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Sananda Esu 'Jesus' Immanuel

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REC. #1  


MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1989   7:00 A.M.   YEAR 3, DAY



Sananda in light, that we might resume our journal.  Greetings on this won­drous day within Creation.  Let it be a most beau­teous cel­ebration of life.  Blessings be in the truth of our words that we might touch the heart places of our brothers and lift the lamp of knowledge that freedom might abound.






You have a heavy load in the past several pages, therefore, let us turn to the beginnings of sacrifice.  As long as the Chris­tians utilize rituals which are the same as the Satanists, you shall have this horrendous practice continued.  When the Chris­tians become Christians who celebrate life instead of death, so shall your peo­ples.


Satanic cults are most careful about calling attention to them­selves.  Your law enforcement officials and others have come upon physical evidence of their activities, however.  The most commonly found evidence is mutilated animals, ritual sites, and robbed graves.  This is “hard” evidence, dear friends—not some­thing you call U.F.O. demons from cosmic sectors.


Where U.F.O.s actually do enter the picture is that your govern­ment realized that soon they would have to confront the cosmic alien cover-ups and pres­ence.  A mass attempt was made to play on the Sa­tanic influence to bring panic and fear into an already anxious community of people.  What you miss is that that which is perpe­trated by the Satanic humans is so much more terri­fying than any­thing you conjure that you simply do not understand the prob­lem.  Brothers from the heavens would not have need of leav­ing residue or “bodies” lying about.  I will say, however, that there have been many craft landings for the purpose of studying the practice of mu­tilations.  There is great anxiety in the cos­mic councils that your earth problem is all but out of hand as to control and I am sorry, but you are not a species which the cosmic people desire as inte­grated neighbors.  You have been un­der most careful at­tention and monitoring.  Remember, to correct a problem, the problem must be identified and your cosmic friends and relatives do not understand your fascination with either drugs or your brother’s blood—leastly do they under­stand your fascination with a Christ’s blood and flesh and intaking thereof.  They see little difference in the practice of those who are of anti-Christ proclamation.  Quite frankly, nei­ther do we of the Lighted brothers.  The Christ of 2,000 years past came to show you truth and prove there is no death and you have par­taken of a great lie from onset.  I and the hordes of heaven come again to repeat the declaration and tend the cycling of a planet.  So be it.


Let us look at facts—historical facts— regarding animals for cult use.  You must remember the definition of “cult” which sim­ply means sect, family, band, group, congregation, members, flock, etc.  Do not single out Satanists and mystics as cults for you will be miss­ing the point.  Any Christian unit un­der a given doctrine is a cult; no more and no less.


During your 1970’s is an excellent place to begin this portion be­cause mutila­tions sightings became most epidemic, most espe­cially in your country’s mid­western geographic location.


Usually the victims were dairy cows, but horses and beef cattle were also found dismembered.  The theories flew; everything from U.F.O.’s to natural predators such as wolves, to pranksters doing it just to drive the local sheriff crazy.  Part of the mystery was that in many cases footprints of the perpetra­tors were never found.  In other cases, the animals were found miles from where they be­longed.


Some things, however, must be quite clear in retrospect.  The ani­mals were killed and mutilated in a deliberate and skillful manner.  Judging by what was done to the animals—what body parts were taken, the fact that blood was drained—Satanic cults must surely have played a major roll.  The proper sized organs to be utilized in cult rituals would of necessity be from your larger animals.  A penis, for instance, from a small cat would not be proper for the ceremonies.


You will find that mutilations of animals hardly are considered news in this present time although they continue today in great numbers.  To put this in perspective, I must name some names for your ability to research.


Near Elkhart, Indiana, a farmer lost five head of cattle; some­one had gone in and cut the vaginas out.  He had one cow left, and he was guarding that cow with a shotgun.


Why would anyone cut out the sex organs?  In Satanic religion, the sex organs are supposed to contain power.  Satanism is a re­ligion based on the hedonism and the belief that the release of sexual en­ergy is one way for you to reach a higher conscious­ness.  You want anything that can add power to your rituals.  By taking the sexual organs of an animal, you have some of that en­ergy for your own use.


After understanding what evidence to seek out, the local enforce­ment offi­cers set about an intense search of the scene.  They were able to build up in­dicators that there was a tradi­tional occult group in the area.  As it turned out in this in­stance, the animal mutilations occurred a couple of days before an important cult hol­iday.






Autopsy reports from the mutilated animals and informers reports give the following picture.  The occultists will stun the animal on his back with an high powered electric probe which incapaci­tates the animal.  Then they will spray freon on the animal’s throat.  The animal is living, but unable to respond.  The heart continues to function.  They then use an embalming tool (pump) to get the blood out.  It is fast and most efficient.  Often a farmer can make it to the scene within a few minutes for there is often noise and cries from the animals.  Within a matter of some three minutes a body can be evacuated of blood.


Do not be quick to consider U.F.O.’s for you will be incorrect in your conclu­sions.  Neither is the actual mutilation predomi­nantly the work of Satanists.  It is most often deliberate in nature perpe­trated by very human entities for a specific pur­pose.


Consider a report made to Sheriff Carl Stobaugh on 8-14-79 from Sheriff Gus Anglin (Van Buren Co.) Arkansas, chief investigator, Jerry Bradley (Falkner co.), Sgt. King (ASP), and this officer, Ray Coffin, Chief Investigator, met with and interviewed a 23-year-old W/F whose identity must remain confi­dential for safety reasons, in reference to recent cattle mutilations in the area.  The following story was related to the officers:


That for five years she was a higher echelon member of a Satanic worship­ping cult which was headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Dur­ing her five years there she was involved numerous times in trips to outlying remote areas where cattle were killed and the blood drawn out by use of an old embalming machine, which they had con­verted to battery power.  They also removed the cow’s eyes, tongue, sex organs and sometimes the udder.


She related the cult she belonged to was quite wealthy and had a helicopter and several van type trucks which were used in ob­taining the organs and blood needed from the cows to be used in their ritu­als.  She also stated that doctors, lawyers, veteri­narians and other prominent persons belonged to this cult and were all taught by doctors and vets how to precisely cut the parts needed and ex­actly where to stick the needle to draw out the blood.


The blood was put into gallon jugs and kept cool for baptizing new cult members.  The were baptized in the same manner in which most churches do except the baptismal vat would be filled with blood which had been extracted from the animals.  The eyes taken were boiled and eaten by the cult mem­bers at rituals.  The sex organs were used in the rituals, also, because the cult believes in free sex to everyone.


When using the helicopter they sometimes picked up the cow by using a home made belt type sling and one man would go down and fasten it around the cow, and they would move it and drop it further down from where the mutilations occurred.  This would account for there being no footprints or tracks.


When using the van trucks they would also have a telescoping lift which was about 200 feet in length mounted outside the truck and would use that to ex­tend a man out to the cow, and he would muti­late it from a board platform on the end of the boom and would never touch the ground.  The apparatus would telescope back into the vehicle much as a wheelchair lift and not be no­ticed.


She stated that they love the publicity that surrounds the mutila­tions, and as long as the publicity is in one area they will keep returning because they like to baffle law enforcement.


She stated that they would repeatedly go back to one farm if there were a number of roads coming into the area which would be accessi­ble for a quick get-away route.  If not, they usually hit one time and then move on to another location.  They sometimes do three or four cows a night.


The cult usually prefers the dairy cattle but will mutilate any type of cow when no dairy herds are easily found.  They will also mutilate cattle which have died if they are still fresh and haven’t started to deteriorate.  They have mutilated bulls, horses, and dogs to get blood for their rituals.  She left the cult about a year prior because one couple sacrificed their 15-month-old baby.  They placed the little girl on a table at one of the rituals and placed oil on her body and cut her up with a large knife to prove their love for Satan.  She said that after seeing this she realized that the cult was not for love and left.  She was beaten by some cult members a few months later who located her and was apparently left for dead.


She has agreed to cooperate in any way she can as long as her iden­tity is kept a secret, because she fears for her life.

* * *






Locating an actual site used in Satanic rituals is not easy.  First, sites are well hidden in out-of-the-way places.  Second, if Satanists believe they have been discovered they will destroy the site and move to another area.  This is espe­cially true of build­ings that have been utilized for rituals.  Some Satanists will move their sites on a regular basis.  Third, many of the more prosperous Sa­tanic cults ensure that their actions will not be detected by us­ing private lands owned by members.


Many law enforcement agencies don’t report Satanic sites in such a way that the information can be accumulated.  If the site is in a park, for instance, it may be recorded as “vandalism” or “destruction of public property.”  Also, be­cause not all police of­ficers know what a site looks like, they may simply de­scribe it as an area where people congregate.


The following is a direct quote from one officer, Tim Boyle:


“We run across a great number of sites because we patrol the parks.  The most impressive site we’ve run across was in 1985 off Little Falls Parkway (Montgomery County, Maryland).  One of our officers stumbled upon it.  Very often our officers get out and walk around.  They’re encouraged to do that.  He saw warning signs and walked in a little farther and found this cir­cled area where the trees had been cut out.  He just stopped there.  He didn’t want to deal with it.  We tell our officers, now, if your don’t want to deal with it, you don’t have to.  Cordon off the area like a crime scene, and call some­one who can deal with it.


“We don’t want to interfere with any police officer’s religious be­liefs, but you don’t screw up a crime scene because of your be­liefs.


“We don’t belive this area was compromised.  I asked the officer if he checked the ashes and he said, ‘I got the hell out of there.’  He got back and filed his report.  (published herein).





TUES. 12-31-85, 1013 HOURS



            On 12-31-85 at about 1013 hours Lewis on routine patrol ob­served a worn foot path leading up a steep hill from the B&O rail­road tracks (see area map).  At the top of the hill, Lewis observed where suspect(s) unknown had cut about twenty sapling trees, value $10 each ($200 total) dug a pit about five feet by five feet by four feet, covered the pit with wood and metal and had spray painted numerous messages and warnings.  Some of the mes­sages were “beware” “Go Back” “You’re next” “DEATH 2 YOU” “BURN IN HELL” SAC RELM RULES.”  (Investigators don’t know what this phrase means.)  There were numerous references to demonic and satanic matters such as “LUCIFER,” “666,” inverted cruci­fixes and a five pointed star in a cir­cle.  there is also indi­cation of burning and cages for ani­mals.


            Lewis left the scene as it was; there was evidence of sus­pect(s) being there within a few days (Jan. issue of Open Univer­sity catalog) and no main­tenance order has yet been sub­mitted, pending development of suspect(s).


* * *


            Officer Boyle went and investigated the scene.  “They had cleared the trees.  They had two fire pits and warnings all along the outside to keep peo­ple away.  There was a stone altar with can­dle wax on it, pentagrams and “666” written on it.  It had a per­fectly done circle, exactly nine feet across.  It was done by the book.  A lot of work had gone into it.  There were cages that were the right size to hold small animals.  There were nooses off the trees.  (Nooses are often found at Satanic sites because they con­tribute to the macabre ambience.  They are not necessarily used to hang anything.)  It was a good way in the woods off some railroad tracks.


“It was two miles from Secretary of State Shultz’s house in an af­fluent area of Montgomery County.  There was a large public outcry.  People wanted to know what was going on.  People called on us for the answers, and quite frankly we didn’t have all the answers.


“At the time I said, ‘Gentlemen, we don’t know what we’re doing.  I know we have something serious, but I don’t know exactly what, so let’s handle it like a regular crime scene’.  That’s what we did.  We dug it out; we used metal de­tectors.


“We called some priests, but they didn’t want to talk.  The said to call the archdiocese, because they weren’t permitted to talk about it.


“We’re very fortunate that we had a good administration.  The chief is former U.S. Park Police.  He worked in Washington, Boston, and New York.  He was well traveled and understood that there was an upswing in this kind of crime.  Although these aren’t his exact words, he basically said that if we wanted to find out about it we should get our ass in gear and find out about it.  We were very fortunate that we had him.  Our previous chief would have said, ‘Screw it.  I don’t want to hear about that devil shit’.


“There was evidence that people had been there recently, but we didn’t find any trace of bones, human or otherwise, in the pits.  The site was fairly new.


“We now hold classes on occult crimes.  We tell our officers that we have in­formation from agencies in other states that peo­ple have been murdered in these kinds of areas so don’t screw it up.  We tell our officers that when they’re investigating a site, espe­cially one that’s being used, be careful of ra­dio com­munications.  They sometimes put guards on the outside of the site who are sup­posed to have powers to know when the police are coming.  We call the power ‘Radio Shack scanner’.  We have spe­cial procedures for radio communications when handling these in­cidents.


“We’re not overwhelmed by Satanic activity, just like Montgomery County isn’t overwhelmed with a lot of murders either, but you have to know how to investigate them.


“We did finally work up a suspect who has since moved out of the area.  We believe he’s practicing his religion elsewhere.”






Why am I requiring all of this information?  Because you must know what it is you look for.  You have grown beyond the al­lowance of calling it childhood vandalism.  If you do not know of that which to seek you will continue to be­lieve that cosmic brothers or nasty little children are playing games and tricks.  YOU ARE DEALING WITH SATAN, SATAN’S DRUMMERS AND SATAN’S CHIL­DREN.  OPEN YOUR EYES AND LEARN ALL YOU CAN—INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE IS YOUR TOOL—LIGHT IS YOUR WEAPON FOR SATAN MUST WORK HIS “MAGIC” IN DARK PLACES.  NO, DHARMA, WE WILL STOP WHEN WE ARE FINISHED AND NOT UNTIL ALL OF OUR POINTS ARE MADE IN FULL.  IT IS DISTASTEFUL BUT YOU ONES MUST STOP HIDING AND COME FORTH AND FACE TRUTH.  LET US CONTINUE, PLEASE.  BLESSINGS AND OBJEC­TIVITY UNTO YOU, CHELA—WE MUST GO ON.


I will not do too much more quoting but I will name names for you ones must know it is an Earth matter and stop dreaming fan­tasies of fairies and goblins.  These are very real human beings and most dangerous indeed.  There is nothing too horrendous to prevent their activities.  Be most cautious if you find evi­dence—most cautious indeed—and NEVER go into any area of ac­tion without a group of well-armed persons.  They will not hesi­tate one moment to kill and destroy all evidence—ALL.  A person will simply have vanished with all traces wiped away—it happens many times EVERY DAY.






Police officers from the Richmond station, which takes in some of the Golden Gate Park, received a report of a woman screaming at Julius Kahn playground.  This park sits at the edge of the Presidio (you should have chills about now!).  When they re­sponded they didn’t find anything at first.  They saw a garden­er’s shed that had a light on, and they could hear music coming from inside.  There was nobody inside, but they found a penta­gram on the floor with a circle perfectly drawn around it and another circle around that.  There was also some foreign writing in the circle.  There was noth­ing else that would have suggested anything occult except this cir­cle that was obvi­ously used for some workings.


Later the gardener was queried and was most cooperative—he claimed to be a “hippie” which was most unusual since this inci­dent took place in the 1980s.  The gardener claimed to have no knowledge of any activities.


Pay careful attention to what your Park Rangers report for they are the ones in a perfect position to see results of Satanic activi­ties.  Some will even be on patrol while actual rituals are under­way or at the breaking up of such ritual services.  One such offi­cer encountered a group just leaving the park and later found where they had gathered around a fire, candles were all around and a pen­tagram was cut into the ground.  All partici­pants vanished and were never located.


By the Pasadena Freeway there are drainage ditches that drain into the ar­royo.  If you walk there, be most careful indeed, you’ll see Satanic graffiti, evidence of red and black candle wax as well as the usual white.  You will almost always find ev­idence of sacrifi­cial offerings.  There will be bones of animals about the area. 


Use your intelligence and think where you would go to honor the devil.  You would go where you can either be as he or where you can more heinously desecrate.  So you would most surely hold your ser­vices in places that are moldy, slimy and that stink of rottenness and dung.  Or you would work your way somehow within a group that can function within a given “house or tem­ple of God”.  You would certainly go nowhere to honor the beauty of God, only to desecrate.


This activity is most wondrous to kids who are bored and out for a lark; therefore, information is often obtained from them re­garding these meetings.


A couple of kids were picked up for shoplifting (Thou shalt not steal!), and one told all about a site where he and his friends would hold rituals.  This was right in the middle of things in Cal­ifornia.


The site was about a quarter of a mile into the woods right off a main av­enue.  There was a clearing where there had once been a building for there was a large cement slab.  There was a penta­gram inside a circle of exactly nine feet in size, painted in white; therefore, someone knew the rules.


There was a brick wall that was used as an altar.  You could tell because there was candle wax all over everything.  Officers inves­tigating these places are following these incidents because they have had to face the unbelievable “stuff” the kids are into.


In the Golden Gate National Recreation Area a case incident record shows that there was observed a place set up for devil worship in an open bunker area.  The area had a figurine painted on the floor.  Someone had also drilled holes in the ceiling and plugged them with wooden dowels which had ropes attached which appeared to be for re­straining people.  There were also numerous candles, athames and other artifacts.  This particular place also had bedding in an ad­jacent room.


Many instances are reported on Mount Lemmon and Saguaro National Monument West.  Mostly the sites are crude with inverted crosses and fire pits, but other ritual objects are carefully re­moved.


Reports at Saquaro national Monument West are constant.  Due to the heavy cactus growth and more lenient entrance requirements, local witches find it is a good place to have ceremonies.  Fur­ther, it becomes most difficult for monitoring because some na­tive American groups have ceremonies there also.


One site was found which had cremated bones.  However, according to a lo­cal pathologist, they appeared like commercial cremation re­mains.






Now let me point out something most important to you who desire to honor things such as that which you called “Harmonic Conver­gence”.  In the above named park, following the gatherings to hold hands and chant beauteous words of love, there were found many areas contain­ing cremation remains.  It becomes most diffi­cult for the dedicated officers to discern which is in love and which is placed there in destructive hate.


Making it most difficult for the native Americans is an incident which I will relay to you now.


Mount Lemmon is a prominent landmark.  In 1988, for instance, a group of middle-teenagers from Catalina City just north of Tuc­son gathered at that place.  There was a professor at the uni­versity who teaches religious studies, and he had built a full scale Sioux sweat lodge.  They located that and thought it would be a good place to have their meetings.  They ended up sacrific­ing a few goats and some chickens at the least.  No one will ad­mit to any­thing and no one will even reveal whether or not there were adult advi­sors present.  Do you see how painful this is to the native American who is practicing his honor to God?






Cemetery thefts and desecrations are considered one of the most heinous crimes by your society.  Often, youngsters who want to ex­press their anger in the most destructive and provocative way will vandalize cemeteries and mau­soleums.  Sometimes the de­struction is done for a different reason, however, by adults as well as teenagers for the express purpose of obtaining human re­mains—espe­cially skulls—for ritual use.


In the Hollywood Mausoleum, where your revered Rudolph Valentino is buried, and after causing over $6,500 worth of damage, some­one crawled two hundred feet down a dark, damp corridor to steal a head.  Now why wouldn’t the cemetery report such?  Obviously, it would ruin business wouldn’t it?



Every Saturday the 14th, all poorly guarded cemeteries are looted and van­dalized.  There will always be found opened graves, often with the left hand missing from the corpse.  The left hand in Sa­tanic circles is called “the hand of glory”.  In your old days a part of the rituals included the taking of the left hand, dry it and then light the fingers on an altar.  This is supposed to pay homage to the devil, because the left hand is the path of the devil and the right hand is the path of righ­teousness.  This supposedly gave the devil abso­lute domain.  This represents “His” light.  This is exactly what these people are doing these days.


Dharma, you will note that the baby is on its way now, so I will release you to attend Dalene at the hospital—I suggest you move in a rapid but safe manner.  So be it for we shall be there in great force.  Blessings and love unto you that all may be in perfections.  Adonai




I request that these things of the writings be withdrawn from your attention.  So be it.