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Jesus Sananda, Lord MIchael and St. Germain

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First we will define prejudice (to PRE-JUDGE),  “A judgment or opin­ion formed BEFORE the facts are known; especially an unfavorable, ir­rational opinion.  2.  Hatred or dislike for a par­ticular group, race, reli­gion, etc.  3. In­jury or damage to a per­son arising from a hasty and unfair judgment by oth­ers.”  Now one who is prejudiced is usually also referred to as a bigot, de­fined as,  “An intolerant, prejudiced person.

”So one who is prejudiced pronounces judgment based solely on their own OPIN­ION which has very little or NO basis in truth or fact.  For exam­ple, in your current society, when Hatonn, within the PHOENIX JOURNALS, brings up and exposes THE TRUTH about what are THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION, what is the true motivation of the ONES behind ZIONISM, how the term “jew” was created and is henceforth revealed as a mis­nomer or incorrect “made-up” word, he and the publishers are called ANTI-SEMITIC.  Well, this word anti-Semitic is also USED by the ONES who are NOT Judean, but come from the Nordic and Mongol tribes of Russia, who were then called KHAZARS who adopted Ju­daism as their religion, to allow shield from “identity” and thus CAUSE confu­sion and dissen­sion to FURTHER their OWN anti-SEMITIC, ANTI-LIFE or ANTI-CHRIST means.  The word, as you have learned in pre­vious PHOENIX JOURNALS, “SEMITE” comes from the lin­eage of one of the sons of the one called “Noah”.  His name was SEM (SHEM), whose ancestor was ADAM, the father of the white human race, who was conceived by union of the Heavenly son and guardian angel, SEMJASA and an “earth” woman. Sem (Shem) and his line wherefrom came Joseph, “earth” father to Jmmanuel, were seeded of HOLY GOD from HIS celestial SONS.  So to call one an ANTI-Semite does not mean anti-”jew” or anti-other races; it means ANTI-GOD!

Yet, you ones, including the truly GODLY Judeans, have been pro­grammed by “opinion-molders” created by THE EVIL ONES of satan, who now call them­selves ZIONIST JEWS, to falsely believe that those who openly expose and op­pose the ANTI-GOD activities of ZIONISM, THEIR AGENCIES, SUCH AS THE ADL, THE MOSSAD and the state of ISRAEL are ANTI-SEMITES and, therefore, TO BE SILENCED!  Clever indeed have been the ones who wish only to DESTROY GOD­NESS and control your world.  So you see, dear ones, if you believe the lies of the “opinion molders”, you too are then PREJUDICED, and by your IGNORANCE you become a tool of EVIL and allow destruction of SELF and OTHERS who fol­low you willingly down the road to HELL.  You’ve heard it said,  “The road to hell is paved with `good’ inten­tions.”  Make  sure your “good” intentions are GOD’S intentions backed BY TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE, not by OPINIONS designed to allow YOU to HANG YOURSELF.

The evil ones are possessed by irrational pre-judgment, hatred and dis­like for others which makes them intolerant or bigoted toward those who oppose THEIR self-will OPINIONS of how things are or should be.  As was discussed under the first “deadly” sin of PRIDE, if the one possessed of evil first cannot seduce others into believing what is THEIR DE­STRUCTIVE and manipulative false VIEW of things, they will then de­sire and seek to DESTROY the ones of “goodness” and “integrity” be­cause of THEIR (the evil ones) own intolerant bigoted will.

Now we would like to give clarification unto ones struggling to under­stand the meaning of Hatonn’s statement of Truth,  “There are no victims, there are only volunteers.”  I, Sananda, and MANY of THE HOSTS OF GOD/ATON were present this weekend past, with our speakers, Desireé and George Green.  Our beloved chela, Desireé, repeated that statement to the group attending the “seminar” introducing THE PHOENIX JOUR­NALS.  We observed a very precious one unto us and GOD/ATON struggle with this concept.  He asked two ques­tions which we would like to bring clari­fication upon.  But be­fore we start, please let us give understanding of intent and pur­pose of these two of GOD/ATON’s speakers.

 Our beloved George brings the sharing of his life experiences with intent to in­troduce and bring understanding of THE TRUTH he recognizes within the JOUR­NALS.  He has much experience with speaking before groups, and of being target for criticism.  He is “THE SOLID ROCK” who gives strength to the others of our mission because he moves fear­lessly ahead in FOCUSED DEVOTION for bringing “LIGHT” and “TRUTH” where there is ignorance, in spite of the slings and arrows thrust at him and Desireé, Dharma and Oberli and all the others of our circle.  He brings you his earthly perception of understanding which he hopes you ones can relate with and FURTHER inves­tigate for your­selves.  [Editor’s note: For those who know what has happened to George and Desireé—this is a good les­son of what can happen to ones who fail to ask for the Shield of God to be kept around them at all times, with the intent for service unto others.]

Desireé brings the balance of the SPIRITUAL lessons that GOD/ATON has presented within her.  She stands in represen­tation and humble service unto TRUTH that you may relate to her humanness to allow further GODLY clarity and under­standing of YOUR DIVINE HERITAGE.  Will they occasion­ally err in their projections of facts given in the JOURNALS?  Of course, they too have “limited” memory and many volumes to study.  We tell you this that you relate humanly with these ones and recognize that the “errors” of details are minor, as the INTEGRITY of these blessed ones is integrity of DIVINE God­ness.  THEY have come in humble service as GOD/ATON’S human physical messengers to introduce THE WORD and plant the seeds of awakening within you ones.  IT IS THEN UP TO EACH TO READ THE JOURNALS FOR YOURSELVES, make your own discernment of Truth and thusly, make the changes within and without to change of the evil circumstances before you.  DO not expect these ones OR ANY OTHERS to “spoon” feed it to you and “discern” it FOR you!

Desireé, in her humanness, at times feels “unworthy” and strug­gles in agony with her responsibility of HOW to best reach you.  We have in­structed her, as has our brother, Hatonn, that SHE need not “prepare” for presentation to you ones because GOD/ATON will give her that which she needs to share.  Her “ego” resists and is afraid that she will somehow “forget” or say the “wrong” thing or “not hear” our instructions and be­come flustered.  She still believes that because she has had no earthly “training” on public speaking that she cannot possibly be ABLE.  We will set her opinion to straight, and she IS releasing her fear and “unworthiness”.  Please recognize HER PURE INTENT, as well AS GEORGE’S, is to bring YOU THE TRUTH in balance so that you can, through Godly empowerment of knowledge and wisdom, FREE YOUR­SELVES from evil “adversary” bondage.  In time with “practice” she is BECOMING most ABLE to share within the SPONTANEITY of GOD’s WILL.  And as THEY TOGETHER continue to gain balance and har­mony as a TEAM, wherever GOD/ATON takes them (as well as THE JOUR­NALS) in HIS (Aton’s) SER­VICE OF INTRODUCING THE WORD, HE, too, will confront the “ANTI-GOD, ADVER­SARY” until there are no more “dark” places for the ANTI-GOD to HIDE!  The ad­versary will be EXPOSED for the PREJUDICES cre­ated of malicious lies, hatred and deception and STAND NAKED before GOD/ATON for SELF-JUDG­MENT.  Which “side” will YOU choose?  LIFE or death?  GOD or adversary?

Now, in addition, when Desireé shared the diagram of HER perception of CREATION, she told you it was HER perception of guidance given to help HER SEE and UNDERSTAND the ONENESS and UNITY of ALL.  She wished only to bring you more understanding of ONENESS.  Is the diagram she gave wrong?  NO, it is simply LIMITED in FULLNESS of under­standing by the limits of your languages and perceptions of what is an UNLIMITED state of BEING.

Now back to our precious brother whom we will call “A”.  You asked of these ones, “Are you saying then, that the “blacks” volunteered for slavery?” (because there are no victims, only volunteers).

Yes, precious one, because they CHOSE to play the part of “VICTIM” by being born or cast into slavery by the white ones.  Is slavery wrong?  OF COURSE! As you have read, it breaks the 18th Law OF GOD and CRE­ATION.  NOW in order to see and understand from the standpoint of ONENESS OF SPIRIT, you must not see yourself as of black or white or male or female but as a fragment OF GOD/ATON.  ALL of you, re­gardless of the body you now inhabit,  have played (or are playing) the part of VICTIM or VICTIMIZER throughout your life-times of experi­ence.  WHY DID YOU VOLUNTEER FOR VICTIM­HOOD?  OR TO BE VICTIMIZER?  Because you became lost in your illusion, and many have repeated, through cause and ef­fect of continual PREJUDICED be­havior and NOT understand­ing or remembering YOUR GOD-POWER AND THE TRUTH OF ONENESS, the same lessons over and over again.  You be­come victims as a result of being “false” PRIDEFUL and PREJUDICED and you volunteer as VICTIMIZERS because you are “false” PRIDEFUL and PREJUDICED.  Are you not tired of this illusion of separation from source, precious chelas?  We hope so!  Because many of you have been and still are playing the part of victim or victimizer BY CHOICE TO RE­MAIN IGNO­RANT OF TRUTH!  So what will you have left to volunteer for?  SERVICE TO what is GOD’s WILL in Love, Harmony, Balance and Freedom.  We offer you choice by of­fering you truth of your folly so that you may leave your “illusion” forever and come HOME to ONENESS of GOD/ATON once again!

The one who feels superior to others because he is white, black or brown, male or female, is prejudiced.  The one who feels “CHOSEN” of special­ness to God because he follows Christian or Judean or Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist RELI­GIONS is prejudiced.  Do you see, precious ones, it MATTERS NOT to GOD what color be your skin, what sex be your form or what religious doctrine you follow.  Those are labels of manifested illusion.  WHAT IS REAL IS THE SPIRIT OF FA­THER/MOTHER GOD AND THE CREATION WHICH EX­ISTS IN ALL OF YOU!  It matters not to God if you call your­self Muslim or Christian or Atheist, what matters is HOW YOU THINK AND HOW YOU BEHAVE toward yourself and your brethren, regardless of what THEY label themselves.  DO YOU SEEK the harmony and balance of LOVE AND UNITY?  Do you live your life in accordance to the natural Laws of Balance given forth? OR do you seek to feel yourself SEPARATE and SUPERIOR OR INFERIOR to others, such as, by class, by color or by religion?  That is PREJ­UDICE, friends.  Do you openly disregard THE LAWS given forth as “outdated” or “false” which means you are PREJUDICED because you “don’t know” or refuse to understand THE FACTS of LOGIC which is the FOUN­DATION of THESE LAWS GIVEN FORTH FOR BAL­ANCE?  You see, chelas, to be an “israeli” meaning CHO­SEN of GOD, is to LIVE IN ACCOR­DANCE TO GOD’S WILL in light, unity, love, wisdom, truth, balance and harmony.  Israel is NOT A PLACE, it is a STATE OF BEING (I AM) OF ONENESS AND BALANCE OF HOLY DIVINE GOD AND THE CRE­ATION. The other question asked by my beloved brother, A. was along this line, “I was taught that Jesus was dark-skinned and curly haired, yet in several of the Jour­nals, there is a picture which depicts him as fair-skinned with dark hair?  WHY?”  First beloved A., do not become distracted by images of appear­ance.  I, Sananda, who you ones called “Jesus” was “born” of Judean parents of fair skin.  My seed was of the lineage of Rasiel, a descendant of the Sons of Heaven. The guardian angel, Gabriel, then brought my seed and in­seminated Mary.   IT MATTERS NOT WHAT FORM I TOOK!  Your concern from the confusion of images presented to you of my being, pre­cious one, is that you fear you will not recognize me when I return in manifested format.  FEAR NOT, BELOVED A., YOU OF MINE BROTHERS WILL KNOW ME!  Not by my image, necessarily, but by MY BEING, MY ENERGY, MY ONENESS WITH MINE FATHER ATON!

Blessings be unto this precious one who asks in sincere intent that Truth be given unto him, for his questions were asked in behalf of the many and when ye ask of GOD/ATON,  ye shall receive your answer in the TRUTH and WISDOM of THE ONE ALL THAT IS.  I AM.

We will now close this document and this Journal that you pre­cious chelas, our brothers and sisters, will have before you the wondrous tools of recognition of that which is LIFE OF GOD/ATON and that which is SEPARATION, DARK­NESS, IGNORANCE AND DEATH OF SPIRIT WITHIN, the Anti-Christ, Anti-God, satan, adversary.  May you NOW, from this MOMENT OF ETER­NITY, wisely understand and follow the Laws laid forth herein, that you may witness and participate in the UN­LIMITED SPIRITUAL co-creation and free­dom which is YOURS, if you but align yourself IN the BALANCE of ONE­NESS which is HAR­MONY, LOVE, POWER, WISDOM AND TRUTH...THE WILL OF OUR FATHER GOD/ATON.  So be it.

We are Sananda, Lord Michael, St. Germain and Druthea,  your HOSTS sent of HOLY GOD/ATON, in HIS service and in YOUR service of LIGHT AND OF TRUTH.  We come, along with our MANY cosmic brothers/angels of LIGHT, because WE ALL LOVE YOU as is THE WILL of our FATHER AND SPIR­ITUAL RULER, GOD/ATON, FOR WE ARE ALL BUT ONE WITHIN THE CREATION.