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Jesus Sananda, Lord MIchael and St. Germain

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Remember Hypocrisy is “The pretense (pretending to) of having feelings or characteristics one does NOT possess such as virtue or piety.”  We dis­cussed un­der THE LAWS, number 17, that one of the biggest “signs” car­ried by ones pos­sessed of “evil” is their Hypocrisy.

We will first discuss the Hypocrites of your “religious” Institu­tions who will carefully cultivate the “appear ance” of Godly piety and high virtuous standards.  And they will speak with “conviction” about the virtues of what they, in all their mag­nanimous  goodliness or godliness, possess in order to LEAD you into the Righteousness of God’s Kingdom, where they themselves “reside”.  So, while you deceived ones are crying tears of joy for being “allowed” the opportunity to be in the presence of one so great, you gladly fill the “hat” of this false one with all the “gold” you can spare, just so, perhaps, you too may be found “worthy” and allowed en­trance into God’s King­dom.  But the hypocrite has you now.  He will pass the “hat” again and again until you have no more to give...then he will abandon you and call you “unworthy”, and mostly many of you ones have be­lieved yourselves unworthy and thus deserving of poverty.  All the while he is seducing you and making you his “slave”, the hypocrite sits “mockingly” and smugly in his “false” splendor of hatred and manipula­tion, drooling lascivi­ously and covetously over the hoards of “wealth” he has STOLEN from you, the blind and ignorant sheeple.

After the “religious” Hypocrite has TOLD you what you must NOT do and what you MUST do to reach GOD’S Kingdom, and he knows you be­lieve him, he knows you now BELONG to him and he will make you pay dearly.  All along while the hypocrite is leading you into his slaughter house of deception, he will quite systematically, behind the doors of “secrecy”, himself break EV­ERY rule of Godly behavior which he has in­structed you to follow.  The Hyp­ocrite’s motivation?  POWER and CONTROL over others at ANY COST.  He always believes himself su­perior in all things, particularly “intelligence”, when he is able to DUPE and DECEIVE others and also garner their GOLD for his OWN selfish interests.  This one is under the spell of evil as is called false “pride” or also cancerous narcissism which we discussed earlier under PRIDE.

You, precious blind ones, now have allowed infiltration within most of your WORLD government systems and the “agencies” set up therein, of the evil narcissist HYPOCRITES at the lead or head, positioning them­selves for the de­struction of all goodness and freedom and ultimately YOUR en­slavement to THEIR self-will of EVIL control.  They are the ones, now without con­science, who will TELL you all you WISH to hear and THEN DO THAT WHICH THEY PLEASE to control you and ren­der you “powerless” against THEM.  The “bastard” seed of evil is now so insidi­ous, it has infiltrated and possessed nearly ALL who would call them­selves your “leaders”, and most of you ones know it not.  That is how the narcissistic Hypocrite “satan” or “adversary” against GOD has come to now rule you; quietly, secretly and with extraordinary cunning.  They have nearly ac­complished your enslavement without most of you EVEN knowing the crimes of power-manipulation which have occurred before your very beings!  Is it hopeless? NEVER!  God WINS in the final confronta­tion with EVIL, but each fragment must choose GOD’S will by understanding and following THE LAWS OF BALANCE given in order to be allowed en­trance into HIS HOLY KINGDOM OF LOVE, OF TRUTH, WISDOM and LIFE!  What will YOU DO to EARN entrance into GOD’S Kingdom of LIGHT?  GOD/ATON waits for your decision.  ATON’s LOVE and PRO­TECTION and GUIDANCE is a breath away, precious chelas.  HE awaits your sincere petition.  Will YOU NOW take GOD’s hand of LIFE or will you fall into the trap of “illusion”, of dark­ness, destruction, ignorance and separation which is Evil?

We shall now briefly address hypocritical behavior practiced by you “common” folk.  Are you kind and friendly with ones to their face and then because of jealousy, envy or prejudice de­nounce and criticize THEM in private behind their backs?  This is commonly practiced among you ones, mostly without your “awareness” of same.  We will set you to “awareness” now.  You must not judge another human fragment as less or greater than you in God’s reflection; only judge their behavior which you know goes contrary to the Laws of Balance of God/Creation given forth.  You honor ones when you extend your hand in honest love and friend­ship.  But if you extend your hand giving the “impression” of love and friendship and secretly despise this human because he/she is black or brown or white or poor or rich or fat or thin, or, or, or...then you too, are a hypocrite.  We will discuss more in detail on bigotry and prejudice lastly within your “deadly” sins.

So to discover or recognize the narcissistic hypocrite, you will need not BE­LIEVE what he SAYS he is or does or represents, but find out WHAT HE DOES in secrecy.  Remember, “By their fruits, ye shall know them”.