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Jesus Sananda, Lord MIchael and St. Germain

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Now, we will also discuss in further detail that which is guilt.  Earlier, we talked about how the Anti-Christ traps you in PAST-GUILT ORIENTA­TION as a way in which to rob you of the NOW or present Moment of LIFE.  We will first de­fine guilt:  “1.  The fact or condition of having committed a legal or moral of­fense.  2. A feeling of remorse arising from a real or imagined commission of an offense.  3. Guilty conduct.   GUILTY defined as,  “1.  Deserving of blame for some offense.  2. Con­victed of some offense 3. Involving, pertaining to, or showing guilt.”


The first thing you must realize is that to FEEL guilt about some past thought, word or deed does not always necessarily mean you are GUILTY of a “wrong” against YOUR SPIRIT WITHIN.  The “wrong” to the Spirit Within occurs when you assume unworthiness or blame upon self and thus punish self by self-condemning thoughts and actions.  You must always ask yourselves: do you feel “guilt” because someone else has offered it or imposed it upon you and you have accepted or allowed them to blame you for some action or occurrence which you KNOW you are really not “guilty” of?  Let us give you an example of a response of “false” guilt which many of you ones will relate with in experience within your “modern” western civilization.


Let us say you are a girl child of eleven-years-old.  Up to this age you have enjoyed relative childhood security, love and dependence with your Mother and Father.  Then, suddenly, you are told by your parents that THEY no longer love one another and cannot live together and will be­come DIVORCED.  Please un­derstand this carefully, precious ones; IN MOST ALL CASES of separation of parents, the child or children BLAME THEMSELVES.  You see, the child often believes that, “If mommy and daddy can stop loving each other, they can stop loving me, too.”  We would suggest to you ones that if a couple says they STOPPED loving one another, they most likely NEVER truly loved.  Do you see how confusing this sort of drastic change and separation is to a child?  Now in our hypothetical case, let us continue with the story in which sim­ilar circum­stances have occurred with many.  The Mother retains “custody” of the little girl.  The father leaves town, he says, for other work challenges and opportuni­ties.  The child seldom sees him anymore; he is always so busy.  The child’s Mother must go to work, let us say for the first time since she became married to the child’s Father.


Do you begin to see what this looks and feels like to the little girl?  She feels she has been rejected, she begins to feel unloved and unworthy be­cause she blames herself for her parent’s divorce by perhaps not being a “good” enough little girl.  Her mother works and comes home irritable, resentful and angry at the little girl’s father, which only adds to the little girl’s soul-anguish and feel­ings of unworthiness.  The two people she loved, trusted and even idolized the most no longer exist for her.  She is alone.  Do you ones realize that ALL most of you truly want is to be sin­cerely always LOVED exactly the way you are without conditions?


So the little girl begins to punish herself.  She begins to seek LOVE and accep­tance outside herself which she feels she no longer has at home.  Throughout her teen years she walks the path of victim by self-destructive actions and by continuous rejection by others.  You see, like so many of you even now in adult state, she only wants to BE LOVED, but because she feels UNWORTHY of the true LOVE she pines for, she continues to sabotage herself by choosing rela­tionships which dishonor her as she dis­honors herself.  She may become angry toward “male” humans, because she is angry with her Father “for leaving her”.  She may not only punish self but also seek to punish all “men” who represent her Father.  Eventu­ally her heart is so hardened she feels nothing, no joy, no love, no car­ing.  It is her against the world and she feels alone and bitter.


Now God, our Father, is most distressed when one of HIS becomes lost in “negative” response to his/her manifested experience.  HE in His mercy will send help to the child or young woman to help her recognize that there are those WHO do love and care for her.  He will send her “signs” of HIS LOVE so that she may forgive and heal the dis-ease within self.  Will she recognize THE LOVE OF OUR FATHER presented to her?  It is her choice, for God will never force any.  He will, though, wisely choose the one/ones who will mani­fest HIS LOVE FOR HER, which He deems will be most acceptable to her.  It will then depend upon her soul integrity how well she will recognize, forgive and overcome her self-im­posed “guilt”.


Many of you ones who NOW serve faithfully within HIS service, have mani­fested for yourselves very difficult circumstances in your growing years in which you had to ultimately understand, forgive and overcome in order to serve HIS WILL as willingly as you do now.  WHY?  Mostly you ones have simply asked for difficult “testing” in order to gain the compassion and understanding of how and why your brethren have been so crippled, deceived and so lost for so long, so that you can “relate” with the circumstances of the deceived and thereby be the most effective in helping them see “THE LIGHT” of GODLY TRUTH WITHIN THEM!  Be most grateful for the lessons offered, learned and overcome, chelas; you are spiritually MUCH stronger because of them.


Now we will discuss Past-Guilt Orientation a bit more.  If you feel guilty for some past deed, you must determine WHY the guilt is felt.  If you recognize an error against another, then by understanding and learning the lesson and then self-forgiveness, you will have released GUILT.  Many of you instead wallow around in the “horrible” situation and wish only to feel sorry for yourselves so that you think you are not responsible for the “error”.  Recognize your responsibility, learn the lesson, forgive AND RELEASE it.  IT is done and you further the transgression against your SPIRIT by “reliving” the “dastardly” deed in your mind and not LIVING your moment NOW in fullness.  This is PUNISHMENT of self and is not of GOD, but of the ANTI-Christ.  Do you see?  You walk around saying, “I SHOULD have”...well, you DIDN’T and it is over.  The next time a similar situation presents itself, and it will, you will know how best to re­spond with GODLY integrity, right?