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SAT., APR. 8, 1989    4:00 P.M.    YEAR 2, DAY 235



Ah, Darma, precious being of light, thee need do nothing.  Ye only need al­low me entry unto thy space for ‘tis me to give the lesson.  I AM PAUL OF THE THIRD RAY OF REFRAC­TION OF THE CRYSTAL LIGHT.  I AM OFTEN CALLED BY THE LABEL OF PAUL THE VENETIAN.  It is not of great matter except that many “Pauls” will pass of thy path and la­bels become confusing.

It is most difficult to separate us of the higher frequencies.  We have a thrust, a talent given, if you will, toward focused pur­poses.  As Morya represents most preciously the “will” of God, Lanto the “wisdom” of God—I, Paul, will focus on the el­ement of “LOVE” and spirit discernment.

I come on the comfort vibration of what we call the “pink” fre­quency.  My talents have long been in artistic perceptions and projections.  I have been accused of heresy in some of my works upon your place, but so be it.  Man wants his GOD to be in his own image—`tis not the way it is.

Please do not confuse my terminology of “love” with what thee defines as “love”.  Myself and the brotherhood with whom I serve of the Third Ray are not idle dreamers of poetry and sounds of harmonious music.  Ah, would it be that it could be so.  We are quite pragmatic of the way of the Holy Spirit.  It is through the beauty and purity of the third ray through which the won­drous qualities of diplomacy, patience, tact, arbitration, unity, brotherhood, culture, beauty and the perfecting of the “heart” are made manifest.

Through the blood (ruby red) of the Universal Christ and the Body (crystal white) of that wondrous Christos, this pink/rose flame is birthed.  It is through this pulsation that externalizes the divine plan in the chalice of man’s being through that Body and Blood of the Universal Christos

As we move forward there will be much a-do about the threefold flame; the heart, head, and the hand, and the extolling of the qualities of the tripart flame of Liberte’ (the emblem fleur-de-lis).  This is the signet of every son and daughter of Sanat Ku­mara.  Remember from thy teachings; Cre­ator/Creation, exempli­fied by vi­brations and intonations. 

Do not concern of it now, beloved one, as confusion is not my intent of this day—communion and introduction are my intent.

You will listen and heed the teachings of the Cohan Maha as he comes in his personal tutelage unto ye ones for it is a blessed gift to be so chosen as his chelas.  He has taught you well to clear of thy spaces (inner and outer), to discern the foul spir­its of demons below and the wondrous spirits of the an­gelic spirits above, both of which may work through people according to their moods and vibrations, up or down.


I am most devoted to the perfecting of the souls and the devel­opment of the intuitive and creative faculties of the heart.  I will most wish to be called into thy planning with thy architec­tural designs and beauteous buildings.  I work most closely with my brothers of the first and second rays in bringing together the Will of God and the Wisdom of God into at-one-ment.  We will work through the “science” of Love as it applies to every chal­lenge faced today—from terrorism, pornography, drug abuse, economic debacle to nuclear war.  We will transmute through the violet flame in mergence to face even the cat­aclysms to come forth and even through the “putting down” of the Divine Female (including the feminine ray) in both sexes and little chil­dren.  So be it.



I also tell you to “try the spirits, whether  they come of God” for many false prophets are come into the world.  The “Holy Spirit” will teach thee how to exorcise those spirits which are not of God.  Aton, as Brother Hatonn, has done well in his training of thee ones, but ones tend to forget with far quicker ef­ficiency than the learning thereof.  We will give thee much more assistance in the harnessing of these God forces.  Ye must es­tablish a strong heart-tie to the beloved Sacred Heart of thy Creator/Creation Source that ye are never caught “sleeping”.  Ye will bind the evil spirits in the name I AM THAT I AM IN THE RA­DIANCE OF THE SACRED CIRCLE CHRISTOS.  Uti­lize the strength given unto thee by thy superior Commander-in-Chief, Esu Jesus Sananda—Standing Bear of the Wakan Tanka—through the blessed truths brought by White Buffalo Calf Woman unto the early tribes.  These were brought forth in bal­ance and harmony and gifted in abundance from Source unto thee.



Ones upon thy place plead worthlessness and that only a “few” have been given certain gifts of beauty and talent.  Nay, not so—locked within the be­ing of every incarnate soul is a talent unique unto thee.  It can manifest as a painting, music, inven­tion or the special gift of “giving”, i.e., thy Mother Theresa.  Most of you have hidden it away, in thy insecurity, and have re­fused to bring it forth—ye shall overcome.  It matters not what “level” of per­ceived enlightenment ye may be—ye can grow—YE MUST GROW!  For when ye come right down to the truth of it, the fires of creativity held within the forcefield of man (any hu-man) determine what he can accomplish in his earthly span of per­ceived “time”.

Most dissipate their creativity in lust for money and things of worldly value; fill their thrust with worldly desires and fleshly pleasures and pursuits, and in acquisitiveness that is the disease of the human race.  Ye will be assisted in exercis­ing the mind in nonattachment and impersonalization that ye may move from the traps of worldly bindings which destroy thee.  So be it.

I come to work with thee that ye might learn of thy own soul’s psychology for ye are lost in confusion in the learning.  Be pa­tient in thy learning and com­munion with US as we move more closely into thy spaces.  Ye still are in the thrusting of thy senses into a relationship with “another” that might somehow bring unto ye that other’s attainment, happiness, et cetera.  Ye call of it love and practice rituals which ye call love—nay, ye are novices and do not yet know the full meaning of the term “LOVE”.



Before I take leave, I would please speak of the “STEP NOT TAKEN”.  The step contemplated and often resisted, that is, until resistance itself becomes such an ingrained habit that ye are chained into immobility by thy own bind­ings.  The next step then becomes self-acceptance.  Ye find excuses such as, “Well, this is the way I am, and people will just have to accept me this way.  This is my level of service.  This is all I will give and others can give the rest.”

Well, the fallacy in this is not self-knowledge and defining one’s potential, for it is good to understand one’s capacity and not to commit more than one can.  But the fallacy is, beloved ones, the sense that one can rest on any plateau or arrive at a set of defi­nitions for one’s life or personality, seal them with a sealing of wax and lock without key, make the imprint of the seal of one­self and say, “As it is, so it is.  So be it.  I have spoken”.



Listen carefully, chelas, as this is the trap.  It is the HUMAN EGO that would hold you captive and imprison the soul to a cer­tain level of the “knowns” where ye feel ye have security and stability.  But, unknowingly, it would keep the soul there, and it would convince the soul that no other progress can, OR SHOULD, be made and that its current level of attainment is suf­ficient unto all things.  Nay, nay, nay!

Let us take utmost care that self-assessment does not result in the inertia of “rest” and that such inertia is not confused with the state of nirvana.  The Higher States of Consciousness are those of “MOVEMENT” (ACTION) even within the point and the heart of absolute “rest”.

My service to life and unto you ones, is to show the way of Love, especially to coalesce the teachings of the Lords of the First and Second Ray.  This will thrust ye farther then, into the heart of the crystal core; the fiery core, of Ser­apis Bey (the Lion of the Rays) and then going forth therefrom to bring into pre­cipitation and merging of the Sixth and Seventh Rays of transmutation.  Love is the key element, without which ye are trapped.  So Be It and I place my seal upon this portion that I would not tire of thee, Dharma.  Ye are blessed and we hold thee close that ye can not fall.

I take my leave in humble appreciation and leave a cloak of Love about thee that ye might find peace in thy journey.  Ye grow weary and thy nerves are worn from the energy surges.  Keep sep­arate from the confusion of groups or noise which clashed with thy senses for thee are undergoing great changes and ye must not withdraw for we are only just begun, dear one.  Ye do not need of company nor the running about to share of thy energy and space, nei­ther do thee need be ill to escape—JUST SAY “NO”.  If ones are of­fended, `tis of their problem, not thine.  Adonai, precious chelas, I look for­ward in great joy to sharing again with thee ones.