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Sananda Esu 'Jesus' Immanuel

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APRIL1, 2017





WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1989   7:00 A.M.   YEAR 3, DAY 091

Peace.  It is Sananda here to continue with our journal.  You ones must un­derstand that for all pretenses the ceremonies of the Sa­tanic groups are, in some instances, so nearly like some of your more ritualistic groups, i.e. the Catholic mass, that unless you HEAR the words involved, you would think it the beginnings of the same.  Also, you might tend to relegate it to the corner of “Native” reverence.  Do be most observant of symbols, especially as the children bring them forth for no child will “accidentally” draw such pictures.  So be it.  Let us discuss a few of the rituals that you might know of that which you tend and items of which to be aware.



Let us speak first of the “Baptism” ceremony for children.  It will be good, Dharma, just to quote it as we want to get this journal laid aside within the week, please.


Let us just explore the opening statement of the ritual which will be suffi­cient:


“In the name of Satan, Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan and all the demons, named and nameless, walkers in the velvet darkness, harken to us, O dim and shad­owy things, wraith-like, twisted, half-seen creatures, glimpsed beyond the foggy veil of time and spaceless night.  Draw near, at­tend us on this night of fledgling sovereignty.  Welcome a new and worthy brother, creature of exquisite magic light.  Join us in our welcome.  With us say: wel­come to you, child of joy, sweet passion’s son, product of the dark and musk filled night, ecstasy’s delight.  Welcome to you, sorcerer most natural and true magician.  Your tiny hands have strength to pull the crumbling vaults of spurious heav­ens down and from their shards erect a monument to your own sweet indul­gence.  Your honesty entitles you to well deserved dominion o’er a world filled with frightened, cowering men.”


Let us further quote from Det. Pat Metoyer of California (Van Nuys) for the description of a baptism ceremony is quite picturesque and then we can pass it by.


“I got introduced to a lady whose name was Dia, from the Church of Satan in Van Nuys.  I went to a ritual where a six-week old baby was baptized into the Church of Satan.  They tried to find one (a ritual) to show me that Satanism was a real religion.  They came up with the bap­tism.  They wouldn’t let me attend any other meetings that they had.


“It started at midnight.  I got there; it was at a small home.  One of the bed­rooms had been converted into a sacristy.  The walls, ceiling and floor were in matte black.  Iridescent paint had been splattered on the ceiling and walls.  Even if you put an eight-thousand-watt bulb in that room it would have been dark.  There was a huge mural of Satan on the wall.  It was a person with human fea­tures, red, with horns.  There was an altar made of wood, painted matte black.  There was the Satanic Bible, black and white candles, a bell and a chalice.  They told me not to touch the altar because I was unclean.


“The north wall had effigies of persons who had turned on the orga­nization or who had been brought to the group’s attention by one of the members.  There was someone’s supposed liver in wax with pins in it.


“The only part that got to me initially was that they insisted on taking my photograph.  No pic­ture, no come in.  So they took my picture.  I smiled for them, really no big deal.  The reason they wanted my picture was in the event I turn on them at some point they can use that in lieu of fingernail clippings or something else.


“Then they tried to frighten me by saying, ‘In the past we’ve had people who didn’t believe us so we took their photograph and put it in the freezer, and they would get cold chills.  Then we would put it in the oven and they would get hot flashes.’  I said ‘Okay’ to all this bullshit.


“Then Dia said, ‘I don’t think you believe us.’  I said, ‘That’s true.  I don’t.’  She says, ‘If my aura were to attack you would that make you a believer?’  I said, ‘No, it wouldn’t.’  She said, ‘Turn your back to me, and you will feel my power.’  I turned around and faced the wall.  My back was to her.  She said, ‘Can you feel anything?’


   ‘How about now?’


   ‘How about now?’


‘Now I’m sure you can feel something.’  She was getting frustrated, and I could tell she was getting frustrated.  The people there were getting a little antsy.  So I said, ‘Ah yes, I can feel it,’ even though I didn’t.


“She said, ‘Thank you.  You have a little stronger will than I thought,’ as if I was trying to play some mental head game with her.


“You have to equate that with you going to my church, St. John’s, and during the course of the mass you get up laughing or screaming.  The parishioners are not going to take very kindly to that.  It’s inappropriate behavior.  I felt that my action of not feeling her power was inappro­priate to their church, so I said I did.  They performed the baptism which seemed like a lot of mumbo jumbo as they did the opening (stated above).


“At the end they had this meeting where they sit around and talk about what Satan had done for them.  People would tell what hap­pened to them since the last meeting.  They would tell about the demands they had made to Sa­tan.  You never ask Satan, you demand.  In other reli­gions you make a peti­tion, you ask for something.  Here you demand it.  That’s what they say they like about Satanism.  You never get on your knees.  You say, ‘Satan, give me this!”’


Satan has been granted power over the earth, according to your “Old Testa­ment”.  Therefore they will pay him homage because he is closer to them than God up in heaven somewhere.  They are highly “religious” people.  Their rituals are precise in intent and the people most de­vout.


It is here that you come into conflict for as we observe your Catholic Mass you will find a most spiritual ceremony, too.  By praying and chanting, the congregation and priest are bringing into the church the spirit of Christ.  You have the drinking of wine which symbolizes the blood of Christ and the host which symbolizes the taking of mine flesh.  Can you even begin to under­stand how horrendous this is unto mine senses?


The use of blood in Satanic rituals is very important.  According to the be­liefs, blood contains the life force.  If you have it, you have power.  They drink it in their rituals and pour it over them­selves.  You see, man thus far, seems to be unable to isolate and revere the true life source which is totally separate from any physical manifestation.


The same is true in the sacrificing of people.  When they sacrifice someone, for the instant just before they die, they supposedly emit their life energy.  That power, Satanists believe, can be harnessed for their use.  They believe babies are best because babies are pure; they haven’t sinned or been cor­rupted yet.  They possess a higher power than adults.  When you sacrifice a baby, you get greater power than if you sacrificed an adult.  One of the most prized possessions of a Satanist is a candle made from the fat of an unbap­tized baby.


They believe that with specific body parts they can use the power contained therein.  The head may contain the spirit, and the heart may contain the soul.  These are the things that would allow them to be in control.  They like to have a finger of the left hand.  It is a small symbol of the “left path” which can easily be kept on their person.






This story comes from an officer, Darlyne Pettinicchio:


“This one kid told me about something that happened to her when she was thirteen years old.  She’s fifteen now (1988).  Her parents were divorced.  Neither one is really interested in the kid.  The mother is involved in some lesbian relationship, and the kid is al­ways running off.  From her house, she would look down the hill and see a bunch of kids.  They looked like they were always having fun.  So, she ended up running away and meeting up with them.


“They had a little cult.  The cults I deal with are not formal Sa­tanic cults.  They’re kids who get together, take a little from this book and that book, and add a little of their own.  They get a nineteen-year-old to be the high priest, and they dabble.  In this instance they had a twenty-one year old high priest.


“She said one night they brought in three kids who were loaded, and they were going to have a ritual.  She said that she was always loaded when she was with this group.  She couldn’t stand to do it otherwise.  I asked how loaded they were.  I was trying to get an idea.  She said they had to carry them in.


“They brought them in and apparently these three had ripped off the little Satanists in a dope deal.  They started the ritual; they rang the bell, they did an invocation to Satan.  Then they went out to the hills—she drew me a map—where there was a chain and some trees.  They had cans of gasoline, and they did the ritual and brought one guy out and threw him in the middle.  They all had can­dles, and the high priest threw the candle on him and he was torched like that.  The girl said he wasn’t that loaded that he wasn’t screaming and yelling.  They just let him burn.


“She said they brought another kid out, a girl, and one of the boys was feeling her up, she got sick and left.  She said, ‘I knew the same thing was going to happen to me.’


“I tried to get the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office to talk to the kid.  Two officers were willing to talk to her, but the public de­fender stepped in and said no.  They would not let her talk.  They represented her in another case, and they were afraid that they were going to press charges on her.  That wasn’t the case, but they wouldn’t believe it.  The police weren’t going to file charges, they just wanted the information.  (The case is still under inves­tigation).”













I shall preserve the identity of the investigator in this case but it is on file if ones who research are inclined to go to such ex­tent.  Its dateline: April 22, 1985, Lucas County Sheriff’s Depart­ment.


Investigation:  Investigator will be denoted by the letter I and the responder by the letter X.  It is much more appropriate if you ones of human format read it directly from the human aspect.


I:          Now we would like you to speak to us as best you can.  The     reason why we are here, on last Wednesday I believe it was, the 17th of April, Mrs. Jones (pseudonym, friend of X.) contacted me regarding some activity that has been going on in Lucas County, Western Lucas County, for a number of years in which there is a group of people. I’ll refer to them as a cult that worships Satan.


X:         Right.

I:          And part of their activities involve regular masses, meetings, wedding rituals and, on particular days of the year which are important to this group of people, there        are human sacrifices.  Right?

X:         Yes.

I:          Okay.  Did you have any prior contact with these types of people prior to 1969?

X:         Yes.  The man that I married in 1965, his father

            belonged to Satan.

I:          Where was that?

X:         Down south of the state.

I:          Was your husband a member of the group?

X:         No.

I:          Did he know of your involvement?

X:         Yes.  He drove me to the meetings, but he chose not     to participate.

I:          Who got you involved in the Laredo group if it   wasn’t your husband?

X:         My father-in-law.  I met a woman named Linda, and     she was involved in it.  I met other people in Perry-ville who were invited and that’s how I got involved in this area.

* * *


I:          How big was the group in Toledo?

X:         About 100 to 200, but we broke up into groups of

            around 30 for our meetings.

I:          Where did you meet?

X:         There was a house right beside a (place of business       and address withheld for this journal).  The two buildings connected.

I:          This is where the meetings took place?

X:         Yes.  We played games, blood draining games.

I:          Blood draining?  What do you mean?

X:         They need blood for a lot of things.  When you bring somebody in for an initiation, you have to take this blood and wash them down with it.  They stand on a star   made inside a circle, and they wash them down with

            this blood.

I:          Where did this blood come from?

X:         It was drained mostly from goats.


* * *


I:          If you brought in a new recruit, how would you

            check up on him?

X:         There are policemen, members of the cult.  Their

            contribution to the cult would be police checks.

I:          Do you have human sacrifices?

X:         Yes, mostly babies.

I:          Where are the sacrifices held?

X:         Houses in the woods.

I:          How do you prevent someone from seeing the


X:         We have guards.  They would be watching for “breakers”.  There are three rings of guards.  The first would stop somebody, tell him he’s on private property.  The second would try to run you off.  He might take a shot at you, but it would be just to          scare you.  The third would kill you.






Capt. Dale Griffis gives the following:  “I knew things about the Toledo area from my sources that the Sheriff’s Department didn’t know.


“I said to (Marv), ‘That’s great.  I’ll give you an hour-and-a-half lecture on the occult, and I’ll get the hell home.’  So I gave the Lucas County sheriff’s detec­tives a lecture, and I was ready to go home when Marv says to me, ‘We’ve been holding one thing back.  There’s going to be a sacrifice tonight.  In about an hour.’


“We went to an area of houses near woods and open fields.  I told them that if anything is go­ing to happen it will be between mid­night and 1 A.M.  They had deployed the men around the perimeter.


“I’m going to tell you one last thing.  The interviews talked about guards.  In­stead of a horn of plenty or a sword, he’s going to have a shotgun.  I don’t want you guys going in there unless you’ve got a Startron (a device that lets you see in the dark) or something like that.  They didn’t have any of that stuff.  They didn’t real­ize they were dealing with dedicated people.


“They had seven men plus Marv and me.  Three people on one side, two north of us, two south of us.  In the middle were woods, houses and an open area.  We had agreed to meet at one o’clock.


“At five minutes to midnight, the lights in the houses started go­ing on, one by one.  At one minute to midnight a dog howled and gurgled.  That was all I saw or heard.


“About one o’clock we made the pickup, and I debriefed these peo­ple.  The guys nearest the houses were terrified.  They had gone flaky.  They said that at the stroke of midnight a girl screamed and they heard people—there must have been thirty to forty people—chanting ‘More, more, more.’  They were about three hundred feet away; we were about fifteen hun­dred feet away.


“Back at the station I told them that there was something out there.  I said, ‘Know who the players are before you move in, be­cause if you don’t, if you muddy up the waters, they’ll go under­ground, and you’ll never find anything.  You’ve possibly got con­spiracy for murder, and God knows what else.’


“They said they heard about another place a mile and half away where peo­ple have been spot­ted in the woods, down an abandoned lane.  They heard they may have been burying some of their stuff there.


“The next holiday that came up, I gave them my Startrons.  There were peo­ple chanting in robes and hoods, the whole bit.  Sure enough, in a tree they spotted someone who looked like he had an automatic weapon.  I felt better about telling them not to go into the woods on the first occasion.  They would have been outgunned.


“I had given a lecture in Toledo a short time later, and they came to me and said they were going in.  I said, ‘Are you sure you know who the players are?’ and they said yes.  I said, ‘Make damn sure you do.’


“I’m at work, and I get a phone call from the press.  They ask,  ‘What is your part in the thing that’s going on in Toledo?’  I said, ‘What thing that’s going on in Toledo?”  He said, ‘They’re digging for bodies.’


‘They’re what?  I don’t know anything about it.’


“I got a call from one of the cops who tells me, ‘We’re not finding anything.’  I said, ‘What do you want me to do?’  ‘You’re the one who said it would be there.’  I said, ‘Do you know what you’re looking for?’  He said, ‘We think . . ‘


“I started screaming at him, ‘What do you mean, you think?’


“They described the area as blocked off with red thread, black thread, and white thread,  All together it was a big area and in­side that area was a smaller area encircled with just black thread.  It’s about five hundred by five hundred and right in the middle of a thicket.


“I got a call from Marv, ‘Can you come up here?’  I said, ‘When I’m done working here I can.’


“They sent Life Flight (the medical evacuation helicopter) for me.  We get up there, make a pass over the area, and I saw mini-cam af­ter mini-cam.  I wanted to get the hell home.  They had been dig­ging for many hours before I arrived.  They had bulldozers, back­hoes, all kinds of equipment.


“The spot where they were digging was totally new to me.  It was the spot where they had seen the large group of hooded people, not far from the Michigan border.  Keep in mind that Sher­iff Telb did not know they were going to search that day.  Marvin Reams was out of town.


“The following day they tell me it’s worse today than yesterday, and I tell them, ‘Hey, I didn’t tell you to dig.  Give me some space.’  I’m getting static from my own mayor who thinks I’m a nut and would like a piece of me.

“I had my son, Dale, go up with me.  I kick myself in the ass be­cause I took him there, too.  Ever since that day, he developed heart troubles that he got from ticks in the woods.  Dale is there twenty minutes, and he finds a forty-by-twenty building they hadn’t even found.  The building is six foot up and in the middle of a bunch of trees.  The trees have chains attached to them.  It looked like they were used to chain people.  There were all kinds of oc­cult symbols on the building.


“I yelled at these people, ‘Didn’t you do a good search?  What the hell’s wrong with you?’


“I told Telb, ‘Do yourself a favor.  Call the search off.  Get these people out of here, and I’ll come back and we’ll do a search.  Take your lumps and let it die.’  Telb was set up to look stupid, I believe, by someone who wanted his job (and was on the inside).


“I got my ass kicked from one end to the other when nothing was found.  I looked like a real ass, especially in the Columbus Dis­patch a few days later.”

*  *  *


Foolish, foolish people running about playing games is so very dan­gerous and causes more dis­crediting.  Pay attention to what was printed in the paper and shudder, because this is the way it is usually handled—again, there are always insiders.


Columbus Evening Dispatch, June 23, 1985








By James Breiner

Dispatch Assistant Metro Editor

TOLEDO—Hanging from a tree branch next to a rural Lucas County road was what for all the world appeared to be a piece of red string, perhaps six inches long.


It wasn’t knotted or arranged in any way. It just hung there about eye level, waiting for the wind to carry it to the ground or for an expert on Satanism to call it a tool of devil worship and possible evidence of ritual murders.


Some 50 people gathered around the string last week and listened as Dale Griffis, a Tiffin, Ohio, police investigator who has a reputa­tion as an expert on Satanism, told them that red string is used to mark boundaries of Satanic ceremonies.


Then Griffis, whose public relations polish shows his experience in dealing with the news me­dia, did something police investigators rarely do.  He led this pack of journalists back into the woods to what is known in the trade as a crime scene and displayed some gay pieces of evi­dence gathered.


This makes great tape for television and great pictures for newspa­pers.


The tramp through the woods resembled a nature hike, with Griffis pointing out the sights.  In­vestigators rarely do this sort of thing for fear of disturbing evidence.


Griffis has played a big role in investigating what Lucas County Sheriff James Telb described as the possibility of 50 to 75 ritual murders, many of them supposedly involving newborn in­fants in a wooded area west of Toledo.


Telb sought Griffis’ advice during the three-month investigation marked by reports from sev­eral informants who said they were mem­bers of a 200 person cult.  Telb had Griffis flown in by helicopter Thursday to view suspected sites.


Telb still has no bodies and no other physical evidence that any murders took place, except the reports from informants, none of whom actually witnessed any killings.  He stopped digging Friday but said he is still investigating.


What Telb does have is a collection of objects, some odd and some common­place, that Griffis says are evidence of Satanic rituals.


Take the knife for example.  It was found in the trash littered ramshackle va­cant house a few hundred yards from the alleged mass grave sites.


The 6-inch blade has a somewhat unusual shape, slightly curved and tapering at the point.  The handle is wooden.  To someone unfamil­iar with Satanic cults it looks like an odd kind of kitchen knife.  Griffis said it was an athame, a ritual dagger.


When asked what made this knife an athame, Griffis said, “Any kind of knife can be an athame, even a steak knife.”


Griffis said he has studied Satanic cults for about eight years and did his doc­toral thesis on the subject.  Police departments all over the country have sought his advice when confronted with exam­ples of mutilated animals and desecrated graves as well as related drug or sex activities, he said.


At one point, Griffis led the journalists to a small plot of ground set off by several stakes with red string attached.


To the uninitiated, it might have been a failed vegetable garden, but Griffis said it was a cere­monial ground used by the Satanists.  A small metal can stood in the center.  Griffis said it was used for burning, but there was noth­ing in it.


In a vacant cinder block house near the staked area, investigators found a sheet of tin with several lines of letters written back­wards.  Sheriff’s deputies said these are Satanic symbols, but they can’t decipher them.


Also found in this area was a headless doll with its feet nailed to a board and a five pointed metal star tied to its wrists with red string.  The star, Griffis said, is a Satanic symbol.  A rag and a toy telephone receiver also were at­tached to it.  Griffis said the doll is used in a death ritual.


As for the rag and telephone, he said, “I’m still trying to work that out.”


For the skeptical who say that Satanic ritual murders are more ru­mor than substance, Griffis points to a highly publicized case in Riverhead, New York, in which a teenager was stabbed to death by another teen in what was billed as a Satanic ritual.


Further quote from the article by Mr. Breiner of an article ex­cerpted from a previous publica­tion:


“On July 4, 1984, police found the body of Gary Lauwers, seventeen, in a shallow grave in a wooded area of Northport on New York’s Long Island.  According to a statement to police, Ricky Kasso, seven­teen, admitted killing Lauwers by stabbing him in the face and cut­ting out his eyes.”  (I have al­ready referred to this incident prior to this.)  “Kasso said he screamed at Lauwers, ‘Say you love Satan’, before the boy was killed in a Satanic ritual.


“Kasso and at least twenty other people had belonged for several years to a Satanic cult called ‘Knights of the Black Circle’, which had previously held rituals in which they sacrificed animals.  In 1981, police found the burned carcass of a baby goat on a picnic table in a park where the group often con­gregated.  The group also had painted pentagrams, inverted crosses, and other Satanic symbols in the park.  Kasso had an inverted cross tattooed on his arm and had been ar­rested the previous April for digging up graves for use in rituals.  He had stolen a skull and left hand from a corpse.


“Also arrested with Kasso was James Troiano, eighteen, who police say held the victim down while he was being murdered.  Kasso told police that Lauw­ers had stolen ten bags of angel dust from him.


“Kasso committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell several hours after his arraignment.  Troiano was acquitted of second de­gree murder charges less than a year later in a highly publi­cized trial in Riverhead.  A third youth, Albert Quinones, witnessed the murder and had been granted immunity for his testimony.”


Continuation of original press release:


The other example Griffis used was the Charles Manson gang which commit­ted a series of murders in 1969 in Southern California.


So far, there is no physical evidence that anything of this type has happened in Toledo.


Although Telb called off the search, he defended his action in exe­cuting a search warrant for a suspected cultist and the unsuccess­ful search for bodies.


He said there was information that a ritual murder would take place this weekend to coincide with the summer solstice.


“It was too early, based on the information we had, but we couldn’t wait until Monday and find that someone had been sacrificed,” he said.

* * *


Do you begin to see how difficult it is?  There is never supposed to be evi­dence left of physical body.  If there are bodies found in cult rituals it is by accident or deliberate intent—or, there is no way to secretly dispose of the body due to publicity, etc.


Capt. Dale Griffis continues regarding this case, “Saturday I went back there with Marv.  We pulled up some floorboards on another house and found hatchets, knives.  All had a substance on them that was red in color.


“Three weeks later I put out the word to my sources that I’m angry.  I want some answers.  I wanted to know what was going on up there.  I got back re­ports that we were in the right church, wrong pew.  I also got reports that some occult members were near the search team.  Were they moving stuff out the back while we were looking at the front?  The report is that there are plenty of pieces of evi­dence around Toledo that there have been many mur­ders—there are bodies but they are stashed very well and have not been found nor are they likely to be discovered.


“It wasn’t made public (all this latter information and evidence) because we wanted the whole mess to be over.  After the digging in­cident we just wanted to let the whole thing drop because it has become a circus.


“We found seventy-two left shoes.  There was only one man’s shoe, the rest were women’s and babies’.  There was no possibility that the shoes were from a shoe store.  There were no tags on the shoes.   Some had signs of being a little worn from use.  We found six or seven athames.


“Egyptologists will tell you that they find clothes, neatly pressed and folded, in mummy cases.  Why?  For use in the afterlife.  Egyp­tians believe in the af­terlife.  So do most Satanists.  In the Sa­tanic religion, there’s an important difference between the right and left side of the body.  When you die, the left side of the body is for Satan; the right side is for God.


“I can’t tell you for sure that people were sacrificed.  I can only tell you what we found.”  The Sheriff’s department continues to keep this case open.


*  *  *


I have only one last comment before we close this portion, Dharma.  Realize this has been in­cluded because it must become evident that this reality is taken most lightly, partly from fear.  Further, you must realize that when groups are interviewed on your television programs they will, of course, tell you they have no such sacri­fices nor do they believe in an afterlife.  This is untruth.


Again referring to baptism: you must keep our discussion regarding animal mutilation and blood withdrawal uppermost in mind.  Most group rituals of baptism do not merely wipe blood on the member—they are immersed in a vat of blood.  Each service requires new blood which requires a great quan­tity.  Some quantity is purchased from slaughter houses under the pre­tense of purchasing for pet foods and other items which are extracted from blood in other in­dustries.  You must become aware.


Let us take a break.  We will give you some most disgusting case presenta­tions and then I will give you symbols with which you must become familiar.  Further, if you are a parent of a youngster—I request you simply go to your local grocery market, to the news-stand and browse at that which your young skateboarders, etc. are reading these days.  It might surprise you greatly.  The older teens are going through an immediate “thing” about “mother’s milk”—you ones better get those blinders OFF!  SO BE IT AND PEACE BE UNTO YOU.


Please call, Dharma, when you are prepared to continue.