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   January 15, 2010




APR.  23, 1988    LECTURE




This is an edited transcription of a lecture taped April 23, 1988.  The information is valid and, if any­thing, more eas­ily recog­nized today —Hatonn.

I will be utiliziing this information again when I speak of eco­nomics, but for now, I will modify from the audio tape to save time and repetition.

Let us call the group which has elaborate and success­ful plans to rule your nation and your world, the International­ists.  When I re­fer to the International­ists I am referring to a very elite group of about twelve to thirteen “families”.  These “families” hold your “purse strings”—the zipper and lock, to all the bags of money in your world.  Sound impossible?  Nay, it is not only possible, it is ex­tremely easy to visu­alize after I have ex­plained it to you.

As I move along, I will give you some names and places whereby you can check it out on an individual basis.  I wish never to place any human at risk, however, so in all in­stances I will only refer to those already having come forth with “public” statements or infor­mation.


I will also have to explain a few terms used to have any sense of continuity.  Therefore, as we move along forgive me of any digres­sion in attempt to give defini­tion, i.e., “fractional bank­ing”.


First, you must fully come into understanding that there truly ARE the elite few, with plans well founda­tioned and function­ing, who control both the world fi­nancial markets and ultimately will con­trol all peoples of the world.  Do not err in your thoughts by thinking I am speaking of “someone else in the world”, I speak more for the United States of America than I do of the re­mainder of your world.


As I pull portions of the puzzle together for this doc­ument I shall again be referring to such groups as The Trilateral Com­mission, the Council on Foreign Rela­tions, and the Bilderburg­ers.  Forgive me if I am repe­titious.  I may need to be repeti­tious in order to fit the pieces in proper per­spective.


You must know that there are certain families (literally) that con­trol the hard currency.  The coun­tries wherein these families abide are known as hard currency countries.  These thirteen fam­ilies have con­trol of the policy making and the decision making of the central banks of those countries.  They are own­ers, these families, of the majority of the stock of the re­gional banks of the Federal Reserve System.  “Federal Reserve” would indicate to the more uninformed, that this is a Federal Govern­mental Branch.  This is untrue, the Federal Reserve System is NOT a branch of your fed­eral government.  Just as these fami­lies control the re­gional banks of the Federal Reserve System, they also control the currencies that are not al­lowed to fluctu­ate.  Note here that the American dollar is the stan­dard against which all other currency is measured.  All other nations are affected according to the changing values of the dol­lar.  Not only do these fami­lies con­trol the currencies, but they likewise control the banks.  This, friends, is in all the leading na­tions of your world.


For ease of understanding, let us just consider the indus­trialized nations at this point.  I will also need to ex­plain fractional banking to you, because without understand­ing the lending sys­tem you cannot get the picture properly.  All of the banks under con­trol of these families practice fractional bank­ing and be­yond (sometimes there is no hard money present at all).  But, let us ex­plain by example on a personal level.




This is actually referred to as fractional “reserve” bank­ing.  Lenders are allowed to loan a maximum of up to 20 to one.  This is perfectly legal, practiced by every lending institution in America and elsewhere.


Example:  Mr. A goes to his friendly banker, Mr. B, and de­posits one thousand dollars ($1,000) into Mr. B’s bank.  Mr. B’s bank is a savings-and-loan so Mr. A puts the $1,000 into his own sav­ings ac­count.  The savings-and-loan is required by your laws, to keep only 5% in reserve.  They are allowed to loan out 95% of the money in­vested or 95% of that which is placed into savings accounts.  This means of $1,000 there is $950 which is available to be loaned out.  In turn the savings-and-loan takes the $950 and loans it to Mr. C to do some home repairs, let us say.  This gentleman takes his bor­rowed $950 and goes to the local hard­ware/lumber company and pur­chases sup­plies, lumber, nails, etc.


The lumber company carries on regular banking and therefore, he goes to his bank with the $950 for de­posit, to Bank D.  Bank D is now required to keep 5% but can loan out 95% which would be $902.50.  Bank D now loans that to Mr. X who in turn filters it back into the economy, let us suppose, through the gro­cery store and other business stores.  He spends it and now we are going to have that money end up in the Bank Z.  Bank Z is required to keep 5%.  That means that Bank Z can loan out $857.37.  It is again loaned and filterd back into the economy.  This is contin­ued right down to zero.  With your $1,000 deposit those bankers using frac­tional reserve banking are now allowed to loan out $20,229.60.  This is practiced by EVERY lending insti­tution in America and else­where.  The amounts above do not include “interest” on the money borrowed, only the principal amount.


You must now keep it in mind that this results in an in­crease in the money supply through the Federal Re­serve Sys­tem.  Your “big boys” simply turn up the speed of your money presses and run them a little faster and faster in order to pump more into the economy just to boost up the fractional reserve banking.  Let me remind you to keep in mind that the thirteen families control all of the hard currencies of the world and are allowed to prac­tice this fractional reserve banking.  This will be important as we move along.



We will now talk about something referred to, on your planet, as “System 2000”, which is a Global Creditors’ Uni­lateral Plan.  This plan went into effect somewhere about the early 1970s.  At that time a pentagon offi­cial and sev­eral other officials vis­ited Nige­ria.  They went to the Prime Minister and they paid him fifty mil­lion dollars ($50 million) to raise the price of his oil to more than double.  Nigerian oil is “light crude” of qual­ity such as it is al­most pure enough to burn im­mediately, with­out distil­lation, in automobiles.  This type of oil sets the price of oil for the en­tire world.  The $50 million was cash across the board with no re­payment requirements if Nigeria would double the price of light crude.


We will refer to this as light oil.  There are only two lo­cations in the world that have this light oil and, of course, it  is the most valuable oil in your world, there­fore, it is the standard against which all other oil in the world is measured.  So whoever con­trolled the price of the light oil at that time controlled the price of all of the oil in the world.


At this point, let us bring the Arabs into this sce­nario.  This will also bring in the Trilateral Commis­sion—that also in­cludes Mr. Bush.  It was now time to bring pressure and persua­sion to OPEC.  What most of you Americans do not remember is that the United States of America IS A MEMBER OF OPEC.  It is kept most low profile.


At that time a “deal was cut” with the Middle Eastern Oil Pro­ducers and this is how it went: all buyers were prepared to pay signifi­cantly higher prices for the oil—PROVIDED—all Middle Eastern na­tions supported the United States of America, BY IN­VESTING THE REV­ENUES INTO THE BIG BANKS IN AMERICA.


To make this picture clear, you must remember that the Arabs who are wealthy sheiks today had been wandering around on camelback in a very big desert.  They were nomads and they were certainly most unsophisticated in business af­fairs.  Years ear­lier when the inter­national bankers found out there was oil in their countries, they went forth and persuaded the Arabs to al­low them to produce the oil by fi­nancing the oil fields, drilling, rigging—all supplies in­cluding expertise.


After the bankers financed the oil fields they then charged the Arabs usury fees for building the oil sup­ply systems—along with refineries.  The usury was quickly repaid because the Arabs be­came very rich, very quickly. (Way back then you were only paying about 30 cents per gallon in your gasoline stations).  Let us now take it further, you go to Nigeria and pay them to double the price of light crude.  Unbe­knownst to the Arabs, those ones who had become wealthy overnight and didn’t know zero about business, much less in­ternational finance, the camel no­mads, you call them to­gether and say, “We will take the price of crude just as high as you want it to go—IF—you will deposit an estab­lished portion of the funds that you get from this NEW PROFIT RISE IN 30 YEAR TIME CERTIFICATES IN CERTAIN MA­JOR U.S. BANKS.


Perhaps you ones can now understand the problems you experi­enced in your early 1970s.  Remember the gas lines and the prices of oil skyrocketing?  It was be­cause the interna­tional bankers, who hold the purses of the world, knew that the in­crease in the price of oil that was going to the Arabs would come rushing right back to their bank in 30 year time certificates of de­posit.


Turn now to the 30 year time deposits and let us exam­ine the bankers’ plans.  Back in the late ’70s and early ’80s Sheik Ymani and his bunch had no idea that there was a connection be­tween those banks, or that they were the same people that had the controlling in­terest of the major oil companies.  Do you see what has been wo­ven here?  After all, how could the camel rid­ing nomads realize the international bankers were “having them” hook, line and up to the fishing pole?  How could they possibly know that what was happening through these oil companies, was that the monies were being cy­cled right back into the selected, no exceptions, bank­ing system?  They couldn’t and they didn’t!




Going a long ways back now, in the 1870s the Rocke­fellers set up something called a Joint Stock Trust.  Here I will add, this was just a brief period of time before the Ameri­can Government declared these trusts illegal.  BUT, YOU SEE, THESE ONES COULD FUNCTION FOR­EVER UNDER WHAT YOU CALL A “GRANDFATHER” CLAUSE.  THAT, BROTHERS, IS THE ULTIMATE CON­TROLLING FACTOR IN AMERICA OF THE PRIME BANKS AND THE FED­ERAL RESERVE BOARD.  That “trust” is in the control of the Rockefeller Founda­tion and in turn con­trols the Federal Re­serve Bank and is the method whereby the In­ternationalists are able to gain con­trol of the cur­rency of the U.S.A.


Does it begin to become reasonable that those New York banks are showing all time record earnings?  Yet, all around the rest of your country of the U.S., banks and savings-and-loans are go­ing broke and failing.  THAT, FRIENDS, MEANS YOU ARE BEING MANIPU­LATED RIGHT ALONG WITH THE ARABS AND EQUALLY AS BLINDLY—WITH NO RE­COURSE.


Let us come back now and speak of the deal which “was cut” (your ones in power love that term) with the Saudi Arabians and ones of the Middle East.  These ones were required to put their money into the prime banks.  Keep in mind that they did not know that the prime banks were able to lend in amounts of twenty to one. (20 to 1 was quite a while ago; it is higher at pre­sent).  All they were receiv­ing was the in­terest on the money they had deposited.  Worse for them, in some of these coun­tries it is un­acceptable to receive in­terest for reli­gious reasons so they might wait thirty years to get any money from their certificates of deposit.  In other words, they did not know that this frac­tional type of banking could be done, but through this, the bankers of the world were able to gain con­trol of the money of the Arab world, and in turn, the Arab world only received back part of the interest from the money that they placed into the In­ternational Banking System—UNDER THESE 30 YEAR TIME DE­POSIT CERTIFICATES.


Through the money gained from the Arabs through the manipu­lation of the price of oil and taking the price of gasoline from, let us say, 30 cents a gallon to $1.25 a gallon—there is a lot of money being made.  Now with that money returning into the in­ternational banks at 20 to 1, I think you can see the staggering profits.  Let us face facts, friends, that money origi­nally came from YOU.  Be­cause the bankers had locked in the deposits they were then, in turn, able to make loans to Third World nations.




Think back fifteen or twenty years ago when the Interna­tional Bankers started investing in Third World country loans.  Look very closely at the countries which are going bankrupt (completely broke) today.  It was fully intended that those countries go broke and I will explain that in a little bit.


You might wonder how I know so much.  Well, I have the best com­puter system in the universe and all I have to do is key it up and it is spread out before me.  My computers rarely reflect er­rors, only changes in “probabilities” and pertur­bations in human action and reactions.


I am sorry, friends, your friendly bankers set it up delib­erately so that the Third World countries would go broke.  You have to pay attention to history and look back to the time when those Third World countries were beginning to gain independence and setting up indepen­dent governments.  It was at such times that these bankers loaned the upstarts great sums of money which actually had come to them through the Arabs, basically. 


The international bankers not only wanted, but insured, that these borrowing countries would misuse the fund­ings.  It was fully in­tended that those countries would go broke.  It was pre­arranged that the funds could be mismanaged through greed and simply be squandered.  You must remember that the lead­ers of these countries had never governed anything or any­body.  They knew nothing about government.  They had been colonies under the governorship of other larger countries.


The international bankers knew that the leaders were bound to squander the funds.  It was known they would have no way to know what to do with them (and they were massive) and so the cycle goes.  They were actually squandering money taken from you through the Arabs through high oil prices, etc.  Let us now fol­low it on through.




I will hereby digress to a story from Dharma’s earth home state—Texas—most of you have heard of it.  Let us go back some years (not too many) to jog some memo­ries.  Do you re­member someone named John Connelly, who was governor of Texas?  Do you recall that he was also in the vehicle and was injured during John Kennedy’s as­sassination?  Well, Mr. Connelly was also Under Sec­retary of the Treasury—he was a lot of things and ti­tles.  These ones with Mr. Connelly did a most fasci­nating thing—they planned to implement a new currency for the State of Texas.  You see, Texas is a part of the Union only through a re­newable “treaty”.  The treaty is auto­matically renewed every year, but it isn’t necessary that it be re­newed.  That means, friends, that the U.S. only has a treaty with Texas to keep it in the union of states.  It was not voted in as were your other states.


Texas was at one time—I believe your term might be “filthy rich”.  The state was wealthy and there were many very, very wealthy individuals.  Rich individuals such as the Hunt broth­ers, who actually had nothing originally, but became extremely wealthy, overnight, by OIL.  That was all the way back when oil was first struck and became so very popular.


I am truly going to tie all this together but you must bear with me for there are so many facets.  I must make it clear what I am going to say.  I will explain to you why, if you don’t already know, it was so very impor­tant to ones of “the opposition”, and why there was an assassination attempt against Mr. Connelly’s life as well as Kennedy’s.


Why are those men “broken” today and a state in severe fi­nancial trouble?  It is because the International­ists learned of what the Hunt brothers and Mr. Con­nelly were try­ing to do.  Texas, a state by treaty, can legally secede from your union.  The Hunt brothers and Mr. Connelly knew that Texas had the ability to set up their own country and have their own currency.  That is why they could be solvent and not be under the dictates of the Fed­eral Reserve Sys­tem.  Or, simply stated, un­der the control of the international bankers.


At about the same time they were in the process of gaining a corner on the silver of the world.  This was in order to fi­nance a process whereby they could over­come the interna­tional bankers and it was at that point the Hunt brothers were smashed.  John Connelly was al­most killed, and Texas which could have been the only state in the union to fulfill breaking out of the trap has been punished with some ex­tremely major problems.  Today, por­tions of Dallas and Fort Worth, Houston and other wealthy, wealthy cities have gone on to resemble ghost towns in your Old West.  Ones who had grown rich in the oil industry have been severely punished, the Hunts and Con­nelly are bankrupt.


The Internationalists became so incensed, so angry, at what these Texans had done that they broke the back of the oil in­dustry and the major oil producers of Texas.  It was a well de­signed plan and executed in perfection.


When ones attempt to interfere with the plans of the inter­national bankers, you can see what the results can be.  The Hunt brothers were working directly with the Shah of Iran on the above plan.  Immediately there­after one of the Texas bankers was killed, the Shah of Iran was deposed and the Hunt brothers were forced into bankruptcy.


There are many ways the international bankers can get re­venge on ones who attempt interference with their overall plan; through mur­der, or you might well be placed into a mental in­stitution and locked away perma­nently, or you can have trumped up charges brought against you whereby you are locked away indefinitely in prison.  This latter has also happened to numerous ones in the “UFO” inves­tigation circles who find and bring forth truth.  It is exactly what happened to Colonel Wendelle Stevens.  Colonel Stevens proba­bly has inves­tigated more UFO incidents than any other one individ­ual.  Further, an assassination plot was ar­ranged and at­tempted while Colonel Stevens was incar­cerated.  Strangely, the perpetra­tor who dressed as a religious leader, was caught in the act, turned over to the FBI and has never been heard from again.  So be it.




If you will recall, the Shah of Iran was in perfect health when he was deposed and departed Iran.  He was only declared to be sick af­ter he reached the United States.  You were told he was being held in “protective” custody at a military base.  There, you were also told, he was being treated for his illness—which was not present at the time of his ar­rival.  He died any­way, didn’t he?  Face it—his death was planned and the murder executed.


In your present months there is an international uproar over the use of chemical and germ warfare utilized Iran and Iraq.  Some of the viruses cannot be traced—nor in such above instances would anyone dare to pursue it.


Who would question a man becoming ill, being treated and then ex­piring unexpectedly?  Certainly no one in the United States would question it.  It was uncomfort­able enough just having the man in your country.  Death can most effectively be brought about in any number of non-traceable ways, one of which is through micro-dots and variations of vibration fre­quencies, as well as through viruses.  (This is exactly what happened to Dharma, in her own dwelling—causing cardiac ar­rest.  We just happen to have her under constant monitoring for she is a re­ceiver of several of us in this higher fre­quency dimension; there­fore, we can catch these at­tempts and can counter them.  Doesn’t do much for the mental relaxation of the victim, how­ever.)




You can get verification of these little stories from Sena­tor John Hansen of your own government.  I am going to speak of Iran and your people who were taken hostage.  I doubt many of you have heard the truth of the matter.

Senator Hansen was in the House of Representatives in Wash­ington, D.C.  He knew what was happening in Iran and re­quested permission to go to Iran and investigate.  Congress re­fused.  Mr. Hansen then purchased his own private airline ticket and proceeded to Iran any­way.


When Senator Hansen arrived, the one Khomeini proffered an audi­ence.  Guess what the Khomeini said?  He said, “We don’t want these hostages, certainly not any more than you want us to have them”.  “As a matter of fact,” Khomeini continued, “I’d like to give you these hostages, at least half of them anyway, and you can take them home with you tomorrow morn­ing.  That is, Mr. Hansen, if you will promise to begin an investigation into the relationship between the Shah of Iran, Chase Manhattan Bank, Mr. Henry Kissinger and your President Carter.”


At this point, Senator Hansen was most delighted.  He rushed to call back to the U.S. to someone who could give autho­rization and said, “Hey, I can bring half of the hostages home tomor­row.  How shall I arrange it?”  The person on the other end of the line said, “Well, I will call you back to­morrow and let you know.”.  Now please guess what happened on the following morn­ing?  When the call was placed back to Mr. Hansen, he was told the following, “Get yourself on the next airplane com­ing to America.  Come home immedi­ately.  Do not bring hostages.  Do not do any negotiating.  You have no right to speak on the part of the Congress of the United States of Amer­ica even if you are a congressman.  Get home immedi­ately with no further discourse.”


Here is what he found upon his return to Washington—that the inci­dent was entered into the Congressional record.  Further he found that President Carter knew the hostages were going to be taken and further—knew that they were there for a reason and he was not to in­terfere.  Now, you ones get yourself ready for a bomb if you have not already had access to this expose’.  The release of the hostages in Iran was negotiated by a negotiator of Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, U.S.A.  All outside overt and covert attempts to gain release was a facade.  Ask any ma­rine who was in­volved in the military efforts thereof.


Is it really any wonder to you ones that Iran is all ticked off at you today?  Those hostages, and America, were held in terror while bankers got the Shah’s money safely into their banks be­fore the Shah was killed and then, in turn, got much of the money belonging to Iran.  A pretty wicked way to get Iran’s money into the Chase Manhattan Bank so it could re­main sol­vent and be one of the wealth­iest institutions in the entire world.




The international banks formed bank “holding companies” so that they could not be held responsible.  The Chase Manhat­tan, Chemi­cal Bank and J.P. Morgan’s bank were the predomi­nant banks for money deposited by the Arabs.  The holding compa­nies were formed in order to loan out money to the Third World countries while knowing full well that the Third World countries were going to go broke.


After the Shah had been destroyed and the money was safely in the banks, there were massive amounts of money loaned to Third World countries.  These notes were shifted from the banks to the bank holding compa­nies in anticipation of the eventual bankruptcy of the borrowing countries.


One holding company was for the purpose of loaning money to the Third World countries.  The purpose of the second hold­ing com­pany was to borrow money from the in­ternational bank in order to pur­chase agricultural lands.  That means your farms and also certain corpora­tions in the United States.  The farms and busi­nesses will probably continue to make some money, but the Third World countries are designated to go down.  This is on­going, dear ones, not a pass­ing fancy.


Here things began to happen rapidly and with sleight of hand.  There have followed myriads of liquidations, foreclo­sures and bankruptcies which were effected by the FDIC and FSLIC which are under the total control of the Federal Re­serve Board.  Literally dozens of banks all over America quickly were, and are, being bought up.  But the big ques­tion is by whom?  Who has the money in sufficient amounts to make such purchases?  Further, where could such sums of money originate?  The great sums come from the higher oil price money that goes to the Arabs, then de­posited into the in­ternational bankers’ banks.  The banks being purchased are then in­tentionally closed.  Some of those banks are still solvent.  They are also buying up farm land throughout Amer­ica through the farmers who are now be­ing put into bankruptcy because of the high American dollar (in relation­ship to foreign currency).  At least this is the way it was up to a year or so ago—it is fluctuating somewhat at the present time for other heinous things are under way which are the next step in the plan.  I shall not go into those things in this document for I intend to do a document rela­tive to your economies.  First, let us consider what is hap­pening now and has been, for your past few years—a lot of things are being done now through the Oriental communi­ties.  Ah so?




We are going to now consider currency on a world basis.  We will also point out why some of the monetary plans and money making for­mats are valid and viable.


Let us speak a bit about Mr. Marcos who was recently deposed from the Philippines.  This is most typical, friends, so watch the hands closely.  A representative of the interna­tional bankers’ bank went to those ones and said, “Mr. Mar­cos, we will note all your loans and offer you alternatives.  We will forgive all of your loans.  You cannot pay them back, you cannot pay back the interest, you can’t pay back the principle, but, we would like to make you a bar­gain.  We will just forgive the loans.”


Digress time: remember, who did that money belong to that they loaned out to these Third World places?  It was not the bankers.  Well, of course, it was that Arab money, because of the higher prices that the peo­ple all over the world had paid.  So, back to what the bankers’ say, “We’ll just for­give your loans, the princi­pal and the interest and you never have to pay it back—IF (ALWAYS THE IF!).  The “if” goes about as fol­lows:  You have to do away with your national cur­rency, whatever it is.  The dollar will be your cur­rency basis of value.  You will be set up with a type of debit card system instead of the usual currency sys­tem.  Then, too, you must give us perpetual rights to all of the natural resources in your country.


Interestingly enough, it was right after that little gift ges­ture,  that friendly little suggestion, that Mr. Marcos was de­posed.  Why do you suppose that hap­pened?  Well, Mr. Marcos was pretty fiesty and he told the international bankers where they could go right af­ter they got immediately out of his country.  He had no intention of giving them sovereignty over his country, and look what happened! 


Everyone in that country found that suddenly their so­cial secu­rity number was synonymous with their credit number; further, their cen­tral bank was to act as a wholesaler for credit, which in turn, was extended to it by the new super bank which was an­nounced by your Mr. Paul Volker in the fall of 1985.  That was ratified immediately by President Reagan.  Just a fun aside for you who love to play with numbers and speculate about coinci­dence—the names and num­bers, the digits, added up to six.  Lots of things around Mr. Rea­gan add up to sixes—even his re­tirement home address.  I take very little stock in these things, but many of you seem to like the game.  Also, because a Presi­dent is not re­elected does not mean he is vanquished from the fray.


A further contingent condition of the benevolent gift, if you will, of the International Monetary Fund, was that in order to help the economy of those countries the IMF was go­ing to nomi­nate external, nondomestic corporations to prop­erly engineer, exploit and excavate the minerals of those said countries who had just put those same mineral resources up as collateral.  This would all, thereby, sup­posedly bring prosperity to those striving nations.


Mr. Marcos was a bit sharper up front, however, and he pin­pointed on the word PERPETUAL in the contract.  He realized that quite ob­viously he would be signing away the sovereignty of his nation.


I make no comment or judgment regarding Mr. Marcos as a per­son, nor do I make comment about any individual—those ones are of human format, not mine.  I am just telling you the way it is and how some things happened.


In the case of the Marcoses, it was only a matter of weeks be­fore the bankers brought down the guillotine blade.  Ri­ots were fi­nanced by, and originated through, ones of the international bankers’ groups.  It is never humanly wise to cross these ones; you see, Mr. and Mrs. Marcos were exploit­ing the people well enough on their own and did not wish to share.




Ah, let us not forget those holding companies of which I spoke.  Remember holding companies one and holding companies two?  The sec­ond group was receiving credit from the first group of hold­ing com­panies to purchase assets and liabili­ties from the “prime” banks.  The only liabilities they would purchase were liabilities repre­sented by Certificates of Deposits of the Arab na­tions.  The assets they were buy­ing were loans made to the debtor nations.  Remember, it was designed that Third World countries would default on the loans which would bankrupt the holding companies which had pur­chased the Arab’s CDs from the banks.


At such a point, the international bankers say to the Arabs, “OK fellows, sorry, but all those billions of dollars in 30 year term deposits that you have been de­positing all these years are gone.  They were sold to a holding company, unattached to us, which loaned the money to Third World countries which are bankrupt, broke, gone kaput.  Sorry Mr. Arab, but as of today you are bankrupt.  Just like that—all gone!”


You might ask, “Is it possible for the Arab world to go bankrupt?  Really now, the richest people in the world with all that oil?”  It is a little bit shocking isn’t it?  Poor souls, they didn’t even know those CD’s had been “sold” to those hold­ing companies.  They had de­posited the money  right into the New York bank as re­quired.  How could they possibly know they were trans­ferred out and into bankruptcy destined companies?  How could they understand the inner ma­nipulations of inter­national financiers?  They were nomads, they didn’t know any­thing about business.  One cannot even consider them foolish.  How much of this intrigue do you know, much less under­stand?


The Arabs could not know what they were up against.  But now let us look at what has happened.  Before the end of 1986 the Arab world became a bit aware of what was happening to them.  The word went out that before May lst, 1987 millions and mil­lions had to be trans­ferred out of the Arab world into America, to start preparing for doomsday.  Money was to be shifted into any kind of securities that were even half way decent.  Why do you think this was so?  It was so that when the Arab sheiks came to the point of bankruptcy they could be sure the people under them, those millions of peo­ple of the Arab countries who have literally been “kept” by give-away programs, could not get at them.  They would have a place to run to and, hopefully, hide.  Well, when this all comes down that these Arab countries have literally been sold out, innocently or know­ingly, there will be uprisings, turmoil and literally, massacres abounding.  It is go­ing to happen, friends, right in the Arab na­tions.


This is why they have purchased and set in place, silkworm type missiles from China.  Long range, nuclear capable, and they have the nuclear devices to arm them.  Could it be they will be needed against their own peo­ples?  The people are going to be quite irri­tated when they are no longer receiv­ing anything from the oil rev­enues, that their own country is bankrupt and that fur­ther, they were sold out by their own leaders.  At that point there will be mass migration of sheiks headed for America where they have already trans­ferred the most of their assets.


The Arabs were trying to make the big purchases by May of 1988; it is now a year and a half later.  Do you not think things might be starting to come down pretty soon?  Could it be rela­tively corre­lated in timing to savings-and-loan prob­lems and private pension plan troubles and failing economy and—and?


I continue to see problems as I look upon my scanners.  The proba­bility of you making it into your 1990 before a major de­pression is not reflected there.  I see no way for you to make it past your fall season.


You only need a couple more countries to default and your mone­tary system will collapse.  You sit on the target for several methods of pulling you down into collapse.  Well, back to the original story.


We are talking of holding companies in trouble.  The inter­national bankers have removed responsibility from them­selves.  They passed the notes, etc., on to the holding com­panies who in turn made the bad loans.  All that money be­longing to the Arabs has been passed on into the holding companies.  All the inter­national bankers have to do is say to the Arabs, “You are broke.  As of today—all gone!”  When the Arabs demand payment of the 30 year term notes, the hold­ing companies are insolvent—simple as that, no funds—broke.


Do you see now, that this group “made” people some years back and now they can “break” them with equal speed and ef­ficiency without being accountable?


I fear, friends, it is not very different from what is being done unto you dear ones.  ...but, that is another story.




What happens next after this point in insolvency and negoti­ations, is that the assets would have to be liq­uidated.  The Arabs now have to liquidate.  They bought farm land, for in­stance, all over Amer­ica.  Likewise they bought stocks in a lot of corpora­tions as well as a lot of bonds and some other kinds of real es­tate.  In fact, they have controlled a large portion of the New York Stock Ex­change.  Keep in mind the Japanese con­trol a large portion, also.


Let us look at the morning following the notice of bankruptcy.  The Arabs will dump their stocks onto the New York Stock Ex­change and what is going to happen when bil­lions of dollars worth of their stock comes on the market?  I am talking billions and billions of dol­lars and, suddenly, there it all is to be sold!


What happens to farm land that is already depressed?  In 1987 prime farmland that had been worth $3,000 an acre was less than $700 per acre because of deflation and the inabil­ity to repay farm loans.  Now you have added drought and all sorts of other bad dreams.  By the way, this deflation was brought about by your Fed­eral Reserve System.  Well, the Arabs don’t want that farmland, they have all the problems they can handle.  What hap­pens to the price of the farmland?  It is going right to the floor isn’t it?  Brothers, when that hap­pens  with the value what does it mean?  It means it has no collateral value any longer.  With no collateral value, how can a farmer borrow money next year for his crops?  In turn, what happens to the crops?  Who is go­ing to feed the people?  What is going to happen in the gro­cery markets?  The results, of course, equates to hunger and scarce supply.  Sad, brothers, but it is a well laid out plan working to perfection.


It all boils down to CONTROL and how do you ever re­cover.  Fur­ther, let us look at your stock situation.  What is going to happen when these multitudes of stocks are dumped on the stock market?  Chaos.  What will be the result of catas­trophic chaos?  IT HAS BEEN DE­SIGNED TO THROW THE AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGES, PRI­VATE CORPORA­TIONS, PRI­VATE BUSINESS, AMERICAN REAL ESTATE AND QUITE FRANKLY, THE PEO­PLE IN GEN­ERAL, INTO A STATE OF TOTAL CON­FUSION.




Let me finish the plan for you.  At the time of total confu­sion and inability to function, those benevolent bankers are going to come through with a “save the world proposal”.  They are going to be prepared to eliminate cash because of its collapse.  Sec­ondarily, they must then stop drug traf­ficking.  Then, they must also push to stop tax cheating.  Now, what self re­specting Amer­ican citizen can possibly be against such noble efforts?  They (the bankers) have set up and or­chestrated all of these pro­grams and now will pretend to stop them.


What will the average American do when your television says, “Look at what those dirty Arabs have done to you?”  What would you do?  You are going to believe what they tell you, aren’t you?  You are going to be right up there in front saying, “Sure they did it to us.  Those Arabs want to con­trol the world.”  Pretty soon it will be, “Those Japanese want to control the whole world,” and then, “The Chinese want to control the whole world.”  You will join the chant that says, “Look, they bought up all of this major part of Amer­ica.  Look at all the money we have given them, and see what they have done.  They have col­lapsed our stock market, et cetera and so on”.  Ah ha, but here come your benevolent bankers and they are going to say to you, “You have got to have a new currency and then the next thing we will do is use that new currency to stop this dope trafficking.  You know, that which is coming in from Cen­tral America and those other countries.  Then, of course, we are also going to have to have a debit card to stop people from tax cheating be­cause, af­ter all, Mr. Public, if we don’t do this we will never get our­selves back on our feet. —So, brothers, if you’ll just turn everything over to us benevolent bankers we will take care of everything and straighten out the whole mess.”  You know what, brethren?  You will hop on that band­wagon and agree to your im­prisonment like babes to candy.  You will not only agree to it; you will demand it.  For you will forget to hear the big IF.  “YOU WILL GET ALL THIS DONE FOR YOU IF YOU WILL JUST TAKE A DEBIT CARD FOR YOU INDIVIDU­ALLY WITH OUR LITTLE OLD NUMBER ON IT!”  YOU WILL HAVE JUST FALLEN FOR THE OLD IDENTIFICATION CARD SCHEME.






This has been a scenario about the Middle East.  Where do you think you are today and what do you think you will be when you have this new currency?  It will only devaluate the old “dollar” to zero.  It is planned al­ready and named al­ready: the Phoenix.  A little prior to this, there is a plan to bring forth an inter­national credit card ID.  Let us re­fer to it as a gov­ernment ID card with your so­cial security number on it which would be, and get this because the next is impor­tant, satellite linked through the Star Wars system.  Does any of this sound familiar to you?  This program of Star Wars is at least 60% geared towards this very purpose and only 40% for the claimed defense systems, etc.


This major space linkup will facilitate the transmis­sion of bank­ing information throughout the world in­stantly.  This would be a debit card with a number which would be required for you to do business, and friends, if you know anything at all about your Bibli­cal prophecies, God has already told you it will be, it will take place.  Further, it will be done in such a clever way that you “Christians” who say you will NEVER sign up nor partic­ipate will never see it hit you and you will have joined the pro­gram without even realizing it.  How else are you going to sur­vive?  Let us not be foolish in our claims for you are deal­ing with most clever plan­ners who have out thought you com­pletely up to this date.


Now, I hope you will believe me when I tell you that the “Star Wars” program of satellite systems is in place.  Satellites are up there, friends.  We of other planets are allowed to stop nu­clear warheads—we are not permitted to touch satellites which are not geared to some type of nu­clear detonation.


Well, all those wonder filled bits of technology called eyes in the sky and spy satellites “for your security” are really for the pur­pose of transfer of the very banking and income informa­tion which I have just been describing.  It can set up immediate transfer of funds from all over the entire world, from the debit card, that the internationalists will see to it are estab­lished with every living person.  You will be on the system whether you know it or not.  In fact, you who are old enough to read these words—and every child—is already entered therein.


All information will be entered into a central computer and from that place the world will come under instant financial control.  So, dear Americans, you have just paid your hard earned money to finance that program to initiate the bankers’ international credit card system and number system that will be implemented whether or not you choose of it.  IT IS DONE, BROTHERS, IT IS IN PLACE—DONE!  DON’T TELL ME YOU WILL NOT PARTICIPATE—YOU ARE ALREADY A PARTICI­PANT, DEAR LITTLE ONES.


Oh yes, what of your defense system?  Doesn’t look too good, does it?  Well, we are not going to let those nu­clear war­heads out here in our space past one hundred fifty miles anyway.  That is our pre­rogative and we stop them or disman­tle them.




Do you not see, brothers, that this is the way the prophe­cies are coming into your focus?  It is happening all about you but you don’t seem to know what it is you look for.


Please, all I want you to do at present is HEAR ME.  There is naught you can do about it to any great extent as it stands. 


You who will hear me and mine own groups, hear me.  You must uti­lize all of the remaining time to its maximum efficiency for we will have to continue to work under the new systems.  Our projects will never be less than excellent investments and they must, and will, be funded.  It needs to be done rapidly, how­ever, before we are caught up in total collapse of the monetary system.  We can work through depression if we have fundings—monetary collapse shuts us down for all prac­tical pur­poses, un­til the system can be put on track and functioning.


It can work and will work, for in these confused, rushed and ha­rassed days there is great madness to shift money and make money on money and etc.  Countries such as China, Japan—all non hard currency coun­tries are desperate to convert to dollars.


I will further tell you that your governments know we are here.  They also know we are not here to interfere.  We are here to walk our people through a transition and we plan nothing subver­sive.  We do plan good business ventures and welcome all who wish to partici­pate.  We have no communes, all work for fair re­ward.  We plan good business with total integrity and lat­est technol­ogy.  We are here to help, not overthrow.  We are here only to walk our brothers through, for it will all come down just as the prophecies are given.  There will be some very bad times ahead most surely if plans are not made for those days of tribulation.


Let me speak a bit more regarding “timing”.  I know that what I have said is truth.


It was confirmed by top sources in Switzerland that by Octo­ber of last year there were twelve debtor nations who had agreed to the proposal of debt forgiveness in exchange for perpetual con­signment of natural re­sources.  There only need to be one or two more that give enough leverage to announce the Arabs bankrupt.  As of now, all the top leaders in the Arab world know the story and they are scared to death about it.  They don’t know what they are going to do about it; there is actually noth­ing they can do about it.  They cer­tainly do not know how to announce it to their populace.  There doesn’t seem to be any way to get the information out to the peo­ple.


Further, no one knows how to announce all this to the Ameri­can peo­ple.  It has been attempted by some and fallen on deaf ears.  I hope that by the time many of you have read this document, there will be recognition of our presence in your space.  What I tell you is truth.




I would like now, to sum up this scenario.


Because the 20 to 1 debt to asset banking ratio also oper­ates in reverse (that’s how it is with leverage), it only takes about five percent of the Third World countries to de­clare bankruptcy and when they do, and they accept the plan of the international bankers, then the bankers can declare the bank holding compa­nies bankrupt.  Because of the  re­verse leverage of the loans, only 5% of the Third World countries could basi­cally declare the world bankrupt and the ownership of all falls to the interna­tional bankers.


When this program is initiated and in place, it will wind up with the international bankers owning all mort­gages and all proper­ties.  What is that going to do to your country?  What about the world?  What control will they have when they ini­tiate the debit card?  It will be an automatic number which will be given and would be re­quired because the country is devastated.


It would then result that the international bankers, who are made up of all these secret and complex commit­tees I have previ­ously discussed, would now own the ma­jority of the United States and most other countries (for all will fall in short order), would control the Arab world and therefore, by about a thirty year plan of manip­ulation, will have brought the peoples of the world un­der control.


Two years ago, your Senator George Hansen said you had only about a year to get this under control, to get the informa­tion out and do something about it.  Well, your year has passed into two and a half.  How much have you heard about it?  I doubt very much.  Brothers, this is how men make slaves of their fellow men.


It has, however, been prophesied since the beginning of your world that these things would come to pass.  This statement is not to give you negative feelings.  This is to tell you that you are IN the time of the evolu­tion of your planet where these things are now coming to be.


I go through all this that you might recognize the signs which are all around you.  The time, in your per­ception of time, is fleeting.  The “time” we call se­quence of events—is fleeting.  We have much to do and we are here and avail­able to assist you ones of God and the children of your planet called Earth Terra.  You are a sister planet to we of Pleiades.  Many of our ones walk among you.  There are many duties and jobs that must now be finished.

 The story, the work, will go out for that is God’s promise to man.  His promise is to allow man to hear and to see, followed by proof.  He will send these things through us of the space brotherhood.


These things shall be documented and sent forth to man so that man can see what he wishes to do—what choices he wishes to make re­garding his divinity.


I am going to leave this portion now, that you ones can pon­der these things.


We come in love and we can see farther than you.  We have ac­cess to all records, so we can see and know.  We can give as­sistance if we are so petitioned.  And you might ask, “Why would you ones do that?”  Because Fa­ther God the Totality, the Light which is your Source and My Source loved you enough to send forth His Ce­lestial Son, before us.  We now serve that same “Son” who is our Commander and act in His service.


Further, for you who are our brothers, we will not leave you stranded on that place.  Ye who do not yet know me, will come to understanding of our presence.  I leave mine seal and my bless­ings on this portion, which I fear is quite lengthy.  Please ponder it several times until you have un­derstanding for it is most impor­tant.


Go Dharma, it has been such a terribly long session for you.  Turn the papers over to the others that you may get some rest.


Salu, Salu, Salu           Hatonn moving to stand-by.