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Jesus Sananda, Lord Michael and St. Germain

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    ‘phoenix operator-owner manual’ – phoenix journal # 27 - Recognizing  and  Defining  The

Most  “Deadly”  Sins  of  Hu-Man


 We are your hosts, Sananda, Lord Michael, Germain and Druthea in ser­vice to the Truth and Wisdom which is only of THE HOLY LIGHT OF GOD/ATON AND THE CREATION.  We come from the Cosmic Coun­cil of THE LIGHT OF GOD/ATON THE ONE WITHIN ALL to bring to you, our brethren, the Truth that you too may JOIN in the JOY of ONE­NESS, the “lighted” brother­hood within GOD’s HOLY KING­DOM of LIGHT, TRUTH, BEAUTY AND WISDOM.

First, we would like to give careful clarification of our use of terms to represent God/Aton.  You will find that we often say “Father within” or refer to Aton as a “HE” signaling “male” gender.  This way we term our Creator in your lan­guage is NOT meant as a sexual GENDER as you rec­ognize same.   Our Cre­ator God/Aton represents BOTH male/female “principles”, if you will.  There is no “sexual” gender differential.  The SPIRIT of LIFE is what you may under­stand, in limited lan­guage, male/female energy representation.  AS ARE ALL OF YOU!   You each have chosen a body, male or female, for your experience, only BOTH en­ergies are represented within each of you.  Also, you will find examples used in which we will say “he” which we mean as a general hu-man term for human­ity, NOT specific sexual gender.  This we explain so that the ones who are in “female” physical form do not feel “slighted” or that we honor them less.  And so also, ones in “male” physical form do not feel more or less than equal to female humans.  ALL fragments of CRE­ATOR/CREATION are equal in re­flection re­gardless of what “color” or “gender” of physical form is taken.  In your own minds, if you prefer to call and refer to GOD/ATON/CREATION as Mother/Father Cre­ator/Cre­ation...then so be it.

Now, we would like to bring “light” and understanding unto that question ALL of you have struggled with, and that is, “What is Evil?”  But before you can have understanding of “What is Evil”, we must help you to un­derstand, “What is God?”  Since The Laws of God and Creation given forth have described God as the “ruler” of the human races and the “King of Wisdom”, then this, in itself, implies that God is a GREAT BEING of spiritual wisdom and perfection  within THE CREATION.  But to confine what God IS to limits of 3rd dimensional human lan­guage and perception alone is a mistake.  Because of the “limited” boundaries of your plane, you have not yet developed the capability of defining a “limitless” being or “state of being”.

Since our God Creator has “created” us, what this means is that He has “fragmented” Himself, as The Creation fragmented itself in the Creation of God,  in order to expand and experience more of THE TOTALITY OF THE ONE.  This is why God’s Laws, the Laws of Nature, the Laws of Balance and the Laws of The Creation all exist as the same UNIVERSAL laws of cohesive harmony and ONENESS.  Universal laws are the COS­MIC CODES  of unlimited cre­ative unfoldment which allows the greatest degree of EXPANSION and of EX­PRESSION of THE TOTALITY OF ALL THAT IS.  Each fragment exists as a part of CREATOR God and thus as a part of THE CREATION as well.  The Cosmic Codes or “laws” are the keys of LOGIC which maintain the bal­anced coalescence of CRE­ATIVE un­folding EXPANSION of the ONE ALL THAT IS.  So, by learning to recognize that which “limits” your expanding cre­ative po­tential, you will identify that which keeps you “bound” to your “illusion” of separation from THE ONE.  And by gain­ing the wisdom of KNOWL­EDGE of what is Evil, Sin, and Adversary to God and Creation, you will then be able to wisely move your awareness to what is your personal re­sponsibility in the Co-creation of the LOVE of LIFE which is the JOY of WHOLENESS and  ONENESS of the LIMITLESS CREATION.

So then now, “What is Evil?”  Evil, also called “satan” or “adversary”, is all thought and the energy it creates  which  is  allowed  or  is  chosen  (through Free-Will) to exist, which “confines” and “limits” the expansion and expression of creative unfoldment of the totality of ONENESS.  It is that which “swims” against the flow of Cosmic Creation in order to FEEL itself in separation and thus it exists only within boundaries or limits of THE WHOLE.  It is self-con­suming in that it seeks to dominate the WHOLE and because it can only domi­nate within ITS own self-imposed boundaries, it finally is consumed IT­SELF by the rushing waters of the expanding ONE.

Now many ones in their exuberance of “finally” grasping the concept that ALL IS ONE, will oftentimes believe that they must now be ALL-al­lowing since all are choosing experience as part of The One.  We will hear ones say things such as, “There is no “good” and “bad”, all is just experience; it just is.  There­fore, how can I judge something such as a be­havior or action to be “bad” or “good” for another when it is not my ex­perience or “right to judge another.”  What we say to this is: you can “allow” yourselves into perpetuity, but if you do not recognize those thoughts, words and deeds which are CONTRARY to LIFE AND GOD­NESS, how do you think you will reach HIS UNLIMITED kingdom of CON­SCIOUS IMMORTALITY?

Does this mean that by recognizing the Anti-Christ or adver­saries, that you must make YOURSELF the enforcer of God’s Laws?  NOT AT ALL.  God needs NO enforcers, HE needs only examples be set forth so that ones can see a “brighter”, balanced and “more loving” way of BE­ING.  Each must begin that journey within self, and as each ignites his flame of TRUTH and Godly under­standing, so, too, will he CHOOSE to change his thinking, behavior and actions in order to BE IN BALANCE WITH GOD IN ONENESS.  This does not mean that you will “allow” others to maliciously cause you harm.  You must always honor self and God and defend yourself, if necessary, to protect  your self from abuse or damage by an­other.  You do not have to choose VICTIMHOOD, ever, and you must NOT tolerate or “allow” behavior directed AGAINST you or your brethren which you KNOW is contrary to the Laws of GOD and Creation!

Do you see what your gift of FREE-will is, dear ones?  It is through your expe­riences of learning what GOD is NOT that you will, therefore, KNOW what GOD IS.  We have observed, as many ones will say smugly, “But God created EV­ERYTHING including evil, so it just IS a part of our ex­perience.”  REMEM­BER THIS CAREFULLY: GOD/ATON created Hu-man in his IMAGE OF PERFECTION; He gave you FREE-WILL and with YOUR FREE-will YOU have CHO­SEN to BE the ADVERSARY AND BREAK EVERY LAW OF BALANCE, so don’t any of you ever think you can shirk your personal respon­sibility be­cause you believe God created evil—MAN CREATED EVIL WITH HIS OWN FREE-WILL!  And with the DIVINE MERCY of his Creator, ATON, HE WILL FIND his way BACK to GODLY BALANCE or he will con­tinue to remain  bound in his DARK CAGE of SELF-service and SEPARA­TION FROM the CREATIVE SPIRIT OF LIFE

You see, friends, YOUR free-will is really YOUR choice to make your will GOD’s WILL, OR to live according to the will of your “altered” ego which seeks always to “limit” your spiri­tual understanding and, therefore, to disrupt and destroy YOUR creative potential, harmony and balance of ONENESS.  Ulti­mately you will recognize that the ONLY free-will you have is that which is GOD’S will, because you will have gained the wis­dom of knowing that the logical balance of GOD’s WAY is re­ally THE ONLY WAY to the JOY of TRULY balanced spiri­tual freedom.

Now, we will be defining and discussing what are the “deadliest” sins, or errors, made in your experience which keep you “swimming” up stream against the flow of the balance of the COSMIC CREATIVE UNFOLD­MENT.  These “sins” are the tools of “satan” or the “adversary” to keep you bound in your “illusion” of separation from God and The Creation.  Also, you are kept under this dominance, through the ignorance of false “belief” and “superstition,” of a “false” power which keeps you locked within the spiritual starvation of “limited” manifested reality.



PRIDE as defined in your dictionary:  “1.  An undue sense of one’s own supe­riority; arrogance; conceit. 2.  A proper sense of personal dignity and worth.  3.  That of which one is justly proud.”  As you see by this defini­tion there seems to be two di­ametrically opposed “types” of pride.  The one which is our fo­cus as “sin” or “error” to the Spirit Within is what is also termed as “False” pride.  False pride in itself refers to feelings of haughty superiority and “rightness” versus the feeling of self-respect and honor for achieving an under­standing or act which one has diligently and honestly “worked” for.

Now on page 54-55 of the PHOENIX JOURNAL entitled SA­TAN’S DRUM­MERS by Jesus Sananda,  Sananda is discussing at great length what is “evil”.  The one who is possessed of “evil” or that which is Anti-God, is most self-willful.

We will quote, “Healthy individuals submit themselves to the demands of their own conscience.  Not so the evil ones, for in the conflict between their guilt and their will, it is the guilt that must go and the will that must win.  Evil people are extraordinarily willful, determined to always have their own way and they have a most remarkable power in the manner in which they attempt to control oth­ers....and yet, a characteristic of all “great” people is that they are extremely strong-willed—whether their greatness be for good or for evil.  I, Jesus, as you called me, was un­bending and strong-willed; ah, but so was one named Hitler—could it be the differ­ence in “willingness” and `willfulness’?  Mine willfulness was that of our Father’s—Hitler’s was that of his own....It becomes evident, doesn’t it that the one whose will is of his own is threatened greatly by GOOD­NESS? It there­fore leads to the need of (evil) destruction of the goodness or that one which represents such.  Thus MURDER is born.  It is better, of course, if the evil one can cause the one of good­ness to ac­quiesce in total submission and give through total abandonment of good­ness into the hands of evil.”

“I think your psychiatrists might label this type of behavior of self-de­mand, nar­cissism (defined as, 1. Excessive admira­tion for or fascination with oneself.  2.  Psychoanal.  Erotic in­terest in one’s own body.) It is not strong enough a term for evil so let us call evil a disease of cancerous, or malignant, narcissism.  Your church authorities have generally consid­ered PRIDE first among the “sins”.  Pride goeth before the fall,” and so it is.  Pride is actually the same as cancerous narcissism, but I want you to realize I can also speak your “hidden” languages.”  (End Quote).

So if one is “proud,”  defined as:  “1. Actuated by; possessing, or mani­festing “pride”; arrogant; also self-respecting.  2. Sense of honor and per­sonal elation; generally followed by or by a verb in the infinitive,”  one is either fooling him­self by “false” feelings of superiority over another or others, or he is simply being “self” respecting by validating a worthy achievement of his own or of an­other.  Since one can also be “proud” of an­other’s achievement or action, this “pride” in another many times is simply the judgment that the action accom­plished by the other is one which THEY themselves would be proud to accom­plish as well.  It is supporting one’s OWN conviction of Truth, whether it truly be Truth or not.

For example, many parents believe that when their children are sent off to WAR  ostensibly   for  protecting  and  defending  “their country”,  that even though war involves the murder of others, they (the parents) must feel “proud” of their sons for doing “their” duty for their country.  Now are they truly proud or are they simply hiding behind their ownfalse” pride be­cause they are terrified that their child may die, and if that were to hap­pen “for no  good honorable reason” they could not for­give themselves for being “wrong” and supporting their sons in the lie of War?  Do you see?  At some level the “false” prideful one KNOWS he is wrong but is afraid to face the perceived con­sequences of being discovered as mis­taken, uninformed or igno­rant.  He would rather hide behind the superi­ority feelings of “false” pride than live with the consequences of believing and sup­porting a “lie” which could cause the “death” or “dishonor” of his child and make him “wrong” in his belief as well.

When ones are continually molded as to what “popular” opinion must be, though not based on the facts, they become powerless puppets of evil.  They no longer are able to “reason” for them­selves because they have be­come ap­athetic and lazy and would prefer to “believe” all they are told from those they perceive are “in the know”.  Thinking for themselves is an effort they choose not to take precious time from their television sports and soap operas to accomplish.  They watch their TV and take every opinion at face value by the human images pre­sented to them who contin­ually form and reinforce what “their” opinions must be.  They adopt these “opinions” as their own, and will fight “tooth and nail” any who oppose “their” view.  This control of their minds is known at deep soul level, and the soul is in agony from this deception.  False” pride can only be re­leased when one is pried from his TRANCE of “believing” and seeks to KNOW the Truth and no longer fears, because he feels helpless and pow­erless, the conse­quences of his personal responsibility, which KNOWING Truth ac­knowledges and accepts.

So when you say to yourself or another, “I am proud of this job well done,” or “I am proud of you for a job well done” are you hiding behind the lie of a “false” belief and self-righteous supe­riority? Or are you ac­knowledging honest “pride” of self-worth and accomplishment of a truly worthy deed or action?  You each must learn to KNOW the difference, otherwise you will contin­ually perpetuate an “illusion” of truth and create for yourself the “victimhood” which you allow to manifest because of your own “stubborn” ignorance

Such is the case with the TRUTH which our brother, Hatonn, is bringing to you in THE PHOENIX JOURNALS.  Many can’t “believe” that this much Evil has per­meated your world and ex­ists now right before your very eyes.  WE are NOT asking you to blindly BELIEVE these truths about your circumstances set forth.  We are “waving a warning flag” and asking you to read carefully and reason within YOURSELVES with the gifts of reasoning intelligence given you, WITH GOD WITHIN YOU, so that YOU can get off your “Couch Potato” assets and find the “proof”.  You need TO KNOW the Truth WITHIN YOU and then TAKE BACK YOUR GOD-GIVEN POWER AND DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE that which you find reprehensible AND against God.  We are simply present­ing the facts to you as our service to God, for HE promised that in the End/Beginning Time Cycle, THE WORD OF TRUTH WOULD GO FORTH to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see and it is going forth.  And if you are “prideful” and think yourself so intelligent, wise and ALL-know­ing (ALL-be­lieving) that YOU could not be duped, because in your “opinion” space aliens don’t exist and YOUR government couldn’t be in­volved in an evil conspiracy, or this...or that...then you are a fool and tool for the Anti-Christ, and may OUR FATHER GOD/ATON have mercy upon you!

It is best to truly understand that it is the nature of your “illusion” that  most ev­eryone is exposed to and wrapped within someone else’s “false” illusion of truth.  If you wisely learn and understand the logic behind the “Cosmic” Laws of Bal­ance given of God and The Creation, you will un­wrap these “false” illusions and claim your true “God” power and con­nection.  So too will you each learn to reason out the Truth within you and as ye ask for the Truth and Wisdom of God and Creation to be given you in all circumstances set before you,  so shall you re­ceive and claim the proof and the understanding as TRUE KNOWLEDGE within you, and not as BELIEF in what is the “opinion” of another.