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Please note that all User/Owner Operators who fail to utilize this equip­ment/information prop­erly negate the warranty.  I accept all reasonable com­plaints and give further instructions if re­quired—but the manual has been written by the Master Instruc­tors and I find them to be pre­sented in GREAT CLAR­ITY.  If complaints bear “OPINIONS” of the “contemplating” user, I suggest you leave the Complaint Department out of the loop for YOUR “opinion” of how to operate or fly this equipment in no way alters the warranty offered herein.  You of Earth have most ob­viously forgotten how to operate all higher component parts of soul; i.e., Love, Forgive­ness, Passion for Truth, Peace, Understanding and Godly Intent, in the greater num­bers of par­ticipants.  This has been also test-proven to be so and correct.  The management herein offers continuing courses and examples of misuse, trial and error, but the instruction course is drawing quickly to an end and there shall be no repeat courses offered.  This is a one-time offer and all ones who are considering pas­sage, and/or pur­chase, lease or rental shall be considered until point of lift-off.  Desti­nations will vary according to achieve­ment of par­ticipant/student.  Crash landings and failure to maintain class attendance and hands-on instruc­tions will be con­sidered as “flunking”.  Return to personal opinionated teaching of alternative methods will immediately cause denial of passage on Phoenix Fleet craft for it will be obvious that the instructors and in­ventors and participants of other courses—KNOW BET­TER—and I suggest you await your fluffy cloud.  However, please note that the One upon whom you place your blood-bathed salvation is traveling on the Phoenix!  The ONE whose return you await—is traveling on the Phoenix!  The determi­nation is solely up to purchaser/user.  Half-measures are only acceptable during the training and learning process while in full compli­ance with reg­ulations and course rules.

Proper operation according to this manual is the only method of procuring pas­sage on the “lift-off” craft on the day following this period of “countdown”.  No passage can be guaranteed on “possible” secondary flights.  Only ones passing flight instruc­tion school shall be allowed to oper­ate equipment.  Only ones with passing grades from Authorized In­structors shall be per­mitted aboard for full duration destination.  Some passengers shall be boarded for shorter des­tination points but shall promptly be dropped off roster for deliberate misuse of equipment with full in­tent.  Testing has been fully completed and no further “testing” will be permitted—the World called Earth flunked all test-runs and road-tests and has failed to get the bird off the ground—WE SHALL NOW DO IT GOD’S WAY.  THOSE OBJECTING WILL PLEASE STAND ASIDE AND DO NOT BLOCK ENTRANCE TO LOADING RAMP.

The entire manual and operations directions are quite few and simplistic with ability to be con­tained on one page of document.  Examples and definitions are included for your reading plea­sure and thorough under­standing.

All rules will be adhered to as handed down from Manufacturer and Au­thorized Instructors.  Testing will take place in isolation and no cheating shall be per­mitted.  Cheating on quizzes will be considered as part of the cause-and-effect training and shall be handled on individual basis and con­sideration of Manufac­turer and Instructor.

I, Professor Hatonn, Fleet Commander, shall continue to be your current-events and bad-news professor—oh, suffer greatly.

I expect these manuals and instructions to be tattered and worn with the study and re-study.  All trashed manuals shall be noted as to trasher so if you do not wish a Phoenix or a journey thereon, I suggest you offer a good deal on a sec­ond-hand jour­nal/manual to a friend—or espe­cially an enemy.  For if you de­cline to read the material, I shall most surely as­sume your en­emy might well be quite interested.  Do not underestimate the testing procedures of God for each piece of input or outtake is duly noted on the service record of each student.  So be it.

I salute you and desire to welcome you aboard.  I will make my­self avail­able after class hours for tutoring if required.  The price of this course shall be paid in non-material barter—no ex­ceptions, please.  Checks and IOU’s are not ac­ceptable nor are C.O.D. orders except as duly earned by prior training.

We make no refunds nor do we “do anything FOR you”, nor do we ac­cept any homework or the­sis completed by a second party.  Thank you for adherence to the rules and all objections shall be duly noted and DIS­CARDED.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Cmdr.

P.S.: My recommendations to management carry great “weight” so by­passing this department will merit only demerits in func­tional value.