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WED., AUG. 30, 1989   2:00 P.M.    YEAR 3, DAY 014


WED.,  AUG. 30,  1989


Thank you, Dharma.  Hatonn returned to continue.


Let me remind the readers before going further: we are not in the literary business, nor the financial busi­ness, nor the cor­porations business, nor the “book” business.  I am here because I have been requested to be here.  I am giving input according to the probabil­ities as they are presented to me.  I will tell you what I see; I can do no more.  What you do with the informa­tion is irrelevant to me or to my scribes.  I am here in your space on Higher business and am telling my troops the most ef­fective moves to make RIGHT NOW.  You are in a final loop in a tail­spin that leaves you very few options.


Your economists can tell you anything they please.  You may be­lieve anything you please.  You may take the ad­vice or cast it aside.  I just suggest that if you cast it aside, you do not come to Hatonn with your moaning and complaints.  You ones (your world) are going to go right through the prophetic times accord­ing to projec­tions and, right on time.  Built in is a very big world wide depression and economic collapse.  I’m sorry, but you are also going to un­dergo a miserable, miserable war.




There are no perfect “solutions”; I can only give you what might give you benefit.  In other instruction man­uals I will try to keep you informed as to the best type of survival facilities and food storage.  Yes, there will be hard times ahead but if you heed my words and suggestions you can be a bit prepared.  As your brothers from the cosmic realms have the ability to come and go in your be­half, you will be receiving much input and as­sistance.  Many, many have responded to your plea for help—but I promise you this—there will be no abuse nor ridicule of my scribes nor those of Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda.


I suggest you not be too amused at these words.  You are in the transition of a world, to and into the final days of the Revela­tion’s prophecies.  It will be the ones who come into balance with the Creator God who will get their tickets on the trip to the stars with the Master who returns to pick you up.  I have given you an overview that you might not be so foolish as to say there is no such thing as “space men”, and a worse one—”These things are of the Devil”.  That statement, my friends, came di­rectly and bla­tantly from the Devil himself.  How better to keep you from finding truth and help through this horrendous transi­tion?


Now back to “what can you do”?  Again I am going to take the lib­erty of quoting from Dr. John L. King.  I highly recommend his ad­vice and a contact place will be given at the ending of this book.  Dr. King has never heard of me nor the author; but then, she doesn’t know Dr. King so the balance is equal.  I shall, however, see to it that he gets this material immediately so he can be ex­pecting any calls which might originate from this source.

Dr. King omits the one most valuable asset you can ac­quire and uti­lize, however, and that is the corpora­tion—properly set up, tended and utilized in Nevada with a trustworthy agent or office staff.  I will cover it secondly.


So far I have not been able to elicit communication with Dr. King personally so I will take liberties as a Space Commander that you ones should not utilize; that is, using another’s mate­rial without permission.  I trust that since I give him full credit he will be gen­erous with me.


And I quote, “So the question arises, `What can I do now to pro­tect myself from the inevitable financial de­bacle?’


And with that, another question, ‘How can I take advan­tage of the bargain-basement opportunities the crash will bring?’”  Well, I am not interested in that phase so you ones will have to find out di­rectly from Dr. King.


“First of all, if you persist in believing that Uncle Sam is go­ing to bail you out, or anyone else out, for­get it.  There is no insur­ance program in force that will ultimately return your money to your hands.  Nor is there any prevention against the domestic so­cial vi­olence that will erupt when financial chaos descends, nor any way to quickly fix the breakdown in communi­cations and trans­portation.


“During the early months of the Great Depression, just about every­thing that could go wrong did go wrong.  And now, in the 1980s, there’s a whole lot more that can go wrong.  Practically everything is hooked up by elec­tronics and computers, so what can go wrong this time will likely go wrong with the speed of light.”  I would add here that I will, in this document, only refer to maninduced economic disaster.  You will also be faced with incredible earth upheavals and changes.


“Second, remember that change is an ordeal.  The coming change will be more of an ordeal than previous changes because of its sheer size.  It will be far more than financial and eco­nomic.  It will be political and social, too, for we have reached a wa­tershed in Amer­ican history.  Tomorrow will present a to­tally new world, which we will have to learn to cope with and fashion a life from.  This will be no mere replay of the past.  It will be a greater transformation than anything in memorable history”.  I’m sorry, Dr. King, much different than you can imag­ine, ei­ther.




“What you can do immediately—assuming you are reading this be­fore the crash—is get your money out of banks and S&Ls.  Don’t wind up among the panicked crowd banging on the bank’s closed door.


“Also, get your money out of the stock market and out of mutual funds or money-management funds.


“Do not keep more than a bare-bones balance in your bank or S&L, just enough to make a month’s worth of bill payments.


“Do not keep money in pension funds, retirement funds or life in­surance policies, either.  All these institu­tions invest your money in stocks and bonds and mort­gages.  Those financial in­struments will be hit the hardest, so cash out before it’s too late.


“To secure your nest egg, buy U.S. three-month Treasury bills or U.S. savings bonds.  The bills are in $10,000 denominations and the savings bonds may be bought for as little as $25.  Buy them from your bank’s Trust De­partment or from a stockbroker.  The reason this is im­portant is that while all else in the economy can be al­lowed to disintegrate, the U.S. Treasury will have to be held to­gether at all costs.  Without a federal foun­dation there is nothing at all left.  And nothing upon which to re­build.




“This is a favorite haven of everyone because of tax-free in­come.  Present tax law changes alter this won­derful world, but aside from that, cash out of munici­pals because of a far greater danger: de­faults!  During the 1930s one of the worst places to have your money was in city and state bonds since so few could honor them.  Today there is $1 trillion of this `paper’ out there.  Cash out now!




“Everyone wants a high income and this means high in­terest rate re­turns that line your pockets.  This is especially true of se­nior citizens living on fixed in­comes.  They have an imperative to maxi­mize their cash flows with high yields.  This is unfortu­nate.


“A high yield carries with it a high risk.  Recently I talked with someone who told me, with some pride, that he still had some big money in a S&L that had been pay­ing him 16-1/2% for 6 years!  I suggested that he for­get it; S&Ls are the worst places in the country to deposit and leave funds because many are in­solvent and one day the whole business will go up in smoke.  You must be cau­tious: if you lose your capital, you have no yield, and you are then truly up against it.  So, for­get yield.  Look for capital safety above all!



“Right now the best place for large sums of money is 3-to 6-month U.S. treasury bills.  U.S. treasury notes and bonds will fall dra­matically in price.  The bills will, too, but not as far.  In addi­tion, you can double your money in Treasury bonds at the right time, which is in motion and coming our way.




“Get out! Too risky.




Get out!  A CD is no better than the bank or S&L that issued it and most of them are in trouble now!




“The FSLIC is insolvent.  The FDIC has less than one cent for every $1 you have on deposit.  Do not think for a second that the govern­ment will ride to the res­cue of these deposit liabili­ties, as many believe.  This is because the government must bor­row the funds for such a rescue.  This increases their debts, which are already sky high, and you would simply pay for this folly as a taxpayer.  Not only that; if they even tried such a rescue they would wreck the bond market in the process since foreign hold­ers of U.S. bonds would cash out and destroy bond prices.  There is no fast and easy solution to this coming nightmare.




“Start now buying gold coins, any kind, and hoarding them.  Keep them at home, not in a safe deposit box at a bank (banks will be closed, and deposit box contents are not insured).  Gold will rise to $2,000 an ounce and the bad news is that it will fall back to $35 an ounce.  This is because the purchasing power of gold is al­ways constant: one ounce buys a man’s suit of clothes; in 1935 $35 gold bought a good suit; today $450 gold buys a good suit.  You cannot have a fortune in gold and hope for su­per-low prices for the things you buy.



“It will rise to over $100 an ounce, and then will fall, too.


“What do you do if you have large profits in gold and silver?  How do you preserve your gains?  My suggestion is buy land in the coun­try with your profits.  Land, of course, will be very cheap as we get further into the depression, less than ten cents on the dollar for most everything.




“Cash them out now while you can.  Why?  Insurance com­panies will take large losses in stocks and bonds and real estate, and pass them on to you.  I know this since I worked for a ma­jor life insur­ance company as an economist years ago and saw the de­bris the Great De­pression left.  Also, AIDS will finish them off for good.




“Pray a lot if you are collecting one.  These funds are managed by yuppie whizzes on Wall Street who are up to their eyeballs in stocks and bonds—paper that will vanish.  If your pension fund survives, which is doubt­ful, it will then be cut.


“The stock market crash of October, 1987, directly af­fected many pension funds, especially those that in­vested in corporate stocks.  Corporate pension funds generally invest 50% of their pension funds in stocks, 35% in corporate bonds, and the bal­ance in real estate, certificates of deposit, etc.


“It is only prudent to find out just where your pension fund has your money invested, and if it is not totally in Treasury bills, try to change this as soon as possi­ble.




“Both of these will be reduced at least by half, maybe more.  But the prices of the items you buy will also fall by that amount, so your purchasing power will be the same.



“Above all, you must preserve your capital so you will have pur­chasing power and income as the economy is stood on its finan­cial head.  The good days are gone forever, perhaps, and we are all go­ing to have to do a lot of surviving so you might get ready for this now.


“The large fortunes in America, many of them, were made in hard times or depressions, when the wise and thrifty had funds and bought cheap.  In the coming depression everything will be for sale, but few will have saved resources.”


I, Hatonn, have been telling my own dear ones this very same thing, and still, some play the “outguess it” game.  Well, it is the risk of your lives.  That break could come this very after­noon and if so, you will have lost greatly.  I mean, you ones who know me well—get yourself under disciplined control; the risk is not nearly worth those few dollars.  Besides you will have what you need; bet­ter to use it to get in the inner circle where the business can continue to thrive.  We intend our cells to thrive.






“No one knows when the final, major financial panic will hap­pen.  The time is not now that important, but being prepared is cru­cial.  You must be ready.  After the crash, it will be too late: you will be licked fi­nancially, filled with fear, and unable to cope.  I caution you: be prepared.  This advice is conservative, but it has stood the test of history for generations and it will to­morrow, too.



“Always, in severe deflations, opportunities for real estate buys emerge at bargain basement prices.  In Chicago in 1832 dur­ing a real estate crisis, a $15,000 house depreciated to $100 in one year.  In Florida in the late 1920s a real estate credit bubble grew and then burst, as all credit bubbles do, and beach­front prop­erty fell to one cent on the dollar.”  Well, Hatonn is here to tell you that you are also going to have a rearrangement of your beach­front properties!


“The more palatial the property is, the cheaper it will be since no one wants to get involved with property having high mainte­nance costs.


“But to take advantage of these real estate buys, you must be liq­uid.  If you are in dicey credit paper, like a certificate of de­posit, you stand to lose much of its face value.  This makes hoard­ing gold and silver coins rather attractive, doesn’t it?


“The October crash signaled a major reversal in the economy.  Until then, the farm, oil, bank and thrift losses and commercial real es­tate losses had not to­tally impacted the minds of the pub­lic.  For some un­known reason, the public maintained an un­canny optimism about the future.






“This is the time to batten down your financial hatches and get yourself personally prepared for financial sur­vival.  Be self-re­liant because no one else will take care of you or protect you and that includes Uncle Sam who will have his hands filled, too, with tax rev­enue losses and larger-than-believable federal deficits and other unique problems.


“For those with an eye to the future, the silver lining and the strategy is to secure your nest egg and pa­tiently await the profit opportunities that always ac­company hard times.  As in the past most of the public will be caught by surprise, and left standing in a line at the bank.  But someone has to be posi­tioned to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  Begin now to become that somebody.”


Please hear us, friends, there are several more things I want to take the liberty of pointing out to you.  I hope you understand that I most surely am very serious about what I am giving unto you.


If this information is shocking to you, such as the in­formation re­garding the world banking “take over”, I suggest you continue with serious intent in receiving just a bit longer.  If you take care and act promptly you can be spared much of the danger that lurks in the dark.  Information and knowledge is your best ally, ex­cept for action.  You can know all there is to know and yet, if you do not “act”, you have garnered naught.


You will have two main enemies in the months to come regard­ing your financial and self-survival.  Your gov­ernment and your neighbor, for both will become desper­ate soon enough and, driven by panic, they will both use the force necessary to get what is yours.




In case you have not heard of Emergency Banking Regula­tion #1, it is not surprising.  You were not supposed to know about it.  It is almost impossible to get in­formation about it.  Be grate­ful for careful research in your behalf.


In a “NATIONAL EMERGENCY”—which the President can de­clare in a time of grave crisis (like any great eco­nomic de­pression)—this regulation gives your govern­ment the right to:










The imposition of this Regulation will be devastating and destruc­tive to anyone caught in its trap.  You must arrange your property so no-one can get at it.  They will have the right to do anything legal or illegal, from garnishment to kidnapping to get your re­sources.  The latter has already happened (the kid­napping), by “authorities” during the Reagan Administration.  Scare you?  I cer­tainly hope so!




If you follow some good techniques and instructions you will be able to achieve some security.  If you are careless and procrasti­nating to over-extent you will lose.  Pay attention for the time is NOW.  If I get inquiries about how to accomplish some of these things, I will take the time a bit later to give you some in­put.  Before I depart this portion, I will tell you a few things that threaten your privacy, your safety and the secu­rity of your as­sets.


Know that your IRS can conduct “informal” inspection of your bank account (s)—WITHOUT YOU EVER BEING INFORMED THEY ARE SO DOING!  They gained that right in January, 1989, so if you do not believe me—check it out.  Thank Judge Larry McKinney, Fed­eral District Court for that little gem.  He ruled that the IRS has a legal right to “informally” examine bank records without a summons, search war­rant, court order or even the knowledge of the bank account’s owner!  As you might sur­mise, a sur­prise “informal” investigation is far more effective.  You better learn how to protect yourself and get your­self devoid of any­thing of merit in your bank account.


There is a great misconception that a “low profile” ex­istence is the best way for you to protect your pri­vacy.  No—forget it.  Do not differ from anyone else—low or high.  Fit in the mold and be so routine in ap­pearance that you would not attract a snooper sniper.  In a great depression you can’t maintain a low profile anyway.  Until tax funds dry up and blow away they will have their big guns and magnifying glasses at ready.

Anybody can inspect your credit records—and if that is not bad enough, those records, right now, are probably incorrect.  You bet­ter get them cleaned up before you have to come up with as­sets you didn’t know were listed, and that you do not have.


Do not count on electronic protection devices to pro­tect.  You can count on being under surveillance if you appear to have any­thing during a great depression.  You will be electronically surveiled.  Most of my team are already under constant surveil­lance.  There is, how­ever, a rather simple device for debugging—check with your electronics store.


You must know that the only safe phone is a cellular phone—and it is safe only while you are in motion.  It is simple to inter­cept a cellular phone call, but nearly impossible for a station­ary phone tapper to lis­ten in while the caller moves through different zones in the network.




Now, I know it is a problem thinking where in the world can you store money around your house and be safe.  Well, first of all you learn to put it somewhere and keep your mouth shut.  Except, always have at least one family member who knows where to search for things.


For instance, if you bury it outside on your property.  Make sure you have watertight, insulated containers and do make a de­tailed map.  You think you will not forget but from season to season and bush to bush you will forget.


Also, your refrigerator or canned goods shelves are quite good—if you weight the cans to be approximately the same weight as the original can with contents.


Your freezer is excellent, especially a large turkey which can be stuffed.  But you will have to be careful who accesses these places.


Remove a baseboard in a special room or attic cubbyhole which can be placed back into form with no notice.

Back of a light switch-plate is excellent (within the hollow wall space).


Books which are hollowed out in the center.  However, you will be limited, spacewise, if you do the proper thing and get small denom­ination bills.


Well, I shall have more for you on this later; I want you to have enough at this session to get started!  Sit quietly and you will be­come most creative.


Aho and Amen!  This is all I am going to give you from this sub­ject matter for I shall now turn to Corpora­tions.  I strongly urge you to rush to the mailbox and obtain Dr. King’s material im­mediately.


Let us take a break, Dharma, as this has been much too long a day for you but time is so precious—each day is truly a gift from here forward.  Use it well, my friends.  If you pull to­gether as in true community, you can handle this thing come upon you.  Divided you shall surely fall.             SALU!