world, a world filled with light and yet with shadows and darkness somehow as yet undefined to your pre­cious soul.  You come forth and you travel the cycles of your individ­ual Cos­mic Clock and you bow before the great initiators of Life.

The little child of innocence then is forced to learn the ways of his new world—separated from the attachment of the disci­plines of the God-All where thy knowledge WAS in the cycles of the Father.  You now experience falls and scrapes, tears, and de­mands that cannot be fulfilled.  Therefore, you learn to ful­fill your own demands; the shaping of the feelings and of the mental body, the shaping of the mind, the memory, and the noble form—the form that is to house the spiritual fire of life.  Ah yes, this little child; this little child born to be God—but alas, also come the pitfalls

As the veils of innocence are parted one by one and you mature in the under­standing of the world as well as in the understand­ing of the Law, take care.  Take care that you do not forget your Source and the fairies and the undines and the gnomes with whom you frolicked as a little one.  Take care that you do not forget the faces of angels who have tended your crib, who have watched over thee.  Take care that you do not forget that there are masterful beings who took you by the hand and walked you safely through the places of danger—but ah so, mostly ye do for­get.

There are few who will remind you, there are few who will know, for they have all been deprogrammed away from God into the ways of the world.  Thus, if you retain your innocence of the little child, you will become the lit­tle child who leads all of the as­pects of the Creation into the knowledge of the Christ.

It is the little child within you that will be the leader of this age of coming into knowledge.  It is the “child” who re­members the Source, but coming into that oneness of balance, of discrimination, of learning, of mastering the studies necessary to function in this world and to be of service and to have the sacred labor ye have accepted.

You must not only “become” the little child, so to speak, to have disciplines of Higher Consciousness, but you must also re­main the “little child”.  It is better to be hurt again and again (and here ALL of you chelas take careful atten­tion), than to have the cynicism of the existentialists.  It is better to have ad­vantages taken of thee, than to fall into constant mis­trust of your fellowman.  As thee grow, you will become dis­cerning and will not fall prey to these ones who will pull thee down.  Do not set about armoring thyself with false armor; for the armor thee will choose outside of the God-ness will be of darkness.  If you steel yourself with that false set of armor that is not the tube of light, the innocence of the White Light, but that is the mastering of deceit and intrigue, the mastering of a carnal ego, the mastering of all of its de­fenses, its in­dulgences and all of its experiences which the fallen ones tell you, you must have in order to distin­guish Light and Darkne



This, dear ones, is the first and fundamental Lie that is told to the child to take the child from the path of Light: “Come and experience this, come and experience that.  Taste and see, taste and know for yourself whether or not this is for you.”  Ah yes, this is experience—so be it, but it is not of neces­sity.

The little child in all innocence does not need to taste of the en­ergy veil (temptations of illusory evil), need not partake of it or absorb it or become contaminated by it in order to know the Truth.  There have been many, many ones, Christed ones, who have entered into the Holy of Holies and who have found the sat­isfactions of love in God and in his holy angels without the ex­perience of participation in the banal.

Those who have accepted that “LIE” and entered into the compro­mises of all of the things that are offered in the marts of the world are burdened today by a cross of their own making, a cross of their own actions, a cross that is the hatred of the Divine Mother in whose womb they live and move and have that being of Light.

Therefore, the child maturing to become the Master in the way, to carry the cross of world lessons, cannot take upon himself that cross of world karma because he is too busy carrying his own cross of selfishness and self-indul­gence.  Therefore, chelas, there are few “who have the time” to participate in Truth; who will take the effort to bear responsibility or will only “if I have time, give me a call and I’ll try.”  “When it is convenient and I have no other thing to do, no appointment with worldly `stuff’—I’ll try.”  Do thee recognize of thy­self from time to time?  So be it and Selah—it will back­fire upon thee!!

In every “age” there must be souls who are willing to bear a certain portion of the weight of world “karma” (for lack of a better word).  In these times it is by and large elemental life who bear that weight, for those among mankind who care at all to carry a little extra baggage are few and far between.


Those who love are the disciplined ones who can walk through the narrow streets of the cities of the Middle East, for in­stance, where every form of temptation lurks and every aspect of the “sins” of human consciousness is dis­played in the market place.

Ah so—to walk through or to tarry, explore and partake????

It is one thing to enjoy a shopping trip; it is another to be­come addicted to going shopping and to examining the manifesta­tions of human consciousness when you ought to be meditating upon the Light that burns within the shops of your very own in­ner being.  Precious ones, discipline means to withdraw energy (and with it your attention) from its encasement in the tomb of Mat­ter.  It means to stop the flow into the dense and direct it into the Higher.  The “pearl” is the symbol of your causal body, and the layer upon layer of the pearl are the spheres of con­sciousness that you have built layer upon layer around the cen­tral core of the I AM Presence of self.

This iridescent “mother-of-pearl” is worth all!!  Therefore, a wise man will go and sell all that he has for the one pearl, the one pearl of Cosmic Conscious­ness.  Its discipline demands that you let go—let go of all involvements and realize that from day to day you never know when your soul (bereft of the physical body) will find itself cast on another shore in the mental plane, in the astral plane (God forbid), or in the etheric oc­tave.

If you were the Messenger, you would be in the position to ob­serve day by day those who are born and those who are dying, those who come into the physical plane and those who leave.  It is a vast parade of souls taking incar­nation and moving on.  But the disciplines for Higher Consciousness, if it is to be re­tained, must be proven in the physical plane.  Therefore, it is the ad­monishment of the hierarchy to make time and space count, for they are the crucible whereby you prove your God-mastery and the alchemy thereof.  Lit­tle progress is made in other planes; for here in matter you made of your ex­perience; learned or did not learn thy lessons, and here in matter is where you must bring it all into balance.  Let none think that they will live forever and forever in these lower bodies.  They are but vehi­cles of con­sciousness which are loaned to you, as all of the en­ergy of God is on loan to you, that you might prove the mastery of free will

I come to you, then, to give you the concept of discipline.  I tell you, as I sur­vey the world scene in all of the dreadful­ness of that which is taking place—so much is unknown to you—that it is pathetic how your leaders have de­prived you of knowl­edge of what is actually happening in secret diplomacy, in in­ternational politics, and even in thy own legislatures

As I survey all of this, I see as the one hope that path of ini­tiation that leads through the teachings of what is called “The Great White Brotherhood”, the Lighted Brotherhood (not black, brown or white but rather, lighted vs. dark­ened).  There must be ones to walk with mankind until they awaken from their sleep and begin to see—really see!  There must be ones who lead in bal­ance and harmony and love.  Man must follow because the way is Truth; not from fear of power which will render him useless. 

Ye ones have accepted the mantle; have asked for participation and have been appointed.  Thy way shall be opened unto you that you can find the path without falling along the wayside.  But, chelas, ye must hold strong for the worldly ones will effort ceaselessly to pull thee down.  However, know that when the cir­cle is closed, the cycle is finished and those without will re­main without; those within can not be separated.  So be it, for it shall come to pass as written in the great books of the uni­verse.

I take my leave in appreciation for being allowed a “hearing” and always know that I stand attentive to thy calls.